Kal-El (Superman)
Kal-El is the original and birth name of the hero, Superman, born from the planet of Krypton. First appearing in the DC comic, Action Comics Vol 1 1, Kal-El is viewed as the hero on many occasions, as seen in various DC comics and resulted adaptations. However, he also appears on the side of the villains, including Darkseid. He appears in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, with the DC Universe Animated Original Movies' version of the character, being heavily featured in the tournament.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Annihilator of an Armanda

Kal-El appears as the ally of Darkseid. Following his partner's fight with Flogg and his mutant army, Kal-El decides to take action in the war. On Darkseid's request, he sets off to deal with Zygon and his armanda, fearing that he would be a potential threat in their plans. Kal-El leads his galactic troops into Zygon's compound, promoting him to defend himself. After a short fight, Kael and his army manage to breach through their ranks, destroying most of Zygon's droids and henchmen. When he encounters Zygon, Kal-El easily hacks him up to pieces, before annihilating Zygon's compound, destroying the armanda completely.

After the end of the battle, Kal-El returns to Darkseid's headquarters, reporting his ally about his victory. Darkseid awards him for a new mission, assigned for him.

Disney Vs Comics War

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