Icy Pterosaur (Snow Queen)
The Icy Pterosaur is an animated crystalline creature, created by the Snow Queen. It appears as one of the secondary villains in the 1998 film adaptation, "The Snow Queen's Revenge". The Icy Pterosaur plays a minor role in Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Sealed within a magic potion, by unknown means, the Icy Pterosaur is suddenly released by Princess Azula, hoping that it will turn against the Snow Queen. As it turns out, the Icy Pterosaur eye-blasts the Snow Queen, freezing her at once. The Icy Pterosaur then turns his intentions at Azula's father, Fire Lord Ozai, blasting him with his icy powers. The Pterosaur, however, is no match against the Fire Lord's flame powers, as he destroys it with a powerfull fire blast.

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