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Inspector Javert is the primary antagonist of the Victor Hugo novel, Les Miserables. While not a villain per se, his righteous actions often have tragic ramifications even he cannot anticipate. A man of God through and through, Javert prides himself on curbing injustice everywhere. Javert is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament


In order to see the word of God come to pass, Javert joins Iscariot, a group of radical priests intent on keeping the world's sinners in line. There, Javert quickly develops a strong partnership with Van Pelt. After a young recruit enters the office of the Iscariot officer, Cortez, Javert enters the room, only to discover the young recruit slitting Cortez's throat. Horrified, Javert is left at the mercy of the recruit, soon revealed to be the Homunculus, Envy. Van Pelt arrives in time to save Javert, who rallies his troops in order to frighten Envy away. Later, at Cortez's funeral, Javert meets up with the Colonel. Seeing that the Colonel is bound to track down Envy himself, Javert advises him to not be swayed by anger and revenge; the two should pursue justice "by the book."

Defeat in Victory

Van Pelt disappears in his search for Envy. Determined to save his friend, Javert and the Colonel try to pick up his scent. They encounter a Homunculus they believe to be Wrath, a being that quickly takes the Colonel down. Javert has little time to react before Wrath impales him through the chest. All of a sudden, Wrath's son, Selim Bradley, enters the room, holding a skull that appears to cause Wrath pain. Javert watches in horror as Wrath chokes and seemingly kills his son. Inspired to put a stop to the monster, Javert extracts the blade from his chest and grabs the skull. As before, it seems to cause Wrath pain, stunning the monster long enough for the Colonel to set it on fire. Javert melts the skull, thinking it will kill Wrath. Javert and the Colonel turn to leave, only to be trapped by shadows emerging from Selim Bradley's corpse. It turns out Selim Bradley is actually Pride, another Homunculus, and that Wrath was Envy the entire time.

in the universe live action

Dimension Warped

Javert, the Colonel, and Van Pelt are all captured and brought before Dante, one of the masters of the Homunculi. She sacrifices a baby before them, teleporting them to the live-action universe. In this new realm, the Colonel faces down Prince Charming, another dimensional traveler. When the Colonel loses his fencing match, Javert comes to his aid, drawing a gun upon the sword-wielding charming. Javert and Van Pelt force Charming to tell them how he got to the live-action realm; after learning the prince's answer, Javert and his allies decide to keep Charming as a prisoner.