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Inspector Gadget is the eponymous protagonist of the Canadian/American franchise Inspector Gadget. An enchanced cyborg equipped with thousands of high-tech gadgets installed in his body, Gadget is capable of materializing any object at his command. Accompanied by his niece Penny and the dog Brain, Gadget became involved in the activities of the evil crime syndicate, leading to his encounters with the villainous Dr. Claw, whom he foiled his schemes on several occasions. While a comic-relief for most of the part in both the original series and the Disney film adaptations, Gadget can be competent and intimidated when needed, especially if his friends are threatened by Dr. Claw's minions.

In the film series, Inspector Gadget is a former human named John Brown who was turned into a cybernetic machine after a fatal encounter with Dr. Claw. Since then, he was spending his life trying to control and operate his new cybernetic body while at the same time stopping Dr. Claw and his nefarious schemes.

That said, Inspector Gadget's character from the film series appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as one of the prominent police officers of the live-action universe.

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