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Him is a demon, often considered the most powerful villain in the universe of The Powerpuff Girls. He is a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War, but he is a major player in the Disney vs Anime Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Against Negaduck

Him, disguised as a doll, ambushes Negaduck, hoping to kill the mallard where the Gangreen Gang had failed. Summarily, he transforms into a bizarre lobster-like creature, replete with heads for hands. Though Negaduck seems frightened by the monster, he actually builds up his rage. Though Him tries to strike Negaduck with his head-arms, Negaduck slices them to ribbons with his chainsaw. Him gets the upper hand, however, by smacking his tail into the ground, causing a minor earthquake. As Him revels in his "victory," Negaduck pulls out twin lasers; the blast from these guns effectively de-powers Him. As Him pleads for mercy, Negaduck opens a portal to the netherworld. Him is last seen screaming while falling to his doom.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Triumvirate of Terror

Him is a member of Nox's Triumvirate of Terror, through which he intends to execute his master plan of turning back the flow of time. Along with his allies, Nergal and Discord, he decides to eliminate the leader of the animated Legion of Darkness, Myotismon. Him arrives late to the game, waiting for his allies to tire Myotismon out. He then unleashes a magical beam, which, when combined with one from Discord, launches Myotismon clean through a building. To Him's shock, Myotismon survives. Knowing that killing Myotismon would be a tremendous waste of energy, Him flees down a sewer drain.

Causing Trouble

The Triumvirate heads after Red, the hellcat. Once Discord manages to hypnotize the demon, Him teleports the group to a city, wherein Red is unleashed in order to spread wanton violence. He helps Red torture a farmer, Eustace Bagge, while there.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Hades

The Fates show to Hades a powerful demon named Him that could help him destroy Zeus. Hades decides to release Him from his imprisonment without wasting time, but when Him gets out, he has plans of his own.

New allies

Back in the Underworld Him revives and old magician from the death. In Townsville Mojo Jojo is talking with and old friend, hearing about his plan. Mojo form an alliance and agrees to help with the plan.

Heard of Chernabog

Back at the Underworld Him Black Spores show to Him they're defeats and about a powerful Demon enough to defeat him, Him angry wants this Demon out of the way, once and for all.


Back at Mojo's lair the Beat-Alls are finally reunited and the one who planned the reunion is none other than Him, the time has come to give new powers to his comrades with new power, the Devil's plan begins.

Vs Chernabog

Him day has come to confront Chernabog and absorb his power. Cherny's power at night are strong enough to defeat Him, but the devil use's the Power Puff weapons of light to destroy the so called Satan once and for all, the fight seems a tie but someone appears and start to shake things up...

Trapping Zeus

In Mount Olympus Him traps the God's and especially Hades brother: Zeus. Bored at only having the Underworld Him takes Mount Olympus as his new base of operations.


Him decides to bring destruction and carnage to the world once again, by trying to bring back his name to the world. His first target... Japan.

Mojo's treason

Mojo returns to his lair and starts his plan of World Domination with the Boogieman and Drakken (who somehow survived) and to destroy Him for good. But Him's black dust might have overheard all of the conversation.Him knows what Mojo is up to and decides to pay him a little visit. In Townsville Mojo has decided to conquer it first and then the world, but now that Him knows what he possess the demon will not allow Mojo to live any longer. As Him was about to give the final blow his old foe of many years has decided to get his revenge along with his apprentice.

Having enough

Him had enough about his "comrades" and decides to steal his Dark Aura and restore his full power to unleash a volcanic chain reaction to destroy the world.Mercurymon sent, Nerissa and Hex to attack Agrabah. Knowing that Jafar was the only one who knew where was his hideout decided to destroy his kingdom. But the vile snake will not allow such a move an goes to stop this invasion, but now Him has decided to join this fight to add some chaos by releasing Chaos.

A rematch

Him finally starts his plans of destroying the world, by a volcano chain reaction. Hades decides to put an end to the devils plans and frees the Titans to eliminate this devilish jester. Him's powers are too strong for the Titans, but Hades has the one thing that can beat the demon for good.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Aku

Meanwhile, continuing his quest for power, Aku decided to take the throne of Hell, which meant overthrowing its current occupant, an androgynous demon known only as Him. Aku went to confront Him, who immediately sent his spider minions to deal with his challenger. Though Aku made quick work of Him’s minions, Him himself proved a more challenging foe, managing to damage Aku with his acid breath. Him then transformed into a giant lobster-like creature with extra heads for arms. Undeterred, Aku transformed into a gorilla, beating Him into submission and depowering him. As Him pleaded for mercy, Aku tossed him into a bottomless void, and took control of Hell.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Brock and Paul

Escaping the clutches of Cobra Commander and Dr. Drakken, Brock and Paul join forces together. But after they escape, they come across a nasty red being known as Him who challenges them to a duel. But Brock and Paul has aces up their sleeves.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Hades

After seeing the events of the war between villains, Him asks his little duck whether to join the fight or not and who to ally with. Eventually Him decides to go to the underworld to lend a hand to Hades.

Teaming with Jafar

After defeating Rameses, Jafar becomes the undisputed ruler of the entire Middle East. The sorcerer receives a visit from Him, who proposes to Jafar if he wants to come with him to help Hades in his fight against Nash. Jafar accepts the proposal and the two leave for the Underworld.

Vs Nash Forces

Hades, Eris and Vector decide to launch the decisive attack on Nash who, already allied with Ursula and Joè the fish, decides to teach Hades and his group a lesson for taking Dumon and Marine away. Who will win?Hades and his alliance were shocked by their defeat by Nash's group. Just then, Him and Jafar arrive, who have come to help them and apologize for not being able to do it before. Him also proposes that if he helps Hades, Eris and Vector he will get a place on Olympus in return. Hades accepts the demon's proposal and the whole alliance is ready to study a counterattack.

Vs Quinton

Maleficent goes to the Underworld to hope that someone in the Hades alliance is willing to help her eliminate Vetrix's eldest son, Five. Hades and Him volunteer and leave immediately together. Quinton angry at Frollo's refusal, will have to contend with the help of Number 9 Sphere Dyson to face the two gods.

Freeing Titans

Maleficent and King Koopa (Bowser) thank Hades and Him for taking out Quinton and provoking Vetrix even more. Now King Koopa suggests to the two deities that they release the Titans from underwater prison to defeat Nash and his alliance once and for all. The two deities return to the Underworld to inform the other members of their alliance. The alliance of Hades finally reaches the place where the Titans were imprisoned. Thanks to the powers of Him and Hades the terrible giants are freed and vow to destroy Nash and his army once and for all.

Vs Nash's army

As Hades and Eris along with the titans make their way to the top of Mount Olympus, He, Jafar and Vector will take care of the rest of Nash's army consisting of Morgana, Joe the fish, Mizar, Girag and Alito. Will he and his covenant be able to get them out of the way?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Vs Vector

Hades and his alliance have ruled Mount Olympus for 2 months. However, Vector informs that he now possesses the powers of the other Barian emperors and therefore intends to oust Hades, Eris and Him to rule Mount Olympus alone. Will Hades, Eris and Him be able to stop him?

New allies

Back in the Underworld, Hades and Him are still shocked by Vector's betrayal and want to make her pay once and for all. Just then, the twin gods of death and sleep appear, Thanatos and Hypnos, who learned of what happened on Mount Olympus. After explaining Vector's original plan to take command over Olympus using the powers of the 7 fallen Barian emperors, Hypnos and Thanatos intend to directly help Hades and Him (because the twin gods have only secretly observed the exploits of Hades and of his allies during the war against Nash considering their intervention unnecessary) to take back Olympus and free Eris.

Vs Radamanthys

Him informs Hades, Pain, Panic, Thanatos and Hypnos that a new ally of Vector is about to attack their alliance. Him decides to volunteer to fight Radamanthys (Vector's new ally). Hades and his companions accept his decision.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Jafar

After killing the sultan, Jafar propose an alliance for Abis Mal, but he denied because Him asked him first. Him and Jafar decide to fight for deciding which Abis Mal will join.

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Devil

Two demonic entities named Him and the Devil battle for the dominion over Hell. Who will be the new ruler of the place?

Vs Cala Maria

While going to Babidi's spaceship, Him and Envy are attacked by Cala Maria, who decided to stop them under the Devil's orders. Are two heads better than one?

Villains Battles

Joining Maleficent

After Chernabog's death, Hades, Maleficent, Radamanthys and Dr. Eggman envoke 2 new allies in order to take out the Horned King and Omega Shenron, the remaining allies of Chernabog.

Vs Horned King Forces

While scheming their final move against Hades and Maleficent, the Horned King and his allies receive a surprise visit from Corset and the Devil who want to help them. They, however, get attacked by Him, Dr. Eggman and Eris. During the battle, somebody comes to help one of the teams fighting...

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Freeing Jason

Him has survived the attack of Hades, he summons his old bodyguard, Jason to find more allies.

Non Disney Villains War

Vs Thanatos and Hypnos

A dark entity known as Him decided to recruit Thanatos and Hypnos in order to have the control of darkness. The gods, however, want him to stay out from their way. Have they underestimated Him?


Apollo is happy about Thanos retrieved the lamp from Thanatos and Hypnos. Now they freed Him from his imprisonment, the god of the sun welcomes the devil in his alliance.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War