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Horace and Jasper are both secondary antagonists in the 1961 animated film One Hundred and One Dalmations, and a pair of minor players in three of the four major Villains Tournaments.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains

Vs Cat and Carface's Gang

Horace and Jasper appear in league with Cruella de Vil and Madam Medusa in the series. During the Gang War, Horace and Jasoer, alongside Edgar, Snoops, Brutus, and Nero, appear and fight off Carface's malicious pack of dogs as well as Cat R. Waul's cat bodyguards. Jasper takes the most action, angrily kicking away an angry dog and throwing an empty bottle at Killer. The dogs are ultimately sent packing, and the battle apparently ends in the humans' victory. Not too much later, Cruella appears before Horace and Jasper in a van, demanding that they chase after Carface, who was hanging on to a police car while riding a skate board. The trio chases after Carface, and the battle, once again, ends in their victory.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains - Part Two

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Horace and Jasper meet a terrible fate once the Baroness attacks Cruella. Though the two thugs come to save their employer, they crash into her vehicle, sending all three gangsters headlong off a cliff. They survive the crash, but at the cost of losing Cruella's criminal empire. Cruella later sends the two after a special Talisman capable of defeating the Baroness's employer, Cobra Commander. The two find the Talisman, but are faced with Hak Foo, a member of the Dark Hand also seeking the Talisman. Jasper throws both a bottle and a dart at Hak, stunning him briefly. Before the two can finish Foo off, he grabs the Talisman, using its powers to light Horace's pants on fire. The two, buried in rubble, are later found and thrown into Kent Mansley's super prison.

Disney Villains War

Horace and Jasper

Crashing the Van

Horace and Jasper end up ruining Cruella's plot to kill Madam Medusa, accidentally crashing into their boss's car.

Vs Leroy

Horace and Jasper appear in this series working for David Xanatos. Alongside MacBeth, they go on the hunt after Doctor Hamsterviel's newest creation, an abomination of a creature known as Leroy. Despite being frightened by Leroy, Horace and Jasper attack him, and are capable of sending him flying into a wall. However, Leroy survives, and MacBeth has to take over the operation, and succeeds in defeating Leroy.

Disney Villains War 2

Back on Cruella's services

Meanwhile, in England, Horace and Jasper were released from prison on the orders of Cruella de Ville, who sought to return them to her service.

Teaming with Doctor Drakken

At her French mansion, Cruella de Ville was busy chewing out Horace and Jasper for their past failures when they were approached by Doctor Drakken, who had survived his battle with the Mad Doctor by sending a clone to die in his place. Drakken hired Cruella and her men for the job of the century: a hostile takeover of Xanatos Corp.

Vs Fox

Seeking vengeance against Xanatos, Cruella and Drakken targeted his loved ones. Heading to Xanatos' skyscraper, they were met by his wife Fox and son Alexander. As Horace and Jasper tried to move in for an attack, Horace accidentally struck Jasper on the head with his club. Alexander  attacked in his mech suit, firing balls of energy that knocked Horace into a fireplace, setting his pants on fire. Horace then panicked and ran into Jasper knocking both of them out. With Cruella's minions taken out of the fight, Drakken moved to tip the balance in their favor by bringing in some of his robotic minions. Fox managed to destroy one of the robots with a blast from her laser cannon. However, Drakken then moved in to kill Fox himself, firing a mounted laser cannon at her. She died instantly. Alexander was infuriated by this while Cruella laughed hysterically at Fox's death. While Alexander was still in shock, Jasper moved in and hit Alexander with a chair. Before he could recover, Drakken fired his laser at Alexander, killing him instantly.

Vs Macbeth

As Owen spoke to Xanatos in prison, Macbeth suddenly arrived disguised as a prison guard, having decided to return to make amends now that Frollo had succumbed to paranoia. Having been informed by Owen of the developments regarding Cruella and Drakken killing his family and taking his corporation, Xanatos sent Macbeth to prove his loyalty by striking against Cruella's mansion. The mansion was guarded by Horace, Jasper, and McTeague, but Macbeth had nothing to fear from these common thugs. He shot out a piece of the ceiling, causing it to fall on Horace's head, then engaged McTeague in a swordfight. When Macbeth knocked away McTeague's weapon, he ran away, leaving Horace and Jasper to attempt to take Macbeth on their own. He easily defeated them, throwing them through a wall.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Accidental Crash

Horace and Jasper appear in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series. During Cruella's clash with Madam Medusa, Jasper and Horace hoped to crash Medusa in her car, but instead ran into Cruella, destroying her car, while taking her out of the conflict.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Molten Man

During the Gang War of the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War, Horace and Jasper find themselves matched with Molten Man. Molten Man sets fire to their house, and, despite Horace and Jasper's use of blunt intruments to attack, seems to have the upper hand. However, Horace and Jasper then find themselves rescued by the Liquidator, who appears and subdues Molten Man.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Mojo Jojo

Prince John need the jewels of Anubis for the man in the robe and sends Fowlfellow and Gideon to get them from him in exchange of a huge bag of golden coins, Foulfellow agrees and runs faster to where the jewels are. Horace and Jasper to arrive at the museum trying to get the jewels by Madame Medusa but Mojo to wants the jewels for his master plan. Who of this guys will get the jewels?

Battle with Mojo Jojo Forces

Mojo has Townsville at his command and starts to celebrate his victory but is interrupted by Cruella who orders his surrender but the evil monkey disagree and releases his monkey army. Cruella releases his forces to stop his evil plan, as Cruella and his allies beat the monkey's one by one, there are two forces that come face to face wanting Townsville for their own ambition.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War-Part Two

Vs Myotismon and Meta Knight

Seeking to know information about the last war and his rival Devimon whereabouts, Myotismon is found by Meta Knight is need of help to release his King promises to give the information he requires in exchange of his help. While having sometime of not seeing a human been feared or tormented by him, Myotismon agrees on helping him. As Ratigan and Cruella celebrate of been King's of Dreamland, their reign might not last too long...

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Squirtle and Bulbauser

Squirtle and Bulbasaur find themselves inside a mansion and are comfronted by scurvy rascals, Horace and Jasper. As Squirtle and Bulbasaur finds themselves in a massive fight, they both have a special surprise attack.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs O'Malley and The Alley Cats

In Paris, the greedy butler Edgar captured the cat Duchess and her kittens on the orders of the corrupt socialite Cruella De Ville. Duchess' mate Thomas O'Malley and his gang of alley cats broke into the barn where Edgar and de Ville were meeting, intent on rescuing Duchess and her kittens. O'Malley leapt down on Edgar, temporarily knocking him out, before locking the door to the barn so the villains couldn't escape. Cruella's thugs Jasper and Horace Badun went to attack O'Malley, but the alley cats came to his defense, dropping a hay bale on the Baduns. Cruella chased after O'Malley swinging a pipe at him, but as she cornered him, the alley cats swarmed Cruella, knocking her back. As O'Malley tried to rescue Duchess, Edgar trapped him with Duchess in the chest where they were being kept. Horace and Jasper then chased off the other cats.

Vs Dogs

Finding the pound where Cruella and her allies were hiding, the Disney Dogs and Cats found the group celebrating their recent successes. Breaking in, the dogs squared off against Cruella's forces, who quickly rallied to defend their prisoners.In the midst of the fight, Jasper threw a bottle at a window, breaking it.

Though she may have lost the puppies, Cruella was determined to get them back, and she and her gang leapt into their respective vehicles to give chase to Fagin and company. Cruella, sick of playing games, had Horace and Jasper take over driving her truck while she climbed onto the hood. Jasper rammed the car into Fagin's motor-scooter, allowing Cruella to grab one of the puppies. As she gloated, Oliver saw what was happening and pounced on her, biting at her. Cruella threw Oliver off her, but Dodger managed to catch him. With Fagin distracted by the attackers, Tito took over driving the scooter and, seeing a train coming, drove up onto the side of the railway bridge. Cruella and her minions were not as fortunate, as the train knocked them off the bridge, though they survived.

Vs Forces of Bambi

Accompanied by a pack of wolves loaned to them by Queen Grimhilde, Clayton's hunting party travelled into the Native Lands to try their luck at disposing of the animal heroes.Jasper came to Medusa's aid, attacking Jack with an iron bar, but the horse Buck stepped in and began fighting the thug. As Horace intervened, Buck kicked both he and Jasper into a tree.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Disney Vs Comics War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs The Joker

Cruella, however, manages to escape and orders her two henchmen Horace and Jasper to kill the Joker. The two criminals reach the clown's lair, but will they be able to defeat him?


Ratigan and Cruella free Horace and Jasper to implement the professor's plan.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Sally Stageplay

Sally Stageplay is in the middle of her performance but Cruella De Ville mocks her sending Jasper and Horace to attack her but the star makes Horace bash Jasper on the head but he recovers sending a Chandelier crushing her husband. Jasper then gets knocked away, but Cruella throws some knives at Sally killing the performer.

Villains Battles

Teaming with Pete and Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam, Pete and their allies organize the attack on Frollo and his alliance, however they get interrupted by Cruella de Vil, Who wants to help the alliance in their plan because they have a common enemy: Mok. The crazy woman summons her allies to help Pete and Yosemite Sam: Jasper, Horace, Alameda Slim and the Willie Brothers, who decide to help the alliance. The bully cat and the Far West shooter welcome them.

Vs Frollo's Guards

While the forces of Cat R Waul, Pinky and the Brain are dealing with Hitler and Jan Valentine, another group of Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance led by Alameda Slim are waiting for some new prisoners to be arrested. They are attacked by Frollo's guards, who were sent by the judge to take out the main enforcers to Pete and Sam's alliance.

Villains Battles 2

Vs Honest John,Gideon and The Kralahome

While heading to the Lobster Inn, the Kralahome, Honest John and Gideon get attacked by Midnight Sparkle, Jasper and Horace (sent by Scar to arrest or defeat them). This might be a 3 vs 3 battle with a special summoning from the magician, but one side will get an unexpected help... but real.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

In Cruella's faction

Criminal fellow Cruella de Vil is gathering her faction to deal with criminals that might try to take her out from her steam.

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War