Kamos is a minotaur pirate and a minion of Gargarensis from the video game Age of Mythology. Kamos helps stealing the trident of Poseidon from Atlantis, which helps Gargarensis at his plan to release Kronos and become a God. Kamos appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and is set to appear in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War EverĀ 


Kamos was one of the many minotaurs living in the Greek Archipelago, but first one to actually become notorious after the first Minotaur living in King Minos's labyrinth. At a young age, Kamos was captured by an egyptian fishing ship, and raised by an unknown egyptian goddess. Kamos ended up harboring great anger and hatred as a result, and made a deal with egyptian warlord Kemsyt later in his life, plundering and pillaging the nearby ships.

At one point, Kamos met cyclops Gargarensis through Kemsyt, who asked him to attack an island composed of Atlanteans spared by Gods. Kamos tried several times, but thanks to Arkantos, he was stopped each time. Kamos also attempted to attack a kingdom nearby, but similarly, a mighty warhero of the island stopped him. Kamos finally succeeded stealing the trident of Poseidon, but lost it along the way. His current location is unknown.

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