Hopper is the leader of a barbaric, notorious group of (what else?) grasshoppers. He relies on the services of Ant Island for his food, who Hopper considers to be "Mindless, Soil-Shoving Losers". He also happens to be "War of the Villains" creator JamesS92692's Favorite Disney Villain, as well as "Disney Vs. Non-Disney Villains" co-creator and commentator, 73windman's, favorite CGI villain.

In the "Disney Vs. Non-Disney Tournament", an irritated Hopper found out of the new services of Ant Island, General Mandible, who refused to continue to let Hopper rule over them and decline their offering of food. Hopper retreated, swearing vengance on Mandible at a later date.

When Hopper came back to Ant Island, he increased his Grasshopper Army, who quickly did away with Mandible's Troops, and Hopper managed to crush the fire ant with a leaf of food.

In "War of The Villains", Hopper boarded the Space Scow to fight PsyCrow, a hater of bugs, insects and especially worms. Hopper informed PsyCrow his grasshopper army outnumbers PsyCrow 100 Billion to 1, causing a frantically-scared PsyCrow to retreat.

Finally satisfyed, Hopper relaxed knowing he had dealt with PsyCrow and put an end to his bug-hating ways. However, Hopper's annoying younger sibling, Molt, informed Hopper of the fact PsyCrow hired a mercinary (Dr. Facilier) to kill him. Knowing he was in need of some assistance, Hopper enlisted the help of Armageddroid, who gladly accepted his offer of an alliance. Hopper then flew to Facilier to battle him, and with the snap of Hopper's fingers, Armageddroid appeared. However, Facilier's Friends on the Other Side possessed the inside of Armageddroid, causing him to destory himself and self-destruct. Hopper tried to run away after Armageddroid was destoryed, but only ended up to be squished by Facilier.

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