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The Hyenas are the secondary antagonists of the Disney's animated film, The Lion King, continuing also their role in the spin-off series, The Lion Guard. The personal minions of the evil lion, Scar, most of the Hyenas have not been distinguished, with the exception of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. They assist their boss in his battles, either against the villains or the heroes.

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The hyenas appear in the reboot series in a role different that their original portrayal.

When Clayton trespass a territory in the Pride Lands, Scar has his hyenas to kill him on sight. Though the hunter proves too much of a challenge, Scar manages to best Clayton and trap him in vines. When Clayton inadvertetly hangs himself, Scar has hyenas to eat his body. However, McLeach, who was on the search for Clayton's whereabouts, happens the hyenas mauling and devouring his body. The hyenas are forced to retreat after being threatened by McLeach's shotgun.

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Vs Ludo's Army

Toffee sends Ludo to the Pride lands into hunting Scar. Ludo and his army arrive Pride Rock and go there for killing Scar. Nuka wants to prove himself, so he leads an army of hyenas to Ludo. Both armies fight and the Hyenas begin to eat Ludo's army. Sad, Ludo announce them to retreat.