Joseph Korso is the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero in the animated film, Titan A.E. Korso is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Lost Bounty

Korso, along with his partner, Preed, go to collect a bounty on an alien named Leah. The two encounter Tyler and Thrax, who quickly engage them in a duel. Korso throws a punch at Thrax, but Thrax effortlessly catches the strike. Thrax then smashes a bulb over Korso's head, knocking the bounty hunter down. Korso recovers, gunning down Tyler while his guard is down. Though Korso and Preed emerge victorious, Thrax gets away with Leah. Korso reports the bad news to his employer: Vilgax.


New Allies

Vilgax ends up joining forces with Lord Dregg, leading Korso and Preed to aid him as emissaries. They end up allying Dregg and Zygon.


After discovering Thrax unconscious in a destroyed laboratory, Korso and Preed decide to take him back to Vilgax and Dregg for punishment. The plan does not go so well, as Thrax regains consciousness and kills all their henchmen. Korso and Preed grant him access to the cockpit, hoping to take him out. However, Thrax kills Preed before Preed can so much as fire a shot. Korso kneels down to help his friend, but this gives Thrax enough time to plunge his finger through Korso's forehead, killing him.

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Korso is recruited by Alpha and Bishop, as the two of them task the mercenary to act as a double-agent, working also for aliens, who are opposed to CADMUS' motives.

Heroes Vs Villains War

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