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Jack Torrance is a writer and alcoholic turned psycho and the main antagonist of The Shining

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In Joker's Team

Having defeated Boddicker, Norman Stansfield was welcomed into the Joker's alliance of psychotic killers, which also included Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman.

In Bar

At a bar in the country, several people decided to take time off to relax and enjoy themselves. Jack Torrance was having a drink at the bar, and Bill the Butcher was playing poker with his henchmen, while the young psychopath, Alex DeLarge, took interest in one of O-Ren's top henchwomen, Gogo Yubari. Meanwhile, Bullseye was drinking and playing darts, hitting a bullseye every time. Suddenly, Storm Shadow entered the bar and confronted Bullseye, asking if he was the famous assassin he had heard so much about. Having heard of Bullseye's reputation, Storm Shadow sought to prove himself by defeating him. Interested, Bullseye threw several paperclips at Storm Shadow, only for the ninja to deflect them with his shurikens. The two then left the bar.

Sending Annie

Jack Torrance has been working on his next book for days, while his assistant and greatest fan Annie helps him by staying very close to him and encouraging him on. One day, Jack loses control and orders her to leave so he can get some peace.

Vs Michael Myers

On Batemane’s propriety, Patrick invites his friend Jack to come over for drinks and smokes. When Batemane wants a change of scenery, Jack decide to visit the locals. But he wasn’t prepared to come to face with the notorious slasher Michael Myers. He gets knocked out. Batemane finds him and manages to wake him up. He then tells him they have to take care of the situation 'the way they like it'.

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