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Judy Hopps is the primary heroine of the Disney's animated feature film Zootopia. An anthropomorhic rabbit hailing from the rural town of Bunnyburrow, Judy dreams off becoming a police officer in Zootopia, a city populated by anthropomorphic, non-human/primate/domestic cat and dog/marine mammals, and keeping order in the affairs between domestic and wild animals; she joined the Zootopia Police Department and was tasked, on a forced compromise to keep her job, to find the missing Emmitt Otterton. Along with fox con artist Nick Wilde, Judy unravels a series of events that led into the unfold of a sinister conspiracy, which revealed a segregation between domestic and wild animals. Stopping the devious Bellwether, the perpetrator of the incident, Judy and Nick broadcasted the conspiracy, allowing the citizens to co-exist peacefully once more. For her effort, she was reinstated as a police officer, allowing her to continue her career alongside with Nick as her new partner.

She is also confirmed to appear in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains, though which role she would play is currently unknown.

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