Hexxus tree
Hexxus' Tree (also known as The Black Tree) is a peculiar tree, located on a barren land, outside of FernGully rainforest, where the spirit of destruction, Hexxus, is sealed within it, as a a form of captivity, to prevent his infuence from spreading over the rainforest. At times, it is destroyed, either by the machinery of human works, or by the works of the villain forces.

Particularly, in Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War, the trickster Puck used his powers to conjure a tree, that attach Hexxus' lifeforce, sealing him within it, only to be destroyed by Hades, on the early events of the war. It is then re-created by the god of the Underworld, to re-seal the spirit, once again in his prison. In the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War, the tree is destroyed by the work of the Fire Demon, leaving an opening for Hexxus to advance. In Heroes vs. Villains War, the tree reprises it's role to that of the original film, but with extra continuities, as it is destroyed by the Animal Cruelty Squad's members, led by Cruella De Ville, giving the chance for Hexxus to become involved in the warfare.

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