Invader ZIM of the IRKen Elite is a pint-sized warrior bent on global conquest. He was assigned his mission by his supreme masters, The Almighty Tallest, who only gave him the mission so they could simply get rid of him for Operation Impending Doom 2.

In "War of The Villains", ZIM was using his latest war machine to destory the earth piece by piece. Just then, A Martian named Marvin boarded ZIM's weapon, with ZIM demanding him to state his buisness, Marvin politely asked ZIM to seize his invasion, as he had plans to destory the earth since 1948. ZIM informed him that he had no time for negociation, and made it clear that no body takes his mission away from him. Angered, Marvin shot a laser at the key weaknesses of ZIM's Weapon (The Self-Destruct Button OF DOOM!!) and destoryed it as he retreated back to Mars.

It is unknown if ZIM will return, as creator JamesS92692 neither confirmed or denied ZIM's Death.

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