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The Hobgoblin is a major enemy of the Marvel superhero, Spiderman. A master manipulator and mystery foe of the famed webslinger, the Hobgobin is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Monster Hunter

The Hobgoblin enters into Kingpin's employ after the defeat of Shocker. Seeing that Kingpin's latest capture, Queen Narissa, needs security, the Hobgoblin seeks to replace Shocker as Kingpin's top assassin. When Narissa's attendant, Nathaniel, lets loose a troll into New York City, the Hobgoblin seizes his chance. Blaster in hand, he fells the troll with one shot. However, Nathaniel also lets loose a deadly Hydra onto the battlefield. The Hobgoblin takes out one of the monster's heads with a pumpkin bomb, but the monster regrows the heads. The Hobgoblin changes his strategy, blowing up large portions of a cliff face; the resulting avalanche buries and kills the Hydra. Nathaniel emerges from the shadows, bemoaning his defeat. The Hobgoblin launches several missiles at his foe, killing the hapless attendant.

Becoming a Crime Lord

Kingpin does not trust the Hobgoblin, so he fires him. The Hobgoblin does not take the firing well, blowing up large portions of Kingpin's office and forcing the crime lord to flee. The Hobgoblin then takes the Kingpin's forces right from under him, becoming New York's most powerful crime boss.


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