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Kang the Conquerer is a minor player in the second Marvel War, and an upcoming major player in the third war.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Role in the Second Marvel War

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Kang of Avengers: United They Stand

Kang was the overlord of Earth 6311, ruling his universe's Earth with a fair but firm hand. But one day, Kang sensed a disturbance in the timestream, and witnessed the destruction of his timeline into a barren volcanic wasteland. Furious at how this could have happened, Kang reviewed the documents of the mainstream universe and found out that the main cause behind his world's destruction had something to do with the Archmage, another time traveler conquerer from the Disney Universe. Realizing that in order to restore his timeline back to normal and end the disturbances to the timestream, he would have to elimiate the Archmgae's scheming once and for all, Kang set out to confront the problem head on...when he realized that if he did this, he would die fighting a pointless battle that was doomed to change nothing. So, Kang decided to send a fellow member of the Council of Kangs, UTS Kang, to eliminate the Archmage for him. This heavily armored ruthless Kang soon confronted the Archmage's mind-controlled pawn, Macbeth, but was soon slain in the battle as Prime Kang had feared. As a result, Kang felt resigned to his fate and awaited his future demise when the Archmage's scheming would come to full fruition...

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

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