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The Cyborg Cutthroat

John Silver is a cyborg and space pirate captain, and is the primary antagonist of the Disney film, Treasure Planet. Though not an outright villain, he is not heroic in the slightest, making him an anti-heroic force. He is a secondary player in Disney Villains War and a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War. 

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two


Two planets got into a massive war over import trading- a race of amphibious people called the Troogs, and a race of dog like aliens called the Lierns. Prejudice and ruthless genocide occurred on both planets. If one of either race was found on the opposite planet, they were to be killed immediately.

A young Liern lady had sneaked onto Troog territory for the sake of medicine that couldn't be found on her homeland- but was spotted by Troog guards before long. While chain of command ordered for her immediate death, the corrupt guards had a different idea. The guards promptly raped her and then beat her, leaving her for dead in the alleyway.

The bleeding woman was eventually found by Captain Gantu, who was on patrol on search for war criminals, and took pity on her. The behemoth of an alien picked her up and took her to a hospital. Though she was far beyond rescuing given her wounds, Gantu was able to find that she was pregnant.

Unable to allow the baby to die, Gantu contacted Doctor Hamsterviel, who had finished a prototype on an organic incubator that could nurse an embryo outside the womb. Gantu begged Hamsterviel for use of the medical marvel, which Hamsterviel eventually begrudgingly allowed. As the woman died, Gantu and Hamsterviel removed the baby and preserved it in the machine, saving it.

Gantu kept a watchful eye on the baby for its growth cycle until it could come into the world...but the child's plight was far from over. The genes of the Lierns and Troogs did not mesh well. The baby was a cross between the two--and a combination of birth defects caused by the cross breeding and side effects of the prototype incubator resulted in the baby being born without a left arm, leg, or eye.

Gantu had a half a mind to take care of the baby, but was ultimately required by law to return it to his father. Hamsterviel's DNA scanner allowed a nearly immediate result for the baby's father to be found. Gantu appeared at the doorstep of one of the corrupt Troog soldiers that raped the innocent that very night and informed him that by law, he had to take him in.

The soldier had no interest in a child--especially not a mutt that seemingly showed up at his house out of nowhere. For a week he mistreated and acted rather apathetically toward the child...before he had a wicked idea.

The evil genius and space conqueror, Krang, always needed new test subjects. The Troog soldier promptly sold the baby to Krang. Krang delightfully accepted the baby, aware of what a fruitful test subject a half Lern, half Troog could be.

Krang, however, couldn't help but find the baby's diificulty to live with only one arm, leg, and eye, hard to bare. He ultimately decided to put his mind on creating cybernetics for the child. With an aesthetic, robotic arm, leg, and eye, the baby could now function like any other.

Krang kept the child around for some years as a cleaner and cabin boy in his lab, until the law caught up with him. Krang was arrested while the young boy (Krang had named John Silver, after the color of his various tool and science equipment) escaped when the galactic ploce caused havoc in the lab.

John snuck out the back, and saw a large boat loading treasure behind the lab. Seeing his one chance for escape, John sneaked aboard. It was here John was put to work with menial tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Years in Krang's lab made him surprisingly smart, and as a result, a great treasure hunter, and by further extension, a prime selection for potential captain, one day...

Thief and Smuggler

Silver first emerges in Disney Vs Non Disney Villains as the commander of a space pirate ship, holding a mysterious book of incantations. Eris sneaks aboard his ship, disguised as an evil incarnation of the real Sinbad, when Silver sees through her ruse, she stabs his gasket leg. Briefly stunned, Silver searches for his prey, finding her in the docking bay. Sending his pirates after Eris, Silver hopes to retain control of his powerful spellbook. However, Eris overwhelms the pirates and escapes with the book. Unfortunately for her, she leaves behind Jafar's lamp.

Silver delivers the lamp to the Forbidden Mountain, presenting it to Maleficent in hopes of a reward. When Maleficent discovers it contains Jafar, she laughs with delight, but neglects to give Silver any compensation.


The lack of payment proves quite the irritant; Silver resolves himself to get revenge on Maleficent. He hands over a mysterious statue, actually the imprisoned Discord, to the faerie. While she accepts the "gift" eagerly, Silver flees the Forbidden Mountains knowing Discord will cause some chaos.


John Silver and Percival C. McLeach realize the leadership of the criminal underworld has fallen apart. The two team up in order to merely survive in a hostile environment. But, just as the two are about to make their pact, Bishop arrives to haul them both to Kent Mansley's prison. Silver successfully shoots Bishop with a laser cannon, but the agent survives. Bishop then severs Silver's leg gasket with a clawed meteor hammer. Bishop then successfully defeats McLeach and sends Silver's crew plummeting. Defeated, Silver admits defeat and is hauled to prison.

Disney Villains War

Recruited By Zurg

Early on in the war, Zurg visits Silver's ship and recruits the crew, Silver with them. Although Zurg must defeat Scroop, a stubborn crew member refusing to join Zurg, Silver ultimatley allies with Zurg with no objections.

The Invasion of Earth

Zurg's master plan is to invade the Earth, using Silver, Shego, and Dragaunus (acting as a replacement for the late Warp Darkmatter) as his top henchmen. However, the group comes into conflict with the focres of David Xanatos, who has intent of defending Earth. Silver, until the ending stages of the war, remains a plotter on the sidelines for a large majority of the war.

Vs Medusa

With the invasion nearing its beginning, Zurg sends Silver to defeat Madame Medusa, one of Xanatos' top ranking faction members. Silver brings along a few of his pirate crew members to assist him. The crew members manage to take out Medusa's crocodiles, Brutus and Nero, only to be beaten by Medusa herself. Silver then ends the battle by using his blaster to destroy Medusa's boat house, forcing her to surrender.

Vs Gantu

Gantu, hoping to end the invasion head on, infiltrates Silver's head quarters and challenges him. Silver, uninterested in battle, sends some of his pirates after Gantu; however, Gantu disposes of them after a chase. Realising the battle is lost, Silver makes his escape on a small, spare ship. Gantu, frustrated by Silver's escape, takes to his own ship and leaves as well. Neither one is seen again; however, it can be assumed that they simply went on with their lives, no longer interested in the wars.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Vs Vexos

Having found some of the Metarex technology at the hands of the space pirates, the Vexos invade their ship. While Silver and his men are capable of beating Lync's Bakugan, this fight was nothing but a mere distraction of Spectra...

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Buzz Lightyear

After the attack by Gantu, Jim Hawkins travelled to the Galactic Federation's flagship where he informed the Grand Councilwoman and her top agent, the space ranger Buzz Lightyear about their rogue agent. Before they could investigate the matter further, the pirate John Silver and his pirates attacked the flagship, having been ordered by Emperor Zurg to assassinate Lightyear and the Councilwoman. Lightyear confronted Silver and his pirates as they tried to breach the council chambers, only to be knocked aside as Silver blasted away the door with his arm cannon. Telling the Councilwoman and Hawkins to get to safety, Lightyear engaged in a laser battle with the pirates, but was overwhelmed by Silver's superior firepower. Before Silver could finish Lightyear off, he was distracted upon seeing Hawkins, who was an old friend of his. Galactic Federation reinforcements came to assist Lightyear, including the rest of his space ranger team, and Silver was apprehended as his pirates fled the station, to Hawkins' dismay.


In space, deep in a Galactic Federation prison colony, John Silver watched as Emperor Zurg broke in and released him. Zurg informed Silver that he needed him for an attack on Earth to reinforce Maleficent's forces.

Zurg's Invasion Force

Meanwhile, Zurg and his invasion force, including Gantu, the rogue space ranger Warp Darkmatter, and John Silver landed near Forbidden Mountain, with the use of an escape pod, to meet up with Maleficent.

Helping Lilo and Stitch

On Zurg's flagship, Lilo and Stitch waited for their fate when unlikely rescue came in the person of John Silver, who decided to release them from their cells. As they made their escape, Silver mused that the others would say he had "gone soft" if they found out, unaware that one of his crewmen, the sadistic Scroop, was watching.

Having enough of Zurg

Calling John Silver to him, Zurg revealed that Scroop had told him that Silver had released Lilo and Stitch from confinement. Sick of Zurg's methods, Silver declared his resignation from Zurg's employ, but the evil emperor wasn't willing to let him go that easily. He told Silver that if he left, there would be no one to keep him from killing Jim Hawkins, whom Zurg knew Silver cared for. Reluctantly, Silver agreed to stay.

On Planet Z, Emperor Zurg put the finishing touches on his planet-aligning device. Only one remaining part, the Unimind Device, was needed, and it happened to be on the ship that Jim Hawkins and Peter Pan had commandeered. Long John Silver was reluctant to go along on the mission, but knew that refusal would only make things worse for Jim.

Wasn't forgived

Despite the fact that Silver's last minute assistance had saved Jim from certain death, Jim and the others were unwilling to forgive Silver of his other crimes.

Vs Peter Pan Forces

Infiltrating the airship being used by Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins to recover the Unimind device, Sliver's pirates broke into the armory and took the ship's weapons for their own. As the pirates began their attack on Pan and Hawkins' team, Zurg's other soldiers boarded the ship to reinforce them.As Silver's pirates came to attack him from behind, Pan cut a piece of machinery loose, breaking a hole in the floor and sending the pirates plummeting to their deaths.As Jim ran in to help, he was confronted by Long John Silver himself. As Silver cornered Jim, Pan slashed at the pirate's cybernetic leg, tearing loose some wires and causing it to malfunction, allowing Jim to escape.As the villains cornered Jim, Darkmatter prepared to execute him for his earlier humiliation, only for Silver to come to Jim's defense and knock out Darkmatter. However, Zurg had already found the Unimind, taking control of it and using it to teleport his men back to Planet Z - all except for Silver, who he left to face the angry heroes as punishment for his betrayal.

Battle of Planet Z

Just before the heroes were killed, however, another ship arrived on the scene and attacked Zurg's forces; Peter, Jim, Stitch, and Silver had arrived.However, Zurg suddenly sprang from ambush, gripping Jim by the neck and preparing to kill him. Seeing what was about to happen, Silver again came to Jim's rescue, knocking back the emperor and destroying his personal Hornet guard. Shooting the distracted Silver, Zurg prepared to kill his former lackey when Jim came to his defense, returning the favor from earlier.With seconds to spare, the heroes escaped, even saving Gantu and Darkmatter from certain death. As they cheered in victory, they set a course for the Galactic Federation headquarters to drop off their prisoners and receive their next mission.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part 2

Heroes Vs Villains War

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Marvin Forces

At the Martian royal palace, Marvin and the Queen of Mars try to explain to Xene, Torch and Gazelle the threat looming over the red planet. But the pirates led by John Silver stormed the royal palace. It will be up to the three leaders of the Alius, Marvin and the Martian Queen to stop their attackers and find out who hired them.

Supporting Marvin

Emperor Zurg arrived at the Martian royal palace to support the group of Marvin, Xene, Torch, Gazelle and the Martian Queen. Furthermore, Zurg reveals to his allies that it was the Vexos led by Zenoheld who hired John Silver and his pirates to take out the space rulers opposed to them and dominate the Universe. Faced with this situation Xene, Marvin, Gazelle, Torch, Zurg and the Queen of Mars decide to join forces to counter the Vexos.John Silver and Scroop tell King Zenoheld about their failure at the Martian royal palace. The ruler decides it's time to get serious by sending the Vexos led by his son, Prince Hydron.

Transforming Daffy Duck

King Zenoheld is pleased with Lync's victory over Agent Z. He also receives the news that Mylene of the Vexos has captured Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) with whom Hydron proposes to his father to turn the duck into a super villain. After John Silver operates the transformation machine, Daffy Duck becomes the terrifying Zod Duck. Immediately King Zenoheld decides to send Hydron to repel the next invasion of Zurg's alliance.

Defending Hydron

Scroop informs King Zenoheld that Hydron has gone over to Zurg's side of the alliance. The devilish king orders his entire alliance to attack Zurg's. But John Silver supported by Mylene blames Zenoheld for mistreating Hydron because if he didn't do it they wouldn't be in this situation. But the king of the Vestals is fed up with listening and supported by Scroop and Zod Duck threatens to reserve the same fate as Hydron for Silver. At this point before the battle, John Silver, Link and Mylene propose that at the right time they will betray Zenoheld and give the throne of the Vestals to Hydron.

Battle of Vestronia Palace

Finally, the alliance of Zurg and that of King Zenoheld are ready for the battle that could decide the fate of the galaxy. But since John Silver, Mylene and Lync will eventually betray him, will King Zenoheld win or will this be the end of his reign?

Welcoming Prince Hydron

After the fall of King Zenoheld, Prince Hydron becomes the new ruler of the Vestals welcomed by John Silver, Link and Mylene. The prince also thanks Zurg's alliance for helping him.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Vs Zod Duck

Mylene informs Hydron's alliance that Zod Duck has been spotted and is on his way to the Vestal Palace. Concerned about the situation, Hydron, Marvin and the Martian Queen must decide who to send against the only remaining member of Zenoheld's alliance strong enough to put their plans into trouble. John Silver volunteers to take out Zod Duck as he also helped create him.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

In Zurg's faction

Zurg decide to recruit John Silver and Gantu to help him in his quest to conquer the world.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

In Zurg's faction

Zurg gathers his faction for a presumable war.

Villains Battles

Joining King Zenhold

While plotting their uprising against Xene and Zurg's alliance, King Zenoheld and Frieza's group require the assistance of the space pirate John Silver, who decided to help the alliance in his plan to defeat the responsible of King Cold's death. However Frieza soon starts to betray Zenoheld.

Battle of Galaxy

While Xene and Zurg decided to go and take out King Zenoheld, the emperor's allies (Dvalin, Torch, Gazelle, John Silver and his pirates) corner Frieza and Zenoheld's allies led by Cooler in order to make the Vestroian ruler a easy prey for Xene and Zurg. Will Cooler and his allies survive?

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two