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Jafar's Lamp

Jafar's Lamp is the lamp, that houses the all-powerful genie, Jafar, though also serving as his imprisonment, as he is bound by the rules of the genie. It is identical to the lamp of the original Genie, with the difference that it has a black colour, an upside down handle, and a different spout. First appearing at end of the original Aladdin film, and it's subsequent film adaptation, Return of Jafar, Jafar's lamp also appears in other Disney paraphernalia, including the Kingdom Hearts video game series, and the Once Upon a Time television series. It also appears in the villain tournaments, whenever Jafar holds the title of a genie, with his lamp at his current possessor's hands, until the lamp's destruction by any means, resulting in Jafar's demise.