Hobson is Lady Waltham's valet and assisant, usually accompaning the noble in her journey to avenge her brother's, Clayton, death, from the person who killed him. He is a minor character in the television series, The Legend of Tarzan, and plays a minor role in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

A Cruel Monster

When Lady Waltham was informed about her brother's death at the hands of Tzekel Kan, she joins forces with Hades to defeat the shaman sorcerer. When the time has come, the forces of Eris strike in the Underworld. Waltham finds Tzekel Kan amongst the members of Eris. Hobson then informs about the strange actions of Tzekel Kan, only for Waltham to say in response, that the person who would kill her brother, in this case for Tzekel Kan, is considered to be, in her opinion, a savage and cruel man. Hobson then corrects himself about the personalily of the sorcerer, he is talking about. Yet, Tzekel Kan has an ace upon his sleeves, as he calls some of his own soldiers to deal with his rivals. Waltham and Hobson look in fear at the brute force of Kan. However, Waltham takes it easily and orders some of Hades' allies, Echidna and Ladon to take care of Kan's soldiers, as Waltham would deal with Tzekel Kan personally. This is the only pic of Hobson thus far in the war.

Disney Villains War

Hobson accompanies Waltham in her quest to avenge Clayton's death, this time by Shere Khan. He is only seen in the beginning of the fight, when Waltham discovers Shere Khan's hideout and challenges the tiger personally.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Hobson makes a cameo appearance, when Waltham, joining the Redemption Squad, invades AIM's territorries. Waltham hangs on her henchman, Hobson, after one of the members of the Redemtion Squad fires at the soldiers of AIM, which they supposedly explode.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

Hobson is featured briefly in the third war, assisting Waltham in her fight, against the Dark Avengers. Since the discontinuity of the series, Hobson's fate remains unknown to date.

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