Karen Beecher Gods and Monsters 0001

Karen Beecher is a s secondary heroine in the Teen Titan series, with her super-hero personanily (Bumblebee) displayed as the first black super-heroine in the group. The girlfriend and companion of fellow Teen Titan member, Herald, Karen is a trained and strong fighter, supplied with a powerful high-tech suit, that acts as an invisible body armor, as well as generating electric blasts from it, while also displaying the ability of flight.

She also appears as a minor, yet relevant, character in the DC's animated feature film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. A different character from her original design, this incarnation of the character briefly appears in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Karen Beecher is featured as a scientist, associated with CADMUS' chief member, Dr. Sivana. She is featured as the survivor of Sivana's group of scientists, having witness the decimation of her fellow scientists, by the Metal Men, summoned by Black Knight and the Rooters, as their first kill.

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