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Jim Hawkins is the son of an inn-keeper who became involved in a space voyage to find the legendary Treasure Planet after finding an old map that once belonged to a space pirate. He has a father figure and mentor in the person of the cyborg John Silver, but relations are strained when Silver reveals his true nature as a pirate working for Emperor Zurg in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War

Vs Gantu

In space, the youth Jim Hawkins was flying his solar surfer near the RLS Legacy, a ship searching for the fabled Treasure Planet, when he was spotted by the former Galactic Federation captain Gantu, who had been hired to keep the Legacy from completing its voyage. Gantu fired on the unarmed Hawkins, getting the attention of his friends aboard the Legacy, Doctor Doppler and Captain Amelia. As Hawkins dodged the fire from Gantu's ship, Doppler and Amelia armed themselves to defend him. Finally, Gantu got a good shot in, damaging the thruster on Hawkins' solar surfer, sending him plummeting down a crevasse. Gantu believed he had won, but Hawkins, thinking quickly, ground the thruster against the side of the cliff, reactivating it and allowing him to jet back to the Legacy. Taking advantage of Gantu's distraction, Amelia and Doppler fired on Gantu's ship, damaging it and forcing it to crash-land.

Teaming with Peter Pan

Outside of Paris, Peter Pan stumbled across Jim Hawkins, who had come to Earth to collect his thoughts after the run-in with John Silver. Making friends with Peter and Alice (who had decided to stay with the Lost Boys), Hawkins agreed to join them in overthrowing Frollo.

Vs Abis Mal

Hearing that one of the ships in Zurg's invasion fleet had crash-landed near Forbidden Mountain, Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins set out to capture it to use as their own. Though the crash-site was guarded, the two youths found that the bumbling Abis Mal and his men were the ones tasked with watching the ship. Peter flew into the rigging and started taunting Abis Mal and his bandits. As Mal's goons tried to attack him, Peter evaded their clumsy efforts and caused them to run into each other. While the bandits were distracted, Jim knocked a spinning piece of machinery into them, bowling them over. Peter then threw a knife at Abis Mal, slicing his hat apart. Jim fired on Mal with his blaster pistol, forcing him to run for cover. Peter then used the rigging to launch himself at Mal, knocking Mal off the ship and into the water. Jim and Peter then claimed the ship and departed with it; though the ship's flight capabilities had been damaged beyond repair, it could still function as a conventional ship.

Talking about Lost Boys

With no word from the Lost Boys, Jim Hawkins, Tinker Bell, and Alice were concerned that they may have been captured, but Peter Pan insisted that they were fine and would be back soon.

Vs Zurg Forces

Infiltrating the airship being used by Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins to recover the Unimind device, Sliver's pirates broke into the armory and took the ship's weapons for their own. As the pirates began their attack on Pan and Hawkins' team, Zurg's other soldiers boarded the ship to reinforce them.Jim Hawkins traded blaster fire with Warp Darkmatter, only for Tinker Bell to come in and slam into Darkmatter's jetpack, knocking him to the deck. As Jim Hawkins stood over Warp Darkmatter, he unmasked himself and launched his mechanical fist at Jim, knocking him down and disarming him.As Jim ran in to help, he was confronted by Long John Silver himself. As Silver cornered Jim, Pan slashed at the pirate's cybernetic leg, tearing loose some wires and causing it to malfunction, allowing Jim to escape. As Scroop joined the battle, he managed to take down both Pan, Tinker Bell, and Alice, leaving Jim on his own. As the villains cornered Jim, Darkmatter prepared to execute him for his earlier humiliation, only for Silver to come to Jim's defense and knock out Darkmatter.

Battle of Planet Z

Just before the heroes were killed, however, another ship arrived on the scene and attacked Zurg's forces; Peter, Jim, Stitch, and Silver had arrived.As the heroes stormed the base, Scroop attacked Peter, Jim, and Tinker Bell, with Tink evening the odds by using pixie dust to make Jim and Scroop levitate off the ground. Even as they soared up to the tower's peak, however, Scroop was about to kill Jim when Peter tricked him into leaping into a flag, tearing it from the tower's flagpole. Realizing too late what had happened, Scroop drifted off into the atmosphere to his doom. Before Jim could meet a similar fate, Tink cut off the magic of the dust, bringing him safely back to the ground. However, Zurg suddenly sprang from ambush, gripping Jim by the neck and preparing to kill him. Seeing what was about to happen, Silver again came to Jim's rescue, knocking back the emperor and destroying his personal Hornet guard. Shooting the distracted Silver, Zurg prepared to kill his former lackey when Jim came to his defense, returning the favor from earlier. As Jim disarmed Zurg, the other heroes arrived and surrounded him.When BEN revealed the danger to the heroes, they fled back to their ships, with Lightyear destroying the video-link to Hamsterviel's cell as the mad doctor vowed revenge.With seconds to spare, the heroes escaped, even saving Gantu and Darkmatter from certain death. As they cheered in victory, they set a course for the Galactic Federation headquarters to drop off their prisoners and receive their next mission.

Final Battle

The archdemon began his attack on the heroes, causing a great earthquake that ripped open the ground, causing Yzma and many heroes to fall into the fissures. The heroes managed to climb back to safety, but Yzma was lost.Maleficent backed Hercules up against a cliff and, despite Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins' attempts to keep her occupied, she knocked the sword from his hands, pinning him to the ground and preparing to tear him apart. As he retreated, however, he warned the heroes that as long as darkness and evil remained in the world, he would endure. He vowed to return and take his vengeance.

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