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Injurin' Joe is the main antagonist of the 2000 direct-to-video animated film Tom Sawyer. He is a big, grizzly bear who is the animal equivalent of Injun Joe. Although he is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and Hank Williams, Jr., he doesn't sing.

In the film, Injurin' Joe and his friend, Mutt Potter, uncover a chest of gold. Deputy Bean, who is visiting his wife's grave, discovers Joe and Mutt. As the boys watch from behind a tombstone, Joe kills Bean, frames Mutt and captures Rebel. Tom knows that Joe can track him down through Rebel, so he and Huck make a pact never to tell anyone what they have seen.

Later, Tom and Huck visit Mutt, who is on death row. They try to get him to remember Injurin' Joe murdering Bean, but Mutt doesn't remember. Joe meanwhile finds Tom and Huck, but they escape on a raft. Then later, Judge Thatcher sentences Mutt to be hanged, but Huck and Tom testify against Joe at the last minute. Joe goes after Tom and Huck, but fails, while Mutt is freed and the boys are hailed as heroes. However he is stil alive and appears in the climax, where he tries to kill both Tom and Becky. With Huck's help, Tom is able to subdue Joe and in the end, Joe was killed when he was hit by a boulder, while dealing with bats.

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