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Jenner is a trecherous rat and major political figure in the rat city of NIMH. First appearing in the cult classic animated film The Secret of NIMH, he is killed by Professor Ratigan in the first round of the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War. He plays a far larger role, however, in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

VS Ratigan

A leading member of the high council of NIMH, Jenner was confronted by a newcomer to the rat city, Professor Ratigan. Suspicious that Ratigan had designs on his position (which he did), Jenner insulted the master criminal and tried to have him removed from the city. Ratigan challenged Jenner to a duel, which the rat accepted. That night, the two enemies met in battle, with Jenner wielding a sword against his unarmed opponent. However, Jenner had miscalculated, and his sword skills proved to be no match for Ratigan's savagery, and Jenner was killed when Ratigan tore into him with his claws.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Vs The Mouse King

The Mouse King is an early presence in NIMH, but he proves to be a disastrous drain upon NIMH's resources. Jenner is very outspoken about the Mouse King's uselessness, complaining to the High Council. The Mouse King, however, eavesdrops on the conversation and challenges Jenner to a duel. Jenner brandishes his blade, dueling the Mouse King to a standstill. The Mouse King kicks Jenner away, but Jenner manages to slice into the Mouse King's stomach. The wounded Mouse King raises his sword in an attempt to strike Jenner down, but the more lithe Jenner knocks the Mouse King off a cliff into a lake. The last that is seen of the Mouse King is his crown sinking into the water.

Rat Vs Cats

Jenner soon encounters the Brain and Drake, two animals working with Mojo Jojo. The two promise Jenner increased territory in NIMH in exchange for helping them attack the empire of Napoleon, Jojo's chief rival. The three animals forge an assault upon two of Napoleon's lieutenants: Warren T. Rat and Cat R. Waul. When Brain scares off Warren T. Rat and his henchman with several explosions, the hapless cat runs right into Jenner. Jenner, sword at the ready, cuts down and kills Warren before he can so much as utter a scream. Jenner then tries to attack Waul, but Waul shoots him in the side. Jenner takes some time to recover and realizes that Waul is standing on a giant fliptrap. He seizes the opportunity and cuts the trap's rope, sending Waul and his henchman flying into a water tower off in the distance.

Treachery at Animal Farm

Ever power-hungry, Jenner convinces Brain to turn traitor against Mojo Jojo, as the monkey impedes his own rise to prominence. He lets a new player, Dolf, in onto the deal. When Mojo and his allies attack Napoleon's base, Animal Farm, Jenner makes his move. He sends bats to distract the main strike force, led by General Woundwort. With the rabbits distracted, Jenner makes his move to kill their leader. Unbeknownst to Jenner, his new ally, Dolf, has other plans. While Jenner is preparing to stab Woundwort, Dolf shoots him in the back, killing him.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

On a meeting

The Animal Farm council consisting of the feline mastermind Cat R. Waul, the French tuxedo cat trafficker Meowrice, the treacherous rat Jenner, the ruthless criminal Warren T. Rat, and the rodent reporter Sally Ratmousen all met up with the dictator bird Dolf promising to join an upcoming alliance some of them agree as Waul and Jenner go on missions for the Farm.

Vs Mouse King

In the NIMH colony, Jenner persuaded the council to ban the Mouse King that has been causing hefty losses to their food supplies for Animal Farm. Eavesdropping on their conversation, the Mouse King challenged him to a duel. Jenner brandished his blade, duelling the Mouse King to a standstill. The Mouse King kicked him away, but Jenner managed to slice into the Mouse King's stomach. The wounded Mouse King raised his sword in an attempt to strike Jenner down, but the more lithe rodent knocked the Mouse King off a cliff into a lake. The last that was seen of the King was his crown sinking into the water.

Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

In Napoleon's faction

Napoleon has called the animals from all over the world such as General Woundwort, Warren T. Rat, Jenner, Cat R. Waul, Drake, The Mouse King, and all the animals of Animal Farm to create a perfect team, and he reveals them to the unsuspecting critters of Animal Farm, cementing his position as leader.

Manuel's Villains War

VS Jack-in-the-Box

Having in the rats of NIMH,Jenner takes an mysterious toy,he threatens them all of his rule…Luckily Jack in the Box fights Jenner with his sword. Jenner and The Jack in the Box will fight. Who Jenner kills Jack-In-The Box in the fire?

Heores Vs Villains War

Non Disney Heores Vs Villains War

VS Clara

As the rats of NIMH were in a meeting, the toys were discussing about the war coming. Clara saw what was happening and saves Hans from Jenner. But Jenner has better plans than that...

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Ratigan

Jenner is outraged because a new member of the NIMH colony named Professor Ratigan is stealing his spotlight as leader of the colony. For this he challenges the rat for the control over the NIMH. However, can Jenner keep his role as leader of the NIMH colony?

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Villains Battles

Vs Zira and Shere Khan

While Scar, the hyenas, Darkrai, Ratigan, Pinky and the Brain are away to help Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance, Zira enters in the NIMH colony, where Jenner and the mice are talking about her for an alliance. The lioness refuses and the mouse is angry. During this battle to the death, Shere Khan decides to help his queen and ally.

Non Disney Villains War

Vs Drake

Jenner persuades the NIMH colony to banish the bird Dolf because of his insolence upon the council. When Dolf arrives, Jenner lies to him. The bird, not so sure to trust the rat, challenges him to fight his friend, Drake. When the battle seems to be over, Dolf begins his plan...