The Ice Colossus is a frozen giant, who looks intentical to the real Ice Titan. However, it is just only a copy of the real Titan. He serves as a minor boss in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep", and a minor player in Animated vs. Video Game Villains tournament.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Summoning the Colossus

Hades creates a replica of the Ice Titan, called the Ice Colossus, as a weapon against Zeus in the CGI Universe. Just as they were ready to attack the king of the gods, Bowser appears, sent by Ganondorf, to kill the giant. The King of the Koopas blasts the Colossus, with his own weapons, causing the frozen giant to collapse, and later fading into nothigness. Hades then blames the reason of why did he summon a replica of the Titans, when he would have the real Ice Titan, fighting his rivals. He then retreats from the battlefield, with empty hands.

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