Karatti is a martial mutant fighter, usually working alongside with Hoove, like partners in crime. He is introduced as one of the characters of the "New Adventures of He-Man" and a mutant of Denebria, working for Flogg. Karatti is a major player in Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three, while a minor player in Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Attack on the Planet Z

When Flogg makes a full invasion at the Planet Z, he sends Hoove, Slush Head and Karatti to fight the Zurg's robot. The robot, however, disarms all of the mutants' weapons. Leaving no other option, Karatti and his partners charge at the robot, hopefully destroying it, only for the robot's blasts to stop them, before they would reach it. Before they would recover, Flogg, who was hitted by Zurg, tumbles through him and his partners, knocking them off. Defeated, Flogg and his troops retreat from the Planet Z. Later Flogg and his minions are greeted by Skeletor, who had observed the whole fight, and suggests to join their faction, Flogg agrees, unknown to him what Skeletor's true purposes are.
Karatti and Hoove

Karatti and Hoove

A Lizard Problem

Later, Skeletor suggests to take down the Saurians, so that they will weaken more Zurg's empire. Flogg agrees and sets off the Saurians' hideout, along with his troops. During the fight, Karatti and Hoove throw massive rocks to some robots of the Saurians, crushing them. Karatti then charges at Seige, knocking off. Short enough, the Saurians escape from their hideout, after Skeletor throws a cargo, filled with lava, at them.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A First Defeat

Karatti makes a cameo, when Flogg and his troops attack Metal Sonic. The metal hedgehog, easily knocks out Karatti, Slush Head and Hoove in a swing. Flogg, however, proves worthy in the fight as he destroys Mtal Sonic on his own. While not onscreen, Karatti may have appeared, when Flogg surrenders himself and his troops to Dolf, the real winner of the war.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Karatti has a bit role in the battle between Flogg's Mutants and Granny GoodnessFuries. With the help of Slush Head and Hoove, Karatti corners Granny, threatening her in a gun fight. However, Granny effortlessly disarms their weapons. When Granny summons the Furies to aid her, Karatti advance towards to his new enemies, only to be knocked aside by a Fury assassin. Fortunately, Skeletor and Flogg turn the battle in their favor, by besting out every single Fury assassin. When they had dealt enough, Flogg and the rest of the mutant armanda withdrew from the battlefield.

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