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The Huntsgirl is an anti-heroic character in the Disney animated series American Dragon: Jake Long. She has been included in the villains tournaments not so much for her villainy than her subservience to the Huntsman, a clearly villainous character. The Huntsgirl has appeared as a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Pre-War: Summoned in the Land of the Black Sands

Before the events of the first war, the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl are summoned in the Land of the Black Sands, by the sorcerer Destane (AKA the Archmage). The sorcerer demands from them to search for the Eye of Odin, an order he simplifies to them sometime before the events of the prequel war. Though not taking this kindly for summoning them at the first place in his fortress, the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl decide not to object to Destane's order, after they witness Mozenrath's punishment for his insolence against his master.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Facing the Formless Minions

The Huntsman, accompanied by the Huntsgirl, encounters the formless minions of the Skeleton King, who proceed to attack. The Huntsgirl, in an attempt to prove herself, takes her master's staff, trying to destroy the minions. The effort fails, with the minions simply repairing injuries. When one of the minions fires a blast at her, the Huntsgirl loses her grip on the staff, nearly losing the battle. Fortunately, the Huntsman recovers it, using it to destroy the minions.

Meeting with the Skeleton King

The Skeleton King invites both the Huntsman and Huntsgirl to a meeting where he offers them an alliance. The Huntsman, offended by the prospect of working with a magical creature, rebuffs the King's offer. The Skeleton King, enraged, fires a blast at the Huntsgirl, injuring her leg. The Huntsgirl witnesses her master and the Skeleton King battle for some time, but escapes once the Skeleton King triggers the self-destruct mechanism of his base.

The Alliance of China

The Huntsgirl joins her master in allying with Shan Yu and Yzma, making the alliance of China that much stronger.

The Battles of China

During the first battle of China, against Fire Lord Ozai, the Huntsgirl helps the Huntsman take down Ozai's fire ships. She sees more action in the second battle, against the forces of the Skeleton King and Shendu. She and her master encounter the Skeleton King and his minion, Mandarin. Though the Skeleton King disregards the Huntsgirl as an insect, only worth siccing Mandarin upon, the Huntsgirl soon surprises him. Though Mandarin insults her human reflexes, the Huntsgirl knocks him away and slices his arm off with a well-placed arrow. The simian then falls into a pit of lava. The Skeleton King responds, knocking the Huntsgirl out. While the Huntsman kills the Skeleton King for this, he too dies to Shendu.

A New Huntsman

Mozenrath destroys Shendu and secures China for Shan Yu, the newly crowned ruler of the world. Though the Huntsgirl is next in line to rule the Huntsclan after the death of the Huntsman, a usurper emerges. Sa'Luk, a member of the alliance of China, takes on the role of Huntsman, much to the Huntsgirl's fear and chagrin.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Huntsgirl, as she appears in the 2nd season of "American Dragon: Jake Long"

 Disney Villains War 2

Vs Backson

In France, Judge Claude Frollo called upon the legendary Huntsman, leader of a secret society devoted to exterminating magical creatures. After a year of unopposed rule, Frollo's empire had come under attack by a strange and dangerous beast known as the Backson. Hearing of the Huntsman's experience in killing troublesome monsters, Frollo hired him to dispose of the Backson. Along with his apprentice the Huntsgirl, the Huntsman tracked down the Backson in the French countryside, but the pair found the creature was a formidable foe with its bizarre and unpredictable powers. Ultimately, using his power staff, the Huntsman cast the Backson from a cliff, to the anger of Hades, who had sent the beast to destroy Frollo's power base.

In Frollo's group

In the animated universe, Frollo assembled a group of hunters and mercenaries to defend his empire against Hades' monsters. The team consisted of the Inuit hunters Denahi and Atka, the Huntsman and Huntsgirl, and Lt. Colonel Staquait, an officer in Frollo's Foreign Legion.

France assault

Deciding the time had come to destroy Frollo once and for all, Hades assembled Echidna's most fearsome children for an attack on Paris: a gigantic boar, the four-armed ape-like Gegenius, a savage wolf, and another Backson. As Frollo was addressing his men, the monsters attacked. The Huntsman immediately struck down the charging boar, only for the other three beasts to storm the city. The Huntsman knocked Gegenius off his feet, allowing Denahi to impale the giant with a spear. As the Backson made to attack the Huntsgirl, she swept its legs out from under it, knocking the fiend into a pit. The wolf assaulted Staquait and his Foreign Legionnaires, killing many of them, but as it moved in to finish off Staquait himself, he threw his saber through the wolf's head, slaying it. Livid, Hades was forced to retreat, taking his anger out on Pain and Panic.

Vs Mozenrath and Lady Tremaine

Back in England, with Frollo having disappeared, the Hunstman followed Phobos' directions to the resting place of the Huntsclan ancestors, having found and recruited El Capitan to his side. However, as the Huntsman began the ritual to revive the ancestors, Mozenrath and Lady Tremaine arrived on the scene, alerted to his presence by the Horned King. Seeking to remove this last obstacle to the King's power, they arrived too late to prevent the Huntsclan ancestors from being awoken. Mozenrath summoned a group of Mamluke demons to attack, but the Huntsclan used their magic to destroy them instead. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, Mozenrath and Tremaine attacked the Huntsclan, turning them back into inert corpses. Mozenrath even shot the Huntsgirl in the leg, but his wild shots began to bring down the tomb. El Capitan fled, and seeing the battle was lost and the ancestors fallen, the Huntsman took the Huntsgirl and teleported away, leaving Mozenrath and Tremaine to stew in anger.

Disney Villains War 3 

Vs Frost

At Phobos's old fortress, the Huntsman sought an artifact that would grant him the power to make a wish. But Phobos had left some security behind, Frost. Frost mounted his war rhinoceros and charged at the Huntsman and knocked him down with his whip. As Frost threatened to crush the Huntsman into slime, Huntsclan members 88 and 89 trembled in fear as the Huntsman ordered them to seize Frost. As Frost came around for another pass, Rose ordered 88 and 89 to attack and one one of them managed to fire a blast from his staff that knocked the whip out of Frost's hands. As frost moved towards the hapless 88 and 89, Rose jumped in to assist them. But the Huntsman then stated that the skull would be his and launched a powerful blast of magic that knocked Frost away in a large twister. The Huntsman and Rose then claimed the crystal skull but as they celebrated their victory, Frost managed to escape, much to the Huntsman's fury.

Vs Bill Chiper and Gideon

Having been sent by Shan Yu, the Huntsclan had found another skull for the taking. But this one was in the hands of a low con artist Gideon. At first this looked like an easy steal, until Gideon revealed his friend on the other side Bill Cipher. As the Huntsman prepared to fire a blast, Bill altered the room, throwing everyone off. Gideon then used his own telekinetic powers to throw Huntsclan members around the room. As two other members attempted to attack, Bill levitated their staffs away and destroyed them. When they ran in fear, Rose leaped in to attack and actually damaged Bill with one of her blasts. As the Huntsman took advantage of this moment and was about to strike Gideon down, Bill teleported himself and Gideon away. The Huntsclan then successfully claimed the skull.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

 Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Bowser

The Queen of Hearts mad that John doesn't know who is more useful to get the crystals, calls the Huntsman for this task. Back at Bowser's Castle, the king knows what the Queen and Prince are up to with those crystals and decides to ruin his plans. The other day the Huntsman has finally the crystal in his possession but Bowser will not allow to the Queen to get those crystals and this time has brought Wendy to give him a hand.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Vs Wolfrun

In order to revive Master Pierrot, Wolfrun goes to collect more Bad energy, but is soon attacked by the Huntsman not wanting to lose more energy Wolfrun summons Akanbe to destroy him, but what Wolfrun doesn't know is that the Huntsman fought worst creatures...

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War 

Vs Lord Raptor

Beginning his purge against monsters, Frollo sends out The Huntsman to kill Lord Raptor , a monster who's been terrorizing the area as of late. But when Lord Raptor finds the Huntsclan first, will they be able to take him out?

Vs Demitri

With great power at his fingertips, Demitri informs his factin that they will attack Paris so he can get vengeance, and proceeds to tell them when the vampire's reign of terror was put to an end by a young hunter...

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Toffee

Meanwhile, the Septarian mastermind, Toffee, heard that the leader of the magical-creature hunting Huntsclan, the Huntsman, was planning on making him his next target. Resolving to strike first, Toffee met with his ally, Ludo, and tasked him with eliminating the Huntsman before he could come after him. Ludo agreed, and took his monster army in pursuit of their enemy. However, they were spotted by the Huntsman and his apprentice, the Huntsgirl. Ludo ordered his monsters to attack, but they proved to be no match for the combined skills of the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl, and were quickly defeated, forcing Ludo to retreat.Back at Ludo’s castle, Toffee quickly learned of Ludo's failure, as he was confronted by the Huntsman and Huntsgirl, who had followed Ludo back to Toffee. The Huntsgirl attacked first, punching straight through Toffee’s chest. However, much to her surprise, the lizard managed to quickly heal the wound. Shocked, the Huntsman used his staff to slice off Toffee's arm, which he also regenerated. The Huntsgirl then attacked again, but Toffee easily held off her attacks. As the Huntsman attempted one last attack, Toffee chose to show him just how strong he really was, slapping the Huntsman aside hard enough to send him flying through a wall. Seeing her master defeated, the Huntsgirl reluctantly abandoned her quarry and followed after him, as Toffee coldly taunted her.

Vs Duke Ighthorn

At No Heart’s urging, Duke Igthorn begins advancing into Skeletor’s territory. With his forces preoccupied in planning a major offensive, Skeletor decides to hire the Huntsman to deal with the duke. When Igthorn and his army launch an assault on one of Skeletor’s fortresses, the Huntsman is there with the full forces of the Huntsclan to repel the invaders.

Joining Skeletor

As Skeletor and his allies welcome the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl into their alliance, they are approached by Mumm-Ra, who offers them the use of his armies. With their ranks bolstered, Skeletor and his allies prepare for their first major strike.

Vs Baron Dark

Beginning his campaign, Skeletor decides to take out a warlord named Baron Dark, who has gathered a vast army of skeleton warriors. While Megatron, the Huntsman, and Mumm-Ra lead an assault against the baron's soldiers, Skeletor confronts Dark personally, leading to a duel.

Vs The Quarrymen

Skeletor summons the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl and sends them to eliminate a new threat to his power. Their target? A terrorist organization known as the Quarrymen, and their leader, Jon Castaway, who has publicly defied Skeletor’s authority and sworn to bring him down. Accompanied by the newest member of the faction, the mysterious masked hunter, the forces of the Huntsclan launch an attack during one of Castaway’s rallies. Which group will come out on top, and will the hunter, of all people, be able to turn the tide of battle?

Prepared for the final battle

At New Snake Mountain, Skeletor holds a meeting of his own faction, planning to strike against Shredder before he can conquer the world. With the new power he has gained and the information Evil Lyn has given him, Skeletor and his allies prepare for a surprise attack on Shredder’s HQ in New York.

Final Battle

However, at that moment, Skeletor and his forces arrive, launching a surprise attack on the city. Seeing the oncoming forces, Shredder mobilizes his army for a defense, as Slade, Demona, and the others lead the robotic soldiers into battle.Huntsman and Huntsgirl fight Demona.Demona hurted Huntsgirl pretty badly and he almost defeated Demona,until Slade arrive and help Demona to defeat Huntsman.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

In Narissa's faction

Meanwhile, Narissa is pleased of Hook's success of defeating Gary Oak and the Witches of Morva bring in three new members into her alliance: Mozenrath, the Huntsman, and the Huntsgirl.

Vs Charizard

Hoping to prove themselves as impressive faction members of Narissa's alliance, the Huntsman and Huntsgirl set off to England to take out the Fire Pokemon known as Charizard. Charizard has many fire breaths, but the Huntsman and Huntsgirl turn out to be a strong match.

Vs Pikachu

Noticing that there's another dangerous magical creature on the loose, the Huntsman sets off with the Huntsgirl to track him down. And when they find the magical creature which is actually Pikachu, a giant fight begins. But Pikachu has lots of electricity up his sleeve, but just before the tunnel collapses.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs Goliath

A duo of hunters from the Huntsclan, the Huntsman and his protege Huntsgirl, arrived in New York City, traveling to wealthy businessman David Xanatos' skyscraper headquarters on the trail of a clan of gargoyles they had heard rumours about. As night fell, the two hunters watched as the gargoyles emerged from their stone slumber. Goliath, the leader of the gargoyles, wasn't about to take their invasion lying down, however. As the gargoyles and the hunters charged each other, the Huntsman knocked Goliath back with his staff. The Huntsgirl slashed at Broadway, but he managed to dodge. The Huntsman fired a blast at the gargoyles which scattered them but Lexington, flew back around and knocked the staff out of the Huntsgirl's hands. The Huntsman quickly caught it and zapped Hudson with an electrical blast when he tried charging him. Goliath then attacked the Huntsman and as the two fought, the Huntsman knocked Goliath off the building with a swipe of his staff, though Goliath managed to cling to the edge of the building. The Huntsgirl knocked Brooklyn amongst the other gargoyles as the Huntsman trapped them in an electrified net. As Goliath climbed back up to rejoin the fight, the hunters teleported away with the gargoyles, leaving Goliath to scream in rage.

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs Ninja Turtles

Close by, in the sewers underneath New York, the rat sensei Master Splinter was training his adoptive sons, the Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello), in martial arts in order to defend the citizens of the city. Suddenly, the group was attacked by Huntsclan warriors, led by the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl, who had been sent by an unknown client to kill the Turtles on his behalf. As the Turtles prepared for battle, the Huntsclan warriors made their move. However, they were dispatched by the Turtles, leaving the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl to deal with them personally. At the Huntsgirl's request, she took her master’s Huntstaff and stepped forward to stop them. Though she managed to fight through their ranks, she was beaten by Leonardo's surprise attack. The Huntsman then reclaimed the staff and charged Splinter, intending to kill the old sensei. However, Splinter proved a more competent and dangerous foe than the Huntsman was expecting. In the wake of the Huntsman's attacks, the sewers began to crumble. As the Turtles rushed to their master's side, they delivered a coordinated kick to the Huntsman, knocking him out of their home. However, the ceiling then collapsed, apparently burying Splinter in rubble. The Turtles ran off to check on him as the Huntsgirl made her escape.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Shan Yu

Shan Yu attack the dojo of Huntsman.The leader of Huntsclan and his assistant attack the army of the hun. Huntsman and Huntsgirl almost killed Shan Yu, but a mysterious player saved him.

Joining Skeletor

Huntsman and Huntsgirl asks Skeletor if he let them join his faction. Skeletor and his faction agreed to welcome them in their faction.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

All-Star Villains Tournament

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two