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Menace in a Box

The Jack-in-the-Box is a cruel and conniving sentient toy that is a minor player in the first Disney Villains War. He first appeared in the "Steadfast Tin Soldier" segment of the Fantasia 2000 film, based on the popular Danish fairy tale.

Disney Villains War


Possessing a cruel and sadistic streak, the Jack-in-the-Box seeks power over the other toys that populate a small Danish toy store. His plans face a major threat, however, when the master criminal, Professor Ratigan, launches his own scheme to take over the shop as a stepping stone to his larger schemes. Taking up a sword, the Jack-in-the-Box tries to slash Ratigan from behind, but the Professor dodges at the last second. Infuriated at this attempt on his life, Ratigan engages the Jack-in-the-Box in battle, soon gaining the upper hand and knocking him into an open furnace, destroying the mad toy.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Pinocchio and Skippy

While Foulfellow and Gideon were trying to lure new prisoners towards the circus, the Coachman tasked Sarousch with re-capturing Pinocchio, determined to finish transforming him into a donkey. Sarousch used his magic to bring a Jack in the Box to life and enlarge it to human size, sending it after Pinocchio. At the same time, the young Nottingham rabbit Skippy and his friends had wandered away from the resistance headquarters to play. By chance, they ran into Pinocchio on the coastline at the same time that the Jack in the Box did. While Skippy was practicing with his bow and arrow, an arrow went off target and hit the Jack in the Box in the face while it was threatening Pinocchio. Angered, the living toy turned on Skippy, who confronted it to keep it away from his friends. The Jack in the Box drew a sword while Skippy brought out his toy wooden sword, with the Jack in the Box overpowering the young rabbit. However, as the Jack in the Box moved in for the kill, Skippy saw it drop its defenses and hit it in the nose, stunning it. Pinocchio and Jiminy took the chance to run but the Jack in the Box turned back to them and gave chase. As Pinocchio reached the edge of a cliff and tied his donkey tail around a rock, the Jack in the Box caught up and lunged at Jiminy, only for Jiminy to dodge and the toy to smash into a rock. While their enemy was dazed, Pinocchio and Jiminy jumped off the cliff into the water below.

Prepared for the show

Told by his men that more children were on the way, the Coachman prepared for his grandest show yet. Warned by Sarousch that there might be an escape attempt, he brought in all his allies to make sure everything went flawlessly.

Battle of the Circus

Jaq and Gus rallied some of the circus mice to counter this new threat, but the Jack in the Box stepped in, knocking the mice away with his fists.While Dumbo took out Honest John, Peter engaged the Jack in the Box, using his popgun to deflect the evil toy's thrown blocks. While the clowns crashed into a burning setpiece, the Jack in the Box switched targets and leapt at Lilo, sword at the ready. However, Stitch blocked the attack and hurled the Jack in the Box into the burning set, destroying him.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Manuel Lobato Humanes's Villains War

Vs Jenner

Having in the rats of NIMH, Jenner takes a mysterious toy, he threatens them all of his rule…Luckily Jack-in-the-Box fights Jenner with his sword. Jenner and The Jack-in-the-Box will fight. Who Jenner kills Jack-In-The-Box in the fire?

Villains War (Adrian C)

Vs Master Jack

A New Toy arrives and Master Jack decided to fight it.