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Judge Claude Frollo is the villain of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. He has a significant appearance in Disney VS Non Disney Villains, and its spin-offs. He is the judge and primary religious authority in Paris, with such great power that he rules the city in all but title.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War


Our story begins with a poor sorcerer named Hector Belmont. A practitioner of magic on the streets of Europe, wandering for scraps.

Hector eventually wound up in Paris, where he fell madly in love with the daughter of one of the town's preachers, Juliet. Hector professed his feelings for her, but she rejected his advances. Hector wouldn't give up that easily.

Hector stole what he needed to create the forbidden Love Potion. He took it to Juliet as a form of apology for his advances, and it worked. Juliet was falsely in love with Hector.

The two were married and soon enough had two children. However, word of Hector's witchcraft reached the French guard. Hector and Juliet were captured and hanged by order of a law officer named Javert.

Javert, however, took mercy on the two children. He took them in and raised them both, naming them Jehan and Claude Frollo.

Javert raised the two alongside his own son, also named Javert. While Jehan grew into a drunk, Claude and Javert both became lawmen of the Church.

The reason Love Potions are forbidden, however, soon shined through Frollo. Any child born from a couple brought together by a love potion is incapable of love. Claude knew nothing of the emotion, making him a truly ruthless prosecutor. And what's worse, Claude had a massive weakness for women as a result. His incapability for love combined with his strict Christian upbringing made Claude intensely unstable. He knew nothing but lust, and even seeing a beautiful woman would drive him crazy.

Frollo eventually formed a close partnership with British Governor Ratcliffe. Frollo and Ratcliffe shared a slight prejudice mentality that strangely bonded them. Although there were no men that truly cared for the cold hearted Judge Frollo, Ratcliffe came closest, and Frollo felt a strange appreciation for this.

Pre War: The Whore and The Stalker

Frollo, eventually, could no longer hold his lusts inside. Seeking out a certain woman that he had once condemned, Frollo met up with her in a secluded alley one night to secure her "services." The next few days that followed quickly filled with accusations and rumors of his deeds. Having also been questioned by both Ratcliffe and Gaston (who mentioned that the taverns were also filled with rumors), Frollo quickly set out under the cover of night to silence the whore. Frollo quickly confronted her, accusing her of spreading word of his deed. The woman quickly attempted to defend herself, but was accidentally was distracted by her young son, Enrico, allowing Frollo to stab her in the back. Frollo then told the boy that he would kill him also unless he covered up his mother's death.

The very next night, Frollo, now having rid himself of the woman, was set upon by Chernabog's emissary: The Stalker. Frollo quickly told the demon to flee from him, but the demon told Frollo that a great war was about to begin, and to quickly gather his allies or be destroyed.

Vs Rothbart

Judge Claude Frollo’s first involvement in the war came when he attempted to kill the enchanter, Rothbart, who was operating in Paris right under his nose. Frollo discovered Rothbart’s activities, and, believing his magic to be no more than “gypsy witchcraft”, had his guards attack Rothbart’s secret lair. Rothbart was scheduled to be executed, and Frollo arrived to personally witness the carrying out of the sentence, but it was then that Rothbart decided to strike. Frollo watched in amazement as the evil enchanter transformed into a gargantuan beast known as “The Great Animal” and quickly did away with his guards. When Frollo attempted to fight the beast himself, Rothbart picked him up and dropped from a great height.

Return & Rise To Power

Most assumed Frollo to have perished after this, but the wily Judge managed to cheat death. He carefully plotted his sweeping return, contacting Governer Ratcliffe of England and recruiting him as his second-in-command in the coming war. Ratcliffe became the public face of Frollo’s operations while Frollo stayed in hiding, recuperating from his nearly fatal accident.

Frollo finally announced his return at a meeting held at the Palace of Justice in Paris. In attendance were Ratcliffe, Gaston (who had previously been hired by Ratcliffe on Frollo’s orders), Kent Mansley, and an unstable knight named Ruber. Everyone at the meeting lent their support to Frollo, with the exception of Ruber, who attempted to seize control of Frollo’s operations. He was, however, taken down by Frollo’s loyalists and made a quick escape. Despite the Ruber incident, Frollo had now definitively formed his own faction.

Frollo next set about increasing his power base and taking down potential threats to his power. He ordered Ratcliffe to deal with a dangerous sorcerer named Tzekal Khan whom Ratcliffe had previously tried to kill by hiring two hunters (McLeach and Clayton). Ratcliffe was successful in his task, and Tzekel Khan was subsequently imprisoned in Paris. Frollo next travelled to the Himalayas and recruited Shan Yu and what little remained of his army of Huns. Following this, he and Shan Yu recruited Captain Hook to their cause. Frollo now had a powerful array of military commanders at his disposal.

Vanessa's Spell

Frollo’s plans of conquest were hindered suddenly when he was placed under the hypnotic spell of the beautiful Vanessa, who was, in actuality, the sea witch Ursula, who was planning to take control of Frollo’s forces using him as her puppet. While under Ursula’s spell, Frollo became ineffective as a leader, forcing Ratcliffe to take command of operations and organise the important attack on Blackwolf and his mutant army.

Later, Frollo and Vanessa were about to be married, but Morgana showed up, and ruined Ursula's plan, causing her to reveal her true form, and for her to break her spell over Frollo.

Vs Nekron and Adding New Allies

Under the fear that his faction would see him as a poor leader, Frollo and Ratcliffe set out to take out Nekron, one of the more powerful threats to Frollo's plans. While Nekron easily defeated Ratcliffe, Frollo was able to stab him in the back, leaving Nekron to die in the snow. Later, Maleficent appeared and offered to help Frollo, after the loss of the Horned King. Knowing that he would need her skills after his near-disaster with Nekron, Frollo put aside his anti-magic law, and accepted her into his faction.

Later, Frollo met up with all of his allies to discuss the final stages of the war. Kent Mansley, seeing Lady Tremaine in the faction, left Paris due to his previous run-ins with her, and under advice from Jafar, joined Ruber's faction and revealed all of Frollo's weaknesses, so the faction could attack.

The Battle of Paris

For the majority of Ruber's attack on Paris, Frollo didn't do much fighting. Instead, he had his men do most of the combat, barking orders from his stand above. After the Hydra attacked, Frollo ran from the stand, and stole a sword from one of his men, although Sharptooth slew the beast before Frollo could attempt anything. Towards the end of the battle, when he saw that all of his forces had either been killed or abandoned him, Frollo attempted to flee by breaking through the doors of Notre Dame, unaware that he was followed by Ruber. The two had one last battle, as Frollo found Ruer waiting is his thone room. Frollo drew his weapon, and managed to drive Ruber through the window, but in the end, Ruber is able to knock Frollo off Notre Dame again, only this time to his death.

Eternal Damnation

After his death, Frollo's territories and gains are taken by Ruber, who declares himself King of the World, having become perhaps the most powerful mortal man on the planet. Ironically, the deeply religious Frollo is sentenced to Hell for his many sins, much to the delight of Chernabog.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Escape From Hell

However, despite his near certain doom, it is not the end of the war for Frollo. Against all odds, he manages to pull off a daring escape from Hell itself. After Chernabog is finished tormenting Frollo for the time being, he leaves the judge in the hands of King Minos, the Judge of the Damned, to ultimately determine his fate. Frollo proclaims that he is guiltless before Minos, angering the latter who attacks Frollo with his tail. As Minos reaches out to grab Frollo, he is able to wound the reptilian demon with his sword. As Minos angrily shouts that Lucifer (Chernabog) will devour him for eternity, Frollo makes his escape.

However, Frollo's trials are not over yet. He is pursued by unbaptized baby demons, which he labels as monsters in disgust. As he shuts the door leading to the next chamber of Hell to block off the baby demons, he witnesses Cerberus (Demon), a giant three-headed worm, devouring gluttonous souls nearby. Although at first he shouts at them to stand and fight, he ultimately decides to avoid a direct confrontation with Cerberus and move on to the shores of Acheron. There he sees Charon (Demon), who was about to deliver a fresh batch of damned souls to the shores of Hell. Frollo leaps onto Charon, who retaliates by summoning winged demons to attack Frollo. The judge kills the demons with his sword and stabs his weapon into Charon himself, triumphantly proclaiming victory as Charon crashes into the opposite shore, killing him in the process. As Frollo leaps off the now ruined boat, he takes one last look at the damned souls in the river before making his escape through the gates of Hell.

Gathering His Allies

In the epilogue of Part 2, Frollo reveals himself to Governor Ratcliffe, Gaston, and Captain Hook, who have been lamenting their loss of their power to Amon. All of them are astonished to see that Frollo has escaped from Hell itself, and he quickly gathers their allegiance once more.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Ghosts from the Past

With his allies once again behind him, Frollo had them attempt to regain the Palace of Justice, which had now been taken over by Father Alexander Anderson. Gaston, Ratcliffe, and Captain Hook, were able to hold their own against Anderson, but eventually, Frollo had to step in, calling forth his soldiers, and causing Anderson to flee.

Later that week, he met with Anderson's boss: Enrico Maxwell, the head of the Iscariot Organization. Not knowing that this was the boy that Frollo had intimidated into silence years ago, Frollo refused talks for a truce. As Anderson attempted to attack Frollo, Hook and his crew stepped forth, causing Anderson and Maxwell to back down.

Reclaiming His City

With the Palace Of Justice back under his control, Frollo goes about reclaiming his seat of power in France. However, he is interrupted by the arrival of the enigmatic ruler of Amestris, King Bradley, who proposes an alliance. Frollo agrees, but first asks Bradley to prove himself by defeating his best warrior, Captain Hook. Surprisingly, Bradley utterly outclasses Hook, and quickly takes the upper hand in their duel. Seeing this, Frollo stops the fight and accepts Bradley into his forces, much to his pleasure.

With his forces thus bolstered, Frollo continues his campaign to reclaim Paris, beginning by cleansing it of it's criminal element and hunting down it's various dissidents. However, while going about this, he comes across a cross-dressing serial killer named Barry, who gives him more trouble than he bargained for. As Frollo brandishes his dagger to take down the criminal, Barry pulls out a meat cleaver and knocks him to the ground. Before Barry can move in for the kill, Frollo draws his sword, cutting his hand and disarming him. With Barry recoiling in pain, Frollo follows up by knocking him to the ground. As Frollo stands victorious over Barry, Frollo's men burst in and subdue Barry. Frollo then has Barry taken outside, where he finds King Bradley, having come to see if he could lend a hand, waiting outside to have Barry arrested. Frollo then orders the killer to be taken to the Palace Of Justice.

Declaring War On Hell

Having stabilized the situation in Paris, Frollo gathers his allies and briefs them on their next target: England. When Frollo states that they will need to reclaim England from Amon and the Equalists, as it is needed for the war, Hook interrupts him to point out that there is no war anymore, as the new King Of The World, Shan Yu, has ordered all fighting to be snuffed out. Frollo states that he is not speaking of a war against men, but rather a war between humanity and Hell. He explains that he has seen the true horrors of Hell, and would not let humanity fall to hellfire. Gaston interjects to point out that he had died before as well, and had not seen anything that horrific in his afterlife, aside from a lot of people standing in line. Frollo asserts that Gaston's torment had been nothing compared to his, and tells his nephew not to presume to know of Hell. Ratcliffe then questions how they could be expected to fight demons, and suggests it would be best for them to focus on their own mortal affairs. Frollo states that with King Bradley's formidable might added to their own armies, they would be a significant power once again, with Bradley adding that his men are only too happy to help. Frollo then reveals that he has recruited two new lieutenants to aid in their strike: Helga Sinclair and Admiral Zhao. Ratcliffe, who has bad blood with Zhao, objects to this, pointing out that the admiral cost him his throne in the last war. Frollo states that it was Ratcliffe's stupidity that had cost him his throne, while Zhao taunts Ratcliffe about not falling overboard his flagship.

While preparing for the upcoming battle, Frollo receives a visit from Ursula. Remembering their history together, Frollo is less than happy to see the sea witch. However, Ursula then offers him her help in defeating Amon, in exchange for a piece of England. Frollo, knowing that Ursula's help would be too useful to turn down, reluctantly agrees. As Ursula departs, Zhao assures the judge that he will terminate the sea witch once the battle is done, which Frollo gladly gives him permission to do.

The Battle Of England

With Ursula accompanying them, Frollo and his forces arrive in London, launching a surprise attack on a rally being held by Amon and his ally Dr. Drakken. While King Bradley deals with Drakken and his mech suit, Frollo goes after Amon. As Amon tries to retreat, Frollo chases him down, eventually cornering him. However, Amon uses his bloodbending to subdue the judge. Ratcliffe and Ursula then intervene, with Ursula throwing a powerful spell at Amon, knocking him out a window and leaving him to fall to his death in the water below. However, just as it appears that Frollo and his forces have won, their victory is interrupted by the arrival of the Major. The Nazi warmonger then proceeds to bomb the city, destroying everything around him. Seeing the horror, Frollo and his forces decide to retreat while they still can, with Zhao being killed by Ursula before he can join the others.

With London utterly destroyed, Frollo and his forces find themselves trapped in the burning ruins of the city. Needing an escape route, Frollo sends Captain Hook out to seize a ship that they can use to escape. Despite meeting some resistance from one of the Major's officers, Rip Van Winkle, Hook succeeds in his mission, allowing Frollo and his allies to make their escape from the city.

Traitors Unveiled and Allies Gained

With the war situation growing increasingly desperate, Frollo is forced to form a truce with his old enemy, Father Anderson, recruiting him into his forces alongside escaped convict McLeach. Frollo then gathers his allies old and new together to discuss their next move. However, before the meeting can proceed, Frollo notices that Ratcliffe is mysteriously absent, and asks where he is, noting that he is seldom late. Gaston replies that he hasn't seen the governor for days, and suggests that perhaps Ratcliffe has found a new lady friend to occupy his time, to which Hook jokingly replies that he doesn't think Ratcliffe swings that way. Frollo then orders Anderson to find Ratcliffe and bring the governor to him, to which Anderson complies.

Through further investigation, Anderson discovers that Ratcliffe was been kidnapped by King Bradley, who is in fact a homunculus and a servant of Chernabog, and informs Frollo of this. Frollo then sends his men to take out Bradley and his fellow Homunculi and rescue Ratcliffe. Miraculously, they manage to succeed, though not without a little help from the God of the Dead, Hades.

Hades returns to the Palace of Justice along with the rest of Frollo's men, where he approaches the judge with a proposal, although Frollo is intially distrustful of the dark god. Hades explains that he and Frollo have a common goal, that being preventing the rise of Chernabog. Frollo, however, finds this hard to believe. Gaston vouches for the dark god, pointing out that Hades brought him back from the dead. Although Frollo acknowledges this, he still doesn't find Hades to be any more trustworthy than the other demons he had encountered. After expressing mock offense at this, Hades lays out his terms: if Frollo helps him and his ally Maleficent in the upcoming battle, they will allow him to keep his empire and his position of power once they conquer the world. Hades notes that this was the best deal Frollo is likely to get from anyone, and askes for his answer. After thinking it over for a moment, Frollo reluctantly admits that in such desperate times, he would have to adapt to new thinking in order to survive. Frollo then accepts Hades's offer, and agrees to lend the god his support.

Disney Villains War


DVW Backstory

Every man hopes to fulfil his dreams and hopes in every way possible. Frollo was no different in that aspect. As a young man, he and his brother Jehan were left alone by their parents to fend for themselves. As Frollo worked hard and desperately to see his dreams come true, Jehan was the complete opposite. A lazy lowlife that lived for nothing in particular, Jehan was known by ladies for having wild sex before dumping them on the streets. Frollo tried to steer his brother in the right way with his work, but nothing seemed to help.

It was there that Frollo turned to help from the Archdeacon of Paris, who took Frollo in and raised the youth as a fine man. In the name of God, Frollo became a smart, strong willed man. He took his tasks in the church seriously, something that pleased the Archdeacon to no end. He also helped those who participated in the revolt against their goldmongering king, a cousin to Prince John of England, and helped depose him.

With the land free of royal blood, a new system had to be set up. The first attempt of a republic was a catastrophic disaster as the immensive freedom couldn't be taken up by the people. Frollo instead volunteered a different system, a system in which only the law governed, and those who lived by it and swore allegiance to the church and to the Lord would rule supreme. Though some saw it as a way to lose their newly claimed freedom, many liked this new system and approved of it. In the end, the Archdeacon himself approved of the idea and left the reign of France in the hands of Frollo.

Frollo wasn't even governing France for a few days when Prince John retaliated against the attack on his cousin. In the first Franco-British War, the French were attacked and, because they were still tired from the rebellion, were nearly crushed by the British forces. Frollo himself rode out at the front of a gigantic army and clashed with the British forces. In that battle, he saw many people surrender themselves willingly and witnessed the giant captain of the forces, Pete, bellowing his commands before calling a retreat as defeat was inevitable. Pete would later become a crucial ally to Frollo after losing favor with Prince John.

With the British forces defeated, Frollo began to hear stories from all over the world. Certain cults were raised, worshipping a devil-like entity; over the sea an army of mechanical devices was prepared to sweep over their enemies; and in the far east, an Arabic sorcerer and brutish barbarians were making their way to power. All these matters were pushed aside with the growing problems with Frollo's brother, whose life of oppulance was beginning to destroy everything Frollo had worked for.

The breaking point of Frollo was something he never thought could happen. With backing from Scottish forces and several members of the Huntsclan, Frollo attacked a large gathering of cultists that swore allegiance to the Great Evil. What he saw there baffled him for the first time in his life. A dragon as black as the night led the procession, a man with the appearance of a corpse stood at his side, and several other people kept singing praises to the great demon as he took their souls as his food.

The fight was short but chaotic and dramatic. The dragon was assaulted by the Huntsclan, who managed to subdue him, and Frollo believed he was killed in the fight. Many escaped judgement but Frollo kept firm and Frollo drew his blade, slaying several cultists. When he went to remove one of their hoods, he was struck by panic and fear. He had killed his own brother. His own brother had been a cultist. Their opposing beliefs had now come full circle. Frollo came out of that encampment a changed man; no longer a man that had dreams, but one who was now embraced by despair. His rule became more iron-fisted and cold, and he began franticly hunting those who he believed were followers of the demon that claimed his brother. Gypsies were now among those he believed that worshipped a devil and were meant to be destroyed. In such hunts, he saw many things and was also captivated by the beauty of Esmeralda, a young gypsy sorceress. Frollo came to believe he was destined to destroy evil or to turn those who had gone down the path of evil to a righteous one.


As his hunts become frantic and his lust for Esmeralda reaches its zenith, the witch doctor and newly crowned Lord of the Dead, Facilier, approaches Frollo. Facilier seeks to make Frollo his agent in the realm of mortals, but Frollo initially refuses, correctly coming to the conclusion that Facilier is a pawn of the evil he has spent so long trying to exterminate. Facilier is not so easily thwarted, however, offering Frollo the love of Esmeralda if he consents to his servitude. Reluctantly, Frollo agreed to Facilier's terms. He then hires Gaston to destroy Forte, wanting to test the hunter's strength. To his pleasure, Gaston succeeds. Frollo also hires Shan Yu to take control of Agrabah, but Jafar soundly defeats the Hun and his entire army.

Expanding the French Empire

With Shan Yu defeated, Frollo calls his faction together, having hired both Pete and Captain Hook in an interim period. He puts Pete in charge of the forward assault on England, an arrangement Pete heartily agrees with. Captain Hook manages to defeat Ratcliffe, and Pete then defeats the new English Captain of the Guard, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Frollo then arrives with the rest of the French army to silence John once and for all. Though Prince John's forces barely equalize the battle, Frollo sets John's castle ablaze. With his enemy in abject terror, Frollo arrests the English forces and takes over the empire. He installs Pete as a puppet king, leaving the English empire in French hands.

A Failed Invasion

After the success at England, Frollo's forces fall into disarray. The worst of these offenders is Gaston, who spends most of his time in pubs. Facilier's ally, Queen Narissa, takes not of this and has the hunter killed. Facilier then alerts Frollo into the nature of this "warning" and demands that he keep his troops better disciplined. With this in mind, Frollo has Pete embark upon an invasion of Wonderland.

Victories And Losses

Not soon enough, Frollo hears about Pete's failure mission, as well as Ratigan's rise to power, as the king of England. To terminate the rodent's rule, the judge sends his final captain, Hook, to eliminate the new threat. Captain Hook succeeds in his mission and report to Frollo for his victory. After that fight,  Frollo, fearing that now his faction has weakened, after all of his previous allies had been defeated, orders Captain Hook to recruit more powerful members to the French Alliance.

The French Alliance Ends

However, Hook fails in his mission, after a near death experience with Madame Medusa, who was already employed by David Xanatos, and her minions. Locating the captain in the Jolly Roger, Frollo fires him from his services, ending his faction. Angered from his quit, Captain Hook swore revenge on the judge.

Fight Of The Swordmen

Fearing for Captain Hook's return, the judge summons the voodoo sorcerer, Doctor Facilier to take him out of the competition, the doctor showed to him his special card as he showed him the image of the Headless Horseman, which it was the perfect opponent for the best swordsman in the country. The spirit of the Headless Horseman managed to push Captain Hook from a cliff to the mouth of the crocodile, devouring him alive.

The End Of The Bargain

To end his deal, Doctor Facilier shows the key to the Court of Miracles to Frollo, where all the gypsies are residing in his terror, and possibly the whereabouts of the the gypsy Esmeralda. The judge immediately commands all of his army to attack the Court of Miracles at once.

Fight With A Trickster

Before the events of the war, Frollo was attending the Festival of Fouls, where the trickster, Sarousch, made fun of him, by blowing the tent, which the judge was residing in. Frollo then swore revenge to the magician. In the Present time, Frollo orders his troops to arrest all of the gypsies, because of their work of witchcraft, and put them on cages. There, he meets again the trickster from the festival and arrests him for his crimes against the judge.

Fight With A Demon And An Unexpected Help

Later, Frollo puts a bonfire ceremony, to testify his judgement on the gypsies. To his surprise, the ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of multiple pigeons. Soon, they learn of another's presence attacking the judge, inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The judge rushes inside the building, encountering the gargoyle hunter, Demona, the cause of the previous break out. Initially shocked at her appearance at first, Frollo steps up and draws his sword on the creature. However, the gargoyle, seeing no other solution, flees from France. Despite her escape, Frollo confronts a hooded man, who wants a place at Frollo's services, seeking retribution from his previous crimes,.

Finding His Love Interest

Finally, after the was finished the hooded man unveils his face, revealing to be Macbeth, who after his quit from Xanatos' services, offers his services to the French judge by bringing his love interest he found on his way to France, Esmeralda. Excited about this event, Frollo accepts him as the highest ranking captain in the known world, while he claims Esmeralda for himself.

Disney Villains War 2

New Allies And Enemies

Learning that a giant monster, known by the name the Backson, was set on the loose by the Lord of the Dead, Hades, Frollo summons the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl to take down the creature. While the Huntsman dealt successfully with creature, Frollo himself was under attack by a new threat, as Duke Igthorn and his ogre minions make their way to Paris to conquer it. While the troops of Frollo managed to drive the ogres out of the city, the Duke drinks a potion, that made him unstoppable. Fortunately the affection of the potion was limited and after his affection had gone, Frollo arrested the Duke and imprisoned him in MacBeth's prison in England.

The New French Alliance

Fearful of other rising factions, that may oppose to his rule, Frollo assimilates a new alliance, consisted of the Huntsman, the Huntsgirl, the Huntsclan, Lt. Colonel Staquait and his men, Denahi and Atka, as he prepared them for the next upcoming attack.

Testing The New Faction

During at one of the French festivals, which the judge was attending it, Hades, who return for revenge for killing his minion, sends the powerful creatures that Echidna has brought to him including, a Giant Boar, the Wolf, a revived Backson and the multiple hand-creature Gegenius, to kill the judge. Shocked at confronting the beasts, Frollo commands his troops and allies to attack. As the Huntsclan managed to finish the Boar and the Backson, and nearly stopping Gegenius, Denahi and Atka finished the remains of the multiple hand-creature, while Staquait, along with his men, slayed the Wolf, leaving this task as a success.

Another Loss

Despite their victory, Frollo was surprised to hear that Agrabah was defenseless after the Sultan was dethroned, via telepathy, by Hades and his partner, Mirage. Because of that event, Frollo warns his troops to be ready again for any incoming attack.

The Worst Nightmare

Not long after these events, Frollo was confronted again by the shadowman, Doctor Facilier, this time requesting him to join forces with the revived Queen Grimhilde. However, having Esmeralda as his, the judge had nothing more to gain favor for the doctor and casted him out of France, warning him that he would kill the shadowman, should he ever make a step in France. Unfortunately, at the same night, not only the Evil Queen's forces managed to free the prisoners from MacBeth's castle, unnoticed by Frollo, from the last war, but also Facilier, using a voodoo doll of Esmeralda, successfully killed Frollo's romantic interest, leaving him painful and vengenful against the shadowman. Later, he receives a visit from the spirit of the Black God, Chernabog. Fearing for his life, as he encountered the devil, Frollo makes an attempt to get rid of the demon, until he offers him one wish. Frollo then demands the return of his lover, Esmeralda. Chernabog, obliges and brings the soul of Esmeralda back to life, for a few seconds. To Frollo's horror, he didn't understand that one wish from the devil was the cost of his own soul to the demon's eternal survitude. Chernabog then struck on Frollo, draining his soul out of his body.

Bringing Judgement

The next day, Frollo rallies his troops and announces them that the Evil Queen is their next target, although Staquait wonders about Frollo's well-being, after his encounter with Chernabog. Later, Frollo leaves Paris, along with Staquait, on purpose to find Denahi and Atka, who desert the faction, since their fight with Black Bear. During his absence, his troops were ambushed by Echidna and her last survived creatures, sent again by Hades. Fortunately, Frollo's forces manage to win the battle. On the other hand, Frollo finds the Inuit hunters on a windmill and orders them to return back into his army. However, Denahi and Atka rejected his offer and instead they prefer to stay away from their war efforts. Frollo then leaves and orders to his troops to burn the windmill to the ground, killing the hunters inside.


Frollo receives a surprise visit by his captain, Macbeth, who made his way to France to report about the prison escape. Angered by this fact, he relieves Macbeth from his services and casts him out of France. While this event occured on, in Gaston's old tavern, under Frollo's nose, Staquait, Mcleach and the head of insane asylum, Monsieur D'Arque, meet to discuss about the monster that Frollo became towards his men and fearing that they would be next they task the greedy French goldman to capture Frollo and send him to the insane asylum, something that Monsieur D'Arque agreed to it. Later, Frollo rallies his troops, including the last of Gaston's buddie , for the final attack in England. But the others, have other plans by throwing the priest in a coach to the asylum. Furious for seeing their actions, Frollo, managed to get them back by telling them that without him as a leader, they will not win against their enemies. They moved on Nottingham, where they set off for the final battle.

The Battle On Nottingham

Upon their arrival in England, Frollo commands his army to breach through Evil Queen's Castle at all cost. In the fray of the battle against Prince John, Grimhilde and Maleficent's forces, he witnesses his previous captains, Pete, Shan Yu and Captain Hook back to life working for Maleficent in opposites battlefronts. Nevertheless, he encourages his troops to invade the Queen's castle. After many incidents, the dark fairy, Maleficent, casts a spell on Grimhilde's Castle that prevented anyone to enter the castle. Fortunately for Frollo, he managed to enter the main building, while the rest of his soldiers retreat, after seeing Maleficent's actions and the sudden arrival of the Cauldron Born, marching into Nottingham and killing anyone who stood in their way.

The Revenge Of An Old Enemy

As Frollo runs off to deal personally with Prince John and Queen Grimhilde, he was pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham. As he easily outsmarted him, another surprise attack comes from an old enemy who still wants his revenge on the judge for betraying him from the previous war. While Captain Hook and Frollo battle for their lives, Grimhilde who had enough with the dark fairy challenges her for supremacy. However she was transformed by Maleficent's curse in her old hag form. Seeing this fight as impossible to win, Grimhilde casts a spell that it would blown up the entire castle, taking herself and her enemies within it. After she casted the spell, everyone in the building was blasted out by the explosion of the castle. However their bodies after the war ended were not found, leaving their fates unknown.

Disney Villains War 3

Frollo in the universe CGI

Meeting A Dark Stranger

It was revealed in the third war that the spell didn't kill the judge after all, instead it transported him to the CGI Universe, where he was confronted by Young Xehanort, another Seeker of Darkness, who explained to him that he opened himself to the darkness and made his heart a prison to his master, Chernabog.

Heartless And Nightmares

Wanting to learn more about this dimension, the judge found himself ambushed by Clu's top general, General Tesler. The priest was not fearing about his enemy powers due to that he can control the Heartless and the Nightmares, after descending more into Chernabog's darkness. There, he summoned a giant Guard Armor to attack the program. After the heartless fall into pieces by Tesler's punches, Frollo, angered, confronted the program personally. He summons the Wargoyle, after Tesler nearly kills him, to deal with him. After some successfully blowns at the program, Frollo attacks with his sword as the final blow to Tesler, knocking him from a building where Tesler was standing from, while at the same time the program claims that this fight is not over, promising that he might return to spoke the final word to the judge.

Dark Frollo

Crossing the Threshold

While Frollo continues his journey into the CGI universe, he is taunted yet again by Young Xehanort, who stalked his victim, for a while. The latter vessel mocks again the judge about the path Frollo chose, something that Frollo was getting angry about his behavior.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Frollo appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original, though altered with extra details.

Having been informed of Prince John's expanding conquest over France, Frollo decides to gather his forces for the upcoming invasion. The greatest source of England's weakness comes from Captain Hook, who defected to Frollo's faction in France after his near-suicidal mission on the seas of England. The pirate sells England's weakness to the French judge, providing a great opportunity for Frollo to arrange his campaign to take over England.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Doctor Doom

Learning that Dr. Doom is practicing witchcraft in France, Frollo decries the doctor for being a gypsy. In response, Dr. Doom interrupts one of Frollo's public funerals, sending a giant log crashing onto the judge and his soldiers. Shocked, Frollo takes his matters into his own hands by taking a sword from his troops. Unfortunately, Dr. Doom shoots at the top of the cathedral, upon which there was a cauldron filled with molten rock, causing the cauldron to fall. As boiling lava pours down the top of Notre Dame, Frollo is seemingly burned to death.

A Shocking Escape From The Dead

Frollo manages to escape and take refuge with the former Hydra Soldier, Red Skull, furious after the betrayal of his henchman, Electro. The Red Skull, shocked to find the judge still alive, wonders how did Frollo survived. Frollo explains that during the night, when the fires were close enough to consume the judge's life, he found a secret pathway in the cathedral of Notre-Dame, leading to his freedom. Seeing that his previous ally betrayed Red Skull for helping Dr. Doom, Frollo's enemy, the judge asks a favor of the Nazi: gather enough Nazi soldiers in exchange for defeating Dr. Doom. The Red Skull agrees to the contract and so begins the search.

From Nothing To Worthy

While the Red Skull succeeds in his mission to recruit Nazi Soldiers from Nutziland (AKA Cartoon Wasteland), Frollo is not sure that his little army can stand against Dr. Doom's powers. Having heard that the governor, Ratcliffe, has defeated Baron Zemo, the judge comes over and proposes an alliance. Ratcliffe agrees, boosting Frollo's forces with another army.

Wanting Help From His Son

In the Palace of Justice, the voodoo sorcerer, Doctor Facilier warns Frollo that a creature named Venom plans to attack France. Warned, Frollo demands that his "son," Quasimodo, rescue him should he come into danger. When Frollo confronts Venom, he attempts to stand against him. To Frollo's horror, Venom is faster than him and knocks the judge into a nearby wall. As Frollo begs for mercy, Quasimodo rings the Bells of Notre Dame, causing the Venom symbiote to flee from its host and hide, due to the pain of the loud noise.

A Dark Meeting

As the New Axis Powers expand, Frollo calls a meeting with his general to discuss an assault upon Hydra Island, Doctor Doom's base. While they are talking, the Red Skull reveals to everyone something that he has discovered the magical gemstone of Jafar, an artifact powerful enough to defeat Dr. Doom. Frollo takes the news quite well.

Battle With An Old Opponent

Unbeknownst to Frollo, the man controlled by the Venom symbiote, Mac Gargan, still wants a chance at revenge. He makes a contract with the Green Goblin, who has Doctor Octopus turn him into a new monster: the Scorpion. The Scorpion attacks Frollo and Ratcliffe the next morning, pushing the caravan into the river with its tail. Angered, Frollo calls his troops to arrest the Scorpion, but they prove to be of little use. The Scorpion knocks the two generals down, but Frollo reveals his trump card: Jafar's gemstone. The gem absorbs the Scorpion's power and kills Gargan in the process.

Middle Time Events

As the New Axis powers expand, Frollo receives a message from Mace Malone, revealed to be Red Skull's son, Chameleon, in disguise. Reporting the state of the gang war, Chameleon explains that he had infiltrated Negaduck's ranks so that he could keep an eye on the war for Frollo and his father. Seeing that he has enough forces and allies to his empire, Frollo orders his army to attack HYDRA Island.

Rematch With Dr. Doom

While Ratcliffe, the Colonists and the Nazis battle in the frontal assault of the island, Frollo, Red Skull, Chameleon and the Hyenas sneak into the headquarteres of the island, confronting their rivals. While Red Skull and Chameleon deal, unsuccessfully, with Zurg's forces, Frollo and the Hyenas set out to confront Dr. Doom and finish him off once and for all. However, the Hyenas retreat from the island after the scientist summons up a Doombot, scaring them to death. It is up to Frollo to take his revenge on his enemy. Dr. Doom is surprised to see his enemy back from the dead, but he is not fazed for long. Thinking quick, Dr. Doom blasts Frollo off the building. Frollo manages to hold on, climbing atop a gargoyle. Now having the high ground, Frollo manages to severely wound Doom with his sword. But Doctor Doom triggers the island's self-destruct sequence. In the wake of the explosion, Frollo falls off the roof to his apparent death.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Back Again...?

In the events of the second war, it was revealed that Frollo survived the fight on the HYDRA Island and was nursued into a hospital, before he returns into his previous duties as the judge and leader of France. Later he was called in London, along with the other two leaders of Europe, Count Rokoff and Duncan, by Mr. Sinister. He informs the trio about the Apocalypse but, rather than submit, the three men swear that they will destroy Sinister and Apocalypse.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Devimon

Finally Devimon decides to attack the human world and his first objective is destroying the Judge of Paris. Devimon destroys a part of Notre Dame, angered by this Frollo orders Devimon to leave but ordering Devimon is something he'll pay with his life.


Captain Hook arrives in Paris, Pete and Ratcliffe are surprised, the Governor wants the pirate in jail but Hook explains that Grimhilde send him to form and alliance with their leader, both generals show's Frollo to the Captain and Frollo is interested in Grimhilde's alliance.Back in Paris the Queen introduces two new allies, which Frollo wants to see if they have a good use along with Captain Hook by sending them to eliminate a collector.

Having enough

A great information has come at the Palace of Justice that Devimon has killed the Horned King, Frollo surprised, Ratcliffe thinks that it's time to have sorcerers into their team but Frollo decides to end the Digimon's that could help Devimon, Ratcliffe taking the position of Leader.

Vs Piedmon

His wife's funeral

Back in Russia Frollo and Gaston finds the queen's body, now with her wife gone Frollo starts with his funeral along his son and General Ratcliffe. As the funeral is over someone's heart has been broken crying for his beautiful queen.Back in Paris, Frollo decides to strike back against Devimon and wants to return the vile demon where it belongs.

Executing Feral Mickey

In his way to Devimon's Fortress Feral Mickey stands in Frollo's way to warn him that if he continues what will wait him is his doom, the Judge orders his execution while most of his allies are more than pleased that things are about to change Frollo at least could watch the shadow of this creature.

Battle with Devimon's Forces

Frollo launches a full scale siege on Devimon's Fortress desiring the death of all the digital monsters. But at the same time Mercurymon has prepared himself for this moment and with the powers of Chernabog starts calling all kinds of demons as he brings an un death army to defeat his opponents, but as both forces clash new forces arrive to take down Mercurymon for his actions.

Vs Mercurymon

The final battle for the world! Frollo seeks to know where Devimon is, but on the other hand Mercurymon reveals that his the one who killed her wife as he shows the Fractal Code of the Demon Chernabog, Frollo seeks to avenge his queen and fights this digital monster, but he has to know that he would be fighting not only Mercurymon but a demon as well.

Meeting with Grimhilde

In Hell Frollo arrives and meets up with Grimhilde as, the new ruler of hell is ready to start their eternal torments.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War Part - Part Two


In Hell, the Horned King now puts a special torment to some souls to fight and kill their loves. But as this keeps goin Joker frees the demonic Power returning back to Hell, as opens a Portal taking some souls away.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Sending Gaston and Huntsman

Frollo, watching the war from afar, hired Gaston to take out Sigma.Beginning his purge against monsters, Frollo sends out The Huntsman to kill Lord Raptor.

Vs Double

Frollo hears word that there is a nun speaking heresy about a trinity and decided the blasphemous nun should be burned at the stake. He convinces Gaston to gather a group to go after this nun and destroy her church, but things won't be easy as they think. This nun is a shapeshifter known only as Double who can copy attacks and powers from other villains. Can Frollo and Gaston defeat her?


Arriving in Paris, Hook warns Frollo's Faction about Demitri's upcoming attack...

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Ash

Ash and Pikachu finally make it to the Hall of Paris and find Professor Oak locked in a dungeon, only to discover that Judge Claude Frollo is guarding it. Ash manages to get Oak free, but that doesn't mean Frollo's going to give up quite yet.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


Some of the forces of evil know their true natures very well. Creatures of darkness such as Chernabog, Maleficent, and the Horned King make no secret of their intentions, delighting in wickedness and terrorizing those weaker than themselves. Judge Claude Frollo, however, has strived all his life to do good - and yet, what he views as good and evil makes him one of the world's most dangerous men.

Claude Frollo was raised in a deeply religious household in Paris. His family followed a strict version of Catholicism, and Frollo was taught from childhood that humanity was innately sinful, always at risk of falling prey to Satan's temptations. Only through intense prayer, good deeds, and purging wickedness whenever it reared its head could one be saved from the fires of Hell.

Like the rest of his family, Frollo dedicated his life to the Church, becoming a monk. His brother-monks were divided in their opinions of the newcomer. Some worried that Frollo was more interested in punishing the sinful than in saving the faithful, trying to temper his more extreme actions. Others, however, saw Frollo as a pious, God-fearing man, one innately attuned to the will of the Lord. One of the monks in the latter camp was a man named Jaques de Molay, who shared many of Frollo's beliefs. While Frollo's dogma estranged many of the more moderate monks, and even some of those who at first sympathized with him, de Molay never left Frollo's side, becoming one of the few men the mostly-solitary Frollo truly considered a friend.

When the Great Crusade broke out, with the kingdoms of Europe uniting with the Levantine powers against the first Sorcerer's Society, Frollo saw the war as God's judgement against those who practiced witchcraft (Frollo considered magic of all kinds to be sinful and unnatural). He convinced de Molay and the other monks loyal to him to travel to the Levant with him, telling them that they had been called by God to become warriors of their faith. He called them the Knights Templar, after the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and was quickly declared Grand Master of the new organization by his brothers.


In recent years, Maleficent, her soul damned to the Underworld after her death, managed to recover enough of her power to access the palace of Hades, the god of the dead. Having gotten Hades' attention, Maleficent told him that she had been planning a scheme to gather the forces of darkness throughout the world to usher in a new age of evil.

Vs Peter Pan

In France, Judge Claude Frollo was invited by a famous Ringmaster to attend his circus. Though Frollo was skeptical of the idea, he decided to tolerate the request. At the same time, the flying boy Peter Pan decided to amuse himself by crashing the circus. Seeing Peter flying about, Frollo believed him to be a witch and ordered his men to arrest the youth. Not taking kindly to Peter's intrusion, the Ringmaster also joined the fray, using his whip to attack Peter, though he evaded the attack. Knocking aside Frollo's guards, Peter chased the Ringmaster across the ring, making him trip and fall into a bucket of water, humiliating him. While Peter and his fairy friend Tinker Bell laughed at the Ringmaster's misfortune, Frollo ordered his men to throw ropes around Peter and drag him down. As Peter gets tied up and dragged away to execution for witchcraft, Tink flew away to find help.

New circus staff members

Having fired the Ringmaster after his poor performance against Peter Pan, Frollo recruited the puppeteer Stromboli, the con artists Foulfellow and Gideon, and the sinister Coachman to organize a new circus. The Coachman had a special idea in mind to help put on the show of the century and dispose of many heroes at the same time.

Talking with Maleficent

As the League departed from Paris, Frollo arrived at the Palace of Justice, where he was met by Jafar, Hades, and Maleficent. Not happy to see the sorcerers and dark god, Frollo's mood sunk lower when they informed him that they had succeeded where he had failed, capturing many more heroes. Maleficent told Frollo to see that the prisoners faced "justice", warning him not to fail again.

Meeting Dr.Facilier

In the Palace of Justice, Frollo made his morning rounds checking to make sure that none of his new prisoners (including his traitorous former captain, Captain Phoebus, the puppet boy Pinocchio, the young English girl Alice, and Jane Porter's father Professor Archimedes) had escaped during the night. Satisfied, Frollo was then introduced to Maleficent's henchmen Captain Hook, Prince John, the Queen of Hearts, and Doctor Facilier, who had casted their favour on the judge, although in reality they have been sent to keep Frollo in line, on Maleficent's orders. Frollo was not happy to be in the company of a witch doctor like Facilier, but, hearing of Facilier's success in capturing Snow White, decided to test his new ally by sending him against an old enemy.Back in Paris, Frollo confronted Facilier over his failure, vowing never to trust him, Maleficent, or any other magic-user ever again.

Teaming with Shan Yu

They were not the only ones inspired by the events of the breakout, as Frollo, impressed with Shan Yu's prowess in combat, made the Hun his commander-in-chief, unaware that Shan Yu already answered to Queen Grimhilde.

Vs The Mad Hatter,March Hare and Mr.Toad

Impatient with the efforts to locate the escaped prisoners, Frollo decided to set out and capture other heroes to replace them. Tasking his generals with searching the world for potential captives (especially the hidden gypsy camp known as the Court of Miracles), Frollo and his elite guard set out to break up a gathering they had heard was taking place nearby. They found that the gathering was between the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Mr. Toad, who were celebrating their un-birthday parties. Seeing the three as easy targets, Frollo and his men apprehended all of them.The following morning, Frollo looked over his new prisoners, congratulating his generals for their work. Paying them a substantial reward, Frollo then escorted the prisoners to the Palace of Justice.

Finding Court of Miracles

Although his men believed they had located the Court of Miracles, Frollo was ready to capture the gypsies, but didn't want to walk into a potential trap. Explaining his situation to the American hunter Amos Slade, Frollo sent him in to scout the area. Slade went to the area found by Frollo's generals, where he found a gypsy wagon passing through.Though Amos Slade refused to go near the Court of Miracles again, the directions he gave Frollo allowed the Judge to move in with his army and take Clopin and all the gypsies prisoner.

Having enough of Maleficent

At the Palace of Justice, Frollo decided he had had enough of Maleficent's interference in his plans to bring "justice" to the resistance, vowing that he would see her burn in Hell for her sorcery. However, he was unaware that Diablo was listening to his rants.

In the Palace of Justice, Frollo continued his rants against Maleficent, to the annoyance of Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts, who were growing restless and felt Frollo needed to act.Frollo decided to ambush the group, much to Hook and the Queen's delight. As the villain forces surrounded the Beast's party, Frollo congratulated Quasimodo for leading his friends into Frollo's clutches.As Frollo entered the fray, he had his soldiers and allies concentrate on the monstrous Beast, badly wounding him. Retrieving a dagger, Frollo made to stab the Beast to death, but Quasimodo finally gained the courage to stand up to his adoptive father, overpowering and disarming him. As he and the others moved in to protect the Beast, Quasimodo called Frollo out on his hypocrisy and cruelty. Even so, it seemed to be a lost cause, as Frollo's soldiers moved in to either capture or kill the heroes, when a bolt of magic suddenly teleported the group away. Seeing Maleficent's image in the smoke, Frollo believed the sorceress had interfered with his crusade yet again and finally decided to take arms against her.

Rivalty with Maleficent

Another fierce rivalry was about to heat up as Frollo assembled his army to bring Maleficent to justice, with Chernabog watching this new development with curiosity and delight.Frollo was preparing for war, and he would not stop until he saw Maleficent burn at the stake.While preparing to strike against Maleficent, Frollo was informed by his spies that several of his men, including Shan Yu and Captain Hook, were still loyal to the sorceress and had been working behind his back with her since the beginning of the war. With Shan Yu still at Castle Grimhilde, Frollo took out his anger on Hook, but before he could punish him for his treason, Maleficent appeared and teleported out with her ally.

Battle of Grimhilde's Castle

Before she had a chance to recover, Frollo's army arrived on the scene, with the mad judge ordering his troops to kill both the resistance and Maleficent's forces. Morgana beat a hasty retreat when Frollo sent his men after her. Aladdin was shot off his Flying Carpet by Frollo's archers, but before they could kill him, the Beast leapt from the castle walls into their ranks, fighting them off. As the heroes began to push Frollo's forces back, they were interrupted by Cruella de Ville, who tried to run down the resistance and French in her car. With his men running scared, Frollo seized a sword from one of them to try and break into the castle keep on his own. Frollo managed to get some of his soldiers to man a battering ram and break down the castle doors, but the Beast threw a piece of rubble at them, scattering them again. Even the heroic vultures lent assistance, pecking and clawing at the French soldiers. On the other side of the castle doors, Quasimodo, Mulan, and the Seven Dwarfs desperately tried to keep Frollo out.Seconds before the molten rain claimed Frollo, he used his sword to finish breaking down the door and leapt inside.

Back in Castle Grimhilde, the villains prepared themselves for their final stand as the heroes and Frollo breached the keep.Meanwhile, on the balcony just above, Frollo clashed with Robin Hood and Little John, determined to kill them and restore order to France.While the heroes did their best to keep the villains at bay, they were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and ferocity of their attackers. Things took an unexpected turn when Frollo overextended himself while fighting the Beast, falling into the Black Cauldron.As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains - Part Two

Heroes vs. Villains

Early Threats

As Claude Frollo joins one of Maleficent's gatherings in their annual plans to rid of the heroes, he is suddenly caught off guard by the arrival of the rock star Mok Swagger. Showing the assembled villains his powerful super-computer, he offers to aid the villains in their plans by gathering his own allies. Intrigued by his offering, Maleficent accepts him into her inner circle. Though Frollo remains sceptical of Mok's ultimate plan, he nonetheless carries his missions.

In his first assigned mission, Frollo travels to England and stumbles upon a farm owned by Lady Juliana and her daughter Kayley. Having heard of her association with a potential threat to Maleficent and Mok's faction, Frollo and his men made their move to arrest the two of them. Unfortunately, Kayley escapes, driving the judge into a non-stoping pursuit, chasing her into an enchanted forest. Eventually, Frollo catches up with her and tries to restrain her, only to be confront by the blind hermit Garrett. Despite his apparent disability, Garrett manages to fight off Frollo's soldiers, aided by the magic of the forest. Unwilling to lose any more men, Frollo back off and return to France.

While keeping the streets of Paris safe from attackers and locals and cracking down on immorality, Frollo finds himself on the edge when the Spanish con artists Miguel and Tulio swindled Parisians in gabling games. To that end, he contacts the English Governor Ratcliffe in seizing them on the spot. Fortunately for him, Ratcliffe exceeds Frollo's expectations, bringing them to the Palace of Justice.

With his previous targets in mind, Frollo was determined in bringing Kayley and Garrett to the Palace of Justice. To that end, he hires the French hunter Gaston and the thug Pete to bring them instead; much to his dismay, the two lackeys also fail in their mission to seize them on the spot.

Disney vs. Comics

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Slade

Slade arrives on Notre-Dame on a mission, to kill Jugde Claude Frollo. Slade think he was easy to kill, but was defend by his soldiers.Slade has no choice and ran away.

Teaming with Ratclifee

Governor Ratcliffe is cornered by Frollo's Soldiers as an intruder as Frollo's arrival. Governor Ratcliffe begged him to make an alliance with him.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Slade

Frollo is about to burn Esmeralda, former love of Deathstroke. To Frollo's shock, Slade arrived with his army to save Esmeralda. Will Deathstroke succes to defeat Frollo or he will die with ex-love?

His faction

At the court of Justice, Frollo guested his two new allies:Gaston and Captain Hook,by giving their missions.

Vs Trix

While thinking of a new strategy for war, Frollo was ambushed by the Trix, who put Darcy to hypnotize Frollo, making him their slave. What are the Trix going to do with Frollo?

Saved by Hades

Frollo is ordered to free Creatures of Darkness for the Trix, until Hades and make Frollo back to normal. Hades then offer a place for him in Maleficent's faction, which he accepts.After he saved Frollo, Hades takes him to The Underworld to show him something... his daughter in The River Styx. Frollo tries to save her, but he couldn't, so he decide to deal with the murderer.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Missions for Gaston

The judge Claude Frollo recruits the hunter Gaston, in hopes that he would be helpful as he accepts.After his success against Drake, Gaston is sent by Frollo yet again to dispose of another treat.

Meeting Hook

Frollo is happy of Gaston's latest successions in taking out Drake and Forte. The judge finds more happiness when Gaston recruited an ally Captain Hook.

Manuel's Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Green Goblin

In Paris Frollo is asserting his authority by executing those who according to him could oppose his laws, unfortunately for the judge during one of these executions Green Goblin arrives who has plans to conquer France and other territories, Frollo refuses to surrender and decides to annihilate Goblin definitively, which of the two will succeed in their intent?

Teaming with Captain Hook

Captain Hook and his pirates are looking for a safe place where Goblin allies will not be able to find them and they meet Frollo along with some of his guards who wants to take back the power of France after his defeat against Goblin, so the judge and the pirate decide to ally against their common enemies.

In Wonderland

Frollo invades Wonderland, to the surprise of Pete and the Queen of Hearts, but when Frollo explains that he wants to ally with them to defeat the Goblin, the two decide to accept the request and follow the judge.

Vs Mysterio

After recruiting Pete and the Queen of Hearts, Frollo asked his guards to escort them to the meeting place with the other allies, while he decided to pay a visit to Queen Grimhilde to ask her to join his alliance, she accepts the proposal since even his kingdom is at risk, in fact at that moment Mysterio arrives who, having learned of Frollo's presence, decides to kill two birds with one stone, conquering the kingdom and eliminating the judge, the two then begin to fight with the sword, but when the evil ruler decides to help her ally in times of trouble, she could say goodbye to something she loves so much.

Teaming with Negaduck

Frollo, managed to escape from Mysterio, meets Negaduck on the way back who, left without allies, wants to join the judge's alliance, saying that he knows a weapon that will lead him to victory and, hoping it is true, Frollo accepts his offer.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Xene,Torch and Gazelle

Xene, Torch and Gazelle, the three leaders of the Alius are chased by Frollo who declares them under arrest for vandalism in Paris. But the three will prove to be smarter than expected.

His faction

To take revenge on the Alius Academy, Frollo summons Dr Eggman and Mojo Jojo to hunt down Xene, Torch, Gazelle and their followers. The two evil genes accept only if they are attacked by the Alius.Frollo was disappointed with Mojo Jojo's failure to capture the Gemini Storm. Then Dr Eggman proposes to summon a new ally in the group: Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz. So Mojo Jojo, Doofenshmirtz and Eggman vow to join forces to stop Alius Academy and then take over the world.

Prepared for the final battle

As Frollo and the alliance of scientists try to obtain information from the Gemini Storm on where the other members of the Alius Academy may be, a bitter surprise awaits them. The Epsilon led by Dvalin, takes Mojo Jojo, Dr. Eggman, Doofenshmirtz and Frollo by surprise and exiles the Gemini Storm for being defeated by them. The group will have to prepare for the Epsilon attack.

A rejection

While Frollo is thinking about the group of scientists hunting the Epsilon, Quinton enters his room to inform him that by order of Vetrix the judge must go to Grimhilde's castle to help defeat Maleficent and his allies. But Frollo refuses the request and chases Quinton away saying that he is already committed to defeating the Alius Academy. Vetrix's eldest son warns Frollo that he will regret his rejection.

Vs Queen Grimhilde

The Magic Mirror informs Vetrix and Grimhilde that not only has Quinton been eliminated but Frollo has refused Vetrix's mandatory summons. Grimhilde decides to go and punish the judge for her opposition.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

His faction

Judge Claude Frollo gathers his alliance, consisting of Governor Ratcliffe, Lieutant Colonel Staquait, Werner, Hook who survived his encounter with Brinybeard, Gaston, Brom Bones, Honest John, Gideon and The Coachman, who is up to something...

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

His faction

Frollo is preparing for war as he constructs his own alliance to take down the vampire.

Teaming with Hitler

In the Animated world, Frollo, accompanied by Captain Hook, decides to recruit Adolf Hitler and his Nazi army to help him defeat Dracula and purify the world from gypsies. The fiendish organization accepts.

Villains Battles

Vs Shan Yu

The wicked judge Frollo saw no further use of one of his soldiers namely Shan-Yu as he fired and casted him out from Paris because he didn't capture the gypsy Esmeralda. When the hun leader is back for revenge, a swords fight began as Shan-Yu gained the upper hand. Then Shan-Yu reveals that he is not a hun, but a Mongol before launching him off of Notre Dame.

Vs Pete and Yosemite Sam

Shan-yu tasks Pete to go and kill Frollo, but he decides to go to the mission with a friend of his own, Yosemite Sam. The new judge, happy that there is a new ally, greets, recruits and sends Sam to join Pete on attacking Frollo. When the former judge attacks them, will the duo defeat him or is Frollo going to have unexpected help from a new player?

Teaming with Rasputin

Having defeated Pete and Yosemite Sam, Frollo demands to know what does Rasputin want. The warlock tells him that he wants to take out Shan-yu because long time before this war, he was left to die because of him. However, the former judge quickly recruits him in his alliance.

New allies

Meanwhile, Frollo and Rasputin recruit 3 other villains Gaston, Captain Hook and Zelda to stop Shan-yu's growing alliance.Having heard about Shan-yu has recruited The Dazzlings and corrupted a innocent girl, Frollo orders his alliance to attack directly. However, Hook summons his pirates to calm him down. The former judge, still furious, orders Rasputin to resurrect a dead villain, which he quickly does.With Zelda dead at the hands of Midnight Sparkle, Frollo orders Rothbart to go and find new allies. However, they receive the visit of Mok, who wants to help the judge kill Shan-yu. So, the former judge and his allies recruit him.

Vs Shan Yu's Forces

Shan-yu announces with his allies about they must take out Frollo and his alliance very quick, so all of them are preparing. The same thing can't be said about Frollo and his allies, who are preparing too for the assault.Now the battle between Shan-yu's forces and Frollo's forces has begun to declare who and what alliance is gonna be ruling the Palace of Justice. Will Frollo get his home back or will Shan-yu and his alliance defeat the former judge again?

Teaming with Governor Ratclifee and Prince John

After their victory against Shan-yu's forces and the hun leader, Frollo and his allies get a visit from Governor Ratcliffe, who seeks the help of the judge to finance Prince John, the ruler of England and his campaign against threats. Frollo quickly accepts.Frollo and his allies have a meeting with Prince John and Ratcliffe for two reasons: defeat Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance and stop the long rivalry between France and England. As they accept to form the English/French alliance.

Freeing Captain Hook

After the pirate's defeat and Ratcliffe's "death" against Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys, Frollo and Mok cast Captain Hook out from the Palace of Justice. Later, the duo receive the visit of Classic Robotnik, who was sent in the Animated world by Xehanort. Mok, however, has recruited the Schlepper Brothers (Toad, Sleazy and Zip). So the judge of Notre Dame and the super star recruit them in order to weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

More allies

After Captain Hook's death, Frollo and his allies recruit some new allies: Adolf Hitler, his generals, the Valentine Brothers (Luke and Jan), the Nazis and the mercenary Tyler. So, Frollo and his allies have more allies against Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.Frollo decides to forge an alliance with Schneizel el Britannia, who was fired by the mysterious emperor of Britannia and he sought to be hired by a new boss. As Frollo hires his services.

Prepared for the final battle

Frollo and his allies plot a final scheme to take out Pete, Scar, Yosemite Sam and their allies by using Plan B (summoning the Demon Gigantic). Then Doofenshmirtz reveals to him Prince John's betrayal and about the scientist recruited a new villainess, Sedusa, to help them in their plan. The judge has 2 new allies against Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Meanwhile, Frollo and Dr. Doofenshmirtz discuss about how they should deal with Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar. Right in that moment, the duo meet the judge's cousin Fjorg Frollo, who has decided to take out his french cousin's enemies. As they now prepare for a new... dark plan.

Vs Scar,Pete,Yosemite Sam Forces

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?

Villains Battles 2

New allies

And in the CGI world, 2 old enemies of Maleficent and an enemy of Pete and Hook are revived as they join forces to rule the CGI world.With Ursula gone, Frollo and Chernabog pledge their loyalty to Hades (God of War), who wants to take out Maleficent too. The duo join forces with the CGI lord of the dead.

Powering-up Mandragora

Chernabog and his allies plot a plan to take out once and for all Maleficent and Pete, however they get a visit from Mandragora, who wants to help them into their plans. As Chernabog accepts as Frollo gives her a power-up.

Villains Battles 3


A wannabe god like entity decides to revive 2 fallen enemies of our heroes to serve his cause of "justice".

Vs Tamir

Searching allies for God (Bhunivelze), Frollo encounters Tamir arguing with his minion of his failure in bringing him a weapon until Tamir begins to stab his servant. Not tolerating this, Frollo decides to sentence him to death for aggression. Has the wicked judge met his match or is Tamir just a minor nuisance?

Back home

After the battle with the Mysterious Stranger, Bhunivelze sends Frollo and Gaston back in the animated world to conquer it in his name under the suggestion of YHVH.Frollo and Gaston forge an alliance with the Emperor to stop the rebels, which he accepts.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War


Maleficent using her magic to seduce Claude Frollo to her forces knowing that he'll never trust the Mistress of All Evil.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Vs Morgaine Le Fay

In Paris, Judge Claude Frollo started his gypsy purge as he is about to kill Esmeralda. However the sorceress Morgaine Le Fay quickly crashes the party as she decides to deal with him right away. Will Frollo be able to deal with him or has she underestimated the judge?

His faction

In a Pub near Notre Dame, a new player feels disgraced because of this ongoing war and because that he is doing nothing in war. However he is encountered by a survived Frollo who wants Gaston to aid him against Morgaine le Fay.Gaston, disgraced from his defeat, decides to inform Frollo about Morgaine's new ally, but he's surprised by Captain Hook, who wants to help them. At first the captain of the guards doesn't care about his offer, but when Hook reveals interesting details about Morgaine, Gaston reconsiders his offer.Frollo gathers his faction, composed of Gaston, Hook and the French Legionnaires led by Colonel Staquait.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Finding Gaston

Frollo Orders Anderson to Find Gaston.

Vs Luke Valentine

Luke has found Frollo and Challenges Him.

His faction

Frollo & His Allies are approached by revived Warrior, who wish to be free hid cursed, which Frollo Accepts.Frollo forms his Team.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Roy

Roy was having a wonderful day until Frollo,who learns Roy has killing animals and decided to arrest him.

Sending Revil

Revil is revealed to be working For Frollo,who send him to defeat Criminal.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Teaming with Mok Swagger

While Maleficent and her allies(Hades, Jafar,Horned King, Frollo) discuss their defeats against the heroes,Mok Swagger arrives with a proposition for Maleficent.

All Star Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

The Servants of God

In France, two so called "servants of god" gathered their newly composed faction for a possible war.

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War