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I. M. Meen is the main antagonist of the I. M. Meen educational video game by MS-DOS. A nasty magician who hates "bookworms", and will trap any child he sees into a magic labyrinth sealed inside a book. I. M. Meen appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Ignatius Mortimer Meen was born into a rare remaining family of Magis in England, which supposedly had roots in Kyrandia. At a young age Meen attempted to get to Luna Nova Magical Academy, but couldn't because he was a boy. This kickstarted his hatred of "bookworms", and teamed up with an expelled witch named Ophelia Chill to steal some of the books from the school, ironically enough, which he used to learn dark magic. One of the books he used to craft a magic labyrinth, filled with monsters and beasts. Ophelia and Ignatius had to separate after Ophelia was being hunted by the witch community. In order to make his magic labyrinth more powerful, Meen forged friendships with few practicers of dark magic, and one scientist named Count Nefarious, who both had affinity for all things dark and gloom. Meen started working for Nefarious, trapping children in his magic labyrinth by hiding it in various libraries, and using the suffering of the children to power Nefarious's invention, the Malevolator.

Seeking A New Power

Some time after that, Malevolator was broken, and Meen had to be scouted to seek another powersource, he ultimately ended up finding Yokai Watch and the power of alien beings known as Spacers, as the new powersources for Malevolator. Nefarious in response sent his three minions and an evil clown named Spike to capture two boys associated with those items.