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Imhotep is the primary antagonist of The Mummy horror franchise. Though originally portrayed by veteran horror actor Boris Karloff, Imhotep has had a variety of incarnations. Imhotep is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

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Non Disney Villains Tournament

Back to Life

Before the events of the war, Imhotep perished and was sealed away. However, Tzekel Kan resurrects Imhotep, with the sacrifice of his acolyte, in hopes of striking against Rameses. Imhotep ignores his summoner, instead resurrecting some of his skeletal warriors to help him destroy the foe responsible for his death and sealing. When Khan tries to get him under control, Imhotep knocks him away with telekinesis. Khan, however, has some tricks of his own, stunning Imhotep with magic. Matters truly take a turn for the worst when Eris arrives and seizes the Book of Shadows, the spellbook used to summon Imhotep. Whoever controls the book controls Imhotep. Eris defeats Khan and takes command of her new mummy servant. Later, Imhotep is summoned by Rameses, Eris' actual master, announching that a new storm is coming, though Eris gets annoyed about Rameses' recent changes.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Before the events of the war, Imhotep perished, and was sealed away in a sarcophacus. In the present events, the High Priests, Hotep and Huy, perform the resurrection ritual, bringing the mummy back to life, on purporse to serve directly under Pharaoh Rameses. Imhotep is glad to return into the world of the living, casting his lot with Rameses.

Movies Villains War

Vs Jigsaw

In Egypt, the corrupt priest Imhotep plotted with his lover, Anck Su Namun, to assassinate the pharaoh and take over as rulers of Egypt. However, before their plans could come to fruition, the two found themselves attacked by a pair of men wearing pig masks. Despite Imhotep's attempts to defend himself, the two subdued him and killed Anck Su Namun, much to Imhotep's horror. The pair then revealed themselves as John Kramer, the famed Jigsaw killer, and his assistant, Gordon.

Back at Jigsaw's lair, the serial killer sought to 'play a game' and punish Imhotep for his conspiracy. Kramer had his men torture Imhotep by cutting out his tongue, before mummifying him and placing him in a trap: a sarcophagus filled with flesh-eating beetles. Jigsaw then buried Imhotep alive. Failing to escape the trap, Imhotep died an agonizing death.


Lord Blackwood, now alone after the death of Rasputin, decided to resurrect a new ally: the mummy Imhotep.

Vs Toth

Lord Blackwood explained to Imhotep (who now had a rotting, zombie-like appearance after his resurrection) that he only revived him to further his goal of spreading chaos. Unfortunately, Imhotep soon received a visit from an agent of the Nazis: Toth. The Gestapo enforcer was fascinated with the paranormal, and was hoping to use the mummy as a weapon for the Nazi faction. However, Imhotep had been imbued with magic powers as a result of his revival, and had no intention of serving the Nazis. Toth had his men fire on Imhotep, but the mummy shrugged off their shots. He then proceeded to unleash the plagues of Egypt on the Nazis, setting the room ablaze and killing all of Toth's henchmen, draining them of their essence. Imhotep then advanced on a terrified Toth, forcibly sucking his essence into himself. The process melted Toth's flesh, while simultaneously restoring Imhotep's human appearance.

His Happy Moment

Now having recovered his original appearance, Imhotep was reunited with his love, Anck Su Namun, who had also been revived, as well as her right-hand man, Lock Naa. However, the three were soon paid a visit by the fanatical priest of Khali, Mola Ram, who offered an alliance.

Imhotep in The Live-Action Universe