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Ichabod Crane is an American schoolteacher who joined up with Aladdin and Hercules' resistance movement in Disney Heroes vs Villains. Although he had survived an encounter with the terrible Headless Horseman, his lack of battle experience cost him dearly when he was overwhelmed and killed by Cauldron Born during an attack on Queen Grimhilde's castle.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Queen Grimhilde Forces

Traveling through a desolate mountain range shrouded in mist, Pooh and his friends saw Aladdin flying through the sky on the Flying Carpet. Curious, they followed him to the resistance's hidden lair where Aladdin and Hercules returned from scouting the area. However, Pooh wasn't the only one who had found the heroes. Shan Yu caught up to Ichabod Crane and tried to slash him with his sword, but Ichabod narrowly avoided the strikes and managed to escape on his horse.Hero and villain alike found themselves in the path of the avalanche and retreated, though Shan Yu and his Huns could not escape fast enough to avoid being buried. Though the heroes knew their hideout was lost, they took comfort in the fact that they had all survived the ambush and at least one of their enemies had seemingly been slain.


As the heroes came up the road, the Cauldron Born ambushed them, leaping out of a river and immediately butchering Ichabod Crane as the others watched in shock and horror.

Heroes Vs Villains War