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Jay, Lark and Raven are the three henchwomen of The Penguin in three 1998 episodes of "The New Batman Adventures".  The episodes include "Joker's Millions", "The Ultimate Thrill", and "Judgment Day".  In addition, the three henchwomen reprised their roles in the 2003 film "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman".

Jay, Lark and Raven were waitresses at the Iceberg Lounge and Penguin's personal bodyguards.  Jay was the blonde, Lark had redhair, and Raven was brunette.  They usually helped Penguin with his business deals in the Gotham underworld.

Villains Batlles

In Villains Batlles only Jay and Raven appears they were helping The Penguin in Mr. Swackhammer's plans they tried to kill Cat R. Waul, Fat Cat and Sylvester but Jay got shot by Cat R. Waul and Raven was probably got killed offsceen.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

In Disney vs DC Villains War once again only Jay and Raven appear they are helping The Penguin in The Joker's plans but this is different they tried to defeat Mr. Winkie but he knocked Jay out Raven was probably knocked out offsceen and they both got kidnapped alongside with their boss by The Joker's enemy : Pete.