Jeremiah Gottwald is a secondary antagonist in the anime, Code Geass. A former enemy of the Black Knghts turned ally, Gottwald is enhanced with a Geass neutralizer, making him impervious to mind control. Gottwald is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Vs Major Bludd

In accordance with his master, Zero's, wishes, Gottwald infiltrates COBRA Mansion. While there, he encounters Major Bludd. The two cross blades, with Gottwald eventually kicking Bludd away and disarming him. At the last second, Bludd unleashes a powerful machine that overloads Gottwald's cybernetics. Gottwald stumbles to the ground, severely injured. Destro seizes his chance to reprogram Gottwald's hardware, making him loyal to Cobra Commander. The new Gottwald is all too willing to reveal key secrets about the Black Knights.

The Second Battle of Cobra Mansion

The reprogrammed Gottwald briefly participates in the final battle for Cobra Mansion, lunging at his old boss when given the opportunity. His strike fails, however, as Zero leaps off his back and ends up fighting more of Cobra's allies. Gottwald survives the battle.

The Defeat of Zero

Zero manages to get Gottwald back and reprogram him so that he is loyal once more. His loyalty is clearly needed, as Cobra and his allies return and storm London. Amongst these new allies are the Decepticon robots, led by Megatron and his second-in-command, Starscream. Gottwald gets into a massive ship and opens fire on them, being able to take several hits from Starscream and Blitzwing. Gottwald is even able to knock Starscream out of the sky. Unfortunately for Gottwald, Megatron is able to take out two of his auxiliary engines, with Starscream taking out a third with a hurled grenade. Knocked out of the battle, Gottwald watches as Megatron seemingly kills Suzaku Kururugi. Knowing that he must defend London at any cost, Gottwald lets his ship be blown open by Megatron. He then flies at Megatron, full force, with a smaller craft, firing all his weapons at once. A massive explosion ensues, in which Megatron is destroyed and Gottwald seemingly perishes.

The Horror

Jeremiah miraculously survives the attack, discovering his master alive and well. He is overjoyed to see Zero, but Zero shoots him in the head, quite unexpectedly. Once again alive by mysterious means, Gottwald slips into complete insanity. Baxter Stockman finds and experiments upon the helpless Gottwald.

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