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Keel Lorenz is the leader of SEELE, and arguably the main antagonist of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, as well as minor antagonist in the remake movies Rebuild of Evangelion 1.1 and 2.22. He is pulling the strings of United Nations and NERV, as he seeks to complete the Human Instrumentality Project. Keel plays a minor role in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and major background role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Keel Lorenz was born in Munich, Germany in the year [REDACTED]. He was left in the streets of Munich from early age, but he would soon be adopted by a merchant, whose first son had drowned in the sea. Somewhere around the First World War, Lorenz moved in Britain where he learned about "Alternative Sciences" from a secret society known as SEAS. Keel started studying the origin of man, and the nature of life. In 1932, he discovered the [REDACTED], confirming his suspicions that evolution was merely a hoax, and that in reality humans were created by [REDACTED]. He moved back to Germany after the University he was working for suspected him of being a german spy. Keel had to destroy his evidence to prevent it from falling it into wrong hands. He moved back to Germany, which had changed quite a bit since he had left. Keel didn't trust the party in power, but he shared his discoveries with the united front, revealing also that he had recorded signals from space in [REDACTED]. Keel's recordings would serve as basis for the [REDACTED] Project in the year [REDACTED] commissioned by the United Nations.

Second World War started and Keel went into hiding in Austria, where he continued his timid research. A german scientist and japanese scientist were now accompanying him with his research. Keel became obsessed with wanting to use [REDACTED] to create Instrumentality, which would help correct the flaws of humanity, but there were still missing pieces to achieve it. The trio of scientists officially formed SEELE, and after the fall of World War 2, they would be involved with the foundation of United Nations.

In 1947, Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered from the eleven caves of Qumran, which revealed the secrets of the world. SEELE used the Dead Sea Scrolls to help confirm their theories of the origin of Humanity, the Atlantean Technology, the Seed of Life and most importantly the angel Lilith, the closest connection Humanity had to the Elder Gods.

A strong theory is that at this point, Instrumentality stopped being about trying to merge humanity and end it's flaws and imperfection, and more about Keel trying to become an Elder God by merging Lilith with the Seed of Life.

SEELE continued to hunt for possible remnants of the Seed of Life, one of the members of SEELE, a japanese scientist and a world war veteran named [REDACTED] claimed that an ancient monster referred to as [REDACTED] could cause Instrumentality if they were to merge with Lilith. In 1954, Japan conducted a nuclear test which ended up reawakening the ancient beast. The monster went on a rampage in Tokyo, causing havoc and destruction. SEELE didn't interfere until they found out that the monster had no Seed of Life within it, and Dr. [REDACTED] created an all-powerful weapon called "Oxygen Destroyer" to kill it. It was later found out the monster had offspring in [REDACTED] Island, but SEELE tried to hide the island's existence in hopes of nobody finding out SEELE intentionally wanted the father monster to go on a rampage.

Keel Lorenz was declared dead in 1962, but it is believed Keel just staged his death, as he keeps himself alive by using [REDACTED], manipulating human history and world governments through SEELE in order to achieve his ascension.

Taken from Ryoji Kaji's "History of NERV" Research files, published in [REDACTED]