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Jasper is one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Pink Diamond and Yellow Diamond) of Steven Universe.

She is a Homeworld Gem soldier who is bent on destroying the Crystal Gems and their leader, Rose Quartz, to avenge the presumed death of her superior, Pink Diamond, which turned her into Steven's archenemy and most frequent foe.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Vexus

Beginning their invasion plans, the leaders of the Homeworld Gems decided to send their toughest warrior, Jasper, to claim the headquaFrters of another invader, the robotic queen of Cluster Prime, Vexus. On Earth, Jasper attacked Vexus’ base. Annoyed by the intrusion, Vexus sent her robotic soldiers to defend the base, but these were quickly destroyed by Jasper. Vexus, however, proved to be a much more challenging foe, as she blocked Jasper's punches and knocked her to the ground. Before Jasper could recover, Vexus sent her flying into a generator, electrocuting her. While Jasper was occupied, Vexus decided to take the opportunity to escape back to Cluster Prime, much to Jasper's frustration.

Attacks of Fire Nation

As the Gems continued their invasion of Earth, the Diamonds were angered that the Fire Nation remained defiant towards them. Seeking to send them a message, Yellow Diamond ordered her best pilot, Emerald, to lead an invasion force into Fire Nation territory. Jasper, eager to redeem herself after her previous defeat, volunteered to aid her. However, the two found themselves cut off by the Fire Nation's navy, led by Princess Azula and Admiral Zhao. As Emerald's ship approached, Zhao mobilized his troops to take her down. Using his ship's catapults, Zhao began taking out Emerald's guns one by one. Irritated, Emerald retaliated by destroying several of the catapults with laser blasts. Emerald then launched several missiles at Zhao's fleet, but Zhao managed to block the missiles in midair with a volley fo well-timed projectiles from his catapults. However, while the rest of the fleet was occupied with Emerald, Jasper managed to board Azula's ship, and confronted the princess. The two warriors faced off in hand-to-hand combat, with Azula managing to briefly stun Jasper with a swift punch. As Azula prepared to finish off her enemy with a blast of lightning, Jasper recovered and charged her head-on, knocking the princess overboard and causing her to fall into the sea. Meanwhile, the battle between Emerald and Zhao continued. As Zhao's flagship pushed forward, Emerald launched a unique Gem mineral into the water, causing rocks to grow from under Zhao's ship and trap him in the middle of the ocean. As Zhao raged at his humiliating defeat, Emerald celebrated her victory.

The allied forces of the Gems and the Earth Empire launch a full-scale attack on the Fire Nation capital. With much of the Fire Nation's forces occupied elsewhere, the capital's defenses are completely unprepared for an attack, and are quickly overrun by the invading armies. Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond goes to personally deal with Fire Lord Ozai. The two rulers face off one on one, but an unexpected betrayal may tip the scales.

Prepared for the final battle

In Ba Sing Se, the Diamonds ready their forces in anticipation of a siege, while giving Kuvira’s earthbenders the order to awaken the Cluster.

Final Battle

As the Fire Nation and Cluster troops begin to force the Gems back, Azula seeks out Jasper, provoking her into a rematch. The two engage in a brutal fight, but Azula ultimately triumphs over her old enemy, obliterating her with a blast of lightning.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two


Lapis and Peridot use Jasper’s gem to resurrect their old comrade.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Adrian C)

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Villains Battles 2

Vs Darrel and Boxman Jr.

From orders of their unknown boss, two new players of the war attack Jasper and Gantu, who were searching for allies under Hydron's orders. The brothers may have underestimated the powerful duo...

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

In Yellow Diamond's faction

However, Yellow Diamond start a meeting in Ba Sing Se. The leader and a famous alien named Vilgax joined her cause to stop Zurg.