John Henry Irons Gods and Monsters 0001

John Henry Irons is a a major character in the DC universe. The civilian alias of the the super-hero Steel, John Henry Irons is a supportive hero, fighting crime in Gotham city as a member of Superman's team of super-heroes. He has also been involved with the Justice League, and the Suicide Squad, depending on the incarnation he is featured.

An incarnation of the character also appears in the animated feature film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, as a different portrayal of the character from the original design. This incarnation is briefly featured in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

John Henry is called in a meeting, by Dr. Sivana, along with some other fellow scientists. He is suddenly attacked and killed by the Rooters' elite force, the Metal Men.

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