Fish Army
Joe's Fish Army is a legion of many underwater creatures, include fish and crabs, which after they consume the intelligence potion, they were under control of their leader, Joe the Fish, who promised them the domination of the whole sea and oceans. They are the secondary villains in the animated film "Help! I'm a Fish" and secondary players in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Attempting To Claim Atlantica

Joe and his army were presented in the second part of the tournament, invading Atlantica for their own purposes. Seeing this army as a threat to her plans, Ursula, the recently queen of the oceans called her royal servant, Marina Del Ray, to deal with them. When she confronted them, Marina came across the genious fish. At first Joe ordered his army to attack the merman with all of their powers. Although it was useless to dispach her, he started to drink a small portion of his potion. Thinking the fish weakness inside the water, Marina started to mock the creature's powers, telling him that one small portion of this magic potion is nothing against with a large portion. Considering of that, Joe drinks quickly all the potion, but in his mistake he became human and drown in the sea. It is unknown what happened then to Joe's Fish Army, since they have lost their leader. 

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