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The Joker's Thugs are the henchmen of the Joker in the Batman franchise

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Vs Captain Spaulding

Hearing of another clown, James Cutter aka Captain Spaulding, who told a joke he feels is unfunny, the Joker sent some of his men to kill him, steal his money, and ravage his store. The three thugs, disguised with clown masks, stormed Spaulding's gas station, greatly irritating the clown. The leader threatened Captain Spaulding with a gun, demanding that he hand over the cash box. Spaulding, however, was unintimidated and mocked the three goons. Growing frustrated, the leader gave Spaulding until the count of ten to hand over the money, only for Spaulding to vulgarly insult the henchman's mother, sister, and grandmother. Having had enough of Spaulding's defiance, the leader was about to kill him, when Spaulding's assistant, Ravelli, stormed in and killed two of the goons, distracting the leader long enough for Spaulding to pull a gun and shoot him down. As the henchman lay wounded, Spaulding taunted him one last time before shooting him in the head.

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