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The Jigsaw Killer, or simply Jigsaw (real name: Johnathan "John" Kramer), is the overall main antagonist of the successful horror film franchise, Saw. He is a former civil engineer whom through the years, became a psychotic, relentless, deluded, obsessive and manipulative serial killer bent on the intention of teaching his victims he is trapping and killing usage death traps, that life is precious for them and the people involves in their life. He is probably most famous with intimidation of victims usage Billy the Puppet, a special small red and white kabuki-like doll and famous with his catchphrase "I want to play a game".

Movie Villains War

Vs Imhotep

In Egypt, the corrupt priest Imhotep plotted with his lover, Anck Su Namun, to assassinate the pharaoh and take over as rulers of Egypt. However, before their plans could come to fruition, the two found themselves attacked by a pair of men wearing pig masks. Despite Imhotep's attempts to defend himself, the two subdued him and killed Anck Su Namun, much to Imhotep's horror. The pair then revealed themselves as John Kramer, the famed Jigsaw killer, and his assistant, Gordon.

Back at Jigsaw's lair, the serial killer sought to 'play a game' and punish Imhotep for his conspiracy. Kramer had his men torture Imhotep by cutting out his tongue, before mummifying him and placing him in a trap: a sarcophagus filled with flesh-eating beetles. Jigsaw then buried Imhotep alive. Failing to escape the trap, Imhotep died an agonizing death.

Making his faction

Meanwhile, Jigsaw gathered a group of killers to carry out his mission: Alex DeLarge, the Tooth Fairy, and Buffalo Bill.  

Teaming with The Devil's rejects

Somewhere in Texas, John Kramer goes to talk to "the Devil's Rejects" : Captain Spaulding, Tiny, Mother Firefly, Grandpa Firefly, Otis, Baby and Rufus (isn't showed because he's close to the door) and ask them to join his group of murderers.

Watching Alex's suffer

Alex and his 'droogies' BREAK into an old warehouse, a potential lair for Jigsaw. Alex enters first. Initially the place looks deserted, but then Alex spots someone. He chases him down and kills him with a ceramic penis. Turns out that the man wasn't alone, and his comrades circle Alex. He tries to run for it, but encounters the owner of the building; Deacon Frost. Frost doesn't hesitate to beat Alex, and then has his men finish the job.

Giving a mission to Bane

While he is alone, Buffalo Bill partakes in one of his guilty pleasures. But he is then interrupted when someone rings at the door. James goes to open the door and sees that the 'guests' are Bane and Bird. He tries to close the door on them, but Bird tells him that they are here to give him a new mission from the Jigsaw killer.

Celebrating Hook's Victory

After having defeated Oren Ishii, Bill the Butcher and Captain Hook decide to celebrate and have a huge orgy party, inviting all sorts of influential people they know, both friends or enemies: Landa, the Devil's Reject, Calvin Candie, Tyler Durden, Batemane, Xerxès etc. Some people start fighting, while others partake in the pleasures of prostitutes and drink. It is really something symbolical and a way for these villains to relax.

Swearing revenge

Alex has barely survived after his defeat against the vampires. John Kramer swears they will get revenge, with a magical artifact.