A Spin-off Tournament from CKprimeval07

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:

Round 8:

Round 9:

  • Escape from the Queen's Castle (Featuring: Queen Grimhilde, Captain Hook, Ariel, Freddie, Nessus, Tzekel Kan, El Supremon, Messina, Tiana, Ursula, Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used in the minor fight, between Freddie and Ursula), Daffers, Scotty, Naveen, Ogthar, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Morgana, Lord Maliss, Louis, Ray, and Sinbad's Crew)  
  • Prison Break (Featuring: Aladdin, Abu, Esmeralda, Goofy, Clopin, Odette, Chel, Mickey Mouse, Puffin, Moses, Tzipporah, Donald Duck, Frollo, Rameses, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Speed, Hubie, the Camel (The Prince of Egypt), French Civilians, Miguel, Tulio, Pete, Sa'Luk, the Forty Thieves, the Beagle Boys, Pete's Weasels, Rocko, Street Thugs (The Road to El Dorado), Cortez's Warriors (cameo appearance), Gurgi, Stanley, Gaston, Tack, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Quasimodo, Pinocchio (D), Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Stretch, Omar, Abis Mal's Thugs, Abis Mal, the Thief, and the Flying Carpet)
  • Interule (1): (Featuring: Odette, Quasimodo, Speedy, Puffin, Chel, Miguel, Tulio, Pinocchio (D), Esmeralda, Tack, Jiminy Cricket, Stanley, the Seven Dwarfs, Gurgi, Snow White (Happily Ever After), the Seven Dwarfelles, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Koda, Kenai, Bambi, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Big Wig, Dandelion, Fiver, Silver, Pipkin, Blackberry, Captain Holly, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Shere Khan, Drake, General Woundwort, Claudandus, Timon, Pumbaa, Zira, Zira's Lions, Kaa, Ozzy, Niju, Ichy, Dil, Rinkus, Sierra, Pterano, Strut, Vervain, Nuk, Yak, Sumak, Niju's Wolves, Simba (shown in flashback), Littlefoot (shown in flashback), Littlefoot's Friends (shown in flashback), Cera (shown in flashback), Spike (The Land Before Time) (shown in flashback), Petrie (shown in flashback), Ducky (shown in flashback), Tarzan (shown in flashback), Freddie (shown in flashback), the Hyenas, Woundwort's Rabbits, Archive Footage of Mendel's Experiments (used in Scar's musical song: Be Prepared))
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: the Drej Queen, Emperor Zurg, Zygon, Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z, Tyler, Stitch, the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Lilo Pelekai, Dr. Jumba, Pleakley, Marcus Octavius, Marcus' Alliance, Lyle Tiberious Rourke, Lt. Helga Sinclair, Shan-Yu, Hayabusa the Falcon, Kent Mansley, the 99 Puppies, Imprisoned Dogs (Plague Dogs), Pound Dogs, (Lady and the Tramp), Edgar, Aunt Pristine Figg, Aunt Sarah, Mr. Lickboot, Si, and Am)
  • The Royal Council vs. the Horned King's forces (Featuring: King Stephan, King Hubert, the King of France, Queen Uberta, Lord Rogers, the Emperor of China, Nemo, Princess Irene, the Sultan of Agrabah, King Nod, Queen Leah, the Horned King, the Horned King's Barbarian Guards, Dr. Facilier, Rothbart, the Grand Duke (D), the King's Guards, Clavious, Zelda, King Morpheus (Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland), Princess Camille, Icarus, Shadow Demons, Facilier's Shadow, Professor Genius, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Ruber, Nekron, Prince Froglip, Froglip's Goblins, Prince John, Teegra, King Papa, Prince John's Army, Rhino Guards, Prince Phillip, Archive Footage of Maleficent's Goons (used in the minor fight between Prince Phillip and Froglip's Goblins), Madam Mim, King Jarol, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Taro, Yzma, Queen Gnorga, Blackwolf, Kashekim Nedakh, Blackwolf's Army, Blackwolf's Mutants, Archive Footahe of the Elite Hun Soldiers (used in the Emperor's capture scene by Blackwolf's Mutants), Chi-Fu, King Haggard, King Arthur (Quest for Camelot), the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, Flamingo Poles, Saruman, and Turnip)
  • Littlefoot & friends vs. McLeach (Also Featuring: Cera, Spike (The Land Before Time), Petrie, Ducky, and Joanna, Archive Footage of the Lost Boys' capture (used for the capture scene of Littlefoot and his friends)
  • The Forces of Francis vs. A.C.S. Sector (Featuring: Edgar, Thomas O'Malley, Sykes, Cruella DeVille, Duchess, Duchess' kittens (Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz), Francis (Felidae), Jasper Badun, Madam Medusa, Pongo, Perdita, Aunt Pristine Figg, Ferdinard, Tramp, Lady Dodger, Rita, Itchy, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Sawyer, Horace Badun, Snitter, Rowf, Oliver, Jerry, Si, Am, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Bluebeard, Archive Footage of the Hermann Brothers' electrecution (used in the death scene of Si and Am), Mr. Lickboot, Roscoe, Desoto, Francis (Oliver and Company), Tito, Einstein, Tom, Brutus, Nero, Mr. Snoops, the Alley Cats, Hit Cat, Peppo, Dr. Greed, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, the Manager, Platini, Unknown Corporate Manager, Scat Cat, and Shun Gon)
  • The R.L.S. Legacy vs. the Drej (Featuring: the Drej, Dr. Doppler, XR, Booster, Jim Hawkins, Morph, the Drej Soldiers, Mushu, Mulan, Captain Amelia, Osmosis Jones, Cale Tucker, Hornets, Regular-Hornets, Gune, Dagg Dibrimi, Akima Kunimoto, Drix, Dagg's Droids, Stith, Orin, Buzz Lightyear, the Drej Air Fleet, Mira Nova, Silica, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin), the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Stitch, and Lilo Pelekai)
  • Julie, Colin MacLeod, and Dahlia vs. Rourke and Shan-Yu (Also Featuring: Rourke's Mercenaries, Hayabusa the Falcon, Lt. Helga Sinclair, and Germaine)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Commander Rourke, Dahlia, Colin MacLeod, Germaine, Julie, Princess Irene, Turnip, Princess Camille, Darkwolf, Darkwolf's Horse, Curdie, Derek, Nemo, Icarus, Professor Genius, Teegra, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Figg, Si, Am, Dr. Greed, the Manager, Unknown Corporate Manager, Peace, Avatar, Avatar's Mounts, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Little John, Frodo Baggins, Maid Marian, Arthur (D), Archimedes (D), Lady Kluck, Weehawk, Frollo's Soldiers, Frollo, Tyler, Tyler's Scientists, Archive Footage of Moses' Ring (used for the plotline of the One-Ring to the Animated Universe), Taran, Archive Footage of the One-Ring (used for Taran))

Round 10:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Dr. Doppler, Captain Amelia, Mr. Arrow, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Jerry, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Orville, Tom, Bernard, Bianca, Jaq, Gus, Fievel Mousekewitz, Mrs. Brisby, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Tiger, Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), Oliver, Cody, Scat Cat, Francis (Felidae), Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Dweeb, Woog, Elsa, Rex, Hit Cat, Peppo, Billy Boss, Bluebeard, Jaune-Tom, Colonel (D), Sergeant Tibbs, Robespierre, Queen Grimhilde, Ogthar, Captain Hook, Tzekel Kan, El Supremo, Messina, Rhoga, Thudd, Lord Maliss, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army (cameo appearance), Scowl, Batso, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Napoleon's Dogs, Squealer, Wilbur, Spirit, Cat R. Waul, Animal Farm's Animals, Animal Farm's Geese, Animal Farm's Cows, Animal Farm's Goat, Animal Farm's Pigs, Boxer, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Templeton, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, Grace, Charlotte, the Animal Farm's Sheep, and Tod)
  • Fly, Stella, Chuck, Hubie, and Rocko vs. Lawrence and Kronk (transformed into Pike and Hammerhead Shark) (Also Featuring: Yzma, Dr. Facilier, and Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish))
  • Escape from A.C.S. (Part 1) (Featuring: Cruella DeVille, Sykes, Horace Badun, Jasper Badun, Dr. Greed, Madam Medusa, Aunt Figg, Dr. J. "Sweetface" Applecheek, Sergeant Tibbs, Edgar, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Jerry, Stray Catchers (Tom and Jerry: The Movie), Timothy Q. Mouse, Snitter, the 99 Puppies, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Robespierre, Roscoe, Rowf, Oliver, Dodger, Rita, Francis (Oliver and Company), Tito, Einstein, Fievel Mousekewitz, Ferdinard, Jake, the Alley Cats, Scat Cat, Roquefort, Mrs. Brisby, Desoto, Tom, Charlie Barkin, Hit Cat, Billy Boss, Shun Gon, Peppo, Tramp, Jaq, Gus, Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Marie Toulouse, Berlioz, Mewsette, Stray Dogs (Tom and Jerry: The Movie), Bernard, Bianca, Francis (Felidae), and Pongo)
  • Pooh and friends vs. Rhoga and Thudd (Also Featuring: Rabbit, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore)
  • Escape from A.C.S. (Part 2) (Featuring: McLeach, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike (The Land Before Time), Madam Medusa, Cruella DeVille, Aunt Figg, Clayton, Clayton's Men (cameo appearance), Lumpjaw, Ronno, Sabor, Sykes, Joanna, Dr. Greed, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, the Manager, Unknown Corporate Manager, Rex, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Woog, Elsa, Dweeb, and Cody)
  • Patch of Heaven vs. A.C.S. Sector C (Featuring: Amos Slade, Mr. Jones, Alameda Slim, the Animal Farm's Animals, the Animal Farm's Cows, Chief (The Fox and the Hound), Spirit, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, Grace, Steele, the Animal Farm's Goat, the Animal Farm's Sheep, the Animal Farm's Cows, Boxer, Snowball (Animal Farm), Tod, Wilbur, Jeffrey, Charlotte, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Junior, the Animal Farm's Horses, Animal Farm's Cows, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Patch of Heaven's Animals, Patch of Heaven's Hens, Patch of Heaven's Pigs, Ollie, Jeb, Larry (Home on the Range) and Patch of Heaven's Chicks)
  • Escape from A.C.S. (Part 3) (Featuring: Louie, Cecilia, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (The Land Before Time), Francis (Felidae), Rex, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Woog, Elsa, Dweeb, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Jaq, Gus, Sergeant Tibbs, Itchy, Snitter, Rowf, Oliver, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Madam Medusa, Fievel Mousekewitz, Roscoe, Desoto, Sykes, Dumbo, Cruella DeVille, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Aunt Figg, McLeach, Clayton, Rolly, the 99 Puppies, Tiger, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Edgar, Dr. Greed, Timothy Q. Mouse, the Colonel (D), Jasper Badun, Tom, Horace Badun, Charlie Barkin, Perdita, Bernard, Bianca, Petrie, Ducky, Dodger, Rita, Francis (Oliver and Company), Fagin, Mr. Lickboot, Tito, Einstein, Jeremy, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Toulouse, Berlioz, Thomas O'Malley, Marie, Tramp, Lady, Pongo, Stray Dogs (An American Tail), Stray Dogs (Oliver and Company), Orville, Brutus, Nero, and Dogfish)
  • Interlude (1): (Featuring: Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Kale, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Ariel, Marina (Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas), Tiana, Naveen, Baloo, Terk, Tantor, Tarzan, King Louie, Flunkey, the Bandar-log, Mowgli, Rafiki, Bagheera, Kerchak, Jane Porter, the Horned King, Maleficent, Diablo, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Elinore, Joshua Sweet, Colin MacLeod, Dahlia, Milo Thatch, Julie, Germaine, Tod, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Napoleon's Dogs, Squealer, Cat R. Waul, Ratigan, One-Eye (An American Tail), Carface, Perdita, the 99 Puppies, Jaune-Tom, Mewsette, Pongo, Dodger, Oliver, Francis (Felidae), Rowf, Snitter, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Bluebeard, Itchy, Tom, Jerry, Charlie Barkin, Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Tramp, Sawyer, Aladdin, Abu, Moses, Captain Phoebus, Miguel, Tulio, Altivo, Quasimodo, Omar, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tzipporah, Tack, and Mickey Mouse)
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: Frollo, Tyler, Lambert, Egyptian Civilians, Egyptian Troops, Moses, Tzipporah, Aladdin, Abu, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Rameses, Rameses' Son, Hotep, Huy, Pete, Gaston, Sa'Luk, the Forty Thieves, Ratcliffe, Cortez, the Colonel, the Colonel's Horses, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Nala, Zazu, Pterano, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Squealer, Napoleon's Dogs (Animal Farm), Tod, Wilbur, Mrs. Calloway, Animal Farm's Cows, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Boxer, Maggie, Animal Farm's Pigs, Jafar, Maleficent, Diablo, Lady Tremaine, Frollo's Soldiers, Mok, Rasputin, Hades, Iago, Eris, and Zigzag)
  • Alice vs. Darla Dimple and Max (Also Featuring: the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, Moley, Ratty, Mr. Toad, and Ichabod Crane)
  • Battle of the Native Lands: (Featuring: Pocahontas, the Colonel, the Colonel's Soldiers, the Colonel's Horses, Chief Powhatan ,the Powhatan Tribe, the Powhatan Warriors, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe's Colonists, Kocoum, Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used in the gunfight of the battle), Cortez, Spirit, Cortez's Warriors, Namontack, the Train Pull Foreman, Little Creek, Ben, Lon, John Smith, and Wiggins)
  • Aladdin's Crew (Featuring: Moses, Tzipporah, Aladdin, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Stretch, Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Mickey Mouse, Djali, Odette, Hades, Eris, Omar, Miguel, Tulio, Zigzag, Pinocchio (D), Jiminy Cricket, Captain Phoebus, the Hydra (Hercules), Chel, Odette's Friends, Puffin, Jean-Bon, Speed, Abu, the Flying Carpet, Goofy, Donald Duck, Zigzag's Illusions, the Dragon (The Pagemaster), Tack, Pluto, Hades' Chariot, and Evil Sinbad (the latter serving as the secret alias of Eris))
  • Tarzan vs. Tyler and the Lizardmen Leader (Also Featuring: the Lizardmen, Lizardmen Warriors, Tyler's Scientists, Lambert, the Bandar-log, Jane Porter, and King Louie (Jungle Book))
  • Zeus vs. the Snow Queen and the Emperor of the Night (Also Featuring: Hades, Pain, Panic, Olympian Gods, Hermes, Hera, the Snow Queen's Reindeers, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus, Athena, and Hades' Chariot)
  • Forces of Avatar and Taran vs. Madam Mim and the Bakshi Bunch (Also Featuring: Avatar, Taran, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Weehawk, Eilonwy, Avatar's Mounts, Blackwolf, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Executioner Guard, Robin Hood, Nekron's Subhumans, Frinko, Blackwolf's Mutants, the Lost Boys, Elinore, Archive Footage of the Gypsies' breakout scene from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (used for the breakout of the heroes), Little John, Maid Marian, Lady Kluck, Shorthair, Arthur (D), Nekron, Fflewddur Fflam, Archimedes (D), the Genie, Max, Fritz, and Saruman)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Mowgli, 26, Shanise, Darla Dimple, Mr. Toad, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, Captain Hook, Lord Maliss, Pocahontas, Little Creek, John Smith, Spirit, Rain, Tod, Bambi, Kenai, Koda, Rutt, Tuke, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Mickey Mouse, Alice, Odette, Ichabod Crane, Pinocchio (D), Tack, Ratty, Moley, Aladdin, Donald Duck, Goofy, Emperor Zurg, Zygon, Dr. Hamsterviel, Thrax, Gantu, the Iron Giant (shown in monitor), the Unicorn, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Kayley, Garrett, Arthur (D), the Beast, Belle, the Genie, Balto, Boris, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Avatar, Taran, Eilonwy, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Littlefoot's Friends, Ducky, Spike (Land Before Time), Piglet, Petrie, Cera, Roo, Littlefoot, Tyler, the Lizardmen, Lizardmen Warriors, Jim Hawkins, Mulan, and Chernabog)

Round 11:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: Hades, the Snow Queen, Maleficent, Eris, the Emperor of the Night, Mok, Chernabog (shown in the Emperor of the Night's flash), Hexxus (shown in the Emperor of the Night's flash), Eris' Minions (cameo appearance), the Animal Cruelty Squad (shown in Eris' flash), Cruella DeVille (shown in Eris' flash), Jasper Badun (shown in Eris' flash), Horace Badun (shown in Eris' flash), McLeach (shown in Eris' flash), Maurice, Emperor Zurg, Thrax, Zygon, Gantu, Dr. Hamsterviel, the Drej Queen, John Silver, Joseph Korso, Preed, Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Bernard, Bianca, Roquefort, Fievel Mousekewitz, Basil, Mrs. Brisby, Olivia Flaversham, Timothy Q. Mouse, Dr. Dawson, Osmosis Jones, Jim Hawkins, Drix, Mulan, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Aladdin, Abu, the Flying Carpet, Omar, Moses, Esmeralda, Phoebus, and Mickey Mouse)
  • Mulan vs. Tyler (Also Featuring: Jim Hawkins, and Drix)
  • Attack on Planet Turo (Featuring: the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Federation's Armanda, the Grand Councilwoman, Leah Estrogen, Aviana, Commander Nebula, Thrax, Zygon, Hornets, Regular-Hornets, the Drej, Drej Soldiers, the Galactic Federation's Guards, Joseph Korso, Preed, John Silver, John Silver's Space Crew, Fayvoon, Verne, Aviana's Bodyguard, Grewnge, Longburne, Hands, Police Officers (Osmosis Jones), Star Command's Space Rangers, Drej Air Soldiers)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Tyler's Scientistst, Dr. Schechter, the Coachman's Alliance, the Coachman, Sarousch, Honest John, Professor Screweyes, Stromboli, Puppetino, Hotep, Huy, Mommy Fortuna, Scalawag, Igor, the Animal Cruelty Squad, Madam Medusa, Dr. J. "Sweetface" Applecheek, Aunt Figg, Edgar, Clayton, Cruella DeVille, Mr. Lickboot, Alameda Slim, Dr. Greed, Archive Footage of Gregor Mendel's portrait picture (used for the backstory scene of Dr. Pretorius), Dr. Pretorius (shown in Cruella's flashback), Pretorius' Scientists (shown in Cruella's flashback), Claudandus (shown in Cruella's flashback), Archive Footage of the Lab Director's demise (used for the death scene of Dr. Pretorius), Archive Footage of Simba's Pawn (used for Claudandus attack against Dr. Pretorius), Archive Footage of Luke Valentine's Death (used for the death scene of Dr. Pretorius), Amos Slade, McLeach, Unknown Poacher (Plague Dogs) (shown in Amos Slade's flashback), Snitter (shown in Amos Slade's flashback), Dr. Greed's Henchmen, Platini, the Manager, Sykes, Moses, Rameses, Tyler, Rameses' son, Osmosis Jones, Stitch, Lilo Pelekai, Drix, Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Mushu, Cri-Kee, and Jim Hawkins)
  • The Unicorn vs. Odin (Also Featuring: King Haggard, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Kayley, Garrett, Balto, Muk, Luk, Boris, the Crows (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Devon, Cornwall, Peter Pan, the Wolf (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Robin Hood, the Genie, Belle, the Beast, Avatar, Ymir, the Lost Boys, Archimedes (D), Taran, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Jenna)
  • Maurice vs. the Red Bull (Also Featuring: King Haggard)
  • The League of Gentlemice vs. Cat R. Waul (Also Featuring: Ratigan, Ratigan's Thugs, Warren T. Rat, Basil, Timothy Q. Mouse, Roquefort, Fievel Mousekewitz, the Mott Street Maulers, Napoleon (Animal Farm), the Grand Duke of Owls, Jaq, Mrs. Brisby, Bernard, Bianca, Carface, Meowrice, Dr. Dawson, Meowrice's Business Associates, Jenner, Dumbo, Jake, the Mouse King, Hunch, Gus, the Mouse King's Mice, Olivia Flaversham, Frenchy, Felonius, T. R. Chula, Jan Mouse, Owl Minions, and Fidget)
  • Intermission (1): (the Animal Cruelty Squad, Mr. Jones, Jones' Buddies, Madam Medusa, the Colonel, the Colonel's Horses, the Colonel Soldiers, Alameda Slim, Amos Slade, Clayton, McLeach, Edgar, Aunt Figg, Ratcliffe, Cruella DeVille, Sykes, Dr. Greed, Joanna, Eris, Horace Badun, Jasper Badun, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, the Unicorn, Balto, the Genie, Devon, Cornwall, Frodo Baggins, Belle, Peter Pan, Avatar, Arthur (D), the Beast, Garrett, Eilonwy, Taran, Archimedes, Kayley, Robin Hood, Ayden, Archive Footage of an Egyptian Civilian's child's death (used for the death scene of Rameses' son), Rameses' son, Tyler, Tyler's Scientists, Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Stitch, Lilo Pelekai, Osmosis Jones, John Silver, Mushu, China's Citizens (shown in Mulan's flashback), Fa Zhou (shown in Mulan's flashback), Fa Li (shown in Mulan's flashback), Lambert (shown in Mulan's flashback), Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used for the mass genocide of Tyler, during Mulan's flashback), Archive Footage of the Destroyed Village (used for the mass genocide of Tyler, during Mulan's flashback), Morph, Cri-Kee, Archive Footage of Belle and Prince Adam's kiss (used for the kiss scene of Jim Hawkins and Mulan), Scroop, and Preed)
  • Intermission (2): (Rameses, Rameses' son, Frollo, Moses, John Silver, Morph, Tyler, Tyler's Scientists, Lambert, Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, Captain Hook, El Supremo, Messina, Tzekel Kan, Wilbur, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Peepers, Maggie, Charlotte, Snipes, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Kaa, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Ducky, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore, Grandmother Willow, Cera, Simba (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Nala (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Timon (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Pumbaa (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Tarzan (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Bambi (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Ariel (shown in Granmother Willow's view), Hexxus' Tree, Archive Footage of the Tree-Cutting Machine (used for the release of Hexxus from the Animal Cruelty Squad's Members), McLeach, Joanna, Amos Slade, Alameda Slim, Edgar, Madam Medusa, Hexxus, and Cruella DeVille)
  • Simba vs. Pterano (Also Featuring: Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa)
  • Snow White (ND) and the Seven Dwarves vs. Humbert and Prince Froglip (Also Featuring: Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, the Seven Dwarfelles, Stanley, Froglip's Goblins, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Smrgol, Gurgi, the Goblin King, and the Forest Animals, Archive Footage of Khan (Mulan) (used in the escape scene of Humbert))
  • Richard Tyler and friends vs. Captain Hook (Also Featuring: Captain Hook's Pirates, Mr. Smee, Adventure, Bill Jukes, Turk, Wibbles, Starkey, Archive Footage of Long John Silver's Piraters (The Pagemaster) (used for the fight, between Richard Tyler and the Pirate Crew of Captain Hook), Horror, and Fantasy)
  • Kuzco and Pacha vs. Lord Maliss (Also Featuring: Scowl, Batso, the Wolves, and Dragon Maliss)
  • Nemo's Crew vs. the Witches of Morva (Featuring: Nemo, Princess Camilie, Professor Genius, Flip, Teegra, Larn, Derek, Derek's Horse, Curdie, Irene, Ordu, Orwen, Orgoch, Darkwolf, Archive Footage of the Frogs (used for the brief transformation scene of Professor Genius), Turnip, Icarus, the Boomps, Oompa, and Denahi)
  • Attack of the Blue Meanies (Featuring: Tzekel Kan, Chief of the Blue Meanies, Max (Yellow Submarine), Common Blue Meanies, Apple Bonkers, Butterfly Stompers, Hidden-Persuader Men, El Supremo, Messina, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca, Bongo, Brer Rabbit, Pecos Bill, Widowmaker, Peter (Make Mine Music), the Hunters (Make Mine Music), Misha, Yasha, Vladimir (Make Mine Music), Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, the Bears, Sasha (Make Mine Music), Sonia, Ivan, Snapping-Turtle Turks, Four-Headed Dog, Countdown Clowns, Rabbit, Jack-the-Nippers, the Dreadful Flying Glove, and the Aracuan Bird)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Scar, Strut, Dil, Kaa, General Woundwort, Vervain, Drake, Niju, Shere Khan, Zira, Claudandus, Pterano, Rinkus, Archive Footage of Gregor Mender's portrait picture, Dr. Pretorius (shown in Claudandus' flashback), Pretorius' Scientists (shown in Claudandus' flashback), and Ichy)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Joe the Fish, the Shark (Help! I'm a Fish), Flotsam, Jetsam, Pacha, Kuzco, Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Squealer, Red/Disguised Red, Cat R. Waul, Carface, Chernabog's Legion of Darkness, Chernabog, the Emperor of the Night, the Nightmare King, B.L. Zebub, Belladonna, Meowrice, Mr. Grasping, Toplofty, O' Bloat, Madame Mousey, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Berkeley Beetle, the Grundel Toad, Peter Pan, Crysta, Zak Young, Batty Koda, Prince Cornelius, Li'l Bee, Gnatty, Baby Bug, Thumbelina, Tinker Bell, Tyler, John Silver, Preed, Scroop, Jim Hawkins (shown in Zurg's monitor), Mulan (shown in Zurg's monitor), Frollo, Rameses, Hexxus, Alameda Slim, Edgar, Clayton, Amos Slade, Madam Medusa, Cruella DeVille, McLeach, and Eris)

Round 12:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: the Horned King, Dr. Facilier, Ruber, Prince Froglip, Rothbart, Prince John, Blackwolf, Nekron, Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice), Sergeant Quartermaine, the Coachman, Tyler, Mommy Fortuna, Honest John, Gideon, Scalawag, Igor, Professor Screweyes, Sarousch, Nemo, Icarus, Derek, Teegra, Princess Camille, Professor Genius, Curdie, Irene, Turnip, Darkwolf, Larn, Flip, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Kayley, Balto, Avatar, Avatar's Mounts, Garrett, the Beast, Robin Hood, the Genie, Frodo Baggins, Taran, Ayden, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Moses, Esmeralda, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Ratty, Moley, Tack, Donald Duck, Miguel, Tzipporah, Odette/Swan Lake, Alice, Quasimodo, Phoebus, Stretch, Tulio, Chel, Omar, Goofy, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Speed, Pinocchio (D), the Coachman, Stupid Little Boys, the Coachman's Victims, and Jiminy Cricket)
  • Clara and Pinocchio (ND) vs. Honest John and Gideon (Also Featuring: Gee Willikers, and Pavlova)
  • Pinocchio (D) vs. Scalawag and Igor (Also Featuring: Jiminy Cricket)
  • Avatar and Peter Pan vs. Dr. Facilier and Ruber (Also Featuring: Prince Cornelius, Sean's Fairies, Tinker Bell, Sean, Zak Young, Thumbelina, Crysta, Elinore, Weehawk, Friends on the Other Side, Peace, Avatar's Mounts, the Backson, Batty Koda, Facilier's Shadow, Merlin, and Shadow Demons)
  • Cody and Marahute vs. Mommy Fortuna (Also Featuring: Ruhk and Mommy Fortuna's Crow, Archive Footage of McLeach's Traps (used for the capture scene of the Marahute))
  • Pocahontas' Crew vs. Nekron's Subhumans (Featuring: Pocahontas, Little Creek, John Smith, Spirit, Treeman, Mertock (Fire and Ice), and Sergeant Quartermaine)
  • "The Parents" vs. Tyler (Featuring: Nani Pelekai, David Kawena, Annie Hughes, Dean McCoppin, Sarah Hawkins, Frollo's Soldiers, Baker (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame), and Tyler's Scientists)
  • Larn, Darkwolf, and Derek vs. Denahi (Also Featuring: Teegra, and Derek)
  • The Horror Circus (Featuring: Stromboli, John Darling, Michael Darling, Wendy Darling, Pinocchio (D), Robyn Starling, Puppetino, Forte, Clara, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Professor Screweyes, the Lost Boys, Gus (A Troll in Central Park), Rosie (A Troll in Central Park), Hotep, Huy, Forte's Illusions, Pink Elephants, Sarousch, Heffalumps, Woozles, Lampwick, Hotep and Huy's Illusions, Jiminy Cricket, Scary Trees, Demons (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story)
  • Interlude (1): (Featuring: Nekron, Pocahontas, Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice), Denahi, Larn, Teegra, Derek, Darkwolf, Nekron's Glaciers (shown in Denahi's flahback), Archive Footage of Larn's Tribe (used as part of Denahi's Tribe), Nekron's Subhumans (shown in Denahi's flashback), Clubwielder (show in Denahi's flashback), Treeman (shown in Denahi's flashback), Darkwolf's Horse (shown in flashback), the Coachman, Mommy Fortuna, Fortuna's Crow, Cody, the Marahute, Robyn Starling, Jenny Foxworth, Penny, Puppetino, the Lost Boys, Anne-Marie, Rosy (Balto), Stromboli, Sarousch, Professor Screweyes, Dr. Schechter, Tyler, Kerrie, Sarah Hawkins, Scalawag, Igor, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Dandelion, Big Wig, Silver, Pipkin, Blackberry, Bambi, Kenai, Koda, Tod, Captain Holly, Rutt, Tuke, Ratcliffe's Colonists (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Ratcliffe (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Thomas (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Ben (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Percy (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Scar (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Shenzi (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Banzai (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Ed (shown in Captain Holly's vision), Taran, Archive Footage of the Black Caudron's green mold, Archive Footage of Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (used for the corruption scene of Taran))
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: the Horned King, Captain Hook, Queen Grimhilde, Tzekel Kan, El Supremo, El Supremo's Military, Scowl, Batso, the Dog (The Black Cauldron), Lord Maliss, Rowf, Snitter, Pongo, Bluebeard, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Francis (Felidae), Tom, Jerry, Tramp, Oliver, Marie, Einstein, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Dodger, Perdita, the 99 Puppies, the Alley Cats, Hit Cat, Peppo, Lady, Duchess, Mewsette, Sawyer, Thomas O'Malley, Rita, Tito, Francis (Oliver and Company), Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Louis, Ray, Tiana, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Ariel, Naveen, Professor MacKrill, Captain Neweyes, Ludwig Von Drake, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Flounder, and Sebastian)
  • Thomas O'Malley vs. Kong and the Hermann Brothers (Also Featuring: Francis (Felidae), Bluebeard, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Tom, Jerry, and Mewsette)
  • The Cows and the Fearless Four vs. Dr. Greed and Alameda Slim's Crew (Also Featuring: Ratcliffe, Alameda Slim, Dr. Greed, the Willie Brothers, Phil Willie, Gil Willie, Bill Willie, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, Platini, Rico, the Manager, Junior, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Peepers, Snipes, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Chanticleer, Unknown Corporate Manager (The Fearless Four), and Powertool, Archive Footage of Leviathan's pressumed destrution (used for the destruction scene of Powertool))
  • Sinbad, Marina and Freddie vs. Marina Del Ray (in the form of Evil Aladdin) (Also Featuring: Ursula, Morgana, Undertow (cameo appearance), Eris, Daffers, Scotty, Rat, Luca, Jin, Li, Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas) and Kale)
  • Ariel vs. Joe the Fish (Also Featuring: Joe's Fish Army, the Shark (Help! I'm a Fish), Flounder, Sebastian, and Crab General)
  • Rowf and Snitter vs. Amos Slade (Also Featuring: Copper, and Chief)
  • Prince Eric vs. Eris and the Liopleurodon (Also Featuring: Eris' Minions (cameo appearance), Grimsby, Eric's Crew, and Messina)
  • The R.L.S. Legacy vs. Zurg's forces (Featuring: Manta Birds (Treasure Planet), Captain Amelia, Buzz Lightyear, Booster, BEN, Cale Tucker, Orin, Dr. Jumbaa, Hogarth Hughes, the Hornets, Regular-Hornets, Zygon's Droids, XR, Thrax, Akima Kunimoto, Pleakley, Zygon, Stith, Gune, Dr. Doppler, Jim Hawkins, Morph, Dagg Dibrimi, Silica, Emperor Zurg (show only in Warp Darkmatter's monitor), Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z, the Iron Giant, Mira Nova, Scroop, Preed, Joseph Korso, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Zeek, and Oroborian Guardians)
  • Interlude (3): (Featuring: Pinocchio, Jim Hawkins, Odette, Alice, Miguel, Esmeralda, Djali, Mickey Mouse, Tack, Ratty, Moley, Quasimodo, Aladdin, Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, Captain Hook, Ogthar, Rhoga, Thudd, Tzekel Kan, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Deinonychus, El Supremo, Messina, Utahraptors, and Mr. Smee)
  • Interlude (4): (Featuring: Kenai, Tod, Bambi, Koda, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Big Wig, Mama Odie, Carolinus, Mother Nature, Rutt, Tuke, Silver, Dandelion, Hexxus (shown in Carolinus' vision), the Firebird (shown in Carolinus' vision), the Spring Sprite (shown in Mother Nature's vision), the Elk (shown in Mother Nature's vision), Blackberry, Pipkin, Fievel Mousekewitz, Mrs. Brisby, Jeremy, Tony Toponi, Tiger (An American Tail), Jim Hawkins, Morph, Osmosis Jones, Zeek, Mulan, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Drix, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Mushu, Cri-Kee, Garrett, Kayley, Balto, Nemo, Icarus, Princess Camille, Professor Genius, Princess Irene, Curdie, Devon, Cornwall, Aragorn, Jenna, Ayden, Turnip, Aladdin, Quasimodo, Moses, Aladdin, Tack, Miriam, the Hebrews, Miguel, Tulio, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tzipporah, Aaron, Frollo, Rameses, Gaston, Pete, Sa'Luk, Tyler, El Supremo, Messina, Captain Hook, Tzekel Kan, Ogthar, Dil, Mr. Smee, Scar, Shere Khan, Zira, Queen Grimhilde, Pterano, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Roo, Cera, Petrie, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Deinonychus, Utahraptors, and Zazu)
  • Garrett and Nemo's Crew vs. the Horned King (Featuring: Garrett, Kayley, Ayden, Nemo, Balto, Princess Irene, Aragorn, the Horned King, Creeper, the Horned King's Barbarian Guards, Flip, Boris, Muk, Luk, Curdie, Princess Camille, the Headless Horseman, the Headless Horseman's Horse, Turnip, Devon, Cornwall, Professor Genius, and Icarus)
  • RAPTOR RUMBLE: (Featuring: Simba, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Deinonychus, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Petrie, Ducky, and Utahraptors)
  • Fievel, Tony and Mrs. Brisby vs. Lucifer and Iago (Also Featuring: Jeremy, Archive Footage of the Hawk (used for both Iago and Jeremy), the Scorpion (An American Tail), Tiger (An American Tail), Lady Tremaine, and Jafar)
  • Dodger and Tramp vs. Carface (Also Featuring: Cat R. Waul, the Grand Duke of Owls, Killer, Rita, Tito, Einstein, Francis (Oliver and Company), Oliver, Lady, and Carface's Dog)
  • Forces of Aladdin and Moses vs. Forces of Frollo and Rameses (Featuring: Aladdin, Abu, Mickey Mouse, Moses, Miriam, Rameses, Rameses' Chariot, Ichabod Crane, Odette's Friends, Puffin, Jean-Bob, Speed, Ratty, Moley, Miguel, Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Brutish Guard, Oafish Guard, Altivo, Archive Footage of Achilles (used for Altivo's attacks), Tulio, Pete, Pete's Weasels, Alice, Omar, Tack, Pinocchio (D), Gaston, Odette, the Flying Carpet, Quasimodo, Phoebus, Esmeralda, Tyler, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, Pluto, Lizardmen, Lizardmen Warriors, Donald Duck, Ichabod's Horse, Sa'Luk, Tzipporah, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Egyptian Troops, the Hebrews, Clopin, Archive Footage of Snowball (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) (used for the escape scene of Phoebus), Djali, and Stretch)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Simba, Winnie the Pooh, Timon, Ducky, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Petrie, Pterano, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Spike (Land Before Time), Cera, Bambi, Kenai, Koda, Tod, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Dandelion, Silver, Pipkin, Blackberry, the Elk, Frollo, Pete, Gaston, LeFou, Rameses, Tyler, Buck, Maggie, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Chanticleer, Grace, Edmond, Lucky Jack, Mrs. Calloway, Taran, Eilonwy, the Beast, Belle, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Robin Hood, Fflewddur Fflam, Frodo Baggins, Copper, Amos Slade, Steele, Alameda Slim, Mr. Winkie, Mr. Wesley, the Willie Brothers, Phil Willie, Gill Wille, Bill Willie, Dr. Greed, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Amelia, Dr. Doppler, Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto, the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Dimitri, Vladimir, Pooka, BEN, Colin MacLeod, Julie, Milo Thatch, Audrey Ramirez, Vinni Santorini, Gaetan "Mole" Moliére, Jebidiah "Cookie" Farnsworth, Wilhelmina Packard, Dagg Dibrimi, Emperor Zurg, Marcus Octavius, Dr. Hamsterviel, Kyala, Cat R. Waul, Claudandus, Meowrice, Wilbur, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Tarzan, Jane Porter, the Gorillas, Richard Tyler, Richard Tyler's Friends, Fantasy, Kex Bradley, Adventure, Mowgli, 26, 26's Friends, Mara, Ariel, Hubie, Fly, Flounder, Sebastian, Rocko, Chuck, Stella, Aladdin, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Jim Hawkins, Osmosis Jones, Odette, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, the Flying Carpet, Moses, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Chernabog, Hexxus, the Firebird, Big Wig, and the Spring Sprite)

Round 13:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: Moses, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Aladdin, Jim Hawkins, Quasimodo, Pluto, Clopin, John Silver, Dizzy, Odette, Osmosis Jones, Abu, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Gee Willikers, Lt. Grumblebee, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Smrgol, Snow White, Sir Orin Neville Smythe, Danielle, Gurgi, Aragh, Giles, the Seven Dwarfs, Stanley, Thunderella, Smythe's Horse, Jafar, Iago, Hades, Pain, Panic, Rameses, and Tyler (shown in Rameses' thoughts))
  • Sir Peter and Stanley vs. Willie the Giant (Also Featuring: Smrgol, Sir Orin Neville Smythe, Smythe's Horse, the Seven Dwarfs, Pain, Panic, the Seven Dwarfelles, Thunderella, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Gurgi, Aragh, Stanley's Magical Flower, Danielle, Giles, Hades, and Jafar)
  • Hercules vs. Eris (Also Featuring: Kuzco, Philoctetes, Pacha, Megara, Pegasus, and Eris' Minions (cameo appearance))
  • Escape from Patch of Heaven (Featuring: Mrs. Brisby, Justin, Fievel Mousekewitz, Mr. Ages, Jack-in-the-Box, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Fidget, Bernard, Bianca, Jaq, Gus, Brer Fox, Roquefort, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Figaro, Berkeley Beetle, Olivia Flaversham, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, the Grand Duke of Owls, the Grundel Toad, Tony Toponi, Jake, Hunch, Brer Bear, Tiger (An American Tail), Sparky, and Orville)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Jim Hawkins, Mulan, Cri-Kee, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Mushu, Khan (Mulan), Morph, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Orville, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, Dr. Dawson, Basil, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Gus, Tony Toponi, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Mr. Ages, Bernard, Bianca, Mrs. Brisby, Olivia Flaversham, Jaq, Gee Willikers, Clara, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Pavlova, Lt. Grumblebee, Tyler, Tyler's Scientists, Lambert, Rameses, Lilo Pelekai, and Stitch)
  • Rex vs. Sarousch (Also Featuring: Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, Sarousch, Happy Jester, Sad Jester, the Crows (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Dweeb, Elsa, and Woog)
  • Interlude (1): (Featuring: the Wise Faction, Merlin, Grandmother Willow, Mama Odie, Juju, Mother Nature, Rafiki, Carolinus, the Great Owl, Nicodemus, Magi Lune, the Pagemaster, Great Great Grandmother Irene, the Blue Fairy, the Good Fairy, Gandalf, Tyler, Lizardmen, Lambert, Frollo, Frollo's Soldiers, Ratcliffe, the Colonel, Cortez, Archive Footage of Luke Valentine's death (used for the death scene of Cortez), Pete, Gaston, Tyler's Scientists, Ogthar, Rhoga, Thudd, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Zira, Nuka, Ursula, Joe, Clara, Gee Willikers, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Lt. Grumblebee, Dr. Schechter, Scalawag, and Igor)
  • Emotional Cutscene: (Featuring: Phoebus, Osmosis Jones, Pinocchio (D), Jim Hawkins, Moses, the Hebrews, Goofy, Odette, Rameses, Jiminy Cricket, Odette's Friends, Puffin, Jean-Bob, Speed, Ichabod Crane, Aladdin, Miguel, Ratty, Moley, Quasimodo, Mulan, Lilo Pelekai, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Abu, the Flying Carpet, Tack, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Omar, Donald Duck, Mushu, Tzipporah, John Silver, Morph, Mickey Mouse, Alice, and Stitch)
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: Queen Grimhilde's Alliance, Queen Grimhilde, Scar's Alliance, Banzai, Shenzi, Ed, Kaa, Drake, Shere Khan, Scar, Nobi (cameo appearance), the Animal Cruelty Squad, Roscoe, Desoto, McLeach, Aunt Figg, Sykes, Edgar, Clayton, Dr. Greed, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, the Manager, Platini, Alameda Slim, Cruella DeVille, General Woundwort, Vervain, Amos Slade, Mr. Jones, Lord Maliss, Mr. Lickboot, Dil, Ichy, Brutus, Nero, Eris, Jasper Badun, Horace Badun, Madam Medusa, Ursula, Morgana, Marina Del Ray, Joe, Captain Hook, Messina, El Supremo, Tzekel Kan, Ogthar, Sierra, Zira, Rhoga, Thudd, Mr. Smee, Nuka, Simba, Bambi, Pterano, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Spike (Land Before Time), Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Timon, Big Wig, Koda, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Eeyore, Kehaar, Zazu, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Pipkin, Dandelion, Kenai, Roo, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Pumbaa, the Spring Sprite, Winnie the Pooh, Nala, Ariel, Sinbad's Crew, Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Rat, Jin, Li, Jed, Kale, Freddie, Sebastian, Tiana, Sinbad, Louis, Fly, Naveen, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Rocko, Hubie, Rowf, Snitter, Lady, Pongo, Perdita, Francis (Felidae), Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Charlie Barkin, Jaune-Tom, Tramp, Oliver, Faline, Vixey, Tom, Jerry, Thomas O'Malley, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Sawyer, Magi Lune, Robespierre, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Berlioz, Rita, Dodger, Francis (Oliver and Company), Einstein, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Cobra Bubbles, Spirit, Rain, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Lucky Jack, Little Creek, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Buck, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Snipes, Princess Jasmine, Angel, Princess Yum-Yum, Anastasia Romanov, Cindy, Mok, and Mok's Supercomputer)
    • Part 1: The Attack/Predator Pursuit (Featuring Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Tarzan, Bagheera, Mowgli, Tiana, Naveen, Rocko, Kerchack, the Gorillas, Fly, Stella, Chuck, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Baloo, Kala, Jane Porter, Sinbad, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Rat, Freddie, Richard Tyler, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Ray, 26, 26'S Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Hubie, Spazz, Louis, King Louie (Jungle Book), Professor Archimedes Porter, Daffers, Scotty, Tantor, Terk, Clayton's Men, El Supremo, Lord Maliss, Queen Grimhilde, Captain Hook's Pirates, Turk, Starkey, Mullins, Black Murphy, Bill Jukes, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, McLeach, Tzekel Kan, Ogthar, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Velociraptors (Legend of Tarzan), Joanna, Snipes (Tarzan), Sabor, and Lumpjaw)
    • Part 2: Under the Sea (Featuring: Ariel, Flounder, Hubie, Rocko, Chuck, Stella, Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, Fly, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Marina Del Ray, Electric Eels, Joe, the Shark (Help! I'm a Fish), Sebastian, Crab General, Crab Soldiers, and Glut)
    • Part 3: Simba’s Crew vs. Scar’s Crew (Featuring: Roo, Pterano, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), the Spring Sprite, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Big Wig, Dandelion, Simba, Blackberry, Bambi, Kenai, Zira's Lions, Shere Khan, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Drake, Niju, Ozzy, Strut, Timon, Pumbaa, Sierra, General Woundwort, Vervain, Woundwort's Rabbits, Rabbit, Kaa, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Rutt, Tuke, Nuk, Yak, Sumak, Archive Footage of the Black Forest Wolves (used for Niju's attacks), Koda, Rabbit, Nala, Pipkin, Silver, Fiver, Rinkus, Eeyore, the Bandar-log, Archive Footage of King Larry (the latter, used for King Louie in his clever designs), King Louie, Sarabi and the Lionesses)
  • Stitch vs. Tyler (Also Featuring: Ice-Cream Man, Lilo Pelekai, Archive Footage of Luke Valentine's death (used for the fake death of Tyler), Tyler's Scientists (cameo appearance), and Lambert (cameo appearance))
    • Part 4: Sinbad’s and Tarzan’s Crew vs. The Queen’s Forces (Also Featuring: Sinbad, Tiana, Naveen, Mowgli, Lord Maliss, Captain Hook, Tzekel Kan, Morgana, Messina, Bagheera, Baloo, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), El Supremo, El Supremo's Military, Tarzan, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Jane Porter, Professor Archimedes Porter, Tantor, Dil, Ichy, Ariel, Captain Hook's Pirates, Mr. Smee, Wibbles, Starkey, Bill Jukes, Turk, Black Murphy, Sinbad's Crew, Kale, Luca, Jin, Li, Scotty, Kerchak, Daffers, Freddie, and Louis)
    • Part 5: The Dogs and Cats vs. the ACS (Featuring: Pongo, Perdita, Charlie Barkin, Francis (Felidae), Bluebeard, Dodger, Oliver, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Archive Footage of Alameda Slim's Gun (used in the introduction of the Animal Cruelty Squad), Toulouse, Tito, Sykes, Tom, Jerry, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Faline, Madam Medusa, Itchy, Duchess, Thomas O'Malley, Rowf, Snitter, Alameda Slim, Vixey, Mr. Jones, Mewsette, Tramp, Cruella DeVille, Horace Badun, Jasper Badun, Aunt Figg, Amos Slade, the Alley Cats, Hit Cat, Peppo, Fagin, Steele, Roscoe, Desoto, Edgar, Sawyer, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Berlioz, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Mr. Snoops, the Willie Brothers, Phil Willie, Bill Willie, Ferdinard, the 99 Puppies, Lady, Pipkin, Bambi, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Simba, Winnie the Pooh, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), and Petrie)
  • Spirit and the Cows vs. Ratcliffe and the Colonel (Also Featuring: Ratcliffe's Colonists, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Buck, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Sergeant Adams, the Colonel's Soldiers, Ben, Percy, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Thomas, Little Creek, Rain, Peepers, Chanticleer, Snipes, and Lon)
    • Part 6: IT’S A TRAP!!!/Unexpected Surprise (Featuring: Mowgli, Richard Tyler, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Ray, Louis, Terk, Tantor, Ichy, Dil, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), McLeach, Ariel, Captain Hook, Joe, Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, Hubie, Rocko, Bagheera, Tzekel Kan, El Supremo, Messina, Clayton, Lord Maliss, Ogthar, Sebastian, Flounder, Fly, Stella, Chuck, Morgana, Marina Del Ray, Sabor, Lumpjaw, Queen Grimhilde, Baloo, Tiana, Naveen, Simba, Littlefoot, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Kenai, Pongo, Perdita, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Silver, Dandelion, Big Wig, Pipkin, Blackberry, Captain Holly, Kehaar, the Spring Sprite, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Mewsette, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), the 99 Puppies, King Louie, Tom, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Hubie, Scar, Cruella DeVille, Francis (Felidae), Aunt Figg, Steele, Oliver, Piglet, Eeyore, General Woundwort, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Madam Medusa, Brutus, Nero, Amos Slade, Rhoga, Thudd, Spike (Land Before Time), Zira, Fagin, Timon, Pumbaa, Tyler, the Gorillas, Dodger, Tito, Archive Footage of Ratcliffe's Concealed Gun (used as a secret weapon of Tyler), Nala, Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used as Tyler's weapon against Simba, and later destroying a ruined temple), Bambi, Charlie Barkin, Rita, Einstein, Turk (Peter Pan), Rutt, Tuke, Snitter, Itchy, Koda, Lady, Pterano, and Petrie)
  • Interlude (3): (Featuring: Spirit, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Rain, Chanticleer, Buck, Lucky Jack, Ratcliffe, Little Creek, the Colonel, Tortellini, Kehaar, Simba, Rocko, Hubie, Ariel, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Petrie, Fiver, Rabbit, Perdita, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Dandelion, Bambi, Faline, Pterano, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Richard Tyler, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, the Lionesses, Mowgli, Tiana, Naveen, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Kenai, Koda, Francis (Felidae), Tom, the Spring Sprite, Moses, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Merlin, Osmosis Jones, Jim Hawkins, Morph, Goofy, Omar, Chernabog (shown in Merlin's magic vision), Abu, Drix, Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse's Horse, Khan (Mulan), Maleficent, Maleficent's Goons, Hades, Jafar, the Schlepper Brothers, Toad, Sleazy, Zip, and Mok)
  • Interlude (3.5): (Featuring: Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Gaston, LeFou, Jafar, Iago, Thrax, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Omar, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Cindy, Princess Jasmine, Anastasia Romanov, Angel, Princess Yum-Yum, Club 666's Crowd, Omar's Friends, Stretch, Dizzy, the Bad Guys (Mickey Mouse Works), Holli Would, Gaston's Buddies, Abu, Mok's Girls, Club's Crowd (Osmosis Jones), Thrax's Goons, the Schlepper Brothers, Mok, Zip, Toad, "What's Her Face", Evil Jasmine/Eris, Cri-Kee, the Flying Carpet, Mushu, and Khan (Mulan))
  • Interlude (4): (Featuring; the Horned King's Alliance, the Horned King, Maleficent, Diablo, Dr. Facilier, Rothbart, Ruber, the Bakshi Bunch, Blackwolf, Blackwolf's Skull Minions, Larry the Lizard, Nekron, Saruman, King Haggarrd, Odin (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Prince John's Alliance, Prince John, Yzma, the Queen of Hearts, Madam Mim, Prince Froglip, the Goblin Queen, Queen Gnorga, Clavious, Zelda, Blackwolf's Imprisoned Fairies, Blackwolf's Army, Blackwolf's Mutants, Saruman's Army, the Orcs, the Uruk-Hai, Nekron's Army, Nekron's Subhumans, Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice), Odette, Tack, Ratty, Moley, Bridget (non-cameo appearance), Ichabod Crane, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Quasimodo, the Thief, the Camel (The Thief and the Cobbler), Garrett, Kayley, Balto, Nemo, Peter Pan, Curdie, Princess Irene, Crysta, Thumbelina, John Smith, Avatar, Larn, Teegra, Denahi, Derek, Tinker Bell, the Beast, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Aragorn, Robin Hood, Arthur (D), Belle, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, the Genie, Ayden, Taran, Archive Footage of the One-Ring (used for Taran's equipment), Buzz Lightyear, Cale Tucker, Mira Nova, XR, Dr. Doppler, Captain Amelia, Mr. Arrow, Orin, Dagg Dibrimi, Silica, Hogarth Hughes, the Iron Giant, Dimitri, Dr. Jumbaa, Pleakley, Milo Thatch, Vinni Santorini, Joshua Sweet, Wilhelmina Packard, Julie, Colin MacLeod, Emperor Zurg's Alliance, Emperor Zurg, Warp Darkmatter, Marcus' Alliance, Marcus Octavius, Dr. Hamsterviel, Kent Mansley, Lyle TIberius Rourke, Shan-Yu, the Hun Army, Elite Hun Soldiers, Gantu, Zygon, Joseph Korso, Preed, Thrax, the Drej Queen, Mok, Angel (non-cameo appearance), Jafar, Hades, Zigzag, Phido, Rasputin, Lady Tremaine, Holli Would, Ommadon, the Snow Queen, Eris, and Hexxus)
  • Forces of Aladdin vs. Forces of Maleficent and the Horned King (Featuring: Tzipporah, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Tack, Quasimodo, Tulio, Miguel, Alice, Ratty, Moley, Phoebus, Odette, Jiminy Cricket, the Horned King, Esmeralda, Ichabod Crane, Lady Tremaine, Lucifer, Dr. Facilier, Odette's Friends, Puffin, Jean-Bob, Speed, Rasputin, Pinocchio (D), Zigzag, Egyptian Civilians (non-cameo appearance), the Snow Queen, Queen Gnorga, the Thief, Madam Mim, Drizella Tremaine, Archive Footage of Grewnge's blast (used for Tyler's blast), Tyler, Ichabod's Horse, Archive Footage of Light Yagami's death from Death Note (used for the death scene of Ichabod Crane), Archive Footage of the Kamakura's Facility Guards' demise (used for the death scene of Ichabod Crane), Djali, Tyler's Scientists, Lambert, John Silver, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Jim Hawkins, Mulan, Morph, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Stitch, Lilo Pelekai, Mushu, Facilier's Shadow, Anastasia Romanov, Princess Yum-Yum, Princess Jasmine, Bartok, Chel, Angel, King Llort, Creeper, and Moses)
  • The R.L.S. Legacy vs. Forces of Zurg and Marcus (Featuring: Marcus' Troops, Buzz Lightyear, Audrey Ramirez, Gaetan "Mole" Moliére, Dr. Jumbaa, Pleakley, Captain Amelia, Kent Mansley, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Joseph Korso, Pooka, Julie, Germaine, Colin MacLeod, Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto, Hogarth Hughes, Orin ,Dagg Dibrimi, BEN, Milo Thatch, the Drej, the Drej's Foot Soldiers, Warp Darkmatter, Mira Nova, XR, Booster, Hornets, Regular-Hornets, Dr. Doppler, Preed, Zygon, Vinni Santorini, Thrax, Marcus Octavius, Joshua Sweet, Zygon's Droids, Kyala, Scroop, Gantu, Dimitri, Shan-Yu, Dahlia, Big-Hornets, Vladimir, Stith, Gune, the Iron Giant, Zurg's Space Tanks, Lt. Helga Sinclair, Emperor Zurg, Dr. Hamsterviel, Rourke's Mercenaries, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, General Rogard, and the U.S. Military)
  • Forces of Garrett vs. Forces of Maleficent and the Horned King (Featuring: Garrett, Kayley, Devon, Cornwall, the Beast, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Peace, Avatar's Mounts, Avatar, John Smith, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Aragorn, Balto, Larn, Denahi, Derek, Nemo, Icarus, Flip, Curdie, Belle, Taran, Robin Hood, Maleficent, Diablo, Archimedes, Peter Pan, Peter Pan's Shadow (cameo appearance), Jafar, Hades, Thumbelina, Crysta, Ruber, Rothbart, Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Genie, Maid Marian, Lady Kluck, Bridget, Clavious, Zelda, Meeko, Flit, Arthur (D), Little John, the Boar, Prince John, Prince John's Army, Wolf Archers, Prince Froglip, Tinker Bell, Froglip's Goblins, Yzma, King Haggard, Nekron's Subhumans, Abis Mal, Princess Camille, Professor Genius, the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, Princess Irene, Turnip, Flamingo Poles, the Gwythaints, Archive Footage of the Nightmare King's Minions (used for the Gwythaints capture targets), Boris, Odin (Atlantis: Milo's Return), the Wolf (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Jenna, Muk, Luk, Teegra, Pain, Panic, Darkwolf, Prince Cornelius, Baby Bug, Kronk, Zak Young, Creeper, the Horned King's Barbarian Guards, Batty Koda, Ommadon, the Worm of Sligoff, Nekron, Archive Footage of the Metal Army (used for the capture scene of Kayley), the Sheriff of Nottingham, Weehawk, Eilonwy, Elinore, Blackwolf's Mutants, and Fflewddur Fflam, Archive Footage of Jafar's disappearance (used for the heroes escape))
  • HELL ON EARTH!!! (Featuring: Littlefoot's Friends, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Simba, Ariel, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Perdita, Itchy, Koda, Cruella DeVille, McLeach, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, Fly, Tiana, Naveen, Cera, Littlefoot, Ozzy, Strut, Dodger, Rita, Tito, Francis (Oliver and Company), Einstein, Aunt Figg, Mr. Lickboot, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Rabbit, Richard Tyler, Mowgli, General Woundwort, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Vixey, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Snitter, Jasper Badun, Horace Badun, Hubie, the Spring Sprite, Clayton, Flounder, Sebastian, Ducky, Scar, Shere Khan, Bambi, Silver, Archive Footage of Man's Wildfire (used for Hexxus' Wildfire), the Forest Animals (Bambi), Hercules, Pegasus, Philoctetes, Kuzco, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Pongo, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Roo, Terk, the Gorillas, Tantor, Archive Footage of Chernabog's hellfire (used for Hexxus' wildfire), Pacha, Francis (Felidae), Timon, Hexxus, the Firebird, Eris, Fiver, Tom, Jerry, Woundwort's Rabbits, Tramp, Lady, Archive Footage of Japan (Code Geass) (used for the specific city of the Horned King's rampage), the Horned King, London's Citizens (Hellsing), the Red Bull, the Headless Horseman, the Headless Horseman's Horse, the Cauldron Born, Creeper, Dagg Dibrimi, Emperor Zurg, Hornets, Orin, Lt. Helga Sinclair, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Amelia, Cale Tucker, Dr. Hamsterviel, Kent Mansley, General Rogard, the U.S. Military, Dr. Jumbaa, Julie, Milo Thatch, Archive Footage of Big-Ben's destruction from Hellsing - Ultimate (used for the Iron Giant's target), Colin MacLeod, the Drej, the Drej Air Fleet, Dimitri, Akima Kunimoto, the Elves, Elfin, Peewhitlle, Blackwolf's Army, Blackwolf's Mutants, Mother Rabbit, Skippy, Sis, Tagalong, the Nottingham Villagers, Toby's Father (Robin Hood), Archive Footage of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party from Wizards (used as a distraction to the heroes), Blackwolf, Blackwolf's Projector, Otto, Friar Tuck, Saruman, Saruman's Army, the Nazgûl, Nekron's Army, Nekron's Subhumans, Toby (Robin Hood), Japan's Citizens (Code Geass), Archive Footage of Charles zi Britannia's mass genocide (used for mass genocide of Hexxus), Eris' Minions (cameo appearance), Archive Footage of London's destruction (used for the villains attacks), Archive Footage of Marcus Octavius' destruction (used for the villains attacks) Megara, and Crysta)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Tin Soldier, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Snipes, Peepers, the Rats (Fantasia 2000), the Rats (The Little Mermaid), Simba, Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Roo, Archive Footage of the Pride Rocks' desertion, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spiek (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, Colin MacLeod's Warriors, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Hercules, Pegasus, Kuzco, Archive Footage of the London's Citizen's deaths, Garrett, the Beast, Ariel, Archive Footage of the Cauldron Born's marching, Juile, Archive Footage of the Destroyed Village, Archive Footage of Colin MacLeod's fights with Marcus Octavius' forces, Archive Footage of Elfin's death, Mowgli, Crysta, Quasimodo, Tulio, Kenai, Koda, Moses, the Elk, the Spring Sprite, the Rats (Aladdin), Tzekel Kan, Toad, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Omar, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Stretch, Aladdin, Lord Maliss, Sinbad, Daffers, El Supremo's Military, Freddie, Scotty, Professor Archimedes Porter, Jane Porter, El Supremo, Tarzan, Zigzag, the One-Eyes, King One-Eye's Warriors, King One-Eye, Slave Women of King One-Eye, Ommadon, Clavious, Zelda, Destane/Archmage, Archive Footage of John Smith's disguise (used for the disguise of the Archmage), Kayley, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Belle, Maurice, Odette, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Creeper, the Horned King, Elinore, Pocahontas, John Smith, Thumbelina, Francis (Felidae), Bluebeard, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Dodger, Oliver, Pongo, Chanticleer, Charlie Barkin, Tramp, Taran, Archive Footage of Moses' Ring (used as a combination with the One-Ring), Tyler's Scientists, Tyler's Victims, Lilo Pelekai, Fagin, Esmeralda, Honest John, the Coachman, Stromboli, Cody, Penny, Jenny Foxworth, the Lost Boys, Michael Darling, John Darling, Dr. Schechter, Clara, Scalawag, Gee Willikers, Igor, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Chernabog's Legion of Darkness, Chernabog, Chernabog's Demons, Hexxus, the Emperor of the Night, the Nightmare King, the Nightmare King's Flying Manta, Red, Belladonna, B.L. Zebub, Mok, and Mok's Supercomputer)
  • Next Time: (Featuring: Ommadon, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Olvia Flaversham, Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), Brer Fox, the Dragon (The Pagemaster), Prince Phillip, Jim Hawkins, Morph, Dr. Schechter, the Beast, Nekron, Denahi, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Alameda Slim, Mr. Winkie, Mr. Jones, Maggie, Big Wig, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Willie the Giant, Merlin, the Snow Queen, the Nazgûl, Taran, Robin Hood, King Haggard, Panchito Pistoles, Hubie, Rocko, Monstro, Hogarth Hughes, the Iron Giant, Buzz Lightyear, Dr. Hamsterviel, Ariel, Dil, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, General Woundwort, Sharptooth, Aladdin, El Supremo, Hercules, Pegasus, Colin MacLeod, Captain Hook, Tarzan, Ogthar, Archive Footage of Sharptooth's rampage, Archive Footage of the Vanishing Isle (used for the dinosaurs introduction), the Drej, the Titans, Mok, and Mok's Supercomputer)

Round 14:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: the Wise Faction, Merlin, Gandalf, Mother Nature, Carolinus, Princess Milisadre, Grandmother Willow, Rafiki, Mama Odie, John Silver, Morph, Jim Hawkins, Mulan, Pterano, Drake, Zira, Scar, Shere Khan, Kaa, General Woundwort, Niju, Dil, Ichy, Rinkus, Sierra, Frollo, Mok, Hades, Willie the Giant, Jafar, and Holli Would)
  • Peter and co. vs. Willie the Giant (REMATCH) (Featuring: the Seven Dwarfs, Sir Orin Neville Smythe, Smythe's Horse, Aragh, Smrgol, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, "the Shadow Man", Stanley, Gurgi, the Seven Dwarfelles, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Petrie, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Ducky, Archive Footage of Ogre of Gormley Keep (used in the fight of Peter and Smgrol against Wille), Thunderella, Giles, and Danielle)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Maleficent, Diablo, King Stephan, Queen Leah, Prince Phillip, Teegra, Kida, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Kuzco, Merlin, Pacha, Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, Pegasus, Nemo, Icarus, Princess Irene, Derek, Mama Odie, Juju, and Derek's Horse)
  • Escape from the Forbidden Mountains (Featuring: Princess Irene, Turnip, Nemo, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Kida, Teegra, Derek, Icarus, Diablo, Zigzag, Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Ommadon, the Snow Queen, Flip, Abis Mal, Abis Mal's Thugs, Maleficent's Goons, Larn, Prince Phillip, King Stephan, Darkwolf, Hercules, Pegasus, Pacha, Kuzco, Merlin, Mama Odie, Flora, Fauna, Samson, the Dragon (The Pagemaster), Merryweather, Queen Leah, Archive Footage of Dragon Maleficent's demise (used for the death scen of the Dragon from the Pagemaster), Archive Footage of Jafar's death (used for the death scene of the Dragon from the Pagemaster), Archive Footage of the Icy Tornado (used by Merlin to freeze the Snow Queen), the Snow Queen's Reindeers, Maleficent, the Ogre of Gormley Keep, Megara, and Philoctetes, Archive Footage of the Cyclops (used for the combination footage with the Ogre of Gormley Keep), Derek's Horse, and Bryagh)
  • Interlude (1): (Featuring: the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Mrs. Brisby, Bernard, Bianca, Nicodemus, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Timothy Q. Mouse, Fievel Mousekewitz, Roquefort, Gus, Dumbo, Clara (shown in Nicodemus' vision), Mulan (shown in Nicodemus' vision), Jim Hawkins (shown in Nicodemus' vision), Stitch (shown in Nicodemus' vision), Tiger (An American Tail), Hades, the Fates, Lachesis, Clotho, Atropos, the Drej Queen (shown in the Fates' vision), the Titans (shown in the Fates' vision), Mok, Mok's Supercomputer, and "Mok's Mysterious Friend"/J2L1)
  • Interlude (1.5): (Featuring: Ogthar, Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, Rhoga, Thudd, Deinonychus, Captain Hook, Giganotosaurus (shown in Ogthar's thoughts), Allosaurus, (shown in Ogthar's thoughts), Albertosaurus (shown in Ogthar's thoughts), Spinosaurus (shown in Ogthar's thoughts), Baryonyx (shown in Ogthar's thoughts), the Animal Cruelty Squad, Cruella DeVille, Jasper Badun, Horace Badun, McLeach, Madam Medusa, Mr. Snoops, Aunt Figg, Mr. Lickboot, Edgar, Clayton, Amos Slade, Sykes, Joanna, Ozzy, Archive Footage of Dinosaur Eggs (used for the combination footage with McLeach's Eggs), Mechanicles (only mentioned by Ogthar), Ogthar's Scientists (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Dr. Ptetorius (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Pretorius' Scientists (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Lab Director (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Archive Footage of the House's fire from Felidae (used in Ogthar's flashback), Destane/Archmage (mentioned in Ogthar's flashback), Mozenrath (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Macbeth (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Macbeth's Guards (shown in Ogthar's flashback), Archive Footage of the Ogthar's Researchers (used as combination footage with Macbeth's Guards), Tzekel Kan, El Supremo, Messina, and Naveen)
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: Francis (Felidae), Bluebeard, Perdita, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Tom, Lady, Pongo, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Dodger, Jaune-Tom, Chanticleer, Sawyer, Robespierre, Mewsette, Jerry, Oliver, Tramp, Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, Clara, Gee Willikers, Igor, Scalawag, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Dr. Greed, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, the Manager, Unknown Corporate Manager (The Fearless Four), the Colonel (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), the Colonel's Soldiers, Alameda Slim, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Spirit, Mr. Winkie, Mr. Wesley, the Willie Brothers, Phil Willie, Gill Willie, Bill Willie, Rico, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Napoleon's Dogs, Wilbur, Charlotte, the Colonel's Horse, Boxer, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Patch of Heaven's Animals, Jeb, Ollie, Patch of Heaven's Pigs, Audrey (Home on the Range), Emperor Zurg, Tyler, Gantu (mentioned by Zurg), Lambert, and Diablo)
  • Battle Against the ACS Sector C (Patch of Heaven): (Featuring: the Colonel's Soldiers, Alameda Slim, Spirit, the Colonel, Buck, Thomas O'Malley, Wilbur, Little Creek, Tom, Jerry, Animal Farm's Cows, Animal Farm's Sheep, the Alley Cats, Scat Cat, Shun Gon, Peppo, Murphy, Francis (Oliver and Company), Einstein, Tito, Dodger, Rita, Junior, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, Bees (Tom and Jerry), Bees (Song of the South), Rico, Boxer, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Patrick (Home on the Range), Hit Cat, Billy Boss, Oliver, and Georgette)
  • Battle Against ACS Sector C (Greed's Mansion): (Featuring: Dr. Greed, Dr. Greed's Henchmen, the Manager, Unknown Corporate Manager (The Fearless Four), the Willie Brothers, Phil Willie, Gill Willie, Bill Willie, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Mr. Winkie, Mr. Jones, Mr. Wesley, Dr. J. "Sweetface" Applecheek, Tramp, Dr. Greed's Snake, Pongo, Perdita, Bluebeard, Francis (Felidae), Charlie Barkin, the Fearless Four, Alameda Slim, Junior, Rico, Rico's Black Horse, Itchy, Spirit, Little Creek, Buck, Lucky Jack, Thomas O'Malley, Dodger, Oliver, Jerry, Tom, Winkie's Weasels, Angry Mob (Animal Farm), Fred, Tortellini, the Alley Cats, Hit Cat, Peppo, Buster, Gwendolyn, and Platini)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Silver, Dandelion, Pipkin, Simba, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Kenai, Bambi, the Great Owl, Koda, Timon, Pumbaa, Blackberry, Big Wig, Captain Holly, Rutt, Tuke, Nala, Kehaar, Sebastian, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, Littlefoot, Ariel, Littlefoot's Mother (shown in Littlefoot's memories), McLeach (shown in Littlefoot's memories), the Firebird (shown in Littlefoot's memeories), Spike (Land Before Time), Tiana, Naveen, Louis, Flounder, Ray, Mowgli, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Terk, Tantor, Richard Tyler, Baloo, Bagheera, Rhoga, Thudd, Spazz, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Shenzi, Scar, Banzai, General Woundwort, and Ed)
  • Forces of Simba vs. Forces of Woundwort (Featuring: Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Hazel's Rabbits, Big Wig, Dandelion, Kehaar, the Hyenas, Kenai, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Vixey, Pipkin, Blackberry, Silver, Fiver, Hazel, Captain Holly, Kehaar, General Woundwort, Vervain, Niju, Nuk, Yak, Sumak, Rinkus, Sierra, Dil, Koda, Rutt, Tuke, Zazu, Woundwort's Rabbits, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Ichy, Panchito Pistoles, and Bambi)
  • Hubie and Rocko vs. Monstro (Also Featuring: Ariel)
  • Interlude (3): (Featuring: Simba, Bongo, Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Bambi, Brer Rabbit, Pecos Bill, Peter (Make Mine Music), the Hunters (Make Mine Music), Misha, Yasha, Vladimir (Make Mine Music), Timon, Pumbaa, Koda, Kenai, Sasha (Make Mine Music), Hubie, Ariel, the Pagemaster, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin), Silica, Dr. Jumbaa, BEN, Gune, Pleakley, Stith, Hogarth Hughes, Dr. Doppler, Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova, Booster, XR, Colin MacLeod, Dahlia, Julie, Dimitri, Vladimir (Anastasia), Milo Thatch, Grandmother Willow, Germaine, Captain Amelia, Gaetan "Mole" Moliere, Wilhelmina Packard, Joshua Sweet, Audrey Ramirez, Vinni Santorini, and Gantu) 
  • Interlude (3.5): (Featuring: Hazel's Rabbits, Hazel, Silver, Dandelion, Pipkin, Fiver, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Triceratops (The Land Before Time) , Dimorphodon (Fantasia), Apatosaurus (Fantasia), Roo, Ornithomimus (Fantasia), Stegosaurus, Compsognathus (Fantasia), Big Wig, Edmontosaurus (Fantasia), Pteranodon (Fantasia), Captain Holly, Brachiosaurus​​​​​​​ (Land Before Time)Camptosaurus (Land Before Time), Archive Footage of McLeach's rampage (used for Sharptooth's rampage), Archive Footage of Lumpjaw's rampage (used for Sharptooth's rampage), Parasaurolophus (Fantasia), Psittacosaurus (Fantasia), Dimetrodon (Fantasia), Triceratops (Fantasia), Sharptooth, Ankylosaurus (Turok: Son of Stone), Turok (non-cameo appearance), Carnotaurus (Turok: Son of Stone) (brief appearance), Archive Footage of T-Rex (Fantasia) (used as combination footage with Shaprtooth's), Timon, and Pumbaa)
  • Interlude (4): (Featuring: Taran, Eilonwy, Garrett, Avatar, Frodo Baggins, the Beast, Zak Young, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Crysta, Weehawk, Archive Footage of Moses' Ring (used as combination footage with the One-Ring's), Ayden, Batty Koda, Archive Footage of Maes Hughes funeral scene from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (used for the funeral of Ichabod Crane and many other heroes), Phoebus, Quasimodo, Pinocchio (D), Jiminy Cricket, Tack, Archive Footage of the Military of Amestris (Featured as Grave Diggers), Alice, Angel, Princess Jasmine, Anastasia Romanov, Pluto, Princess Yum-Yum, Ratty, Moley, Tulio, Miguel, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Stitch, Zeek, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Clopin, Mushu, Khan (Mulan), the Thief, Merlin, Arthur (D), Archimedes, the Genie, Lady Kluck, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Tiana, Naveen, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, Hubie, Moses, Colin MacLeod, Dahlia, Sinbad, Archive Footage of King Dymas' Guards (used as the chief guards, who imprison Sinbad), Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Omar's Friends, Stretch, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Mr. Toad, Tarzan, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Omar, Dizzy, Ludwig Von Drake, Professor MacKrill, Snow White (D), the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Captain Neweyes, Kala, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Prince Eric, El Supremo, Messina, Professor Archimedes Porter, Kerchak, Jane Porter, El Supremo's Military, Scar, Rinkus, Sierra, Shenzi, Ed, Banzai, Niju, Dil, and Ichy)
  • Battle at Grimhilde's Castle (Part 1) (Featuring: Queen Grimhilde, El Supremo, Aladdin, Captain, Hook, Sinbad, Tarzan, Mickey Mouse, Tzekel Kan, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Drix, Lord Maliss, Osmosis Jones, Quasimodo, Miguel, Tulio, Altivo, Mr. Toad, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Phoebus, Abu, Morgana, Marina Del Ray, Messina, Ursula, the Thief, Anastasia Romanov, Princess Jasmine, Prince Eric, Tack, Princess Yum-Yum, Snow White (D), Jane Porter, Archive Footage of the Snake (The Legend of Tarzan: (The Race Against Time)) (used as combination footage with Messina's snake form), Professor Archimedes Porter, Alice, Kala, Ratty, Moley, Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin), Sinbad's Crew, Chief Tannabok's Warriors, Omar, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Stretch, Ludwig Von Drake, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Angel, the Genie, Merlin, Ariel, Flounder, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Petrie, Ducky, Tiana, Naveen, Arthur (D), Lady Kluck, Daisy Duck, Hubie, Minnie Mouse, El Supremo's Military, Professor MacKrill, Captain Neweyes, Cloak, Dagger, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Kerchak, Lord Maliss' Goons, Donald Duck, Goofy, Louis, and Pluto,)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Philoctetes, Hercules, Mama Odie, Kuzco, Megara, Pacha, Pegasus, Dr. Hamsterviel, Orin, Aviana, Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto, Dagg Dibrimi, the Iron Giant, the Grand Councilwoman, Leah Estrogen, Commander Nebula, Shang, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin), Dr. Jumbaa, Gune, BEN, and Silica)
  • Battle at Grimhilde's Castle (Part 2): (Featuring: Merlin, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Simba, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Tzekel Kan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Lord Maliss' Goons, Peter (Make Mine Music), Sasha (Make Mine Music), Lady Kluck, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Moley, Tiana, Ray, Tarzan, Tzekel Kan's Illusions, Archive Footage of Pain and Panic's Snake Transformation (used as combination footage with that of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), Archive Footage of the Snake (The Legend of Tarzan: (The Gauntlet of Vengeance)) (used as combination footage with that of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), Kenai, Koda, Anastasia Romanov, Ratty, Mr. Toad, Tulio, Chel, Hazel, Hazel's Rabbits, Fiver, Pipkin, Blackberry, Dandelion, Silver, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Archive Footage of the Rats (The Little Mermaid) (used as part of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), Big Wig, Archive Footage of the Rats (Watership Down) (used as part of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), Sinbad, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Abu, Archive Footage of Jafar's Spiders (used as part of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), the Genie, Archive Footage of the Spider (Legend of Tarzan) (used as part of Tzekel Kan's Illusions), Archive Footage of Sharptooth's rampage (used for Sharptooth's introduction), Bambi, Pecos Bill, Widowmaker, Alice, Sharptooth, Ariel, Littlefoot, Phoebus, Archive Footage of the T-Rex (Legend of Tarzan) (used as combination footage with that of Sharptooth's), Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Archive Footage of the T-Rex (Aladdin) (used as combination footage with that of Sharptooth's), Flounder, Archive Footage of the T-Rex (The Little Mermaid) (used as combination footage with that of Sharptooth's), Archive Footage of the Evil Genie, Osmosis Jones, Daffers, Scotty, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Panchito Pistoles, Omar, Tack, Hubie, Captain Hook, Freddie, Bongo, Jane Porter, Colin MacLeod, Quasimodo, Louis, Dil, Ichy, Prince Eric, Timon, Pumbaa, Archive Footage of the Tick-Tock Crocodile (used as combination footage with that of Dil's), Dahlia, Miguel, Snow White (D), Angel, Archive Footage of the Alligator (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance) (used as combination footage with that of Dil's), Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Hercules, Pegasus, Brer Rabbit, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Naveen, Sinbad's Crew, and the Flying Carpet)
  • Battle at Marcus' Base: (Featuring: Emperor Zurg, Orin, Aviana, Cale Tucker, Marcus Octavius, Dr. Hamsterviel, the Iron Giant, Shang, Dagg Dibrimi, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Rourke's Mercenaries, Zygon, Commander Nebula, Leah Estrogen, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Amelia, Dimitri, Vladimir (Anastasia), Milo Thatch, Zygon's Droids, Mira Nova, Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used for Dimitri against Zurg and Preed against Mr. Arrow), Brain Pods, Hornets, Regular-Hornets, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin), Silica, Stith, Marcus' Troops, BEN, Dr. Jumbaa, Akima Kunimoto, the Grand Councilwoman, the Galactic Federation's Guards, Lt. Helga Snclair, Gune, Hogarth Hughes, Dr. Doppler, Pleakley, Booster, XR, Audrey Ramirez, Vinni Santorini, Mega-Hornet, Jebidiah "Cookie" Farnsworth, Pooka, Mr. Arrow, and Preed)
  • Interlude 5: (Featuring: the Drej, the Drej Air Fleet, Hades, Pain, Panic, the Drej Queen, Tom, the League of Extaordinary Gentlemice, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Basil, Dodger, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Tiger (An American Tail), Tony Toponi, Bernard, Bianca, Oliver, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Roquefort, Jaq, Gus, Francis (Oliver and Company), Rita, Einstein, Figaro, Cleo, Mrs. Brisby, Jerry, Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), Dr. Dawson, Olivia Flaversham, Fievel Mousekewitz, Robespierre, Jaune-Tom, Rowf, Snitter, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Chanticleer, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Mewsette, Sawyer, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Snipes, Peepers, Tin Soldier, Maleficent, Maleficent's Goons, Jafar, Diablo, Iago, the R.L.S. Legacy, Captain Amelia, Buzz Lightyear, the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Booster, XR, Dagg Dibrimi, Arthur (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin), Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto, Pooka, Gune, Stith, Shang, Gaetan "Mole" Moliére, Vinni Santorini, Wilhelmina Packard, Jebidiah "Cookie" Farnsworth, Audrey Ramirez, Joshua Sweet, Milo Thatch, Dimitri, and Dr. Doppler)
  • Interlude 5.5: (Featuring: Thudd, Archive Footage of the Bridge from Atlantis: The Lost Empire (used as combination footage with that of the Bridge's from Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone), Richard Tyler, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Horror, Bagheera, Mowgli, Rhoga, 26, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Archive Footage of the River from the Legend of Tarzan (used in the cutscene), Tantor, Terk, Baloo, Fantasy, the Carnotaurus (Turok: Son of Stone), Colonel Hathi, and the Jungle Patrol)
  • Interlude 6: (Featuring: Denahi, Sitka, Gantu, Tyler, Hades, Jafar, Mulan, Khan (Mulan), Julie, Jim Hawkins, Jiminy Cricket, Germaine, Clopin, Stitch, Pinocchio (D), Djali, Mushu, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Zeek, Dr. Schechter, Kerrie, Tyler's Victims, Jenny Foxworth, Cody, Robyn Starling, the Lost Boys, John Darling, Michael Darling, Lilo Pelekai, the Horned King, Nekron, Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice), Dr. Facilier, the Queen of Hearts, Madam Mim, Saruman, Nemo, Icarus, the Witches of Morva, Orddu, Orwen, Orgoch, Darkwolf, Derek, Turnip, Princess Irene, Larn, Teegra, Gandalf, the Boomps, Oompa, Oompo, Oomp, Oompy, Oompe, the Coachman, the Coachman's Goons, the Coachman's Victims, Professor Screweyes, Sarousch, Stromboli, Honest John, Gideon, Puppetino, Hotep, Huy, Forte, Mommy Fortuna, King Haggard, Prince Lir, Kayley, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Elinore, Belle, Maurice, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Molly Grue, Schmendrick, Pocahontas, Princess Camille, Thumbelina, Curdie, the Good Fairy, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Puffin, Meeko, Speed, Flit, Odette, and John Smith)
  • BATTLE AT THE CIRCUS (Featuring: Professor Screweyes' Eccentric Circus, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, Sarousch, Clara, Screweyes' Elephants, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Jake, Bernard, Bianca, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Fievel Mousekewitz, the SFX Operator (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Professor Screweyes, the Coachman, Screweyes' Henchmen, Dodger, Oliver, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Dumbo, Tiger (An American Tail), Rex, Mrs. Brisby, Scalawag, Igor, Figaro, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Roquefort, Gus, Tom, Jerry, Woog, Archive Footage of Sharptooth's rampage (used for Rex's rampage), Tito, Jaq, Olivia Flaversham, Elsa, Dweeb, Tony Toponi, Screweyes' Fear Machine, the Clown (The Brave Little Toaster) (Projection Image of Screweyes' Fear Machine), Gee Willikers, Lt. Grumblebee, Francis (Oliver and Company), Einstein, Timothy Q. Mouse, Jeremy, Puppetino, Stromboli, Mommy Fortuna, Honest John, Gideon, Forte, Forte's Illusions, Justin, Rita, Stitch, Jim Hawkins, Mulan, Clopin, Julie, Pinocchio (D), Ruhk, Jiminy Cricket, the Marahute, Mushu, Cri-Kee, and Mommy Fortuna's Crow)
  • Mulan, Jim, and Stitch vs. Dr. Schetcher, Hotep and Huy (Also Featuring: Kerrie, Sarah Hawkins, Nani Pelekai, Dean McCoppin, Annie Hughes, Anne-Marie, Cody, Pinocchio (D), Esmeralda, Jaq, Gus, Penny, Jenny Foxworth, Oliver, Lilo Pelekai, Gus (A Troll in Central Park), Rosie (A Troll in Central Park), Germaine, Fagin, Mushu, Jake, Bianca, John Darling, the Lost Boys, Michael Darling, Robyn Starling, Tom, Jerry, Charlie Barkin, Rosy (Balto), Jiminy Cricket, Egyptian Priests (cameo appearance), Cri-Kee, Morph, Clopin, Hotep and Huy's Illusions, Archive Footage of the Snake (The Legend of Tarzan: (The Gauntlet of Vengeance)) (used as combination footage with that of Hotep and Huy's Illusions), Archive Footage of Captain Hook's trapdoor (used as trapdoor to Hotep and Huy), Tyler's Victims, Julie, Odin (Heavy Metal 2000), Zeek, and Khan (Mulan))
  • Aftermath: (Featuing: the Lizardmen, Lizardmen Warriors, Tyler, Lambert, Jafar, Iago, and Hades)
  • Interlude 7: (Featuring, Balto, Great Great Granmother Irene, Ogthar, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Archive Footage of Sharptooth's rampage (used for Ogthar's Dinosaur Army awakening), Archive Footage of the Vanishing Isle's Turtle Eye (used for Ogthar's Dinosaur Army awakening), Crysta, Taran, Zak Young, Tinker Bell, Batty Koda, and the Nazgûl)
  • Battle at Nekron's Castle: (Featuring: Nekron's Subhumans, Garrett, Devon, Cornwall, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Skippy, the Beast, Nekron, the Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facilier, Avatar, Weehawk, Madam Mim, Archive Footage of Merlin's magic (used for Mim's defeat), Archive Footage of Jafar's initial defeat (used for Mim's defeat), Flamingo Poles, Frodo Baggins, Shadow Demons, Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee, Facilier's Shadow, Archive Footage of Ursula's lightning bolt (used by Nemo and his friends), Nemo, the Boomps, Oompa, Oompo, Oomp, Oompy, Oompe, Saruman, Eilonwy, Saruman's Army, the Orcs, the Uruk-Hai, Grishnákh, Taran, the Nazgûl, the Witch-King of Angmar (cameo appearance), Archive Footage of Jafar's disappearance (used for Saruman's disappearance), King Haggard, Odette's Friends, Speed, Jean-Bob, Puffin, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Molly Grue, Prince Lir, Thumbelina, Prince Cornelius, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Buzzbee, Little John, the Nottingham Villagers, Toby's Father (Robin Hood), Kayley, Juliana (Quest for Camelot), Curdie, Belle, Crysta, Tinker Bell, Schmendrick, Maid Marian, Icarus, Princess Camille, Professor Genius, Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice), John Smith, Pocahontas, Meeko, the Beast's Servants, Mrs. Potts, Denahi, Fflewddur Fflam, Ayden, Elinore, and Odette)
  • Aftermath: (Featuring: Frodo Baggins, Maurice, Thumbelina, Taran, Avatar, Peter Pan, Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Curdie, Belle, Robin Hood, Weehawk, Pocahontas, Devon, Cornwall, the Beast, Crysta, Kayley, Garrett, and Aragorn, Archive Footage of Moses' Ring (used as combination footage with that of the One-Ring's)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: the Grand Councilwoman, the Galactic Federation's armanda, the Galactic Federation's Guards, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Cobra Bubbles, Dr. Hamsterviel, Archive Footage of the Destroyed Facility from Heavy Metal 2000 (used for the remnants of the circus), Sarousch, Forte, the Colonel (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Frollo's Soldiers, the Colonel's Soldiers, Happy Jester, Sad Jester, Sarousch's Short Minion, Pongo, Kong, the Colonel (101 Dalmatians), Sergeant Tibbs, Jock, Trusty, Napoleon (D), Lafayette, Thomas O'Malley, Francis (Felidae), Perdita, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Cat R. Waul, Waul's Henchmen, Ratigan, Ratigan's Thugs, Carface, Meowrice, Warren T. Rat, Digit, the Grand Duke of Owls, Jenner, the Mouse King, Berkeley Beetle, the Grundel Toad, Jack-in-the-Box, the Royal Council, King Stephan, the Emperor of China, King Stephan's Knights, the Chinese Imperial Army, the King of France, the Grand Duke (D), King Papa, King Papa's Knights, Queen Leah, the Wise Faction, Merlin, Gandalf, Magi Lune, Mother Nature, the Blue Fairy, the Good Fairy, Grandmother Willow, Carolinus, the Pagemaster, Mama Odie, Great Great Grandmother Irene, the Great Owl, Nicodemus, Rafiki, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Queen Grimhilde, Ogthar, Rhoga, Thudd, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Captain Hook, Lord Maliss, Tzekel Kan, El Supremo's Military, El Supremo, Messina, Goofy, Phoebus, Moses, Osmosis Jones, Tack, Aladdin, the Genie, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Jim Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Mulan, Tzipporah, Miriam, Aaron, the Hebrews, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Drej, the Titans, and Mok)
  • Next Time: (Featuring: Aladdin, Zigzag, Garrett, Ayden, the Beast, the Horned King, Rasputin, Rothbart, Taran, Ruber, Sinbad, Captain Hook, Colin MacLeod, Mulan, Tyler, Jim Hawkins, Buzz Lightyear, Zygon, Thrax, John Silver, Merlin, Tzekel Kan, Tarzan, Sharptooth, Simba, Balto, Quasimodo, Omar, Dr. Facilier, El Supremo, Messina, Eris, Ariel, the Roc, Shere Khan, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, Ursula, Fievel Mousekewitz, Basil, Scar, Big Wig, Hercules, Lord Maliss, the Seven Dwarfs, the Blue Meanies, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Pongo, Francis (Felidae), Cruella De Ville, Claudandus, Tack, Jafar, Avatar, Hades, Julie, the Hydra (Hercules), Pterano, Bambi, General Woundwort, Orin, Emperor Zurg, Cat R. Waul, Waul's Henchmen, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Animal Farm's Pigs, Anastasia Romanov, Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Piglet, Rabbit, Prince Froglip, Miguel, Tulio, Frollo, Spirit, Derek, Maleficent/Dragon Maleficent, the Spring Sprite, Hexxus, Moses, Chernabog, Mok, Mickey Mouse, Mok's Supercomputer, and Mok's Mysterious Friend )

Round 15:

  • Prologue: (Featuring: the Horned King's Alliance, the Horned King, Dr. Facilier, Ruber, Rothbart, Yzma, Kronk, Prince John, Napoleon's Dogs (Animal Farm), Napoleon (Animal Farm), Animal Farm's Pigs, Red/Disguised Red, Cat R. Waul, Ratigan, Meowrice, Claudandus, Animal Farm's Animals, Animal Farm's Cows, Animal Farm's Sheep, Animal Farm's Geese, Animal Farm's Horses, Animal Farm's Goat, Boxer, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Patch of Heaven's Animals, Larry (Home on the Range), Audrey (Home on the Range), Wilbur, Patch of Heaven's Piggies, Jan Mouse, Jenner, Frollo, Ratcliffe, the Colonel, the Colonel's Soldiers, the Colonel's Horse, Wiggins, Percy, Dodger, Francis (Oliver and Company), Basil, Pongo, Perdita, Bernard, Bianca, Francis (Felidae), Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Rowf, Snitter, Lady, Tramp, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Snipes, Peepers, the Fearless Four, Buster, Gwendolyn, Mrs. Calloway, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tony Toponi, Tom, Jerry, Roquefort, Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo, Jaune-Tom, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Mrs. Brisby, Jaq, Gus, Prince Froglip, Pocahontas, Larn, John Smith, King Jarol, Darkwolf, Teegra, King Jarol's Soldiers, Pterosaurs (Fire and Ice), Merlin, King Stephan, the Van's Drivers (Animal Farm), Ollie, Goldie, Charlotte, Templeton, and Patch of Heaven's Hens)
  • Battle of the Native Lands: (Part 1): (Featuring: Ratcliffe, Wiggins, the Colonel (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Sergeant Adams, the Colonel's Soldiers, Ratcliffe's Colonists, Thomas, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Spirit, Buck, Lucky Jack, Archive Footage of Denahi's spear (used for the villains attacks), Prince John's Army, the Wolf Archers, Nekron's Subhumans, Little Creek, Pocahontas, the Colonel's Horses, Flit, Meeko, Teegra, Ben, Lon, the Powhatan Tribe, Chief Powhatan, the Powhatan Warriors, Pterosaurs (Fire and Ice), Darkwolf, King Jarol's Soldiers, Prince John, Larn, the Sheriff of Nottingham, John Smith, Grandmother Willow, Shorthair, Murphy, the Rhino Guards, and Sir Hiss)
  • Battle of the Native Lands (Part 2): (Featuring: Spirit, Little Creek, Pocahontas, Larn, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, the Colonel's Soldiers, the Colonel's Horses, John Smith, Lucky Jack, Ratcliffe, Thomas, Ratcliffe's Colonists, Teegra, Darkwolf, Buck, the Colonel (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Meeko, Flit, Percy (non-canon appearance), Ben, Lon, and Sergeant Adams)
  • Interlude (1): (Featuring: Animal Farm's Animals, Animal Farm's Cows, Animal Farm's Sheep, Animal Farm's Goat, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Patch of Heaven's Animals, Jeb, Ollie, Patch of Heaven's Piggies, Audrey (Home on the Range), Wilbur, Jan Mouse, Squealer, Templeton, Goldie, Charlotte, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Napoleon's Dogs (Animal Farm), Animal Farm's Geese, Animal Farm's Pigs, Queen Grimhilde, Yzma, Scowl, Batso, Cruella De Ville, Shere Khan, Angry Mob (Animal Farm), Sykes, Madam Medusa, Edgar, Mr. Lickboot, Mr. Jones, Animal Farm's Horses, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca, Bongo, Brer Rabbit, Pecos Bill, Peter (Make Mine Music), Sasha (Make Mine Music), Lucky Jack, and Widowmaker)
  • Battle of Patch of Heaven: (Featuring: Cat R. Waul, Napoleon (Animal Farm), Ratigan, Ratigan's Thugs, Carface, Meowrice, Animal Farm's Pigs, Pongo, Perdita, Francis (Felidae), Tramp, Charlie Barkin, the Grand Duke of Owls, Warren T. Rat, Dodger, Rita, Tito, Francis (Oliver and Company), Einstein, Waul's Henchmen, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Jenner, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Dumbo, Tin Soldier, Oliver, Bernard, the Mott Street Maulers, Roquefort, Jaq, Gus, Tom, One-Eye (An American Tail), Frenchy, Slim (An American Tail), Jerry, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Fievel Mousekewitz, the 99 Puppies, Timothy Q. Mouse, Bianca, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Mrs. Brisby, Mr. Ages, Lady, Patch of Heaven's Animals, Patch of Heaven's Pigs, Ollie, Patch of Heaven's Piggies, Jeb, Audrey (Home on the Range), Wilbur, Panchito Pistoles, José Carioca, Pecos Bill, Widowmaker, Peter (Make Mine Music), Robespierre, the Mouse King, the Rats (The Little Mermaid), Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Goldie, the Rats (Watership Down), Bongo, Brer Rabbit, Templeton, the Rat (Lady and the Tramp), Archive Footage of the Rat (Felidae) (used as combination footage with that of the Rat from the Lady and the Tramp movie), the Rodent (Gay Purr-ee), Jaune-Tom, Kong, Sasha (Make Mine Music), Sergeant Tibbs, Gwendolyn, the Aracuan Bird, Edmond, Edmond's Friends, Patou, Snipes, Peepers, Felonius, Killer, Carface's Dogs, Berkeley Beetle, the Grundel Toad, Sonia, Georgette, Dr. Dawson, Orville, the Mice (Cinderella), Archive Footage of Avatar's Gun (used by Basil against the Grand Duke of Owls), the Animal Cruelty Squad, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Rowf, Snitter, Madam Medusa, Edgar, Angry Mob (Animal Farm), Robyn Starling, Cody, Sykes, Penny, Roscoe, Desoto, Bluebeard, Cruella De Ville, Archive Footage of the Barrels (Robin Hood) (used as combination footage with that of their same name type from the Animal Farm), the Barrels (Animal Farm), Squealer, Mr. Jones, Aunt Figg, Jenny Foxworth, Anne-Marie, Mr. Lickboot, Itchy, Charlotte, Tiger (An American Tail), Mewsette, Sawyer, Jake, Archive Footage of the Man's Wildfire (used for the explosion fire of the Windmill Tower from the Animal Farm), Jeremy, Tortellini, Jack-in-the-Box, Justin, Chanticleer, Sparky, Benjamin (Animal Farm), Animal Farm's Animals, Animal Farm's Cows, Animal Farm's Horses, Animal Farm's Sheep, Ivan, Animal Farm's Goat, Animal Farm's Geese, Fidget, Archive Footage of Maleficent's Lightning Flash (used for Red's sudden appearance), Red/Disguised Red, Archive Footage of Chernabog's hellfire (used for Red's torture to Napoleon from Animal Farm), Tony Toponi, and Claudandus)
  • Interlude (2): (Featuring: Aladdin, Miguel, Tulio, Alice, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Abu, Ludwig Von Drake, Snow White (D), the R.L.S. Legacy, XR, Mira Nova, Booster, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Toad, Esmeralda, Tack, Jim Hawkins, the Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Captain Amelia, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Stretch, Omar, Anastasia Romanov, Dimitri, Milo Thatch, Dr. Doppler, Quasimodo, Orin, Cale Tucker, Ratty, Moley, Dr. Jumbaa, Pleakley, Shang, Morph, Archive Footage of the Destroyed Village from Mulan (used as for the remnants of Patch of Heavens), Maggie, Edmond, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Pongo, the Great Owl, Bernard, Bianca, Roquefort, Snitter, Rowf, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Jaq, Perdita, Orville, Garrett, Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Nemo, Princess Irene, Taran, Eilonwy, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Prince Lir, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Belle, Derek, Prince Phillip, Peter Pan, Curdie, Avatar, Hercules, Megara, Cinderella, Kida, Frodo Baggins, Crysta, Prince Cornelius, Kuzco, Pacha, the Beast, Devon Cornwall, Ayden, Kayley, Tom, Robyn Starling, Jerry, Jasper Badun, Horace Badun, Aunt Figg, Mr. Lickboot, the 99 Puppies, Rolly, Patch, Odette, Julie, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Speed, John Darling, Gus (A Troll in Central Park), Rosie (A Troll in Central Park), Arthur (D), Puffin, Wendy Darling, Germaine, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), the Genie, Lady Kluck, the Lost Boys, Michael Darling, the Seven Dwarfelles, Thunderella, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Rex, Woog, Elsa, Dweeb, Stanley, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Danielle, Aragh, Giles, Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, the Seven Dwarfs, Clara, Pavlova, Scalawag, Igor, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Gee Willikers, Lt. Grumblebee, Sir Orin Nevile Smythe, Smythe's Horse, Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, Ommadon's Dragon Army (shown in Maleficent's vision), Ommadon (shown in Maleficent's vision), Bryagh (shown in Maleficent's vision), and Iago)
  • THE CHASE: (Featuring: Francis (Felidae), Pongo, Perdita, the Labrador (cameo appearance), Fagin, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Jaune-Tom, Cruella De Ville, Thomas O'Malley, Dodger, Tito, Rita, Francis (Oliver and Company), Lady, Tom, Jerry, Jasper Badun, Horace Badun, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Rowf, Snitter, the 99 Puppies, Robespierre, Bluebeard, Duchess, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Oliver, Tramp, Anne-Marie, Madam Medusa, Edgar, the Truck Driver (101 Dalmatians), Aunt Figg, Mr. Lickboot, Ferdinard, Sykes, Dr. J. "Sweetface" Applecheek, Napoleon (The Arisocats), Lafayette, Jock, Trusty, Einstein, Balto, Robyn Starling, Jenny Foxworth, Roscoe, Desoto, and Georgette)
  • Intermission: (Featuring: Jim Hawkins, Morph, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Mulan, Khan (Mulan), the Horned King, and the Cauldron Born)
    • The Outskirts: (Featuring: Garrett, Dr. Facilier, Avatar, Frodo Baggins, Prince Phillip, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, the Orcs, the Uruk-Hai, the Nazgûl, Robin Hood, Grishnákh, the Nottingham Villagers, Toby's Father (Robin Hood), Otto, Toby (Robin Hood), Sis, Peter Pan, Taran, the Beast, Skippy, Uglúk, Hercules, the Griffin (Quest for Camelot), Belle, Kuzco, Ruber, Metal Army, Pegasus, Curdie, the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, Weehawk, Elinore, the King of Hearts (cameo appearance), Flamingo Poles, Kayley, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Archive Footage of Sharptooth's rampage scene (used for Rex's Dinosaur Gang's sudden appearance), Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Rex, Elsa, Woog, Dweeb, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Clara, Cinderella, Kida, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Gurgi, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Stanley, the Seven Dwarfelles, the Backson, Thunderella, Cecilia, Aragh, Sir Orin Nevile Smythe, Smythe's Horse, Danielle, Giles, Pacha, the Seven Dwarfs, Bladebeak, Denahi, the Beast's Servants, Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Sultan (Beauty and the Beast) (cameo appearance), Maurice, and Hans/the Nutcracker Prince)
    • Outside the Castle: (Featuring: Nemo, Icarus, Princess Camille, Professor Genius, Rothbart, Doc (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Belle, Clavious, Zelda, Cinderella, Devon, Cornwall, Queen Gnorga, Crysta, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Odin (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Princess Irene, Turnip, Derek, Thumbelina, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Rex, Elsa, Woog, Dweeb, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Stanley, Kuzco, Pacha, Taran, Eilonwy, the Beast's Servants, Cogsworth, Hercules, Lumiere, Denahi, Knuckles, the Seven Dwarfelles, Frodo Baggins, Fflewddur Fflam, Gurgi, Robin Hood, Clara, the Beast, Kayley, Avatar, Yzma, Kronk, Molly Grue, Batty Koda, Garrett, Ayden, Curdie, Incan Palace Guards, Aragorn, Sir Orin Nevile Smythe, Schmendrick, Prince Lir, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Megara, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Wolf (Atlantis: Milo's Return) (cameo appearance), Thunderella, Weehawk, the Genie, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Odette, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Puffin, Speed, Stanley's Magical Flower, Gus (A Troll in Central Park), Rosie (A Troll in Central Park), the Lost Boys, John Darling, Arthur (D), Bridget, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Lady Kluck, and Julie)
    • Inside the Castle: (Featuring: Garrett, Kayley, the Beast, Avatar, Taran, the Unicorn/Lady Amalthea, Schmendrick, Molly Grue, Peter Pan, the Horned King's Alliance, the Horned King, Crysta, Robin Hood, Nemo, Icarus, Prince Phillip, Samson, Curdie, Princess Irene, Denahi, Aragorn, Hercules, Derek, Jafar, Pacha, Clara, the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Arthur (D), Louie (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Cecilia, the Genie, Hades, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Snow White (Happily Ever After), Kida, Stanley, Stanley's Magical Flowers, Gorbash/Peter Dickison, Julie, the Wise Faction, Merlin, Rex, the Royal Council, King Stephan, the Horned King's Barbarian Guards, the King's Guards, King Papa's Knights, Creeper, Giles, Frodo Baggins, Figaro, Rothbart, Dr. Facilier, Ruber, the Metal Army, the Orcs, the Uruk-Hai, the Nazgûl, the Grand Duke (D), the King of France, Grishnákh, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Queen Gnorga, King Llort, Trolls of Queen Gnorga (cameo appearance), Dark Thorny Creatures (Quest for Camelot), Archive Footage of Maleficent's Thorns (used as combination footage with that of the Dark Thorny Creatures'), Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Mama Odie, Rafiki, Philoctetes, Kuzco, Bridget, Mother Nature, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, Professor Genius, Flamingo Poles, Yzma, Incan Palace Guards, the Pagemaster, Odette's Friends, Jean-Bob, Kronk, Puffin, Odin (Atlantis: Milo's Return), Prince Lir, Zak Young, Weehawk, Clavious, Pacha, Zelda, Lady Kluck, Shadow Demons, the Seven Dwarfelles, Thunderella, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Prince Cornelius, Li'l Bee, Gnatty, Baby Bug, Batty Koda, Buzzbee, Odette, Sir Orin Nevile Smythe, Tinker Bell, Jafar's Monsters, the Minotaur, the Griffin (Hercules), Unknown Lizard Monster (Hercules), the Red Bull (Hercules), Germaine, Gandalf, Woog, Speed, Elinore, Little John, Pegasus, the Beast's Servants, Lumiere Cogsworth, Ommadon's Dragon Army, Ommadon, Bryagh, Scalawag, Igor, the Two-Headed Serpent, Gee Willikers, Lt. Grumblebee, Ayden, the Hydra (Star vs. The Forces Of Evil), Danielle, Devon, Cornwall, Maurice, the Cauldron Born, Turnip, Pavlova, the Lost Boys, the Headless Horseman, the Headless Horseman's Horse, the Red Bull (The Last Unicorn), Maid Marian, Mother Rabbit, Skippy, Sis, Tagalong, Eilonwy, Belle, Fflewddur Fflam, the Boomps, Oompa, Oompo, Oomp, Oompy, Oompe, Zeus, Olympian Gods, Poseidon, Archive Footage of Atlantis flood (used for the Red Bull's incineration), and Hermes, Archive Footage of Agrabah's destruction (used for the destruction of the Horned King's citadel), Archive Footage of Jafar's disappearance (used for the escape of the heroes))
  • Interlude (3): (Featuring: Jim Hawkins, Shang, Mulan, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po, Shang's Horse (cameo appearance), the Chinese Imperial Army (cameo appearance), Mickey Mouse, Alice, Pinocchio (D), Quasimodo, Simba, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Milo Thatch, Audrey Ramirez, Anastasia Romanov, Moses, Aaron, the Hebrews, Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Rat, Freddie, Ratty, Moley, Littlefoot, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Petrie, Ducky, Osmosis Jones, Colin MacLeod, Kenai, Bambi, Hogarth Hughes, the Iron Giant, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Hazel, Hazel's Rabbit's, Fiver, Dandelion, Big Wig, Pipkin, Blackberry, Silver, Hubie, Miguel, Tulio, Tiana, Naveen, Aladdin, Tarzan, Tack, Princess Yum-Yum, Omar, Abu, Jane Porter, and the Flying Carpet)
  • Interlude (4): (Featuring: Queen Grimhilde's Alliance, Queen Grimhilde, Captain Hook, Lord Maliss, El Supremo, Messina, Ogthar, Tzekel Kan, Ursula, Scar, Shere Khan, Zira, Drake, General Woundwort, Ozzy, Strut, Rinkus, Sierra, Niju, McLeach, Clayton, Amos Slade, Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Kale, Aladdin, Simba, Ariel, Tarzan, Quasimodo, Omar, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, Pinocchio (D), Miguel, Tulio, Tack, Anastasia Romanov, Dimitri, Alice, Mr. Toad, Hogarth Hughes, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Milo Thatch, Vinny Santorini, Gaetan "Mole" Moliére, Dahlia, Colin MacLeod, Freddie, Hubie, Tiana, Naveen, Bambi, Faline, Kenai, Koda, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Hazel's Rabbits, Dandelion, Big Wig, Blackberry, Hazel, the Iron Giant, Goofy, Donald Duck, Princess Jasmine, the Flying Carpet, Pongo, Perdita, Balto, Francis (Felidae), Lady, Tramp, Tom, Jerry, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Jenna, Muk, Luk, Boris, Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, Jaune-Tom, Dodger's Gang, Rita, Tito, Francis (Oliver and Company), Rowf, Snitter, the Tod (Plague Dogs), Yzma, Kronk, Mechanical Attack Squid, Chief Blue Meanie, Rhoga, Thudd, Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Tantor, Terk, 26's Friends, 26, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Richard Tyler, Mechanical Dinosaur Robots, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Fly, Sebastian, Chuck, Stella, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Flounder, Joe's Fish Army, the Shark (Help! I'm a Fish), Fish Soldiers, Joe, Merlin, Garrett, Ayden, Peter Pan, the Seven Dwarfs, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Dopey, Tinker Bell, and the Forest Animals (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs))
  • Part 1: Outside the Castle (Featuring: Simba, the Lionesses, the Blue Meanies, Chief Blue Meanie, Max (Yellow Submarine), the Four-Headed Dog, Apple Bonkers, Hidden-Persuader Men, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, the Iron Giant, Peter Pan, the Forest Animals (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), the Seven Dwarfs, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Common-Blue Meanies, Anti-Music Missile, Timon, Osmosis Jones, Archive Footage of Grewnge's blast shot, (used to represent the Anti-Music Missile's attack), Dahlia, Countdown Clowns, Pluto, Jack-the-Nippers, the Dreadful Flying Glove, Donald Duck, Goofy, Snapping-Turtle-Turks, Yzma, Kronk, Mechanical Attack Squid, Drix, Freddie, Colin MacLeod, Batso, Scowl, Dopey, Grumpy, Tinker Bell, and Queen Grimhilde)
  • Part 2: Inside the Castle (Featuring: Ogthar, Rhoga, Thudd, Queen Grimhilde/the Hag, 26, 26's Friends, Spazz, Mechanical Dinosaur Robots, Kex Bradley, Mara, Baloo, Tantor, Terk, Captain Hook, Captain Hook's Pirates, Mullins, Turk, Bagheera, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy, Richard Tyler, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, El Supremo, Messina, Lord Maliss/Dragon Maliss, Mowgli, Princess Jasmine, Colin MacLeod, El Supremo's Military, Timon, Pumbaa, the Seven Dwarfs, Archive Footage of Snake Jafar (used to represent Messina's snake form), Archive Footage of the Snake (The Legend of Tarzan: (The Gauntlet of Vengeance) (used to represent Messina's snake form), Simba, Daffers, Scotty, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Dahlia, Freddie, Big-Ben (Freddie as F.R.O.7), Abu, and the Ogthar's Mechanical Scorpion)
  • Interlude (5): Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Merlin, Taran, Eilonwy, Kida, Hercules, the Seven Dwarfelles, Fflewddur Fflam, Megara, Philoctetes, Pegasus, Clara, the Marahute, Figaro, Orville, Cody, Gee Willikers, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Fievel, Bernard, Bianca, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Timothy Q. Mouse, Mrs. Brisby, Roquefort, Jaq, Gus (Cinderella), Igor, Scalawag, Hans, Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), Dumbo, Pavlova, Monstro, Rocko, Uncle Drosselmeier, Geppetto (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Geppetto (D), King Triton/Polyp Triton, the Vultures (The Jungle Book), Hazel, General Woundwort, Woundwort's Rabbits, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), and Bambi)
  • Part 3: Under the Sea: (Featuring: Ariel, Fly, Chuck, Stella, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Flounder, Joe's Fish Army, Crab General, Crab Soldiers, Joe, the Shark (Help! I'm a Fish), Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, Archive Footage of the Octopus (Help! I'm a Fish) (used to represent Ursula's attacks), Sebastian, Marina Del Ray, Electric Eels, the Piranhas (Help! I'm a Fish), and Monstro)
  • Part 4: On the Cliffs: (Featuring: Pooh's Friends, Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time, Ducky, Petrie, Hazel's Rabbits, Hazel, Fiver, Blackberry, Woundwort's Rabbits, Bambi, Tiana, Naveen, Silver, Big Wig, Dandelion, Hyzenthlay, Blackavar, Captain Holly, Pipkin, the Vultures (The Jungle Book), Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Kida, General Woundwort, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Kenai, Niju, Drake, McLeach, Ray, Louis, Koda, Ariel, Flounder, Monstro, Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Fly, Joanna, Faline, the Dog (Watership Down), the Hunter's Dogs (Bambi), and Scuttle) 
  • Part 5: Ocean Battle (First Half): (Featuring: Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Tarzan, Professor Archimedes Porter, Prince Eric, Quasimodo, Milo Thatch, Tack, Princess Yum-Yum, Captain Hook, Hook's Pirates, Turk, Mullins, Miguel, Jed, Rat, Bill Jukes, Hubie, Anastasia Romanov, Black Murphy, Omar's Friends, Stretch, Wibbles, Omar, Starkey, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio (D), Long John Silver's Pirates (Archive Footage, used to represent Captain Hook's Pirate Crew's attacks), Ratty, Mr. Toad, the March Hare, Jane Porter, Alice, Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin), the Thief, Morgana, Tulio, Chel, Dimitri, Ariel, Kida, Messina, Captain Phoebus, Cetus/The Kraken (Archive Footage, used to represnt Messina's monster and final form), the Octopus (The Legend of Tarzan) (Archive Footage, used to represent Messina/Cetus' attacks), Vinny Santorini, Gaetan "Mole" Moliére, the Kraken (Atlantis: Milo's Return) (Archive Footage, used to represent Messina/Cetus' attacks), Scuttle, Tantor, Cloak, Dagger, Angel, Undertow (cameo), Dizzy, Proteus, King Dymas' Guards, Kale, and Esmeralda)
  • Part 6: Ocean Battle (Second Half): (Featuring: Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Cody, Clara, Pavlova, Scalawag, Igor, Monstro, Fievel, Mrs. Brisby, Timothy Q. Mouse, Roquefort, Tiger (An American Tail), Dumbo, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Dr. Dawson, Gus (Cinderella), Justin, Gee Willikers, Lt. Grumblebee, Bernard, Bianca, Esmeralda, Kida, Miguel, Altivo, Anastasia Romanov, Jaq, Hubie, Ursula, Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Chuck, Flounder, Sebastian, Sinbad's Crew, Rat, Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Tarzan, Pinocchio (D), Ratty, Moley, Omar, Tack, Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, Ducky, Petrie, Tulio, Chel, Eric's Crew, Dimitri, Tigger, Sinbad, Kale, Luca, Jed, Audrey Ramirez, Proteus, Captain Phoebus, Prince Eric, Milo Thatch, Quasimodo, Princess Yum-Yum, Professor Archimedes Porter, Jake, Angus MacBadger (cameo appearance), and Mr. Toad) 
  • Cutscene: (Featuring: Hazel's Rabbits, Hazel, Blackberry, Silver, Big Wig, Bambi, Faline, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Sinbad's Crew, Luca, Jed, Grimsby, Pinocchio (D), Milo Thatch, Spike (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Sinbad, Hubie, Marina (The Pebble and the Penguin), Rocko, Ariel, Uncle Drosselmeier, Clara, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Geppetto (Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night), Gee Willikers, Figaro, Geppetto (D), Esmeralda, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Petrie, Dumbo, Fievel, the Iron Giant, Koda, Kenai, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Tiana, Naveen, 26's Friends, 26, Kex Bradley, Mara, Ogthar's Mechanical Robots, Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Alice, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Simba, Tack, Tarzan, Tantor, Terk, Omar, Quasimodo, the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Merlin, Miguel, Tulio, Richard Tyler, Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Penny, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Mowgli, Baloo, Spazz, Pluto, Dahlia, Anastasia Romanov, Dimitri, Vladimir (Anastasia), Mechanical Scorpion, Bernard, Bianca, Ratty, Moley, Ogthar, Chel, Queen Grimhilde/the Hag, Richard Tyler's Friends, Adventure, Louis, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Albertosaurus, Timon, Pumbaa, Spinosaurus, Baronyx, Jaq, Fiver, Captain Holly, Pipkin, Hyzenthlay, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Deinonychus, Utahraptors, Rhoga, Thudd, Eeyore, Tigger, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, Jiminy Cricket, the Flying Carpet, and Jane Porter)
  • Intermission (3): (Featuring: Polyp Triton/King Triton, Tzekel Kan, Tzekel Kan's Acolyte, Stone Jaguar, the R.L.S. Legacy, XR, Buzz Lightyear, Jim Hawkins, Morph, Shang, Mickey Mouse, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, Goofy, Taran, Eilonwy, Alice, Fflewddur Fflam, Donald Duck, Gurgi, Roo, Froglip's Goblins, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Pluto, Pterano, Rafiki, Tarzan, Scuttle, and Triceratops (Land Before Time))
  • Part 7: Dino Attack (First Half): (Featuring: Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Pinocchio (D), Jiminy Cricket, Aladdin, the Flying Carpet, Simba, Anastasia Romanov, Kenai, Koda, Rutt, Tuke, Zira, Tiana, Louis, Ray, Omar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Colin MacLeod, Nuka, Dahlia, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Bernard, Ozzy, Strut, Roquefort, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Esmeralda, Archimedes, Scar, Justin, Rinkus, Bianca, Naveen, Jake, Sparky, Sierra, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Pooka, Dimitri, Timon, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Oghtar's Dinosaur Army, Deinonychus, Nala, Pumbaa, Quasimodo, Phoebus, Abu, Albertosaurus, Archive Footage of the T-Rex (Aladdin) (used to represent Albertosaurus' attacks), Mr. Toad, Angel, Baryonyx, Arthur (D), Penny, Omar's Friends, Dizzy, Jaq, Gus (D), Hercules, Pegasus, Megara, Princess Jasmine, Milo Thatch, Kida, Spinosaurus, and Djali) 
  • Part 8: Dino Attack (Second Half): (Featuring: Ogthar's Mechanical Robots, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, Rhoga, Thudd, Richard Tyler's Friends, Richard Tyler, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Bagheera, Baloo, Terk, Tantor, the Thief, Tack, Kaa, Princess Yum-Yum, Shere Khan, Chel, Miguel, Tulio, Bambi, Tod (D), Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Utahraptors, Jane, Professor Archimedes, Archive Footage of the Velociraptors (Tarzan) (used to represent the Velociraptors' attacks from Land Before Time), the Seven Dwarfs, Dopey, Grumpy, Vixey, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, the Forest Animals (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), and Altivo)
  • Part 9: Battle at the Dam: (Featuring: Froglip's Goblins, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Prince Froglip, Taran, Alice, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the Goblin King, the Goblin Queen, Pluto, and Froglip's Cat (cameo appearance))
  • Part 10: Battle at the Gorge: (Featuring: Sinbad, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Fly, Chuck, Stella, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Archive Footage of Alameda Slim's Gun (used to represent the villains attacks), Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Clayton's Men, Cody, Clara, Hubie, Rocko, Sabor, Hazel's Rabbits, Hazel, Fiver, Big Wig, Silver, Dandelion, Pipkin, Blackberry, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of Night), Lumpjaw, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), German Poacher's Hunters, Scalawag, Igor, German Poacher, Kehaar, Hans/the Nutcracker Prince, Littlefoot's Friends, Ducky, Petrie, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Simba, Omar's Friends, Colin MacLeod, Hyzenthlay, Tiana, Naveen, Louis, Ray, Kenai, Tod (D), Bambi, Basil, Utahraptors, Abu, Quasimodo, Tack, Miguel, Tulio, Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Littlefoot, Clayton, Tarzan, Scuttle, Daddy Topps, Grandpa Longneck, Mama Swimmer, Koda, Bagheera, Dahlia, Richard Tyler, Kex Bradley, Omar, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Roquefort, McLeach, Kosh, the Seven Dwarfs, Happy, Sleepy, Princess Yum-Yum, Cera, Joanna, Mrs. Brisby, Spike (Land Before Time), Milo Thatch, Kida, Archive Footage of the Poacher's Gun (The Plague Dogs) (used to represent Clayton's attacks), Dumbo, Ratty, Moley, Anastasia Romanov, Archive Footage of the Triceratops (Legend of Tarzan) (used to represent the Triceratops' attacks from Land Before Time), Triceratops (Land Before Time), Archive Footage of Alexander Anderson's bayonet (used to represent the Triceratops' pierce through Clayton's body), Archive Footage of Light Yagami's death scene (used to represent Clayton's brutal death), Megara, Tantor, Baloo, Terk, Jiminy Cricket, Timon, Pumbaa, Esmeralda, the Vultures (Jungle Book), Nala, Hercules, Sinbad's Crew, Luca, Rat (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Froglip's Goblins, the Goblin Queen, the Goblin King, Taran, Pooh's Friends, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo, Winni the Pooh, Piglet, Alice, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Prince Froglip, Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam, and Tinker Bell)
  • Part 11: Battle for the Ruby Sunstone: (Featuring: 26, Mowgli, Ogthar's Mechanical Scorpion, Ogthar, Peter Pan, the Seven Dwarfelles, Muddy, Marina (Happy Ever After), Critterina, Sunburn, Thunderella, Hercules, Tarzan, Sinbad, Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), Queen Grimhilde/the Hag, Amos Slade, Chief (The Fox and the Hound), Nessus, Tack, Miguel, Tulio, Figaro, Steele, Zazu, Abu, Ratty, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Pongo, Perdita, Bambi, Snitter, Boris, Taran, Eilonwy, Ogthar's Dinosaur Army, Albertosaurus, Milo Thatch, Bagheera, Terk, Kenai, Spinosaurus, Quasimodo, Aladdin, Balto, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Pooh's Friends, Tigger, Koda, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Roo, Eeyore, Piglet, Alice, Vixey, Mickey Mouse, Tantor, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Bernard, Baryonyx, Timon, Pumbaa, Pinocchio (D), Baloo, Ariel, Flounder, Colin MacLeod, Hazel, Stone Jaguar, Tzekel Kan, the Flying Carpet, Simba, King Triton, Pterano, Princess Yum-Yum, 26's Friends, Kex Bradley, Omar, Pluto, Littlefoot's Friends, Cera, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Blossom, Moonbeam, the Vultures (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Littlefoot, and Ducky)
  • Epilogue: (Featuring: Velociraptors (Land Before Time), Tzekel Kan, Captain Hook, Captain Hook's Pirates, Archive Footage of Luke Valentine's death by the Baskerville (used to represent Tzekel Kan's brutal death by the Velociraptors from The Land Before Time), the Animal Cruelty Squad, Amos Slade, Madam Medusa, Edgar, Chief (The Fox and the Hound), Steele, Copper, Lord Maliss/Dragon Maliss, the Blue Meanies, Chief Blue Meanie, Common Blue Meanie, the Magic Mirror, Allosaurus, Puppetino, King Triton, Ariel, Littlefoot's Friends, Spike (Land Before Time), Ducky, Mama Swimmer, Petrie, Petrie's Mother, Cera, Daddy Topps, Littlefoot, Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, the Vultures (Jungle Book), Jim Hawkins, Morph, Mulan, Shang, Patch of Heaven's Farm Animals, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Patch of Heaven's Cows, Ollie, Patch of Heaven's Piggies, Jeb, Patch of Heaven's Ducks, Larry, Patch of Heaven's Hens, Audrey (Home on the Range), Wilbur, Charlotte, Edmond's Friends, Edmond, Snipes, Patou, Peepers, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Tin Soldier, the Animal Farm's Animals, Benjamin (Animal Farm), the Animal Farm's Cows, Scar's Alliance, Scar, the Grand Duke of Owls, the Mouse King, Zira, Shere Khan, Kaa, Drake, Ozzy, Strut, Rinkus, Sierra, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, McLeach, Cobra Bubbles, Archive Footage of Quasimodo's father arrest scene (used to represent McLeach's arrest by Cobra Bubbles), Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Hiss, Trigger, Nutsy, the Colonel (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Ratcliffe's Colonists, Ratcliffe, Bearded Crew Member, Wiggins, Pocahontas, John Smith, Spirit, Larn, Grandmother Willow, Teegra, Darkwolf, Little Creek, the Colonel's Soldiers, the Colonel's Horses, Emperor Zurg's Alliance, Emperor Zurg, Marcus' Alliance, Marcus Octavius, Thrax, Gantu, Scroop, Zygon, Warp Darkmatter, Joseph Korso, Preed, the Drej Queen, Shan-Yu, the Hun Army, Elite Hun Soldiers, Kent Mansley, Tyler, Blackwolf, Lambert, Chernabog's Legion of Darkness, the Emperor of the Night, Hexxus, Belladonna, B.L. Zebub, Red, the Nightmare King, Maleficent and Mok's Alliance, Maleficent, Maleficent's Goons, Mok, the Horned King, Dr. Facilier, Ruber, Rothbart, Yzma, the Queen of Hearts, Queen Gnorga, Eris, Frollo, Gaston, Pete, Zigzag, King One-Eye, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia Tremaine, Holli Would, Rasputin, Jafar, Iago, and Hades)
  • Heroes Assemblance: (Featuring: Merlin, Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone), Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Moses, the Hebrews, Garrett, Kayley, the Beast, Bagheera, Mowgli, Richard Tyler's Friends, Richard Tyler, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Nemo, Hogarth Hughes, the Iron Giant, Balto, Muk, Luk, Boris, Kenai, Koda, Spirit, Pocahontas, John Smith, Peter Dickison/Gorbash, Danielle, Giles, Kuzco, Pacha, Avatar, Elinore, Stanley, Stanley's Magical Flowers, Bambi, Faline, Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Patch of Heaven's Cows, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Lucky Jack, Pongo, Perdita, the Fearless Four, Buster, Fred, Gwendolyn, Tortellini, Francis (Felidae), Bluebeard, Wilbur, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, Bernard, Bianca, the Animal Farm's Animals, Benjamin (Animal Farm), the Animal Farm's Cows, the Animal Farm's Horses, the Animal Farm's Goat, Basil, Taran, Robin Hood, Frodo Baggins, Alice, Larn, Teegra, Peter Pan, Curdie, Princess Irene, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, Rex's Dinosaur Gang, Rex, Dweeb, Elsa, Woog, Duchess, Thomas O'Malley, Duchess' kittens, Marie, Berlioz, Toulouze, Tom, Jerry, Dodger, Francis (Oliver and Company), Rita, Einstein, Oliver, Crysta, Hubie, Lady, Tramp, Danny (Cats Don't Dance), Fievel Mousekewitz, Mrs. Brisby, Jaune-Tom, Rowf, Snitter, Charlie Barkin, Clara, Pinocchio (Pinocchio and the Emperor of Night), the Seven Dwarfs, Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Sneazy, Bashful, Dopey, Snow White (Happy Ever After), the Seven Dwarfelles, Muddy, Thunderella, Critterina, Blossom, Sunburn, Marina (Happily Ever After), Moonbeam, 26's Friends, 26, Kex Bradley, Mara, Spazz, the Unicorn, Schmendrick, Hercules, Megara, Tack, Miguel, Tulio, Fly, Chuck, Stella, Sasha (Help! I'm a Fish), Odette/Swan Odette, Derek, Omar, Pinocchio (D), Quasimodo, Phoebus, Esmeralda, Milo Thatch, Audrey Ramirez, Orin, Aviana, Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto, Julie, Germaine, Colin MacLeod, Freddie, Daffers, Scotty, Tiana, Naveen, Anastasia Romanov, Osmosis Jones, Drix, Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova, Booster, XR, Sinbad, Sinbad's Crew, Kale, Jin, Luca, Tarzan, Hazel's Rabbits, Hazel, Fiver, Big Wig, Silver, Dandelion, Pipkin, Blackberry, Hyzenthlay, the Spring Sprite, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Pooh's Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Littlefoot's Friends, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike (Land Before Time), Ariel, Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Mulan, Shang, Jim Hawkins, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Aladdin)
  • Post-Credits Cutscene: (Featuring: Chernabog)

Events of the War

A Story of Good and Evil

In her citadel at Forbidden Mountain, the sorceress Maleficent met with her allies, including the Arabic sorcerer Jafar, the corrupt Greek god of the dead Hades, the voodoo witch doctor Dr. Facilier and the fanatical Judge of Paris Judge Claude Frollo, making plans to dominate their world, when their meeting was interrupted by the mad genius and rock star Mok Swagger. Showing the assembled villains his powerful super-computer, he offered to aid the villains in their plans by gathering his own allies, including the Russian Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin, the corrupt Knight of the Round Table Sir Ruber, the therianthropic sorcerer Hedge von Rothbart, the Greek goddess of discord Eris, the wicked super-virus Thrax, the sinister circus ringmaster Professor Screweyes, the Baghdad sorcerer Zigzag, the terrorist El Supremo, and the Mesoamerican shaman Tzekel Kan to bolster Maleficent's army. Intrigued by Mok's offer, Maleficent agreed, offering him her full support.

Meanwhile, in an English meadow, two rabbit brothers, Hazel and Fiver, emerged from their burrow to graze. Fiver sensed something amiss, but not feeling it was too dangerous at the moment, accompanied his brother out to feed.

Sending Hades to Russia to meet up with Rasputin, Mok tasked the two with killing Rasputin's old enemy Anastasia Romanov, last heir of the Russian Imperial family. Rasputin lent Hades his demonic powers as the god departed to dispose of Anastasia, who was leaving Russia on a train. Hades summoned Rasputin's demons to sabotage the train, but Anastasia's companion, a former con artist named Dimitri, noticed the damage and tried to repair it. His efforts were for naught, as the train's engine exploded and the vehicle ran out of control. Hades' demons combined into a colossal fiery beast, demolishing a bridge up ahead that the train was rapidly speeding towards. Seeing no other options, Anastasia, Dimitri, and their other friends leapt off the train before it plunged into the crevasse, frustrating Hades and Rasputin.

In the deserts of Arabia, Jafar contacted Zigzag and instructed him to capture Princess Jasmine of Agrabah for Mok and Maleficent. Though Jafar and his parrot Iago were skeptical of the eccentric sorcerer's capabilities, Zigzag managed to enter the city under the guise of an envoy. Gaining an audience with Jasmine, Zigzag attempted to woo her in order to spirit her away, but the wily princess saw through his ploy and spurned his advances. Seeing Jasmine's actual lover, the street thief Aladdin, had witnessed the whole scene, Zigzag attempted to take Jasmine by force, attacking Aladdin with bolts of magic. As the Sultan of Agrabah arrived and saw Zigzag's assault, the sorcerer teleported away, cutting his losses.

In the Louisiana bayous , the criminal Madam Medusa operated a dog pound as a front for the gang known as the "Animal Cruelty Squad." Two dogs imprisoned within, Charlie Barkin and his friend Itchy, dug a tunnel out of the pound and attempted to escape, but Medusa noticed and opened fire on them with her shotgun. The two canines' bickering threatened to get them killed, though they eventually managed to escape.

Called to a meeting of the international League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, the mouse agents Bernard and Bianca found themselves lost in the streets of New York. While trying to find their way to the League safehouse, they accidentally stumbled into the headquarters of the cat street gang known as the Mott Street Maulers, led by the ruthless Warren T. Rat. Noticing the trespassers, the cats tried to devour them, but the pair soon managed to lose their pursuers.

Tasked by Mok with capturing the Monacan Prince Frederic, the sea witch Ursula assaulted him in his castle and soon transformed him into a frog. Desperate to escape Ursula's attack, Frederic leapt into the sea and hid in what appeared to be a cave. However, he soon discovered that the "cave" was, in fact, the jaws of the Scottish plesiosaur Nessie, who made to attack Ursula as she pursued Frederic. Unwilling to test her strength against the beast, Ursula teleported away in a whirlwind, though the wind's passing caused a large boulder to fall and pin Nessie underneath it.

In London, El Supremo attacked Buckingham Palace in his colossal serpentine war machine, an attack seen by the heroic Mickey Mouse and his companions Donald Duck and Goofy. Attempting to stop the assault, the three rushed into the palace just before it was lifted into the air by Supremo's machine. As Supremo landed inside the building, he found himself confronted by Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, who engaged the terrorist in a sword-fight. Proving the stronger fighter, Supremo overpowered both Mickey and Donald before being knocked flat by a headbutt from Goofy. However, Mickey's lover Minnie Mouse, who had been visiting the palace before the attack, was then attacked by Supremo's wife, the shapeshifting sorceress Messina, distracting Mickey and allowing Supremo to knock him and his companions out of the building. Mickey could only watch helplessly as Supremo's craft departed with Minnie inside.

Back in the seas off Monaco, Nessie and Frederic got to speak with each other after the battle with Ursula. The pair also met the mermaid princess Ariel, who had been passing by and who freed Nessie from the boulder. Striking up a friendship, the group departed. In England, Fiver had a vision of the meadow being covered in blood, also foreseeing that a smoky demon and a colossal, burning bird would come and destroy their home and all in their path. Fiver tried to convince Hazel to flee, but Hazel was unconvinced of his brother's visions. Eventually, though he remained skeptical, Hazel agreed to speak with the warren's chief on Fiver's behalf, concerned by his brothers rants.

A Hard Crossing

Inside the Watership Down warren, Hazel brought Fiver before the Chief Rabbit to tell him of Fiver's vision. The Chief didn't have much interest in Fiver's vague prophecy and only said he would think about the matter, to which Fiver responded they didn't have time before running off. Hazel left to look after his brother. All the while, the young deer Bambi listened to the conversation with interest.

In Germany, the wicked Queen Grimhilde met with her allies: El Supremo, Messina, and the pirate Captain Hook to discuss the recent attacks on the world's heroes. The meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Grimhilde's brother Lord Maliss, who told Grimhilde of Mok's alliance with Maleficent and proposed that they join with the occult superstar. As a show of good faith, Maliss told Grimhilde he would capture her long-standing nemesis, the princess Snow White. Maliss' estranged lackeys, the villains-in-training Scowl and Batso, decided to accompany their former master in hopes of proving their worth to him.

Knowing they weren't safe in Europe after Hades' attack, Anastasia, Dimitri, and their companions boarded a ship bound for the United States. Also aboard the vessel were a group of mice including among their number the Mousekewitz family, who were hoping for a new life in America, and the unwilling passengers Hubie and Rocko, two penguins bound for an American zoo.

Unfortunately, there would be no relief for Anastasia across the world from her pursuers. During the night, Maleficent cast a spell that allowed her to take control of the sleeping Russian princess' mind. As she rose from her bed and headed above deck, a storm rolled in, flooding parts of the ship and endangering Fievel Mousekewitz, a child of the Mousekewitz family. Meanwhile, Hubie and Rocko managed to escape from their cages and attempted to find a way off the ship. All three parties soon found themselves in danger as Dimitri tried to stop the mesmerized Anastasia from leaping into the sea and Fievel, Hubie, and Rocko fought to keep from being washed overboard. Dimitri managed to save Anastasia in the nick of time, but the animals weren't so lucky, being enveloped by the churning sea. Watching from afar, the villains plotted anew.

Back in Germany, Maliss, in the form of a dragon, spotted Snow White and her seven dwarf companions in a meadow. Landing and reverting to human form, Maliss accosted Snow White, blasting the Dwarfs with beams of magic from his eyes when they tried to intervene. However, White used the distraction to flee into the forest, forcing Maliss to once again take dragon form and pursue her. Scowl and Batso tried to follow, only for the Dwarfs to spot Scowl and beat him with clubs. Their efforts were for naught, however, as Maliss managed to snatch White and fly off with her. Accompanied by the animals of the forest, the Dwarfs set off in pursuit.

In another forest in Wales, the farm boy Taran was walking the pig Hen Wen, who had the power to foresee the future when her nose was dipped in water. This strange power had gotten the attention of the sorcerer Rothbart, who sought to capture the pig for his own means. Taking the form of a monstrous bat, the Great Animal, Rothbart and his draconic Gwythaints tried to snatch Hen Wen. They soon succeeded, despite Taran's attempt to stop them.

At a farm in England, Judge Claude Frollo and his men tried to arrest Lady Juliana, the wife of a late Knight of the Round Table, for her association with a potential threat to Maleficent and Mok's alliance. Eavesdropping on the incident, Juliana's daughter Kayley rode off to seek help, only to be spotted by Frollo, who chased after her. Kayley tried to escape into the forest, but Frollo soon caught up with her and tried to restrain her, only to be confronted by the blind hermit Garrett. Despite his apparent disability, Garrett managed to fight off Frollo's soldiers, aided by the magic of the forest. Unwilling to lose any more men, Frollo backed off.

In the deserts of Arabia, the princess of Baghdad Yum-Yum and her lover, the cobbler Tack, traveled in a caravan to seek an alliance with Agrabah against the rising threat posed by the villain forces. However, their plans were known to the villains, who sent Jafar to deal with the princess. Tack tried to stop Jafar, but the capture of Yum-Yum by Jafar's lackey Abis Mal distracted him, allowing Jafar to capture him as well. Watching from nearby, a thief following the caravan decided to pursue Jafar, curious about the unfolding situation.

Sent to France to deal with another potential threat, Ruber broke into the castle inhabited by an enchanted Beast and his lover Belle. Though the Beast initially seemed to be more than a match for the wicked knight, Ruber used a potion provided by Maleficent to transform his hired thugs into soldiers of living iron. The monstrosities overpowered the Beast, only for Belle to escape in the confusion. Ruber sent two of his men after her, but the Beast followed and knocked the iron men from a cliff, escaping with Belle.

Hearing that her nephew Freddie was accompanying the mermaid Ariel, Messina entered the sea to deal with the pair and their companions. Not long after she attacked them, however, Messina was herself confronted by Ariel's father King Triton, ruler of all the seas. Triton blasted Messina with his trident, but Messina's magic was even more powerful than the sea king's, and she managed to turn the tables on him, transforming him into a helpless polyp. Though her original targets were still unharmed (physically if not emotionally), Messina was content with having taken down a much larger threat.

At Swan Lake in Russia, the princess Odette was talking with her animal companions when she was confronted by Dr. Facilier, who told her he could help her win the heart of her childhood love Prince Derek. Though Odette's friends didn't trust the witch doctor, Odette agreed to accept Facilier's help, only for him to betray her and use his voodoo magic to transform her into a swan, with the help of his sinister voodoo friends.

In New York, as the mouse Doctor Dawson headed to the meeting of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, he found Fievel, who had managed to survive the storm and make it to land, but was still grieving his separation from his family. Believing the League may be able to help him, Dawson took Fievel to meet his friend Basil of Baker Street, the League's founder. Back in England, despite the Chief Rabbit's reluctance, Hazel and Fiver gathered a group of rabbits who agreed to help them seek safety. They were also followed by Bambi, who also sensed something was amiss. Elsewhere in England, Prince John, the corrupt ruler of the island kingdom, met with the evil lion Scar and the devious tiger Shere Khan to discuss an alliance. They were approached by the goblin Prince Froglip, who asked to also join forces with the group. Despite Scar and Shere Khan's doubts about the goblin's usefulness, Prince John agreed to accept Froglip's aid.

Having heard of Aladdin's encounter with Zigzag and fearing a conspiracy against the world's heroes, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy traveled to Agrabah to ask for Aladdin's help in protecting their world and helping rescue Minnie. Aladdin agreed to do what he could. In Wales, the necromancer known as the Horned King gathered his allies, including Ruber, Facilier, and Rothbart, who presented his master with Hen Wen, who he believed could lead them to the fabled Black Cauldron. In Germany, Queen Grimhilde used her Magic Mirror to watch the events transpiring across the world, looking for potential allies and enemies.

Survival or Extinction?

Dr. Dawson and Fievel returned to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice's safehouse, but as Fievel tried to ask Basil for aid in finding his family, he found the detective was busy preparing for conflict with the villain forces and waiting for an important letter from his ally Mrs. Brisby. Despite the concern of the other League members for Fievel's situation, none of them could shake Basil from his work. Elsewhere in England, there was also dissension in the ranks of Prince John's forces as Scar and Shere Khan tried to convince John that Prince Froglip was a liability. Unable to change the prince's mind, the pair left to see to other matters. At the chateau of the power-hungry French noblewoman Lady Tremaine, Maleficent appeared and offered Tremaine a place in her circle of her allies. Interested but not fully convinced, Tremaine agreed to consider Maleficent's offer but said she would wait and watch the war play out before she made her choice.

Hearing of Ruber's attack on the Beast's castle, the wolf-dog Balto and his companions trekked through the snowy French forest to investigate. Little did they know that the Beast and Belle were nearby looking for shelter, but neither of the two parties were alone. A savage bear attacked Balto's group, soon joined by a second bear that assaulted Belle and the Beast, who had been joined by Cogsworth and Lumiere, two of the Beast's servants who had also managed to escape the castle. The first bear managed to pin Balto down and began crushing the life from him when it was attacked by his mate Jenna, knocking it away and saving Balto's life. The Beast quickly disposed of the second bear by pushing it onto an icy lake, the thin ice breaking under the bear's weight and plunging it into the freezing water. The other ursine chased Balto onto the lake as well and was similarly sent to its death, but the breaking ice endangered Balto before he could escape. As Balto was also thrown into the water, his polar bear cub friends Muk and Luk dove into the lake to save him, despite being themselves unable to swim. They found Belle trapped as well, with the Beast joining them all in the water in an effort to rescue her. It seemed they would all be lost to the cold, but as hope seemed lost, they managed to break back out and climb to safety. United by their shared near-death experience, Balto and his companions agreed to accompany the Beast and Belle to get their home back.

In England, Prince Froglip welcomed his parents, the Goblin King and Queen, to the luxuries of life under Prince John, but was watched by the noble thieves Robin Hood and Little John, who were acting as scouts for the hero forces. Accidentally knocking a stone onto the Goblin King's head, Robin Hood alerted Froglip to their presence, and the goblin prince tried to capture his benefactor's old enemy. Robin managed to hold his own in battle with Froglip's goblin warriors, only to be surprised and overpowered by the queen. As the goblins swarmed Robin, Little John came to his aid and knocked out the queen with a single blow, allowing the pair to escape.

Informed by one of his acolytes that a young boy named Mowgli had been spotted in the jungles, Tzekal Kan decided to capture him for use as a blood sacrifice to his gods. Cornering Mowgli, Kan was attacked by the man-cub's protectors Bagheera and Baloo, but his magic allowed him to knock Bagheera into a river. As Kan tried to seize Mowgli, however, the boy threw sand into Kan's eyes and ran off, buying time for Baloo to catch the shaman by surprise and tackle him. Recovering, Kan used a magic shove to knock Baloo from a cliff, badly injuring the bear. Bagheera returned and knocked Kan into the same river he had himself been thrown into, allowing the group to flee deeper into the jungle as Kan was swept downstream by the current.

As Captain Hook prowled the seas keeping an eye out for heroes to send to the depths, he was himself attacked by another pirate, the legendary Sinbad. The Arabic pirates quickly got the upper hand over their Neverland counterparts, easily dispatching many of Hook's crewmen. Hook himself took up arms against Sinbad, but the master swordsman managed to KO Hook by knocking him into a cannon. With the pirates taken care of, Sinbad and his crew took a chest of gold from the Jolly Roger hold and departed.

Passing by Lady Tremaine's estate while on her way to meet up with Basil and the League, Mrs. Brisby found her old friend Jeremy, a crow, tangled in a mess of string. As Brisby worked to free him, however, his allergies began acting up, a sign that Tremaine's vicious cat Lucifer was stalking them. Brisby managed to free Jeremy, who flew off, leaving Lucifer to turn his sights on Brisby instead. As she tried to escape, Brisby lost her grip on the letter Basil needed, losing it in a stream. Just then, Lucifer pounced, knocking her into the water as well. Before Lucifer could finish Brisby off, however, Jeremy returned, clawing at Lucifer's back. While Lucifer was distracted, Jeremy ushered Brisby to safety, flying away with her holding on to a piece of string gripped in his talons.

In New Orleans, Tiana and her husband Prince Naveen were working to set up their restaurant when they were approached by Professor Screweyes, who tried to convince them to take his special "Brain Drain" pills in exchange for help in achieving their dreams. Tiana naturally refused, but Naveen hesitated, with Screweyes taking advantage of the moment of weakness to stab him in the finger, signing Screweyes' contract in blood. The mad professor used his Brain Drain pills to devolve the pair into frogs, but before he could take them for use in his experiments, the two managed to escape on a balloon.

Surviving the storm at sea, Hubie and Rocko washed up on the shoreline of a tropical jungle, where they were found by a hungry Shere Khan. The tiger pounced on Hubie and swallowed him whole, only for Rocko to come to his defense and attack Khan, forcing him to spit Hubie out. As Khan turned his attention to Rocko, Hubie came in from behind and sucker-punched Khan. While the tiger was recovering, the two swam to safety, leaving Khan to wonder how he had been beaten by two penguins.

In deep space, the youth Jim Hawkins sat on top of his mother's inn when he noticed Thrax and his gang preparing to attack. Jim hurried to evacuate his mother and their friend Doctor Doppler as the viruses assaulted the inn. As Thrax's gang set the inn alight, Jim and his companions leapt out a window into a cart outside. Though they were alive, they could do nothing to prevent their home from burning to the ground.

In the wilds of Africa, Scar gathered his hyena lackies Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed for a hunt, hoping to take out any animal heroes they could find. Watched by a flock of curious vultures, they chanced upon the young sauropod dinosaur Littlefoot and his group of friends. The hyenas chased after the dinosaurs, only to lose them in a forest of brambles. However, as Littlefoot's friends emerged on the other side, they were confronted by Scar himself. The hyenas came in from behind to cut off their escape, but before either side could make a move, a much larger predator arrived on the scene: a deadly T-Rex. Knowing they were outmatched by the powerful dinosaur, Scar and the hyenas wisely fled, but Littlefoot and his companions could do nothing to escape the creature - until Littlefoot's Mother came to her son's defense. The adult sauropod beat the T-Rex with her tail, but was soon out-maneuvered and savagely mauled by the predator. While the two larger dinosaurs were distracted, the hyenas returned to try and finish off the smaller ones, only for Littlefoot's mother to crush them with her tail, opening up a crevasse in the unstable volcanic ground. As the earth split asunder, all the combatants were forced to retreat, as well as other dinosaurs nearby caught in the earthquake.

Finding shelter in the swamps from Professor Screweyes, Tiana and Naveen were found by Nessie, who offered to bring them to Ariel's group. Further down the coastline, Tzekal Kan escaped the river and was found by Captain Hook, who offered to avenge the shaman's humiliation if he agreed to do likewise for Hook. On Planet Z, the warlord Emperor Zurg and the rogue Galactic Federation Captain Gantu met with Thrax, who they had hired to kill Jim Hawkins, seeing him as a potential threat. The group plotted their next move.

Hearing from Froglip about his encounter with Robin Hood, Prince John chewed out a returning Scar and Shere Khan for not being there to help Froglip apprehend his hated enemy. Fed up with John's behavior, the two predators decided to leave his faction to seek power for themselves. Meanwhile, hearing about Thrax's alliance with Zurg and Gantu, Jim Hawkins and Dr. Doppler decided to join the crew of the R.L.S. Legacy in hopes of striking back against the villains, unaware they were being watched by the Chinese warrior-maiden Mulan. At Forbidden Mountain, Lady Tremaine, having considered her options, decided to accept Maleficent's offer of servitude and cast her lot in with the sorceress.

As the earthquake finally subsided, the vultures celebrated their escape from the calamity when they noticed Littlefoot had found his mortally-wounded mother. They could do nothing but watch as the mother bid farewell to her grieving son, who was now lost in an unfamiliar world.


Flying over Africa, the seagull Scuttle happened to notice the now-orphaned Littlefoot, who slipped and fell down to the shoreline where Ariel's group was seeking shelter. As the dinosaur explained his situation, the others took pity on him and agreed to keep him company while he looked for his other friends. Meanwhile, in the seedy metropolis of Cool World, Jafar met with the nightclub dancer Holli Would and offered her a place in Mok's organization. Already familiar with Mok, Holli agreed.

Deep in the wilds of England, the sorcerer Merlin called together other benevolent magic users, including the Fairy Godmother, the fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, the sorcerer Avatar and his companions Elinore and Weehawk, and his apprentice Arthur to discuss the recent villain attacks. While Merlin pressed for immediate action against the forces of evil, the others believed they needed to wait for Robin Hood to return with his scouting reports.

In Germany, the world's most prominent leaders, including the German rulers King Stefan, King Hubert, and Prince Philip, the unnamed king of France, the English knights Sir Ector and Sir Kay, King Papa of Hungary, King Morpheus of Slumberland, King Jarol of Firekeep, and the dour King Haggard, gathered to plan their own resistance against the villain forces. The rulers promised mutual protection and assistance in the event that their lands were attacked, though some of the gathering felt on edge about Haggard's behavior.

At Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent tasked Rasputin with capturing Princess Jasmine, empowering his reliquary for the job. Suddenly, Thrax arrived, asking the pair to join Zurg's alliance. Though uninterested in Thrax's offer, Maleficent believed he could be of use to her and asked that he help Rasputin in capturing Jasmine. The virus agreed and departed, not knowing that the entire exchange had been watched by the Thief, who had followed Princess Yum-Yum to Maleficent's citadel.

As Rasputin and Thrax arrived in Agrabah, they were met by Aladdin, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, who rallied to defend the princess against the two invaders. Rasputin demonstrated his new power by using his reliquary to transform Jasmine's pet tiger Rajah into a helpless kitten when he leaped in to protect his master. Even the Genie was powerless against the Russian sorcerer, knocked flat by the reliquary's magic. However, Aladdin used Rasputin's temporary distraction to rush in and sucker-punch the lich. Mickey tried to block Thrax from attacking Jasmine, only to be backhanded by the virus. Donald and Goofy similarly failed to stop him, but as Thrax moved in to seize the princess, Pluto got between the two. Thrax burned the dog with his claw and managed to snatch Jasmine, threatening to kill her if the heroes followed him. The pair departed, leaving Aladdin and Mickey to watch helplessly.

In the American wilds, the wild mustang Spirit kept careful watch over his herd when he noticed Scar's mate Zira stalking two young foals that had become separated from the other horses. Unable to stand idly by, Spirit charged in and stepped in between Zira and the foals. The two battled furiously, Zira swiping at Spirit with her claws while he deftly evaded her attacks and kicked at her with his hooves. At one point, Zira managed to leap on top of him, but Spirit rolled and knocked her off. Zira was forced to retreat, though she swore that their battle hadn't ended.

In the Horned King's citadel, Ruber was gearing up for another attack on the heroes when he was confronted by Hades, who asked him to attack his old enemy Hercules. Ruber agreed, unaware that the bored god had set him up, not telling Ruber about Hercules' status as a demigod. Arriving in Thebes with his iron soldiers, Ruber managed to get in a good hit before Hercules could draw his sword, while his griffin assaulted Hercules' winged horse Pegasus. Seeing his steed and friend being attacked, Hercules gained a second wind and knocked Ruber and his griffin out with a single punch. While the wicked knight was incapacitated, Hercules and his companions fled to safety.

In deep space, the pilot Akima Kunimoto rushed to warn her friends Cale Tucker and Joseph Korso that Captain Gantu had targeted them for death, only to find that the rogue captain had beaten her there. As Cale and Korso tried to flee in a spacecraft, Gantu shot Cale off of the vehicle's hull, forcing Korso to turn around to pick him up. Gantu pursued them, continuing to fire at the pair, but Cale managed to get back on board the craft. Gantu narrowly managed to escape to his own vessel as the humans crashed out of the space station, destroying it. Gantu fired on the spacecraft and destroyed it with his craft's guns, but Cale and Korso ejected in the nick of time, boarding Akima's craft and warping out, leaving Gantu alone in his own damaged ship.

In Africa, the meerkat and warthog Timon and Pumbaa were collecting insects for food when they were attacked by the tyrannosaurus Sharptooth, driven into their territory by the earthquake. The pair tried to flee, but soon found themselves trapped, only for their lion friend Simba to come to their defense, managing to knock the dinosaur on its back. As Sharptooth tried to get back up, Simba pushed it into a ravine, saving his friends.

In Paris, Frollo tasked his ally, the Englishman Ratcliffe, with cracking down on immorality in the streets of the capital, in particular the Spanish con artists Tulio and Miguel, who had been swindling Parisians in rigged gambling games. As the Spaniards were in the middle of another game, Ratcliffe arrived with a platoon of guards. Miguel stole one of the guards' swords and tried to make a stand, with Tulio following suit. The two managed to hold off the guards long enough to try and escape, only to find themselves at the edge of a high wall. With the guards closing in, Tulio and Miguel dove off the wall into a pair of wine barrels, only to be snagged in a cargo net and hauled back up to face justice.

In Hawaii, the alien-hunting government agent Kent Mansley paid a visit to the young Lilo Pelekai, who he suspected was sheltering an extraterrestrial lifeform. When Mansley began getting violent, Lilo's alien companion Stitch came to her defense, confirming Mansley's suspicions. Kent punched Stitch down when he tried to attack, only for the alien to come back with a vicious assault powerful enough to knock Mansley down. Though forced to leave, Mansley was pleased to have been vindicated in his beliefs.

Approaching Dr. Facilier in person, Mok Swagger asked the voodoo witch doctor to capture the musician Angel, who he said was vital in his plans. Mok even tasked his lackeys the Schlepper Brothers with accompanying Facilier for the job. Though Facilier was irritated by Mok's imposition, he agreed to carry out the task. Approaching Angel and her friends Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch,  at their hideout, Facilier mesmerized the group with Mok's mind-numbing Edison Balls. While the group was incapacitated, Facilier and the Schleppers placed Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch in a car which they set to crash into a fountain before escaping with Angel. As Omar and friends regained their senses, surviving the crash, they were found by Aladdin, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, who agreed to help them find Angel.

Deep in his lair in Africa, Scar organized his own faction, including Shere Khan, Zira, the python Kaa, the feline serial killer Claudandus, and the violent rabbit General Woundwort, to seize power for animalkind. Back in Hawaii, Mansley's superior Cobra Bubbles confronted him about his treatment of Lilo and Stitch, who were old friends of Bubbles'. He immediately fired Mansley from the agency.

On Planet Z, Zurg arrived to greet his newest recruits, the cyborg warlord Zygon and the mad intergalactic criminal Tyler. Though disappointed with the size of his faction, Zurg decided to move forward with his plans to conquer the galaxy. Back on Earth, Angel and Princess Jasmine were thrown into Mok's prison with Princess Yum-Yum, under the oversight of Holli Would. At the Horned King's citadel, Facilier introduced the King, Rothbart, and Ruber to their new recruits - Avatar's powerful and wicked brother Blackwolf, the Icepeak sorcerer Nekron, and the Istari wizard Saruman of Many Colors. Together, this "Bakshi Bunch" vowed to bring the world to heel before the Horned King.

Scout Missions

At the Horned King's citadel, Blackwolf, desiring to make his move, on purpose to impress the King, dispatched his assassin Necron 99, on a mission to find and kill any hero that could be a threat to the Horned King's schemes. Meanwhile, at Basil's hideout, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice welcomed the arrival of Mrs. Brisby, although the latter explained that she lost the letter that the mice were expecting, making Basil upset.

Elsewhere, at the Palace of Justice in Paris, Frollo looked over his new prisoners, including Tulio, Miguel, Lady Juliana, Tack (whom Jafar has brought to his custody, by orders of Maleficent) and the newly captured troll Stanley. At Frollo's absence, the heroes convenged to figure out a way to escape. At Animal Cruelty Squad Sector B, the insidious woman, Cruella De Ville, assigned her trusted thugs, Jasper and Horace to do some skinning for their new animal trophies, including the dogs Rowf and Snitter, and the comic duo Tom and Jerry, while she went out to meet the other members of the Animal Cruelty Squad. Elsewhere, in England, Merlin and his allies were still waiting for Robin Hood's report. Merlin stated that he already send out another scout to find Robin.

In the meantime, in the peaceful farm of Patch of Heaven, Pearl Gesner and Widow Tweed spent their casual day, along with their farm animals. With the exception of Grace and Mrs. Calloway, new faces were introduced in the farm, as the kind-hearthed pig, Wilburthe friendly cow, Maggiethe wise-spider, Charlotte, the friendly Goose, the troublemaker rodent Templeton, and the adopted fox, Tod were shown to establish a new and peaceful life at the farm. However, terrible news were going to be heard, as Sheriff Sam Brown, and his horse ride Buck, arrived on the farm, to inform them about the latest signal of unpaid taxes, upseting both Pearl and Tweed. Having no other choice, they decided to put their farm into auction, since they did not have the chance to afford the bills. While most of the animals were devastated about the fact that they would be sold, the brute pig Napoleon, taking advantage of the current situation, decided to take actions in the shadows, hoping that he would eventually change the whole aspiration of the Patch of Heaven, for his own benefit, something that soon would be revealed.

In the forests of England, Robin Hood and Little John decided to spend a moment of relaxation, after their previous battle with Froglip. However, the assassin Necron 99, who managed to stumble upon the forest, set his sights on them, as he bore his gun towards them. Noticing the assassin, Robin Hood and Little John ran for their lives, with Necron 99 following them in hot-pursuit, opening fire at the same time, nearly hitting John. Eventually, Robin Hood bore his bow and blasted an arrow at Necron 99's mount sidekick, killing it, before he and John to made their way of the forest. As Necron 99 recovered, a shadowy figure made his approach, as Peter Pan accompanied by his fairy companion Tinker Bell, arrived with a perfect plan to stop the robot.

In space, on the spacecraft of Arthur (another variation of the medieval character), the spacecraft's passengers Orin and Dagg Dibrimi, with the inclusion of the cell Osmosis Jones, and the pill Drix (who served as inter-galactic enforcers in the war) were summoned into a meeting of the Galactic Federation. On their way, they were halted by Emperor Zurg himself, and his top agent Warp Darkmatter, (who had been informed about their activities by Thrax and Zygon). The agent sent several Hornets after the hero team, with Osmosis Jones destroying them in quick succession. Landing on a secure base, to arm themselves against the intruders, Orin and Dagg, and Drix exited their ship, as Darkmatter also did, shortly after,  facing each other in the process. The combined effort of Dagg and Drix managed to drive away Darkmatter, before he was taken out by one of Osmosis Jones' blasts. Zurg then stepped into the fray of the battle, challenging the heroes personally. Orin made a careless advance towards the evil emperor, only for Zurg to stun him with his beam eyes. As Zurg called another group of Hornets to attack, the heroes decided to make their escape, with the Hornets opening fire at them. As more Hornets drew towards Orin and Dagg, the space Fembot Silica, having heard of the commotion on the base, stepped forward to witness the fight, leaving an opportunity for Dagg to capture her as a defense shield against the robots' shots. Eventually, the heroes returned to their spacecraft and made their way out of Zurg's forces, much to Zurg's dismay.

In North America, at the forests of the Native Lands, the Powhatan princess Pocahontas and the English settler John Smith sought help and advice from the tree spirit Grandmother Willow, as they anticipated a new threat approaching. At that moment, Knuckles, Clavious' chief lackey, set the forest ablase with a flaming arrow, to draw out any forest hero he would find, as part of his master's assignment. Spotting Knuckles' presence, John Smith ran after him, followed by Pocahontas and her animal friends Meeko and Flit. The hummibird manages to face off Knuckes, and charged towards him, knocking him off into a pool of water. Nevertheless, Knuckles recovered and made his way from the pool to the deepest parts of the forest, eventually stopping at the field, where he had previously set his traps, preparing himself to load them, at the moment the intruders stumble into the field. As the two heroes stormed into the field, Knuckles activated the traps. However, Pocahontas and Smith evaded them at the right moment, saving their skin, while Knuckles, bittered by his defeat, made his escape from the forest.

Back in Cruella's mansion, the four animal heroes, Rowf, Snitter, Tom, and Jerry, managed to find a way of escape of their cells, just as Horace and Jasper made their decision to skin them alive. When Jaspen noticed the empty cells, he called Horace, to assist him in finding them. Meanwhile, Rowf and Snitter barged into the "incinerator room", considered as one of the easiest, yet dangerous, routes of escape from the building, with Tom and Jerry escaping through a window. While Snitter managed to escape from the incinerator room, Rowf had a difficult time, as he was stuck in the room, due to his large size. The two villains used the chance of activating the room, intending to burn him alive. Eventually, Rowf managed to loosen off, making his escape, along the three animal heroes.

In Africa, Ariel and Frederic's group journeyed through the crevasse, hoping to find more allies against the villain alliance. However, Littlefoot, tagged along with the group, was still upset and hallunicated with his mother's death, catching the attention of Ariel. The mermaid princess then comforted the dinosaur, explaining that she also lost her mother at birth, and knoew the feeling of being left without a mother. She then cheered his mood, explaining that they would find his friends, lost in contact, since the earthquake rampage. The group then proceeded to journey further into the crevasse. At the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice's hideout, Basil is still upset about the letter getting lost. He then noticed Fievel who was still sad about being separated from his parents. Basil felt ashamed about ignoring the young mouse and said that he and the rest of the mice would do their best in finding his parents, followed by their priority to bring Ratigan to justice. At that moment, Evinrude flied in with the letter that Mrs. Brisby dropped, cheering Basil's mood, as he progressed to the next phase of his plans. At Clavious' hideout, Knuckles reported his failure, frustrating Clavious, and his partner-in-crime Zelda. Just as they would proceeded to deliver punishment for Knuckles, Clavious and Zelda are approached by Rothbart, the latest partner of the duo, sent by the Horned King on a proposition to join his alliance. The three reluctantly agreed to his offer, as the King's alliance grows in power.

Back on the forests of England, Peter Pan made his move, as he ambushed Necron 99, still surveying through the forest, promoting to fight him. The assassin opens fire, only for Pan to miss the shots. The boy then made his advance towards him, as he messed up with the robot, eventually driving it off on the edge of cliff, toppling the assassin into the waters below. As Pan made his escape, he failed to notice Necron 99's recovery.

As he ventured further, Necron 99 found and began to ascend Avatar's tower, in which most of the hero forces were presented at the moment. Necron 99 alerted his presence the group, opening to the President, Elinore's father, right as he continued with the delegations, killing him. Merlin then casted a powerful spell at Necron 99, putting him out of the commission for the moment, while Elinore started to violate the robot's design in her rage of her fathers death. At that moment, the hero scouts Robin Hood and Peter Pan arrived to informed Merlin's group about their report, as they happened upon the crime scene.

At the wilds of Africa, Shere Khan recruited the brute penguin Drake into Scar's alliance. As a sign to test his strenght, Khan sent Drake on an assignment to kill the lord of the apes Tarzan, whom they consider a major threat. Arriving at the gorilla territory, Drake confronted Tarzan, frightening off the gorillas in the process. When Tarzan decided to avoid an open confrontation with Drake, he got smacked up by the penguin. As Tarzan recovers, Drake made his next move, as he made his charge towards Tarzan, only for the ape lord to knock him out. As the gorillas, and Tarzan's friends, including the elephant Tantor, the young gorilla Terk, and Tarzan's mate Jane Porter, converged to assist Tarzan, Drake was forced to retreat, not wanting to face all threats at once.

At the Palace of Justice in Paris, Frollo hired the French hunter Gaston and the brute thug Pete, and sent them on a mission to bring Garrett and Kayley to the Palace of Justice, having failed in his previous fight. Gaston and Pete, along with several Weasel guardsmen Pete happened upon, made their way into the French forests, spotting on Garrett and his friends, with inclusion of the benevolent falcon Ayden (sent by an another variation character of Merlin, to keep Garrett on his tracks) and the two-headed dragons Devon and Cornwall. Gaston fired an arrow at Garrett's side, badly injuring him, alerting their presence towards the group. As Gaston approached Garrett to finish him, the hermit knocked him off with his stick, before he and Kayley made an attempt to escape from their grip. Pete then ordered his Weasel guardsmen to stop the heroes, only for them to be defeated by Devon and Cornwall's assistance. As Pete made his advance towards them, Devon and Cornwall combined their fire power, blasting Pete off the distance, eventually landing as a scorched figure. While Kayley and Garrett made their move, they are followed by Gaston, who recovered from the hit. Kayley then grabbed a log and attacked the hunter at full force, knocking him out, as they made their escape.

While making their way out of their meadow, the Watership Down rabbits sensed the presence of dogs approaching, as Chief and Steele, two hunting dogs of the American hunter Amos Slade, were set on the loose to find any minor or manjor outcome, that would consider threat. The rabbits thus resolved in finding a way to avoid the dogs' scent, by crossing out a big river. Meanwhile, the deer prince Bambi, who got tagged with the rabbits, was confronted by Steele. Rather than alerting his master, Steele focused on stopping the deer personaly. As Bambi charged towards him, Steele knocked him off with his bare paws. As for the rabbits, they eventually found a floating log piece, long enough for Fiver and Pipkin to stay afloat on the log, while the rest of them pushed it to the other side. Chief spotted the rabbits as they crossed the river, while Bambi recovered and hit back at Steele knocking him off. As the two dogs alerted their master, Bambi and the rabbits managed to carry the weakened animals to safety, while Slade and the dogs looked on disappointed.

Having heard of a certain map that it would lead to the Horned King's citadel in Wales, Odette's friends Jean-Bob, Puffin, and Speed made their way to the Devil's Bayou  in Louisiana, the residence of Madam Medusa, to retrieve the it, on purpose to find their friend. Their scent was initially smelled by Medusa' pet-alligators, Brutus and Nero, though soon enough they cought their attention, after Jean-Bob accidentally dropped a suit of armor, alerting their presence. Medusa arrived just in time to witness the map, being stolen by Odette's friends. As Medusa, her partner Mr. Snoops, her ally Edgar, and her alligators cornered the animal heroes, Odette's friends devise a plan, through a musical number, that it would save their skin, while getting on hold off the map at the same time. During that number, a chain of events is being shown, as the map is shown changing shifts, confusing the villains. The heroes eventually succeeded in escaping the riverboat ruins, with the sudden help of the penguins Hubie and Rocko, while acquiring the map at the same time.

While Aladdin flow through the Arabian desert, on purpose to search for more allies, he happened upon the Hebrew prophet Moses, who was travelling through the desert, with the same intentions as Aladdin, as he anticipated the arrival of a new threat. The two of them then make their decision to assembled a large group of heroes, to form a massive army against the villain forces. Back at the French forests, Garrett, still injured after his fight with Gaston, and his friends met up with the benevolent Unicorn, who used her power to heal Garrett's wound. As Garrett recovered, more heroes are revealed, as the magician Schmendrick, the young boy Taran (accompanied by Princess Eilonwy and the bard Fflewddur Fflam), the Beast, and Balto join forces with Garrett on purpose to strike back at the villain alliance, forming one of the first hero alliances.

As they escaped the Devil's Bayou, Odette's friends explained the situation to Hubie and Rock, telling them that they would need assistance in finding their friend. Hubie and Rocko reluctantly agreed to join them on their quest, presumamby to take action in the war, that ensued. At the African jungles, Tarzan and his friends were approached by the man-cub Mowgli, and his fellow friends, who requested to assist them, on purpose to survive the new enviroment, considering the fact that they are targetted by various villainous forces. The ape lord happily accepted them into the jungle territory.

Called on the Palace of Justice in Paris, the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses met up with Claude Frollo, as the judge requested to join forces with him, to crack down immorality and to prevent evil forces from threatening their homelands. Deducing, but not fully realising, the judge's pressumed place at the side of justice and righteousness, Rameses accepted his offer, forming a partnership between the French and Egyptian ranks. In Wales, Blackwolf's servant informed his master about Necron 99's success against the President. Blackwolf then explained to the Horned King that it is only a matter of time before the heroes withdrawn, including his estranged brother Avatar.

At the Animal Cruelty Squad's hideout, the members of the organization were revealed, as the insidious woman Cruella De Ville, the Australian poacher Percival C. McLeach, the cattle rustler Alameda Slim, the rich woman Aunt Pristine Figg, the English poacher Clayton, the loan shark Bill Sykes, the corrupt lawyer Mr. Lickboot, the unidentified Colonel of the US cavalrymen, and the American hunter Amos Slade joined forces, for their solely purpose to hunt down and kill any animal, that it could stand a threat against them. Meanwhile, in the African crevasse, the kind group of vultures managed to track down Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, and helped them, by providing the whereabouts of their friend Littlefoot.

Outside of the boundaries of the universe and the cosmos, a new malevolent figure was making her first step into the war, as Eris observed the villains' uprising, taking an interesting note in Maleficent and Mok's Alliance, along with Queen Grimhilde's alliance. She decided then to take action in both them, so that she would bring a new era of chaos.

Quasimodo's Torture

In Germany, the sea witch Ursula, alongside with her sister, Morgana, casted their lot to Queen Grimhilde (in reality sent by Mok and Maleficent to increase Grimhilde's power). As a show of good faith and test of strenght, Grimhilde decided to send the sea-witches after Sinbad, Captain Hook's previous adversary, and re-collect Hook's bounty. The reason behind this task was for the purpose to retake, not only the Queen's riches, but also a certain ruby sunstone, that it would release a formidable warrior, who was sealed away in a sarcophagus long ago, as the Magic Mirror explained, intigruing Lord Maliss, El Supremo, and Tzekel Kan, who happened to be at Grimhilde's meeting, for the moment. Taking regard of the information, Ursula and Morgana set ouf to face off Sinbad.

Arriving at the R.L.S. Legacy ship, ready to be taken to the Galactic Federation's headquarters, Captain Amelia explained to her crew, mainly consisted by Buzz Lightyear, Dagg Dibrimi's crew, Jim Hawkins and Dr. Doppler, that she appointed a meeting with the Grand Councilwoman, revolving about the upcoming war. They were also aware of the possibility of Zurg's forces getting hold of a certain item that can bring doom for the entire galaxy. While the meeting was going on, the hero team was unaware of Mulan's presence, who had snucked aboard their ship and had heard Amelia's proposition, along with them.

Meanwhile on Planet Z, Tyler explained Zurg about his pursuit in becoming an immortal warrior. He even gave information on the emperor about a location of immortality source, located at the farthest borders of the galaxy, where it would be open by the latest material he found: a special green crystal. To demonstrate the effects of immortality upon him, Tyler had his scientist Dr. Schechter to give a sample of a potion, containing immortality fluid. Testing his own body, Tyler consumes the potion, healing his cut wound, impressing both Schechter and Zurg. Back on Earth, at the Pride Lands, in Africa, Simba was wounded from his fight against Sharptooth. Timon and Pumbaa explained that they would watch over the Pride Lands, on his behalf, while he would rest at the Pride Rock. Simba hesitated, but eventually gave consent, considering his deep friendship he shared previously with his friends.

In the Arabian deserts, Aladdin introduced Moses to his newfound allies, while informing them to advance in Paris, to confront Claude Frollo and Rameses, in their stronghold, considering that some of their friends must be imprisoned, under their authority. Moses was hesitant to join them, explaining that he shared a past history with Rameses, revealing that he is his estranged half-brother. Many years, prior to the events of the war, Moses seemingly killed Rameses' captain of the guard, Sa'Luk, by pushing him out of a higher cliff, while defending a Hebrew slave, out of compassion of his own race. Convicted as a murderer, he ran away, as a pariah of the Land of Egypt, leaving his half-brother behind. Now with the war going on, Moses decided to pay him a visit, while at the same time he would converse with, regarding about his well-being, as well as his true motives. Aladdin's group had faith in him and stated that they will assist him, followed by their priority to look out for their friends.

At the borders of the Pride Lands, Timon and Pumbaa patrol the area, where they happened upon the two Struthiomimus siblings, Ozzy and Strut, who sneaked up in the savannah, in hopes of finding a good meal. Before they could devour some leftover eggs, Timon tosses a giant stone upon them, alerting of their presence. Upon questioning the names of the heroes, Timon demanded to leave from the Pride Lands at once. Angered of losing their meal, Ozzy and Strut make their advance towards to the heroes. However, they fail to Pumbaa's full charge, who drove them into the edge of a cavern, where it immediately demolished, burying the two Struthiomimus to piles of rocks.

In England, near Cruella's mansion, the dashing actor and humanoid cat Danny stumbled upon Cruella and her thugs, while looking on a way to join a group of dogs and cats, located at a significant region on the city. Cruella on the other hand was focused on delivering punishment on her thugs, for failing on their duty. Danny approached the trio, attempting to charm them with his singing voice and talents. However, Cruella was not interested in Danny's methods and demanded to leave them be. It was up on moment, when Danny insisted on his talents, that irritated the woman, provoking to drive him away with force. Danny managed to evade most of Cruella's attacks, due to his flexible skills, indirectly hitting her thugs, while literally losing her ground, after the young cat messed up with her. Not interested in dealing with the conmen, Danny departed, frustrating Cruella and her thugs.

In the forests of England, outside of Prince John's kingdom, John's captain of the guard, the Sheriff of Nottingham, while on a patrol duty, noticed the heroic warriors Larn and Darkwolf, who happened upon the forests on purpose to search for King Jarol's current whereabouts, having been seperated since the beginning of the war. The Sheriff called upon a division of wolf archers to eliminate them, fearing that they might pose a threat to John's kingdom. Larn managed to evade the Sheriff and his men, leaving an opening for Darkwolf to attack, knocking several archers with an arrow. The Sheriff confronted Darkwolf personally, only to fail at the hero's strenght. On the other side, the Sheriff's other men pursuit Larn, driving the hero to climb a dense tree canopy, confusing the archers, while searching on him. Just as things would go gloomy for the heroes, a sudden arrival made his move, as the young miner Curdie charged forward at the Sheriff, taking him out by surprise. Defeated and overwhelmed by the trio, the Sheriff called his troops to withdraw.

At a large royal ship, Sinbad and his best friend and prince of Syracuse, Proteus, examine the peculiar ruby sunstone, Sinbad had stolen earlier from Captain Hook. Before they could proceeded any further, the sea-witches Ursula and Morgana ambushed the heroes, hoping to reclaim Hook's lost bounty, forcing the heroes to fight for the sunstone. However, the sea-witches were easily humiliated by Sinbad and his sailor dog Spike. While distracted, Ursula seized the opportunity to grab both the ruby sunstone and Sinbad in her tentacles, before she could depart, along with her sister, leaving behind the distraught Proteus to watch helplessly, as his friend was taken by the sisters.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemice made their way to a hollow tree. The group noticed then a large spider, which made it's advance towards them. However, it was squashed easily by the tree's occupant, the wise Great Owl. When he questioned the reason of barging into his house, they told him about their mission of finding Fievel's family as well as trying to figure out where Ratigan's whereabouts were since the letter was only a vague clue. The Great explained the mice about the dangerous situtation that lied ahead, including his wicked brother the Grand Duke of Owls, a powerful foe that shouldn't be reckoned with, especially at the sheer number and strenght of the rodent group. The mice soon carried on his words and continued their mission.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the A.C.S., Alameda Slim told his allies about Patch of Heaven being in auction and stated that it will be the perfect place for him, Amos Slade, and the Colonel to set up Sector C. In Paris, Frollo and Rameses headed off to attend the annual Festival of Fools, as a sign to accommodate with the country's customs. As they head off, Frollo's adopted son and hunchback of Notre-Dame cathedral, Quasimodo, noticed the two of them, deciding to follow them on their way to the festival, hoping to learn more about the outside world. In Africa, Ariel's group was still trying to help Littlefoot find his friends, when suddenly the Vultures showed up along with Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, cheering Littlefoot's hopes. Everyone rejoiced as the young dinosaurs were together again. Littlefoot and his friends then parted away to their own path, although they stated that they would meet Ariel and her friends again at some point.

At a unknown galactic bar, Tyler, and his chief assistant Lambert, spent his day in total filthness, until Buzz Lightyear and Jim Hawkins, and secretly Mulan, approached the bar, hoping to find any potential threat, that might be allied with Emperor Zurg, and eliminate him. Tyler spotted the heroes, blowing Mulan's cover, right before he would finish her. Just at this moment, Jim Hawkins arrived to save Mulan, and shoot Tyler down with several gunshots, seemingly killing him. However, in a suprising twist, Tyler recovers and consumes one of his latest immortality potions, while at the same time proclaiming "When you kill someone, make sure he's dead", horrifying the heroes. Buzz Lightyear then came to the heroes defense, as he opened fire with his wrist-blaster. However, Tyler arms himself with a minigun, blasting through Lightyear's defenses, though he managed to survive due to his battle armor. Not interested in dealing with the galactic enforcers, Tyler and his crew departed, leaving behind the trio, who were glad to have survived the assault, and learned of Tyler's presence and involvement in the war.

As the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice maneuvered in the skies, they got suddenly ambushed by the Grand Duke of Owls and his feathered minions. He gave them a first glance of his fearsome appearance, scattering most of the rodents. Thinking them as easy prey, the Duke let his minions in playing with them, until they would ate them alive. Initially, the owls managed to frighten them off, only to be defeated by Jaq. In the midst of the commotion, Fidget, Ratigan's chief lackey, managed to track down the League, and frightened off Fievel and Mrs. Brisby, before departing to other matters. After the failure of his own minions, the Grand Duke decided to deal with them personally, growing into a giant immense being, to intimidate them. He even used his magical breath against the rodents, showing his true power, beyond his limits, as the rodents watch helplessly. Not wanting to have their lives at risk, Basil called upon his entrusted hound dog Toby to their defense, as it bit the Duke, temporary distracting him. In the commotion, Basil spotted a functional torch and flicked it on directly at the Duke's position, causing it's immense beam light force to blast him out of the battlefield, saving the lives of his friends.

In the Wild West, Spirit was spending his time with his herd, before he was caught off guard by Alameda Slim (having heard of the wild mustang's strong courage and lead, as well his battle against Zira), who deduced that he might be a perfect trophy for the A.C.S. to put on the Patch of Heaven's ranch (soon to be called Sector C). Spirit sent his mother and his herd to safety, warning them to avoid an open confrontation, while he would dealt with the humans. Slim sent his nephews, the Willie Brothers, after the stallion, driving him to a secluded canyon path. Securing the other edge of the canyon pass, Slim waited for the moment the stallion would be trapped and cornered. However, Spirit managed to evade both Slim and the Willie Brothers, by jumping from a higher ground, making his way of the pass, where he originally came. However, Slim called upon his remain men, including the corrupt sheriff and smuggler Rico, to capture him, successfully tightening the stallion with several ropes as he made his way out. Spirit's herd, from a distance, then made an attempt to save Spirit's life, having witnessed the whole event, but Spirit stopped their advanced and told them to leave him be, appointing his mother to take the lead of his herd. The herd relucantly leaves the canyon pass with sadness, as Spirit is held captive by the A.C.S. members.

In Paris, the Festival of Fools event had began, as several circus performers, including the ringmaster Professor Screweyes, the Egyptian high priests Hotep and Huy, the magician Sarousch, the puppeteers Stromboli and Puppetino, the con artist Foulfellow, showed their tricks and talents to the townsfolk. Amongst the French civilians, a new acquaintance made his way to the Festival, as the hero Quasimodo stumbled upon the center of the Festival's stage, catching the attention of every viewer's eyes, including Frollo and Rameses (who had been informed about Quasimodo's presence by Frollo). The pharaoh then ordered his troops and the circus' performers to apprehend the hunchback and humiliate him in the worst way possible, for his intrusion to the Festival. When Quasimodo begged help from his father, Frollo looked down on him, as a sign of his misbehavior for leaving Notre-Dame on his own, and not on his master's orders. The event was also watched by the troll-like creature Gurgi, who took a pity on the hunchback's humiliation, and decided to help him at the best way he could.

Surviving the rockfall, Ozzy and Strut were found by Shere Khan, who requested them to join Scar's alliance, in hopes of striking back against Timon, Pumbaa, and any other hero would make a stand against them, an offer both the Struthiomimus agree. Back at the Patch of Heaven, the pig Napoleon met secretly with his new allies, including the criminal mastermind Cat R. Waul, the rodent criminal Ratigan, the con artist Warren T. Rat, the treacherous rodent Jenner, the rogue Mouse King, the savage pitbull Carface, and the Grand Duke of Owls. Together, they began to establish a base at the farm for their own operations, forming an enclosed partnership in the process, led by Cat R. Waul, though Napoleon would act as the supervisor of the farm, only in title and name.

In the wilds of England, while Avatar and Arthur examined Necron 99's condition (who would soon be re-programmed to work for them), Merlin and his allies welcomed new arrivals, as the Istari wizard Gandalf the Grey, and the benevolent hobbit Frodo Baggins, joined forces with them, hoping to establish the resistance's strenght against the villain alliance. Still in England, at the capital, Rowf, Snitter, Tom and Jerry joined with the detective feline Francis, while on the look out for more reinforcements. At the A.C.S. headquarters, Bill Sykes informed McLeach and Clayton about the presences of Littlefoot and his friends, positioned near at their location, making them prime targets for the villains to capture them, as new trophies.

Back in Germany, at Castle Grimhilde, Ursula and Morgana delivered the ruby sunstone to Grimhilde, promoting the Queen to release the formidable warrior from his sarcophagus, as Tzekel Kan proclaimed a new era, where "the gods have awakened". At last the ruthless warrior Ogthar returned to the world of the living, ready to take action and become involved in the ensuing war.

Dark Schemes, New Ploys, New Revealations

At the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent and Mok's allies converged to discuss their next move, until Eris (having at last become embroiled in the conflict) popped up, proposing them to join their alliance, as one of their new additions. Furthermore, she explained that she would set a deadly and cunning plan, that it would destroy all the heroes, much to interest and delight of the villains, though she dismissed in explaining her scheme in detail for future revealations, an attribute she deeply liked it the most. While the meeting was going on, Claudandus (having sneaked up at Maleficent's citadel undetected), used Mok's supercomputer and copied a program from the machine for his own statements, before making his leave, along with Eris, who departed to set her plan in motion.

On the R.L.S. Legacy ship, Captain Amelia (having been informed about Mulan's intrusion on their ranks) was upset with the Chinese heroine for sneaking on board on their ship. Jim then stood up for her, explaining about her near-death experience with Tyler, as well as finding out about the serum he used to heal any wound. The captain eventually allowed Mulan to stay with them and had Jim in charge of keeping an eye on her. Mulan was puzzled by the fact, that Jim stood up for her. To comfort her, Jim replied that he's the person, who is willing to help the helpless and defenseless people towards the face of danger. When Jim departed, Mushu (Mulan's guardian) began to have a talk with his girl, as he suspiciously noticed Mulan's growing affection for Jim.

At the A.C.S. Sector A, after being informed about Littlefoot's presence, McLeach prepared to load several ferocious animals to Clayton, as back up sidekicks to collect his prey. McLeach stayed at the Sector A in order to see Clayton's victory, while the hunter left to track down the dinosaurs. At the deep wilds of England, the young miner Curdie revealed his name, as well his intentions to Larn and Darkwolf. Having been seperated from King Papa and Princess Irene, Curdie deduced of King Papa's location at King Stefan's castle in Germany, where many other noble rulers had gathered to form the Royal Council, so that they would make a stand against the villain alliance. He asked them to join on his journey to King Stefan's castle, where he would inform King Stefan about the state of the war, and reunite with his beloved family. While hesitant at first, as they would partake a young child on a difficult journey, the two reluctantly agreed to assist him, not to mentioned that they had also a mutual goal in mind: to meet with King Jarol, whom Curdie also briefly mentioned as one of King Stefan's allied rulers.

Back at the Patch of Heaven ranch, Cat R. Waul discussed with his allies about their schemes, they would set in motion, not before they could be stopped at the proceedings of financial troubles. Having been broke, Cat R. Waul's allies fall to a difficult predicament, until new face revealed itself to the group. Particularly, the French Toxudo cat Meowrice and his sinister associates made a proposition to join their cause through a collaborate song. Cat R. Waul, Ratigan, and Napoleon gladly accepted him into their alliance, much to the cat's excitement.

The Danish children Fly, Stella, and Chuck somehow managed to stumble upon Yzma's secret lab in Peru, (pressuming to have wondered on their own for the sake of adventure and the mystery of the unknown). Upon barging into Yzma's lab, the children began to examine it's various potions, before Yzma arrived and attempted to force the kids to leave the facility, with sweet words. However, Stella, being thirsty from since the beginning of their adventure, foolishly drank one of Yzma's potions, mistooking it as potable "juice potion". The potion's effects spread rapidy, as it transformed Stella into a starfish creature. Not wanting to have some wanted children as her own responsibility to bear, Yzma threw several other potions to Fly and Chuck, turning them into a Californian Flyfish and Jellyfish respectively. While being marine creatures, the children manage to retain their intellect and thoughts, swimming into the ocean, near Yzma's lab, to avoid the sorceress.

At the Australian Outback, the young boy Cody took off in the skies along with his riding steed, Marahute. However, they were watched by three menacing figures, as the Pteranodon reptille creature Pterano, and the Pterodactyl pterosaurs Rinkus and Sierra, were also flying coincidentally at Cody's position, pursuiting the heroes, seemingly out of fun. Rinkus attempted to hault the two heroes, by whacking out Cody out of the golden eagle. At the fall of Cody, Rinkus and Sierra got a brief moment of mocking the boy, before they were punished by Pterano for their inconveince, as well as for his tolerance in causing violent assault against the heroes. Fortunately, Marahute managed to save Cody's life, knock out the three prehistoric creatures with brute force, before making their leave.

Passing near the A.C.S. Sector A territory, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky were ambushed by a pack of savage wolves, controlled by Clayton and sent to hunt down the prehistoric creatures. The wolves pursuited the young dinosaurs, eventually driving them into a small snowy mountain region. Upon witnessing several rolling snowballs curving from the mountain's peak to the bottom, Littlefoot came with the idea to create a massive snowball, able to take out the wolves. They eventually manage to drive away most of the wolves, including a lesser wolf who was tossed into a river, before he was stucked by a piece of log. However, another lesser wolf, more savage and ruthless than the others, managed to follow them on their tracks, nearly devouring Petrie, before he is saved by Littlefoot. However, it met his demise, when Spike tossed a giant boulden upon the wolf, killing him, much to Clayton's chagrin. Littlefoot's friends then retreated into the deep woods, losing Clayton's tracks in the process.

Elsewhere, Hercules coincidentally stumbled upon Ommadon's territory, where they ran over to the Red Wizard Ommadon himself. Angered for their intrusion, Ommadon summoned his enforcer Bryagh the Dragon to take out the intruders. Before Hercules could bear his sword, Bryagh knocks him off to a pool of water, with it's immense strenght. Hercules' mentor, Philoctetes, then appointed his student to bear his sword, only for the hero to fail at his own mischief, before he is knocked out again by the dragon, amusing Ommadon in the process. Phil then screamed at the hero to use his head, to which the hero complied by "literally" using his head against Bryagh, knocking him out with his super-human strenght, taking the meaning to a different context. Upon Bryagh's defeat, Hercules and his companions fled with Pegasus, leaving Ommadon in frustration for his humiliation.

Meanwhile, at the deep wilds of Germany, Derek (having been informed about Odette's incident and tragedy), set off to find his lover, only to be ambushed by the Hun army, who happened to cross over with the young prince at the same time. When an Elite Hun warrior set his aim on Derek, the prince caught the arrow in midair, before sending it back to the warrior, nearly injuring him. The leader of the Huns then revealed himself, as Shan Yu made his advance towards Derek, promoting the hero to defend himself. However, Shan Yu easily broke through his defenses, knocking him out. Instead of killing him, Shan Yu decided to spare his life, as a gratitude of his mastery of archery and well-trained combat against his warriors, amusing the Hun lord, though he promised that the next time they would cross pass again, he would show no mercy. Derek then continued on his initial goal, to find Odette.

On Planet Turo, at the Galactic Federation's headquarters, the gathered inter-galactic forces, with the inclusion of the R.L.S. Legacy and the Valkyrie's crew, were brought before the Grand Councilwoman, who revealed to them the motives of the space invaders, led by Zurg. Giving consent to her new associate Leah Estrogen (who also appeared as an inter-galactic officer and chief representative of the Galactic Federation) to elaborate her examination through an archive record, the Grand Councilwoman revealed the location of the Holy Land, a fabled location only existing in legends, which it is said that the person who would drink it's waters from it's fountain would gain eternal life. She also appointed the fact that Zurg and Tyler are also after the Holy Land, hoping that it would strenghten their power, by using a "special key", Tyler had previously mentioned, to open the gateway of the region. Informed about the situation, the gathered heroes prepared for a defense call, while also proceed to devise a plan to stop Zurg and Tyler's goal.

On the other corner of the galaxy, Zurg and his allies were informed by a Brain Pod minion, about the "special key"'s progress. Turned out that they almost had all the pieces to re-create the crystal, though one small fragment managed to become sever away from the crystal, eventually landing on Earth, in the form of a pebble. Furious about the results, Tyler knocks out the Brain Pod minion. The frustrated villains were calmed by Thrax, who convinced them to take the small fragment of the crystal, telling them that should they run into trouble, they would be stopped at once, as Thrax proclaimed that they would meet "fire", amusing Tyler in the process.

At the Wild West, Sheriff Sam Brown put the Patch of Heaven ranch into auction, allowing for Alameda Slim (while in disguise) and Amos Slade to buy the farm in the proceedings, as the animals looked on frustrated. As some animals heard about the villains' next goal to rename the farm as A.C.S. Sector C, several others, particularly Charlotte and Spirit (now brought in as a captured and forced stallion by Slim), looked at Napoleon, who sneaked out from the farm for other matters to attend, becoming suspisious about the swine's motives. In France, Governor Ratcliffe summoned the Colonel, who had been revealed to work as a mole in the A.C.S. faction, explaining him they would use the A.C.S. operations to establish more land and territory, on Frollo's allies, Maleficent and Mok, behalf, furthermore counting on him so that the poachers wouldn't interfer in their plans. Securing his loyalties to Ratcliffe, the Colonel departed to attend other matters.

In Wales, the Horned King and his allies are summoned in the inner sanctum of the King's citadel, as well as Odette (in her swan form), who managed to happened on the castle undetected, as Creeper brough Hen Wen before the King, to examine the Black Cauldron's location. When Creeper decided to use brute force on the pig, Odette broke in the castle, knocking out the King's emissary in the process, and freed Hen Wen, by tossing her into the citadel's moat. Upon witnessing the incident, the King ordered his allies to capture Odette alive, only for her to escape in nick time, leaving the King to punish Creeper for his failure.

Still in the Louisiana bayous, Tiana and Naveen found assistance from the good alligaror Louis, and the friendly firefly Ray, who befriended the two frogs, during their time at the swamps. While they were prepared to set off to join Nessie and Ariel's group, they were watched by two prehistoric predators: the irritating Ichthryonis Ichy; and the savage but dimwitted Deinosuchus Dil, who set their sights on the small frogs, as their next prey. Initially, Dil moved silently to Tiana and Naveen, taking them by surprise, though they evade his attack, managing to devour the small plank, Tiana and Naveen used to navigate. The heroes make their attempt to escape from their grip, with Tiana and Naveen tripping into a thick field in the process. Ichy then made his move, by charging forward to the frogs, only for him to fail by Ray's charge, who knocked him out in a tree log, becoming stucked in the process. The heroes then escape, with Ichy and Dil trading insults to each other for their previous actions.

While surveying through streets of London, the comical animal heroes Tom and Jerry, happened upon Professor Ratigan, which happened to be one of the rarest times the animal heroes have ever encounter the criminal mastermind themselves. On the other hand, Ratigan persuaded the two heroes to join his and Cat R. Waul's empire, seeing usefulness and capability on their abilities, only for Tom and Jerry to rebuff his offer, furthermore humiliating him. With their decision sealed, Ratigan sicced his pet Felicia on them. Just then, Rowf and Snitter arrived to their assistance, right at the moment Felicia would devour Jerry, frightening her with their immense size and sudden charge. Tom and Jerry then used the chance of setting up Felicia, while distracted, by trapping her with ropes, while at the same time activating an open sewer. Felicia was too late to discover their plot, as she was plummeted into sewer. Overwhelmed by their number, Ratigan was forced to retreat, vowing revenge the next time they would meet.

A unit of Chinese Imperial soldiers, led by Captain Li Shang (who also happened to be few of China's survivors, after it's rampage by a certain warlord), made their way into Marcus Octavius' stronghold in New York City, approaching the Roman Emperor in person, hoping that he would give answers for the figure responsible for China's destruction. However, Marcus was less cooperative, and instead challenged Shang in a duel fight of swords, one of which that it would determine Marcus' statement and final stand: "There can be only one".  When Shang seemed that he was on the verge of losing, his close friends and comrades in battle: Yao, Ling, and Chien Po, decided to join him, only to fail at Marcus' personal arsenal and infantry. During that time, Marcus managed to defeat Shang, and brough him, along with his friends, into his stronghold, as new captives.

Having been humiliated, after the failed capture of Littlefoot and his friends, Clayton returned to McLeach's base, with the latter berating him for his failure. On the other hand, Amos Slade, who happened to be presented on the base during that time, suggested to start his own hunt, by tracking down another group of dinosaurs (comprised by Rex the Tyrannosaurus, Dweeb the ParasaurolophusWoog the Triceratops, and Elsa the Pteranodon), which happened to be on a position near at McLeach's base, who, unlike Littlefoot's party, happened to be quite the big challenge, as they were revitalized with great intelligence, durance, size, and strenght. Nevertheless, Slade set off to find his prey, eventually meeting them in a crowded city. Upon witnessing the hunter, the dinosaurs ran and scatter in panic, with the hunter following in hot-pursuit. He even managed to strike Elsa with one of his gunshots, leaving her to fall directly at Dweeb and Woog, knocking them out. Before he could kill them, however, Slade came face to face with Rex himself, as the dinosaur mustered his courage and used his tail to knock the hunter of his feet. The dinosaur heroes then made their leave, as Slade took his anger on himself for losing the fight.

In Peru, Emperor Kuzco spent his usual days relaxing at his palace, not caring about the war that raged outside of his borders. In one of his latest "dancing grooves", he stumbled accidentally at one of his new subjects, the child actress Darla Dimple, though he claimed that she destroyed his moment. Darla Dimple attempted to make an excuse, only for Kuzco  to fire her moments later. Angered, Darla Dimple took refuge in the Underworld, occupied by Hades and Zigzag for the moment, where she proposed a way to get rid off the spoiled emperor. Initially, Zigzag came with a deadly potion, that would end Kuzco's life in slow but eminent death. However, Hades suggested to Zigzag to give Dimple another potion, which he believed it was more lethal than the other, though in reality they were actually tricking Dimple's choice of potion, something that it would soon be revealed. Dimple then made her leave and returned to Peru, hosting a dinner celebration for Kuzco. She offered him a drink, which it had been imbued with the potion, she took from Hades, with Kuzco acceptin it, consuming the whole goblet in the process. At first Kuzco collapsed, and seemed that he was left for dead, as Dimple began to celebrate, only for Kuzco to recover, astonishing her. The surprise came to a horror, when Kuzco was revealed to have slowly transformed into a llama creature. Max (Dimple's butler and bodyguard), then knocked out Kuzco, while Dimple examined the potion's abilities, finally realsing she had been sold with a potion that it would transform it's victims into llama creatures. Out of anger, Dimple ordered Max to dispose the unconscious body of Kuzco into the seas, below his palace, before making his leave, as Dimple congratulated her butler for his services.

In the forests of England, the assembled group of heroes, allied with Garrett, now known as the Medieval Warriors, began to form close bonds, as they progress in telling their stories, that led them into the present events. Particularly, Garrett examined to the assembled heroes, including Molly Grue (who joined with Garrett's group to help the heroes, particularly Schmendrick, and the Unicorn), about his past history, prior in becoming a blind hermit. He told them that he was once a stable boy at the courtyard of Camelot, serving under King Arthur (also a variation of the said medieval character, and a different entry from his Disney's counterpart). However, one night a sudden fire ablazed the whole stable of Camelot, leaving Garrett to lead the horses into a safe distance, away from the fires. Suddenly, he was caught up by the Headless Horseman, a deadly spirit summoned by a powerful, yet unknown, source of evil, who cut off his path, and trampled on him, knocking him out. Garrett was still able to see brief visions of panicking horses, slowly fading to total darkness, before he would be blind permanently. Upset by his story, Garrett's friends and allies vowed to help him in any way they could, as long as he would lead them into the battle against the forces of evil.

Still berating each other in the Louisiana bayous, Ichy and Dill were found by Zira, with the inclusion of Pterano, Rinkus, and Sierra (who were shown as allies serving under Scar), who took an interest on their potential for becoming the dominant predators of Earth. Upon Ichy's request, Zira freed the Ichthryonis from the tree long, with the two of them reluctantly joining Scar's alliance. While on their way to King Stefan's castle in Germany, Larn, Darkwolf, and Curdie were approached by Derek, who proposed to join forces, in hopes of finding Odette with more assistance on the way. Deep down in the seas of Peru, Ariel's group stumbled upon some left over potions of Yzma, (which had the effect of transforming marine creatures to humans. As Ariel and Prince Frederic drew closer, becoming exposed in the potion's flowing fluids, they were quickly changed, as the potion gave Ariel human legs, while it transformed Frederic into a mature adult, with the appearance of a humanoid amphibian, enhanced with incredible strenght, agility, durability (though not an accurate explanation can be explained to summarize the situation).

In England, more villains, tasked by Mok and Maleficent, casted their lot with Prince Joh, as the Incan sorceress Yzma, the mischievious witch Madam Mim, the tyrannical Queen of Hearts of Wonderland, and the malicious Queen Gnorga, pledged their allegiance to John, to support him in his next campaign of the war. On the other coastline of England, the heroes directed by Merlin, Avatar, and Gandalf  convered to discuss about Gandalf's arrival on Avatar's tower. As the wizard stated, they arrived to seek assistance, while on their search to find the last living remnant of the former Dark Lord Sauron: the One Ring (a dangerous weapon scattered and lost in the vast landscape). Gandalf and Frodo Baggins also warned them about the dangers of that particular weapon, as it had incredible, but terrible, powers, capable of corrupting the current possessor it would bound with, with promises of power and strenght against terrible foes. Little did Merlin's crew knew, that they were watched by Maleficent's familiar, Diablo, who was sent by his mistress to find any heroic force, that it could pose threat to Maleficent and Mok's designs. He then made his leave, unnoticed by Merlin's crew, having been informed about the heroes' plans.

And in the African crevasse, Claudandus found the body of Sharptooth, as he gave it the necessary codes and programs, that were stolen from Mok's supercomputer, to bring the deceased dinosaur back to life, ready to cause chaos once more...

More Casualties

In England, more animal heroes drew closer to join forces with the prominent heroic leaders of the domestic animals Particularly, Thomas O'Malley (having been embroiled in the conflict since his separation with Duchess and her kittens earlier in the war), the comical duo Tom and Jerry, Rowf, Snitter, Francis, and his partner-in-crime Bluebeard, happened accintentally on the brute feline Kong, and his fellow henchmen, the Hermann Brothers, who mocked their rivals to the point of provoking them to battle. However, O' Malley stopped their attempts, before to do it so, though he also managed to amuse Kong with his indimidated demeanour, before he and the Hermann Brothers made their leave, leaving the heroes to continue their agenda of recruiting more animal heroes on their side.

In Wales, after the loss of Hen Wen, the Horned King and his allies converged to find an alternative way of finding the Black Cauldron, by any means necessary. Rothbart told the King about the existence of the Genie, whose supernatural power and the ability to grant wishes could help them in retrieving the Cauldron. The King and Rothbart then delegate the mission of the Genie's capture to Clavious, who quickly got dispatched to track him down. Elsewhere, Hades approached the "Red Wizard" Ommadon at his tower, proposing him to join Maleficent in her campaign to annihilate the heroes. Ommadon gladly accepted his offer, taking account of his previous fight with Hercules that resulted in his humiliation.

Still in England, Prince John assembled his allies to discuss his next move, before he was intercepted by Dr. Facilier, who was sent by the Horned King as an emissary, with a proposal to combine their forces with the King's, on purpose to establish their power, territory, and number, that it would rival the expanded hero forces. John and his allies agreed to his offer, marking the two factions, as two of the most prominent villain alliances, alongside with Mok and Maleficent's forces and the Bakshi Bunch.

In deep space, on the R.L.S. Legacy vessel, Jim Hawkins was busy swabbing the deck, when Scroop and Preed both approached him, provoking the young boy with insults and offenses. As the two were about to beat him up, Mulan stepped in and stopped the fighting. Mr. Arrow noticed the commotion and put a stop to it, warning them that any dangerous activity would put the violator in the ship's hold for the remainder of his life with the latters reluctantly accepting his warn, after being forced by John Silver and Joseph Korso. After Mr. Arrow's departure, Mulan looked back at Jim who just continued on with his mopping, with John Sliver beginning to question his motives.

On Avatar's tower in England, Arthur and Avatar had taken well care of Necron 99's condition, renamed now as Peace to serve them as their ally and friend in their battles against the villain forces. Just then, Maleficent and Mok's forces (excluding Jafar who was absent from the battle to deal with another nuisance) stormed in the tower, having been informed by Diablo about the resistance's presence in the tower. A melee broke in, as Merlin's allies make a stand against the villain ranks, with Gandalf and Peace being the first heroes to attack, blasting away most of Maleficent's goons, with his magic. However, Gandalf was no match against Maleficent's tremendous magical power, who transported him to lands unknown. Merlin then took on Mok, the leader of the villain forces, only for the superstar to blast him away from the battlefield, with the use of his newfound powers, bestowed by Maleficent's magic. Avatar and his companions challenged Hades and Abis Mal, with Weehawk slicing Mal's hat apart with his sword. However, they were no match against the god, who overpowered them with ease. The Fairy Godmother then attempted to make a stand against Rasputin, though she met her fate, as the mad monk used the newfound powers of his reliquary to turn the fairy into a stone statue, taking her magic wand in the process, for the purpose to grant a special assignment in store for a particular villain. The three good fairies faced off Zigzag, with Flora managing to stun Zigzag's familiar, Phido, with a blast of her wand. However, they were easily defeated, as Zigzag summoned a dark aura, that engulfed and transported the three fairies to the Forbidden Mountain, as new captives. Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Little John were challenged by the Schlepper Brothers and Ommadon, with Pan charging forward at Zip (the youngest of the Schlepper Brothers), knocking him out. Enraged, Toad (The older of the Schlepper Brothers) and Ommadon captured Pan, Robin Hood with ropes, tightening them up, ready to be delivered as new hostages, with the inclusion of Elinore. Maleficent's forces then departed, leaving the rest of Merlin's crew to look on as their friends got taken away, unable to save them from their grip, leaving no option than waiting for a resolve that it would help them in saving them.

On a different region in England, a young couple prepared to become engaged, as Peter Dickison and Princess Milisadre confessed their love affection for each other. However, their moment was ultimately destroyed by the arrival of Jafar (while in the guise of shadowy horsemen), who planned to capture Peter Dickison, in hopes of luring out a bigger threat, mentioned by Mok earlier. His assumptions were confirmed as Gorbash the Dragon, a champion and protege of the "Green Wizard" Carolinus, rushed to the dark horsemen, eventually managing to free Peter Dickison from their grip. Unfortunately, in a twist of events, Jafar fired a powerful magical blast at Peter and Gorbash, as the dragon attempted to reach at the young hero, seemingly obliterating the young scientist, though Gorbash managed to survived the blow, as Carolinus and Milisadre looked in horror. As Jafar was about to depart (reverting into his normal form in the process), Carolinus sensed Peter Dickison's essence and being into the body of Gorbash, with the former taking over the mind of the dragon, as it's new hostage, thus indicating the two as one, relieving Milisadre, while infuriating Jafar, who watched the aftermath from afar.

Called on King Stefan's castle on the behalf of Kida's father, King Kashekim Nedakh (whom would be displayed as one of the allied rulers of the Royal Council), the Atlantis Expeditionary Force (otherwise known as Team Atlantis), led by Milo Thatch, passed through an icy fortress, where it's occupant, the Snow Queen froze their airplane turbines, with an icy blast of her staff, crashing the airplane nearby the palace. Having been isolated on the icy region, with no precautions and supplies, the Atlantean mercenaries took refuge within the Snow Queen's fortress, hoping to find more information about the ongoing war from her perspective. The Snow Queen, instead, showed no hospitality to the Atlanteans, injuring Milo Thatch in the process. Upon looking on Kida, the Snow Queen decided to make good use of her, as she summoned a massive surge of ice directly into the Atlantean princess, turning her into a living frozen statue. As for the rest of the heroic team, the Snow Queen tilted the floor, beneath their feet, driving Milo and his team of mercenaries away from her palace, with the Queen laughing at the Atlanteans' failed expense.

Travelling through the ocean, Ariel and Frederic's group encounter Marina (Sinbad's mate and meant-to-be-lover) and Sinbad's crew on the coastlines of Europe, joining forces with them, as the pirates devised a plan to save Sinbad from Ursula and Morgana's employer, Queen Grimhilde, in Germany. As the formalities of Ariel's group were stated to Marina, they failed to notice that Kaa was stalking them for a while, with the python finally emerging, slithering towards Ariel, mesmerizing her in the process, before he could devour her. However, Marina stopped his advance, freeing Ariel, before Frederic stood up to face the python alone. Outraged, Kaa wrapped Frederic in his coils, ready to squash and eat him. Finding himself in a dire situation, Frederic mustered his courage, as he freed himself and tossed Kaa's coils into a nearby tree. Outnumbered, Kaa retreated, not before swearing revenge against Frederic, with the heroes continuing their mission to rescue Sinbad.

Meanwhile, Clavious managed to track down the Genie, seperated from his friends for the moment, challenging him into a battle of supernatural cosmetic energy, as Clavious absorbed the source of the Forbidden Arts from a mysterious orb to channel his powers, before he would fire a blast at the Genie, turning him into a scorched figure. The Genie then used all of his mighty power on the sorcerer, blasting him several times with cosmetic shots, although they did not display any effect, due to Clavious' near invisibility by the power of the Forbidden Arts. Tired of playing with his rival, Clavious summoned a powerful surge of energy, restraining the Genie, that drew him closer into a channeled crystal ball, eventually sealing him within it, finally capturing him, before he would deliver it to the Horned King.

Back at King Stefan's castle in Germany, King Stefan assembled the allied rulers, serving under the Royal Council, with new additions appearing on the Council, as King Arthur (not confused with his Disney's counterpart) of Camelot, Queen Uberta of Russia, the Sultan of Agrabah, King Nod of Baghdad, the unnnamed Emperor of China, King Kashekim Nedakh of Atlantis, and the English knight Sir Pellinore joined forces to establish the resistance's strenght from across the world. During the meeting, King Stefan delegated to King Morpheus the statement the formation of the Council, as well as the reason of the villains' targets. Particularly, King Morpheus brought before the Council the Black Cauldron (revealed to have resided in the castle since the beginning of the war), explaining that they must not fall into the hands of the Horned King, the only capable evil force to control it. Taking regard of the information, King Haggard departed unnoticed from the castle, with the Council's meeting still ongoing.

Elsewhere, in England, in an abandoned house, another gathering of animal heroes, mainly consisting of Cats and Dogs, was summoned by Francis on purpose to save their friends from the Animal Cruelty Squad's operations. With the known Cats and Dogs, including Francis, Bluebeard, the comical duo Tom Jerry, Danny, Thomas O'Malley, Rowf, and Snitter, the group got additional allies and friends, on purpose to establish and maintain this newly formed faction against the villain attacks, with the cats Jaune-Tom and Robespierre (who got embroiled after Mewsette's capture by the A.C.S. members earlier in the war), the Dalmatian dogs Pongo and Perdita (who became involved after the capture of their puppies by the A.C.S. members), the humanoid cat Sawyer (also a partner of Danny), the small cat Oliver, the Jack Russel dog Dodger, and his gang of dogs, including Rita, Tito, Francis (not confused with the cat and main leader of the Dogs and Cats), and Einstein, the dogs Charlie Barkin and Itchy, the Parisian Alley Cats (led by Scat Cat), the kind dog Lady, and her love interest Tramp, joining forces with Francis, as they opened up a discussion to rescue their friends.

Meanwhile, Odette's friends managed to find Odette (in her swan form). They also ran into Hubie and Rocko, who were still searching for a way to escape the confilct and not become involved in any way as they stated. As Odette's friends convinced the two penguins to join forces with them, the troll creature Gurgi run also to them by chance, as he blubbered over the torture and capture of Quasimodo in Paris. The heroes didn't take acount of Gurgi's warnings, until he mentioned them that several other prisoners had been taken into the Palace of Justice, and needed to be rescued. Thinking that their beloved ones might be captured, including Hubie's love interest Marina (not confused with Sinbad's mate), Odette, her friends, and the penguins decided to help in freeing the prisoners, although they mentioned that they should needed more assistance and backup, in order to challenge the forces of Frollo and break in one of the main strongholds.

In space, on the R.L.S. Legacy vessel, a terrible revealation was about to be unfolded, as John Silver and Joseph Korso met secretly with Thrax, revealing their treacherous aspects, serving as Zurg's sleeper agents. During the proceedings, Silver and Korso took their rage on their pirate crew, particularly Scroop and Preed, blaming them for nearly blowing their cover, while Thrax watched on amusingly.

The Dinotopian heroes - 26, SpazzKex Bradley, and Mara - had travelled around the wold, in hopes of finding the fable Ruby Sunstone, believing that it was a terrible weapon that it would doom the world and destroying it by any means, eventually stumbling at Prince John's castle in England. As the heroes drew closer in, they were halted by the Queen of Hearts and her paper thin army of card soldiers, who patrolled the castle for the time being. While 26 stated their good terms and intetions, the Queen didn't want to hear their stories, as she decided to capture them as new hostages, ordering her army to do it so. 26 managed to knock out several soldiers with a swing of her tail. The Queen then stepped forward, challenging the heroes with a flamingo pole. Before Spazz would properly react, he got knocked out by the Queen's attack. In the distraction, however, the Queen unnoticed Kex Bradley's assault, as the young child made his charge, using his skateboard, flattening her up. As the King of Hearts and the card soldiers formed a defensive line around the Queen, to protect her dignity, the heroes left the castle, focusing on their previous mission, with the Queen eventually emerging from her defeat, infuriated about her defeat.

In Africa, Claudandus brought before Scar and his allies the newly revived Tyrannosaurus Sharptooth, using the copied programs from Mok's supercomputer to have him under his control. Fascinated with this result, Scar sent him and his test subject on the gorilla territory to lay waste on the wilderness heroes, particularly Tarzan and their friends. Meanwhile, in the African jungle, Tarzan and Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera (now tagged along with Tarzan) were prepared to make a defense call and summon more allies to help them maintain their homeland. Claudandus then arrived and challenged the heroes, unleashing Sharptooth on the small party. As the heroes scattered to avoid Sharptooth's attacks, Tarzan made his move by messing up with the dinosaur, eventually hitting the Tyrannosaurus in the eye with a tree branch, stunning it briefly. On the other hand, Claudandus easily took out Bagheera, before he could even attack him, leaving only Mowgli in the opening. However, Mowgli used a club as a choice of weapon, beating up the feline. At that moment, more assistance arrived, as Tantor and Terk charged forward at Sharptooth, knocking him out, leaving an opportunity for Tarzan, Mowgli, and their friends to escape the jungle. Claudandus also left the jungle, without pursuit his rivals, having had enough with the wilderness heroes, with Sharptooth following him back.

After the fight on Avatar's tower, Rasputin returned to the Forbidden Mountain and approached Lady Tremaine, lenting her the Fairy Godmother's magic wand, which he stole previously in the battle, as her prime source of strenght to deal with powerful figures. In return, Rasputin sent the noble woman to kill Anastasia Romanov (whom both Hades and Maleficent failed to accomplish), in order to test her abilities and strenght. Meanwhile in America, Anastasia Romanov, Dimitri, and Vladimir made their choice of staying neutral in the war zone, considering the life of Anastasia being at stake, as she was threatened multiple times before. However, Lady Tremaine and her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine, arrived with evil intentions on the three heroes. Initially, Tremaine's daughters tore off Anastasia Romanov's royal dress, before the noble woman would summon a powerful surge of energy blast, that blasted away Dimitri, as the hero made his advance towards the Tremaines. Lady Tremaine then set her sights in Anastasia Romanov. Instead of killing her, however, she summoned a dark aura of magic, that teleport Anastasia and the Tremaines to parts unknown, leaving Dimitri, Vladimir, and Pooka behind to watch helplessly, as she was taken away.

In space, the Star Command taskforce, led by Buzz Lightyear, surveyed through an abandoned facility, believing that some hints existed to search for Emperor Zurg and his allies. Instead, they ran into Zygon, whom had been informed about their activities, as he made his decision to destroy them on behalf of Zurg. He shot through Lightyear's defenses, knocking him off, before he would call upon his droids to eliminate the rest of the space team. However, they were no match to Mira Nova's incorporeal abilities to move through solid objects, who effortlessly destroyed their functions. As more droids drew in, Buzz Lightyear and the ranger team made their escape, much to Zygon's chargin.

At the R.L.S. Legacy vessel, Jim Hawkins (still on cleaning duty) and Mulan chatted, regarding about their morning activities, with John Silver and Morph also presented on the scene. On an interesting note, Jim Hawkins thanked Mulan for backing him up against Scroop and Preed, with Mulan telling him that she should stand up for her friends in need. As she left, John Silver chatted with Jim, as he questioned him the close bond he formed with her.

Elsewhere, at a different location on Earth, the Atlantean mercenaries, who managed to escape the Snow Queen's territory, were found by an elite taskforce of heroes, directed by Colin MacLeod and Julie, whose main goal was to track down Tyler and Marcus Octavious (their greatest nemesies), and stop them by any means. They reluctantly accepted the Atlanteans into their ranks, though in return they would also help them in pursuiting the villains. While Kida was the first priority to save from the villain forces, the mercenaries agreed to help them, hoping that they would be reunited with her in the near future.

In the deserts of Arabia, Aladdin's crew ran into Odette, her close friends, Hubie, Rocko, and Gurgi, who told them about the imprisonment of several heroes in the Palace of Justice in Paris, as said from Gurgi, and convinced them to make the siege in the stronghold. Thinking that their friends might be imprisoned, Aladdin and his friends agreed to help them, setting off to their next destination. In Africa, McLeach prepared to hunt down Littlefoot and his friends. With Clayton being defeated earlier, McLeach decided to use special service to capture the young dinosaurs, as he set off to find his prey.

Having taken a dark path, and detesting the lack of usefulness of the Royal Council to make a stand against the villain forces, King Haggard changed sides, joining the Horned King at his citadel in Wales, as one of his latest hires, betraying the Council in the process. At the same time, Clavious delivered the captured Genie, forcing him to examine the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron. The Genie reluctantly showed them a vision of King Stefan's castle, the current residence of the Cauldron, that was also mentioned by Haggard. The King then sent the combined forces of  his', Prince John's and the Bakshi Bunch's on their first royal battle in Germany, with Haggard taking the lead, as several of the villains' henchmen march off to their next destination.

And in the farthest borders of the galaxy, a dangerous alien species made it's move, as the Drej race, led by it's patriarchal Queen, prepared to annihilate all of the living lifeforces of the universe.

Raid on the Palace of Justice

At the Palace of Justice in Paris, Frollo called upon his allies, as they made preparations in executing the captive heroes. As the meeting was in the proceedings, it was interrupted by the arrival of a familiar face, one of which shocked Pharaoh Rameses. Before the astonishing eyes of the Pharaoh, the former Egyptian captain of the guard Sa'Luk appeared before them, faithfully serving under him once more, as well as joining forces with Frollo, with the judge of Paris accepting him into his ranks. Still on the Palace of Justice, at the deepest dungeons, the imprisoned heroes were still stucked on a procedure of an escape route, slightly losing hope, as their end was approaching.

Before heading off to Castle Grimhilde, Ariel and Frederic's group happened on the martial expert Daffers, and the eccentric inventor Scotty, two agents of the French Secret Service, who willingly join their group, in hopes of striking back at the most notorious and villainous masterminds, including El Supremo, Messina, and Queen Grimhilde. The heroes gladly accept them into their group, as they also earned Frederic's charm, befriending him in the process.

At the A.C.S. Squad Sector A, one of the latest and devoted members of the organization, Dr. Greed, contacted Bill Sykes and Mr. Lickboot, through a television screen hologram, informing them his visit at the base, for the reason to check out their progress. Both of the villains prepared to accommodate their ally.

Elsewhere, at an Italian workshop, the toymaker Geppetto (the Disney counterpart of the original character) [having been aware of his son's (also the Disney counterpart of the character) absence for a long time] decided to search for him. Joining him was also two toymakers, who were old friends of his. Particularly, the parental figure also named Geppetto (the Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night counterpart) and Uncle Drosselmeier. The three of them left their children, including the another version of Pinocchio (the Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night counterpart), the young girl Clara, Geppetto (D)'s pets Figaro and Cleo, Geppetto's (ND) creation Gee Willikers, and Clara's cat Pavlova, though without real supervision, assuming that they were safe in the household, a probability not well sounded. Nevertheless, the children and friends obeyed their parents and stayed at their house, where they spent their time until midnight, where something "peculiar" happend.

As it turned out, at the strike of the twelfth clock at midnight, the Ballerina and the Tin Soldier toys, with the inclusion of Prince Hans (otherwise known as the "Nutcracker Prince") and several other toy soldiers, came to life, astonishing Clara and Pinochio, as they began their perfomances to entertain the audience. However, the malevolent Jack-in-the-Box toy, also brought to life, moved in silently towards the other creations, though it caught the attention of Clara's cat, Pavlova, which examined the strange box, forcing to expose himself in the clear, frightening the others.  As Hans stepped forward, the Jack-in-the-Box bore a sword weapon and slashed Hans' shoulder, severly injuring him, though not before striking back, damaging the toy's nose. Angered, the malevolent toy knocked Hans off his feet. At that moment, the mischievious Mouse King arrived with an army of rodents, under his command (having been closer to the workshop and drew closer to the commotion), joining the Jack-in-the-Box in his attempt to cause more mayhem and chaos. Initially, the Ballerina toy threw a large button at the Mouse King's mice, knocking out several of them. Sadly for her, she got trapped, as two rodents put her in a glass cup, looking on the rest of the heroes' battles. The enraged Tin Soldier used his rifle weapon on the Mouse King, knocking him off to a chair, as the Ballerina laughed at the King's expense. Angered, the Mouse King ordered his minions to dispose of the Tin Soldier, tossing him out of the workshop's window, horrifying the Ballerina. Meanwhile, the Jack-in-the-Box continued his assault by throwing several blocks, knocking Clara of her feet, as Pinocchio and the Mouse King looked on. With most of the combatants dealt with, and having lost interest, the Mouse King and the Jack-in-the-Box stopped their advanced, having dealt enough damage to the children and the toys.

At the Native Lands, the two mooses Rutt and Tuke spent their usual day, grazing in a fertile land. However, Tuke noticed the arrival of three wolves approaching leaving his position, followed by his brother Rutt, after he noticed the pack's leader Niju, standing before him. As the two of them ran for their lives, they happened upon the Inuit tribesman-turned-bear Kenai, and his surrogate brother Koda, who requested them to stop the wolves by any means necessary. Upon confonting three wolves (Nuk, Yak, and Sumak in particular), Kenai used his fierce nature of bear tedency, to frighten them off, before taking on them by splashing out hot water on them, eminating from a nearby geyser. Niju arrived personally to deal with Kenai personally, only to fail at the hero's strenght, who bashed him into a nearby tree, leaving an opening for him, and Koda to escape. As Niju and the other wolves recovered, they were found by Zira, who persuaded them to join Scar's alliance, with the promises of animal domination. Tempted with the offer, Niju agreed to assist Scar's faction. Unknown to him, Timon and Pumbaa, who managed to travel all the way to the Native Lands, followed their steps undetected, wanting to known about the motives of the predators, as they made their way to Scar's lair in Africa...

At Castle Grimhilde in Germany, Queen Grimhilde put Sinbad in her courtyard, with the inclusion of her allies representing as witnesses. She didn't hesitate in pulling off a trial, sentencing the pirate to a death penalty, by having him killed in a bout with Nessus (a minion of Hades sent by Maleficent and Mok to aid Grimhilde) in a gladitorial arena. As Ariel and Frederic's group arrived on the scene, they happened to watch Sinbad's fight, eventually sending the centaur reeling away. As Ursula prepared to deal the fatal blow on the hero with a blast of Triton's trident (acquired by the sea-witch after King Triton's fall), the heroes blow their cover, as Frederic shot through Ursula's shoulder, wounding her arm. The Queen ordered her allies to hault their advances, starting by Captain Hook, who threatened Frederic with his rapier, only to be bashed away by the hero's incredible strenght. While distracted Naveen was caught off guard by Lord Maliss, who smashed him with a book. Ogthar then brought forward a mini-canon and proceed to shoot at Louis' tail, severly injuring him. Messina then revealed herself to Ariel, reminiscing her previous encounter with her, before she took the form of bat to scare of Tiana and Naveen and then the form of a hyena to intimidate the rest of the heroes. However, Ariel proved to be quite a nuisance to her, evading Messina's charge, leaving accidentally to cut a foot of a table, crashing Messina under it, as her nephew Frederic complimented on her mischief. With Sinbad released, the rest of the heroes withdrew, infuriating Queen Grimhilde and her allies.

Before the siege on the Palace of Justice, Aladdin's crew received more reinforcements, as the French gypsies Esmeralda and Clopin (having been aware of Frollo's recent actions), the El Doradan woman Chel (sent by Chief Tannabok as a representative of her homeland to aid Miguel, Tulio, and the other hero forces on their battles), and Moses' wife Tzipporah (having been alerted by Moses' involvement in the conflict), joined forces with Aladdin and Moses, on purpose to stop the villain forces from taking over their homelands. Having gathered a small army of heroes, Aladdin's crew advanced to Paris, ready to encounter their rivals.

Meanwhile, in Paris, near Notre-Dame, Frollo and Rameses were still attending the Festival of Fools, which was ongoing for a time. At that moment, Aladdin's party arrived, with Esmeralda and Clopin distracting the two heads of the faction, as Aladdin and the rest of the reinforcements broke into the Palace of Justice to free the prisoners. As the time of the execution had arrived, Pete brought Tulio and Miguel, ready to decapitate them. Just as he pulled off the leverer of a guillotine (where Tulio and Miguel were standing), Aladdin rushed off to save them, taking them out of the guillotine. Pete then responded, by chasing after Aladdin, only to his mischief to have his peg-leg decapitated, as the thug cried in agony. Alerted by the commotion, Sa'Luk, the Forty Thieves (Sa'Luk's bandit gang), the Beagle Boys (Pete's elite guardsmen), and the Weasel guardsmen, arrived to stop the hero advances. However, Puffin, Rocko, Tzipporah, Chel, Omar, Dizzy, and Stretch, overpowered them with ease. As Pete managed to regain his senses, Tulio, finding a second wind, challenged the thug in a sword fight, stealing a sword from Pete's elite guardsmen, only to fail at Pete's fencing skills. In the confusion of the battle, Pete unnoticed Miguel's attack, who also took another sword from the guardsmen, and cut his pants off, publicly humiliating him. Elsewhere, Gurgi happened on the prison cell of Stanley, where Gaston was waiting for them. Before he could release the imprisoned troll, Gaston KO the two troll creatures, knocking the cell and Gurgi far from the capital, as Tack surprisingly looked on. Eventually, Tack managed to free himself, and same could be said for the rest of the prisoners, including Juliana, Quasimodo, and Pinocchio (the Disney's version of the character, who got imprisoned earlier in the war), freed by Aladdin's reinforcements. As Tack tried to catch with the other heroes, he was caught up by a trap door, leaving him in full view of Abis Mal and his bandit gang (with the latter having been presented in Paris to steal jewels for his own benefit). When Tack proved to be quite a nuisance, Abis Mal ordered his thugs to apprehend him, as the Baghdad thief (who somehow managed to happen on the capital, after his infiltration on Forbidden Mountain) looked on. Thinking a quick tactic, Tack used one of his special tricks, by setting himself up in a bow position, creating a bowstring, while throwing a tack as a dart to the chandellier above the thugs, cutting it and crushing the thugs beneath. While they were distracted, the thief slithered in, to get a treasure vault. At that moment, Abis Mal noticed the thief's presence, and cut his path with his scimitar weapon, sending him reeling away, while also commenting on Esmeralda's perfomance on the Festival, before he would be stopped and fainted out in the process. Having succeeded in their infiltatrion attempt, Esmeralda and Clopin vanished from the Festival, leaving Frollo and Rameses to realise that they were set up. Upon witnessing the escape, Frollo and Rameses ordered their remain men to seize them at once, as the heroes made their leave, with Tulio, Miguel, Pinocchio (D), and Tack also joining them. As Dizzy and Stretch also made their escape, through a transportation vehicle, they ran into Frollo, destroying his camp tent in the process, with Frollo having survived the encounter, as he furiously looked on.

After the huge jail break, most of Aladdin's crew got separated. Quasimodo ended up with Odette and her friends. Odette was about to greet the hunchback, when the moon rises over her, making her turn back into human. Initially, Quasimodo was uncertain of Odette's real nature, until she explained it to him. He eventually thanked the princess for rescuing him, as the two of them became quick friends. Elsewhere, Esmeralda and Chel explain to Tulio, Miguel, Tack, Pinocchio (D), and his consciousness Jiminy Cricket that they needed to stick together, in order to survive the war. Tulio and Miguel were at first a little stubborn, but Jiminy, Esmeralda, and Chel eventually talked some sense into them, since they saved them in the first place, with Esmeralda trying to negotiate with the two conmen, by demonstrating her pickpocketing trick to Tulio, stating that they would provide them help, should they would also help Aladdin and Moses in return. The two conmen eventually accepted to join them, after taking interest on Esmeralda's tricks. Esmeralda also appointed Jiminy to guide Pinocchio into his journey to reunite with his family, although she explained that would she would accept the responsibility to take care of Pinocchio, acting as a mother-figure, until he would be reunited with his father, with Jiminy accepting her advice, having grown infatuated to the woman's appearance and kind attitude.

Outside of the capital, the crashed troll creatures Stanley and Gurgi happened upon a group of heroes, led by a princess who is also named Snow White (the Happily Ever After version of the character). Accompanying the princess were her close friends, the Seven Dwarfelles, their cousins the Seven Dwarfs (who were still on their journey to rescue Snow White (the Disney's version of the character) from Lord Maliss), and Sir Peter Dickison (now in Gorbash's body, who also achieved knighthood by Carolinus and forced to become involved in the conflict on his behalf). The two reluctantly joined Snow White and Sir Peter on their quest to save their beloved friends, as they had nowhere to go, after their seperation with Aladdin's crew, with Gurgi hoping that he would also meet with Taran in the near future.

Travelling through the world to find a new home, Bambi and the Watership Down rabbits found themselves on the Native Lands, joining forces with Kenai and Koda, as they sought more assistance against the villain forces. 

Deep in his lair in Africa, Scar assembled his team of villanous predators, announching his intention of dominant power throughout the world, in a collaborate song, furthermore explaing them that they sould be prepared for any kind of hostility against them. As Scar continued to instruct his allies, through his song, Timon and Pumbaa managed to find their plans, and decided to leave the place and inform Simba about his uncle's motives, not before they got noticed by Pterano. Until the song's climax, all of Scar's allies agreed to take their position as henchmen to the new self-proclaimed ruler of the animal empire, ready to make a stand against the hero forces.

Royal Casualties

In Planet Z, Emperor Zurg came in contact with the patriarchal Queen of the Drej race, stating his evil intentions on bringing the entire galaxy to it's doom, while also requesting her to destroy the R.L.S. Legacy's crew, whom he considered as one of the powerful heroic forces of the Galactic Federation. While it looked that the Drej didn't want to have association with the other villain forces, the Queen gave consent in letting her soldiers to battle space heroes and partially joining their alliance, unknown to the Evil Emperor that the Queen was merely using Zurg to her own advantage, so that they would destroy both hero and villain forces respectively and annihilate all of the life forces who would stand a change against them. As the Drej Queen disclosed her connection with the Emperor, Zurg went after Tyler, sending him on an assignment to gather more recruits for his empire. Tyler gladly set off to Earth, hoping that he would find any villain with great potential, while he would also be on the look out for the missing crystal piece, lost on Earth, on purpose to set on the next course of finding the Holy Land.

Back on Earth, Lilo, Stitch, and their two acquaintances: Dr. Jumba and Pleakley (who left their household after Kent Mansley's assault), met with the young boy Hogarth Hughes and his ally and guardian, the Iron Giant. Sensing that the dangers of the ongoing war would harm their close friends, Lilo, Stich, Hogarth, and the Iron Giant decided to join forces and help the space heroes on their battles against the forces of evil, after they formed a close bond with them, as well as exchanging stories about each other's encounters (particularly Stitch and the Iron Giant), prior in meeting them.

In New York City, Marcus Octavious gathered his new associates in his stronghold, including the rogue mercenaries Commander Rourke and Helga Katrina Sinclair, the Hun lord Shan Yu, and the corrupt goverment agent Kent Mansley (who casted his lot to the Roman Emperor, after his discharge by Cobra Bubbles), informing them about his goal to expand his territory, so that he would be recognized as one of the greatest leaders of the villain forces, on Mok's behalf, as his allies eagerly listened.

At the A.C.S. Sector B, Edgar was on call duty, feeding the caged animals, including the Dalmatian puppies and several other pound dogs, and disposing of any dead ones. He then rushed to answer a call on the door, who turned out to be Aunt Figg's old colleague, Aunt Sarah, who wanted Figg to watch over Si and Am for the moment, while Sarah attended other matters. Figg reluctantly accepted to take care of Sarah's cats, though she kept her cold demeanor against her colleague, who secretly despised her, for the time being.

At King Stefan's castle in Germany, the Royal Council (excluding Sir Pellinore who was absent to deal with other matters) still debated to the resolve of gathering and uniting the hero forces against the forces of Mok and Maleficent. Just then, the Horned King and his allies bursted into the inner sactum of the castle, taking them by surprise. A melee started, as both the Horned King and King Stefan ordered their allies to apprehend their opposal foes, though the Council met it's defeat, as each member fell to the King's forces one by one. The battle started with the French King, who ordered his royal guard to stop Rothbart and his associates, only to be turned into fearful animals by the powers of the Forbidden Arts. On the other hand, King Morpheus dealed with Dr. Facilier's shadow demons, destroying most of them with the power of his royal scepter. Sadly, he was caught off guard, when Dr. Facilier crept up behind him and blew dark powder at him, engulfing the ruler of Slumberland into total darkness, before he was teleported, as Princess Camille and Professor Genius looked on horrified. The English knights Sir Ector and Sir Kay then took on Ruber and Nekron, with both of them failing to the villains' attacks. Prince John and Prince Froglip then advanced, using their minions to capture King Papa and Prince Philip, taking them as new hostages. Meanwhile, Queen Uberta, and her chief advisor Lord Rogers, attempted to escape, only to be publicly humiliated by Madam Mim's magical tricks, who transformed them into various animals, before they were transported to the King's dungeons. The battle continued with King Jarol's son, Taro, challenging the Sheriff of Nottingham and his platoon of rhino soldiers, easily defeating them, due to his swordmanship skills. Unfortunately, he was ambushed by John, who stabbed the young prince in the back with his sword, killing him, before he would abduct Jarol himself. As for King Nod and the Sultan of Agrabah, they were teleported by Yzma and Queen Gnorga, before they would even react on their current situation. Blackwolf then appeared, engaging King Kashekim Nedakh and the Emperor of China, stunning the former with his beam eyes and using his mutant soldiers to capture the latter, as Chi-Fu looked on horrified. King Haggard then emerged, as the French King took his anger on him for his betrayal against the Council. However, Haggard defeated both the King and his Grand Duke, due to the Haggard's great efficiency in battle. At the same time, the Queen of Hearts defeated King Arthur (ND) with a flamingo pole, knocking him out, before she would take him in as new prisoner. Now alone, King Stefan and King Hubert encountered Saruman, who casted a temporary sleeping curse on the two noble rulers, putting them out of commission. Seeing the events of the battle turning against them, Princess Irene, and her cat TurnipNemoIcarus, Priness Camille, Professor Genius, and Teegra instantly left the castle, being the only members not caught by the Horned King's men, pursuited by the King's minions in the process.

In Africa, McLeach ambushed the young dinosaurus, arriving in his halftrack to capture. Initially, he sent Joanna after Ducky, who fell behind, as the dinosaurs ran for their safety. However, she was easily defeated by Littlefoot, who stood on his friend's side, by knocking her out. McLeach then bore his rifle weapn, ready to take Littlefoot out by force. At that moment, Cera arrived to assist, knocking McLeach into a deep burrow nearby. Nevertheless, McLeach re-emerged and got back into his halftrack, using a special move to fire a blast at the dinosaurs, which it was litteraly a larget net, capturing them, as the poacher took them in the A.C.S. Operations.

The assembled Dogs and Cats, led by Francis, followed the tracks of the A.C.S.'s members into Sector B, where Duchess, her kittens, and Mewsette were held captive in Edgar's vault, with the villains focusing on their next course of action. Just then, the Dogs and Cats burst into the villains' hideout, taking them by surprise. As the fight commerced, Jasper Badun threw a dart at Itchy, knocking him out, and then moved on to kill him, only to be haulted by Charlie Barkin, who bit him on his lower parts. Finding Danny at the top of a ladder, Edgar attempted to catch and kill him with a scythe, while climbing the ladder at the same time. However, he was struck down to the floor point by Sawyer, as the two heroes tripped the butler. Aunt Figg's pet, Ferdinard, rammed forward at Tramp, though his advance was stopped by the dog's fightback. After regaining his senses, Jasper, along with Horace Badun, threatened Rowf and Snitter, with Rowf easily overpowering the thugs. As Madam Medusa moved in to finish Snitter with her riffle, she was tripped by Jerry (who set her up). At that moment, Aunt Sara's pets, Si and Am, emerged to cause more trouble for the animal heroes. While commercing a quick attack at Bluebeard, Si and Am easily understimated the hero's skills, as he evaded their effort, leaving them beaten. In the process, Bluebeard triggered an electrical machinery, electrecuting and burning Si and Am to death, as the villains looked on. As the battle continued, Sykes' pets, Roscoe and Desoto, cornered Jaune-Tom and Robespierre, ready to kill them. However, Jaune-Tom scratched through the dogs' defenses, stunning them, allowing the heroes to escape from their grip. Meanwhile, Tom was found on the verge of death, as Medusa's minions Brutus, Nero, and Mr. Snoops defeated him with ease, while Thomas O' Malley was confronted by Aunt Figg, who was more ready than ever to kill him. The Parisian Alley Cats then came to his aid, knocking her out. Witnessing the events of the battle, Dr. Greed stepped forward to deal with his foes, by unleashing a sonic wave through his remote control, that blew out most of the Dogs and Cats, while Cruella defeated Charlie Barkin with a bucket. As Thomas O' Malley magaged to reach Edgar's vault, and attempted to free the captives, he was stopped by Edgar, who shut off the vault, before the villains would re-emerge. Following the A.C.S.'s retaliation, the Dogs and Cats were helpless in their effort to stop them, as most of them made their escape from Sector B, leaving Danny, Sawyer, Charlie Barkin, and Itchy behind.

In the R.L.S. Legacy vessel, Dr. Doppler noticed a squad of Drej Soldiers attacking the ship, alerting and assembling the crew into the ship's hold, as the Drej began to land. They began their course of action to annihiltate them, pursuiting Jim Hawkins, Captain Amelia, and Mulan, while opening fire at the same time, wounding Mulan in the process, with Jim coming to her aid, as he helped her standing. While Captain Amelia's party dealt with the Drej task force, the rest of the R.L.S. Legacy's crew was ambushed by a division of Hornet foot soldiers (sent personally by Zurg to assist the Drej in their battle). Defending themselves, the space crew managed to fend off most of the Hornets, with Osmosis Jones, Drix, Akima, Gune, Stith, Orin, Dagg Dibrimi, and his droid robots, destroying them with their combined fire power. With the Drej foot soldiers approaching, Captain Amelia's party repeatly fired at their foes, with Dr. Doppler serving also as one of it's unexpected fighters. Elsewhere, another swarm of Drej Air soldiers confonted the Star Command's task force, as Buzz Lightyear, XR, and Mira Nove evaded most of the Drej's fire power, and destroying several of them with their own man power. As more Drej and Hornet soldiers storm in, the space heroes began to fall back, until several of them got destroyed by a powerful source, emmiting closeby. Turned out that the Iron Giant, along with Lilo and Stitch (the latters of whom were on board on a large spacecraft), arrived to assist the heroes in space, saving them, as the enemies fled to report their masters.

At the sewers of New York City, near Marcus Octavious' stronghold, Colin MacLeod's task force (excluding the Atlantean mercenaries) track down Shan Yu, Rourke, Helga, and their mercenaries, who had been collecting supplies, soldiers, and arsenal for Marcus' army. Alerting their presence to the villains, the heroes commerced their attack against the villains. While Julie and Dahlia (Colin's love-interest and partner) focused on Rourke's mercenaries, Colin himself challenged Shan Yun in a clash of swords. Meanwhile, Julie opened fire at Rourke, Helga, and the foot mercenaries, though she was stunned by their own firepower. Germaine (an acquaintance of Julie who had previous run ins with Tyler) then stood up for her, though his less indimitating demenaour was useless compared to Helga, who easily bested him out. As Rouke made his leave, along with his arsenal and infantry, he was followed by Julie (who had recovered at that time), and Dahlia, who threw away ammunitions of grenades upon a bridge they were crossing, destroying it, plummeting Rourke and the mercenaries to their doom. Elsewhere, Colin was found on a critical situation, as Shan Yu parried most of his blows and pierced through his defenses, badly injuring him. The Hun lord then delivered the fatal blow, as he striked the hero down from a higher ground, to his seemingly apparent demise, laughing at the hero's expense, while horrifying the rest of his friends.

In the aftermath of the sewer battle, Rourke and his mercenaries were revealed to have survived their fall, although were still recovering their strenght. At the same time, Dahlia, Julie, and Germain uncover Colin MacLeod's body from some buried wreckages. At first they believed that he was left for dead, only to their mistake and horror that he was brought back to life, with Colin stating that it was not the first time since he came back to life. Escaping from the Horned King's minions, far away from King Stefan's castle, Nemo, Professor Genius, Irene, and Teegra were found by Darkwolf's party (who happened to approach King Stefan's kingdom). Nemo's crew then explained about the Horned King's assault, and the defeat of their beloved friends and allies. Wanting to ensure the royal heroes' safety, Darkwolf's crew accepted them to their group, while also suggesting to find an alternative way to retaliate against the King's minions by any means necessary and save their friends from their clutches.

Returning to the A.C.S. Sector B, Aunt Sarah witnessed the dead corpses of her pet cats and shifted the blame on Ant Figg for not being a good supervision. Tired of her demeanor and disulity on the organizationm Dr. Greed (who happened to be presented at Sector B at that time) triggered a button on his remote control, tilting the floor, beneath Sarah, plummeting her into a seemingly endless pit in the process, while relieving Figg from her problems. Figg thanked Dr. Greed for his services.

Abandoning their safehouse, Avatar, Peace, Weehawk, Little John, Tinker Bell, Arthur, Archimedes, and Frodo Baggins made their way to the forests of Nottingham, where Maid Marian (Robin Hood's love interest), Lady Kluck (Marian's lady-in-waiting) and Peter Pan's lost boys took refuge during that time. They stated about the capture of their friends by Maleficent's forces, provoking them to rescue them from their. Having landed in Paris, Tyler met with Frollo, proposing him to join forces on the behalf of Zurg's faction. Seeing potential and usefulness at Tyler's abilities and skills, Frollo gladly accepted him into his ranks.

And in the forests of Wales, while on the search for Hen Wen, Taran found out the item, that had been sought by Gandalf and Frodo, the One-Ring, and began to use it as one of his primary, yet secret, weapon in his next battles against the villain forces. Little did he knew that the spirit of Sauron still dwelled inside the ring, ready to corrupt the youth with promises of power...


Aboard the R.L.S. Legacy vessel, Dr. Doppler checked at Mulan's condition (still injured after her fight with the Drej), treating her wounds, as she slowly regained her senses. Just then, Jim Hawkins showed up to check on her, questioning her current state, considering the Drej's hazardous fire weapons that would easily wipe out any living force, as stated by Doppler himself. Captain Amelia then arrived and tasked the two teenagers with a special assignment, after seeing Mulan's slowly recovery. She would sent them on Earth to find the missing crystal piece that would lead to the gateways of the Holy Land, while they would also search for Tyler and stop him at any cost. In spite of Mushu's negative response, considering Tyler's attrocities against them, he gave up, as Amelia also explained that she would be accosted by Osmosis Jones and Drix on their journey, with the two Federation officers promising to guarantee their safety.

In England, after escaping from the A.C.S. Sector B, Tom and Jerry ran into the League of Gentlemice, informing them about their previous escapades with the villainous organization. The mice agreed to help them and head over to the Sector. Unbestknown to them, Tiger a former thug of Warren T. Rat, watched them from afar and decided to follow them on their course to save their friends, having had enough with the services of his previous boss. Elsewhere, several other Dogs and Cats met with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and his fellow brethren, who explained with them about the capture of their friends at Sector B. Having had previous encounters with the A.C.S., Rex's party decided to assist them. They were joined by Cody, Louie, and Cecilia (the latters of whom were close friends with the dinosaurs). Meanwhile, Jaune-Tom and Robespierre (who were seperated from the rest of the group for the time being) found the sheepdog Colonel (not confused with the Colonel of US cavarlymen) and Sergeant Tibbs, proposing them to join in their next assault on the A.C.S.'s men. Having been familiar with the A.C.S.'s cruel operations, the Colonel and Tibbs decided to help them, as they headed off to Sector B, along with Jaune-Tom and Robespierre.

In Germany, at Castle Grimhilde, Queen Grimhilde's allies were still angered about Sinbad's escape. On the other hand, Ogthar focused on his next course of his plans. He summoned his minions; the big-head Parasaurolophus Rhoga; and the dimwitted Euoplocephalus Thudd, and tasked them in bringing various types of "dinosaur eggs" (which could be found in a region near the One Hundred Acre Wood). As Grimhilde's allies questioned about his motives, considering the near impossibility of finding new ones as many dinosaurs were nearly exincted, Ogthar continued to explain his motive, as he would use the powers of the "Ruby Sunstone", combined with his scientific research and machinery, to create a new army of hatched dinosaurs, ready to serve under the Queen's will, with Grimhilde taking an interest on Ogthar's plan. As he finished, Rhoga and Thudd set off to find the dinosaur eggs.

At Patch of Heaven, Napoleon introduced Cat R. Waul to the rest of the farm animals and explained that they must get rid of the A.C.S. Operations (particularly Alameda Slim and Amos Slade), so that they would save their farm and establish their small might. The animals were unsure about his idea but eventually gave in. However, several of the farm animals, particularly Tod, were a bit suspicious about Napoleon's true motives.

At the Horned King's citadel, Yzma approached Dr. Facilier in person and told him about the child heroes she unleashed on the Ocean, in the form of marine creatures. Fearing that they would find a way in becoming human again as well as they would inform the authorities about her illegal activities, she suggested for a sneak attack on the heroes. To that end, they send their henchmen, Kronk and Lawrence, after them, right after they transformed them into a fearsome hammerhead shark and a savage carnivorous marine creature respectively. Meanwhile, Fly, Stella, Chuck, with the addition of Sasha (who served as Stella's riding steed), met with Hubie and Rocko, seperated from Aladdin's crew after the escape from the Palace of Justice, who spent a time of relaxation by fishing on the nearest coastline. At that moment, Kronk and Lawrence ambushed the marine heroes, as they start chasing after them. In spite of his first attempt, Lawrence was caught by the chains of a buoy, as Fly, Stella, and Chuck tricked him. Kronk was also not successful, as he followed the trail of Hubie and Rocko, who managed to wash up on an nearby glacier. As the penguins fled away, a major portion of the glacier cracked above upon Kronk, crushing him before he would even escape, though he managed to survive the hit. As Lawrence managed to break out from the chains, he chased the three marine heroes again, though he got crashed in a massive rock formation, leaving a chance for Fly, Stella, Chuch, Sasha, Hubie, and Rocko to escape.

At the A.C.S. Sector B, Cruella received a call from Sykes, who informed her about McLeach's hatch. Wanting to see his captive trophies by herself, Cruella, along with Dr. Greed Figg and Medusa, set off to confront the poacher in person, leaving Edgar, Figg's chief assistant and scientist Dr. Applecheek, Jasper and Horace Badun, and some lesser stray catchers, in charge of the Sector. Thinking that the animal heroes would not have a chance of escape, the villains shrinked their duties, as they dozed off, unknown to them that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice and the Dogs and Cats infiltrated the Sector B. As they released Danny, Sawyer, Charlie Barkin, Itchy, and the Dalmatian puppies from the pound, Jasper Badun and Edgar woke up, noticing the commotion, and alerted his fellow allies to deal with the small number of heroes. Before the breakout would even begin, Jasper failed to Horace's own mischief, as he hit him on the head with a club. When Ferdinard charged forward at the League, though his efforts were for naught, as Jake kicked him, stopping his advance. Edgar then made his move, only to encounter the Parisian alley cats, as they tangled with the butler to buy time for the rest of the heroes. Particularly, Roquefort reached up Edgar's vault, as he began to break the code. Roscoe and Desoto encountered Tom and Jerry, but before they would leap at them, they were stopped by Charlie Barkin, who tossed a massive blanket upon them, putting them out of commission. When things got tense, Roquefort threw off a comedic shot, as he silenced off both villan and hero parties, before he would manage to break the code, and let each other party continued their previous fights. As Thomas O' Malley, Duchess, her kittens, and Mewsette were freed, the Dogs and Cats made their attempt to escape. Eventually, Dr. Applecheek came in, having also been alerted by the commotion, only to defeated by the various dogs, who exited the pound. The A.C.S.'s members then set off after them.

Elsewhere, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, having been alerted about the rise of the villain forces, decided to leave their homeland, to aid the war effort in favor of the heroes. While leaving the Hundred Acre Wood forest, they happened upon Rhoga and Thudd, who managed to steal several eggs and put them into a cart, ready to be delivered to Ogthar. Right after they took a break from their work, the two dinosaurs encountered their foes, with the One Hundred Acre Wood friends challenging them as they realised the value of the eggs. Despite Thudd's failed indimidation attempt, Winnie and his friends mustered their courage to capture the two dinosaurs with ropes and knock them out. Upon recovering, Rhoga and Thudd broke themselves free and chase after the heroes, who fled into a safe spot. Upon missing them, Rhoga and Thudd didn't bothered in coninuing their chase, and resumed in their previous mission, as they drag the cart to Castle Grimhilde, as Winnie and his friends desperately watched on from afar, unable to save them.

At the A.C.S. Sector A, the rest of the organization's members arrived to take a look on McLeach's trophies, as Littlefoot and his friends were imprisoned under the oversight of the poacher. To make matters worse for the dinosaurs, McLeach unleashed several monsters, wanting to test their vulnerabilities and weakness, as he sicced the massive bear Lumpjaw, the ruthless leopard Sabor, and the savage buck Ronno upon them. Petrie, Spike, and Ducky startled by the sight of the monsters, with the exception of Cera, who carelessly advanced on Ronno, only to be defeated by the buck's brute force. As McLeach began to laugh at the dinosaurs' expenses, Littlefoot rallied his friends to deal with the monsters. As Spike was left on the open, frightened by the size and appearance of Lumpjaw, Ducky managed to jump on the bear's nose, messing up with it. Unfazed, Lumpjaw bested Ducky sending her releeing away, with Sabor also knocking out Littlefoot, with Petrie and Spike looking in horror. At that moment, Cera finding a second wind took on Ronno again, this time ramming at full speed at the deer, knocking it from a cliff to it's death. As Sabor and Lumpjaw moved on for the kill, they were stopped by the arrival of Rex and his friends, who managed to follow on the trail of the villains' tracks since their arrival to Sector A. Before the villains and monsters would react, Woog took out both Sabor and Lumpjaw, with Cody, Louie, Cecilia, and Rex rescuing Littlefoot and his friends, ushering them to safety, as the villains set off after them.

At the Patch of Heaven ranch (dubbed as Sector C), Alameda Slim and Amos Slade moved in to obtain the ranch's property, by signing Sheriff Sam Brown's contract, as well as being joined with Farmer Jones, a new additional and potential ally to the A.C.S. who also set his sights after the farm. Before they could sign the print, the farm animals started their rebellion against the A.C.S. members, with Spirit, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Tod and Wilbur also joining the fight. Tod clashed with Steele with vixen overhwhelming the husky dog. Amos Slade and Chief moved in, with Slade threatening Spirit with his riffle. However, he was caught off guard by Wilbur, who unexpectedly messed up with him, missing his targets. Farmer Jones then made his advance, arming himself with a whip, to take on the animals. As soon as Maggie approached, Jones used his whip to slow her down, only for Maggie to ramm forward at him, knocking down. Spirit on the other hand showed his immense size to Slim, driving him away. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the villains retreated back to Sector B, leaving the farm under the control of the animals, with Spirit escaping to reunite with his herd. As several of the animals started to celebrate for their victory, some others caught Napoleon, who was absent from the fight, despite his pleas to the farm animals to oppose the A.C.S., sneaking away from the farm to meet with his partners in crime, with Tod following him unsuspected.

Eventually, the escaped Dogs and Cats, along with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, met with Rex, Littlefoot, and the rest of their friends and companions outside of the A.C.S. Sectors, and together they planned for a solution to escape from the A.C.S. Operations. At that moment, the A.C.S. members assembled to take out the heroes by force. With the villains getting the upper hold, Sergeant Tibbs and the Dalmatian puppies made an attempt to escape, with Tiger watching them from the shadows. Meanwhile, Edgar and Dr. Greed knocked Danny and Dumbo out with the ease. As Jasper and Horace Badun made their move, they were thwarted by Tom and Charlie Barkin, who thrusted them at a nearby wall. As Tiger mustered his courage to deal with the A.C.S., his advance was stopped by Roscoe and Desoto, who quickly spotted him and threatened him, driving him off from the battle, as Perdita watched in confusion. All the while, the A.C.S. members cornered the rest of the heroes, and prepared to finish them off. However, a new arrival suddenly appeared to join the heroes, as Fagin drove through the Sectors with his scooter and distracted the villains long enough for the heroes to escape. Also joining the heroes was Tiger, who recovered from his fall and decided to follow them back, only to be pursuited by some lesser stray dogs. He was eventually caught by Medusa's alligators, Brutus and Nero, who drove him to the waters outside of the A.C.S. Sectors. While he managed to escape from their grip, Tiger was left face to face with a small dogfish creature, humiliating about his expense.

After the escape from Castle Grimhilde, Ariel and Frederic's group introduced themselves to Sinbad, and furthermore explaining him about the states of several of their friends, particularly Ariel, Tiana, and Naveen, who had been on reverse roles, since their transformation earlier, and set on finding a way to undo their previous transformations (with the exception of Frederic, who happened to find his new agile body convenient against powerful foes). Sinbad gladly accepted to help them on their quest, though he proposed to set on Syracuse for the reason to gain more assistance and reunite with Proteus, whom he lost connection ever since his capture by the sea-witches.

Deep in the African jungles, more friends and allies joined Tarzan and Mowgli's cause, as Tarzan's party ventured deep in the jungles, eventually happing upon a temple ruin, inhabited by King Louiehis primate sidekicks, Kerchak, and Kala. Acknowledging the primates' potential and prowess against strong foes, Tarzan and his friends persuaded King Louie to join them on their cause to stop Scar and the other predators from taking over their homelands. While it looked that Louie and Kerchak wouldn't bothered to become involved in the conflict, they changed their mindset, after the mandrill shaman Rafiki (who also revealed to have close connections with the primates), convinced them to take matters into his own hands and helped the wilderness heroes in their effort to battle the villainous forces.

In Wales, a series of shift-managements was about to be displayed, as Maleficent delivered some of her new prisoners into the Horned King's dungeons, including Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Elinore. In exchange, Maleficent elaborated to the King that he would sent some of his own prisoners to Forbidden Mountain's dungeons, hoping that they would mislead the heroes from finding their friends and ensure their captivity at all cost. Intigrued by her offer, the King gladly accepted the prisoners, although he ordered the execution of the three heroes by the "Bakshi Bunch"'s officials, so that it would hurt the morale of the heroes.

Meanwhile, in a desolated area outside of New York City, Joshua Sweet finished Colin MacLeod's treatment, in terms of physical injuries, though he questioned the warrior about his immortality state. Colin then explained about the "Highlander" effect to the group, telling them that his first encounter and fall to Marcus Octavius led him into his first recovery in a hollow region, where he was awakened by the spirit of powerful druid. Since the Roman era, Colin clashed with Marcus in a series of endless battles throughout history, eventually journeying through the modern times to stop him. As some of his fellow companions started to detest effects of immortality, the rest of Colin's friends set their mind on their previous course, although they had to rest up and think of an alternative way to strike back at Marcus' base.

In the Wild West, Napoleon secretly met up with Cat R. Waul, Ratigan, and their allies, outside of Patch of Heaven ranch, as they progressed on their next course: to take advantage of the Patch of Heaven ranch at their own end, establishing it as their own hideout. The plan was overheard by Tod, who had followed Napoleon all the way from the ranch, before his cover was blown out by one of Waul's henchmen, One-Eye, who alerted the vixen's presence to the animals. Thinking that killing him on the spot was considered a rushed action, considering Tod's life and well-being with the other farm animals of the ranch, Waul and his allies settled for a different approach to deal with the nuisance.

After the escape from the A.C.S. Operations, the escaped Dogs and Cats, along with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice, reconciled with their beloved friends and family, spending a brief moment of reunion and relaxation. When the Dogs and Cats decided to join with the humans, for the purpose to form a large army against the villain forces, Rowf stopped them, explaining that they shouldn't be trusted, considering his past encounters with the them and must be killed. While Francis and the assembled heroes found the idea excessive, the stubborn Rowf settled on his own mindset, with Snitter, the closest companion he was bond with, decided to follow him on his steps. 

Outside of the capital of France, Aladdin's group, with the additions of the French soldier Captain Phoebus (Frollo's former captain of the guard, who joined forces with Aladdin and Esmeralda to oppose Frollo's alliance), and the Spanish horse Altivo (formely a steed of the Spanish conquistador Cortez), who joined up their ranks to stop Frollo, met up with Moses, explaining Rameses' partnership with the judge. Believing that his step-brother might have some benevolent side and good faith in him, Moses decided to pay him a visit in Paris and warn him about Frollo's actions. Finding the plan nigh impossible and suicidal, considering his exponse to the villains, Aladdin, and some of their friends, including Abu, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and Tzipporah, settled to accompany him on his way to the capital, with Moses thanking them for their services.

Escape from the Horned King's Citadel

In Paris, at the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Tyler explained to Frollo about his goal to find the Holy Land, before he would set off to find a worthy army that it would serve him, Frollo, and Zurg. Soon after, Aladdin, Moses, and their friends, entered the Cathedral, encountering Rameses in the process, with the Pharaoh being delighted to see his brother again, after many years of seperation. As the two of them have a moment, both hero and villain parties were shocked and confused, especially Frollo. Sa'Luk wasn't pleased to see the man who nearly killed years ago again, but the Pharaoh silenced him, stating that all of Moses' previous sins had been cleansed by the will of the Pharaoh. As he continued to explained, Rameses told Moses that Frollo had hired him to assist him in creating law and order throughout the world. Moses tried to convince him that Frollo and his men weren't the people he should put his trust on, explaining that they had been cruel and harsh on the innocent. Before Moses could elaborate anymore, Frollo demanded that he and his friends must leave at once. Not wanting to anger the judge anymore, they left Notre-Dame. As Rameses pondered on Moses talk, Frollo headed off to question a certain villain.

On the other hand, Ratcliffe, realising that the time was at nigh, decided to invade the Native Lands on Frollo's acquaintances, Mok and Maleficent, behalf, with the Colonel of the U.S. cavalrymen and the Spanish conquistador Cortez (the latter becoming one of Frollo's latest hires), joining him as they headed off to their destination. Elsewhere, on Pride Rock, Timon and Pumbaa reported Simba about his uncle's uprising, as well as the predators choice to rule the wilderness. As Simba's friends, including Nala and Zazu tried to comfort him, they unnoticed Pterano's presence, who had followed Timon and Pumbaa all the way to the Pride Lands, taking an interest on Simba's faction. 

At the Patch of Heaven ranch, Napoleon rallied the farm animals, as he put Tod in trial. He then lied to them, explaining them that he was secretly working with the A.C.S. and tried to bring them to their farm. For the farm's greatest good, Napoleon banished Tod to exile, telling him to think about the consequences he caused to the farm, as the farm animals looked in shock about the guilt of their friend. As Tod didn't have evidence to proof his innocence and the fact, that he had been set up by Napoleon and his allies, he left the farm with a heavy heart.

At the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent and Mok's forces still debated about their next course of action. Just then, Frollo barged in and demanded Mok to give him an explanation about Moses' intrusion in Paris. While it looked that none of the villains comprehended Frollo's sudden behavior, Mok's supercomputer displayed Moses and Rameses brotherhood relationship through an image, shocking and confusing the villains. Furthermore, Frollo believed that Mok had something to do with them since he was the one that brought all villains and heroes together in the first place. To their astonishment, Mok stated that he had no idea about the new revealation. To end the minor nuisances, Maleficent sent Hades, Eris, and Zigzag to deal with Moses and his friends, though the Goddess of Discord decided to pull of one of her lethal tricks on the heroes, for the purpose to bring more chaos and disorder. As they left, Frollo gave an angered look at Mok as he walked off, having secretly made another enemy.

While relaxing at her household, and staying away from the war that raged outside of her home, Darla Dimple recieved a visit from Wonderland's bizzare being, the Cheshire Cat. The being complimented Dimple about her previous action against Kuzco, while taunting her about her role-model perfomance and act at the same time, comparing it with the young woman Alice. He also displayed her existence and whereabouts to Dimple, as she had an "un-birthday" celebration at the Mad Hatter's house in Wonderland, furthermore humiliating her, before he would disappear. Shocked and angered at the same time, Dimple, assisted by her butler Max, set off to Wonderland to apprehend Alice and her newfound friends, so that it would not ruined her reputation as a better performer.

Meanwhile, in Wonderland, the household's host, the Mad Hatter celebrated the occasions of "un-birthdays", along with his fellow friend, the March Hare, and several new additions, including the English people Alice, Mr. Toad, Ratty, and Moley, and the American schoolteacher Ichabod Crane. As the party went on, Dimple and Max suddenly crushed into the household, as they begin to abduct the heroes. While Max's immense size managed to indimidate Mr. Toad, the Hatter, the Hare, and Ichabod, it didn't frighten off Alice, who attempted to drive Max away. In response, Max destroyed a water tank, flushing Alice away from the house. As Ichabod, Ratty, and Moley also depart from the house, the remained heroes were not lucky to escape, as Max captured Mr. Toad, the Hatter, and the Hare, as new hostages, with Dimple laughing at their expenses.

In North America, Ratcliffe's army prepared their invasion to secure the Native Lands' control to Frollo's territory, as Pocahontas and the Powhatan Tribe watched on the settlers' approach from afar. With Chief Powhatan rallying his tribesmen to attack, Ratcliffe's armada made their move. Kocoum, one of Powhatan's greatest warriors, foolishly charged at the enemy, only to be shot dead by the Colonel of the U.S. cavalry, with Cortez despising his action. The brawl continued with the Colonel's soldiers and Cortez's warriors engaging with the Powhatan tribesmen in a battle of guns and arrows. Meanwhile, Spirit, having escaped the Patch of Heaven, happened on the battlefield, on the way to his home. When he saw the near elimination of the Lakota native warrior Little Creek by Ratcliffe's settlers, Spirit attempted to rush at his aid, though he only managed to distract the colonists. However, the Colonel reached up with them, preparing to finish off the native warrior. At that moment, John Smith arrived to assist the Powhatans, as he knocked the Colonel out of his horse ride. Sadly for the Powhatans, Ratcliffe set off a series of bombs that brought down much of the surrounding forest. The frontier heroes looked in horror, as Ratcliffe claimed the Land for Frollo, Maleficent, and Mok.

Outside of Paris, Moses and his friends returned to the others, explaining the results of their interrogation with Rameses. As the situation was worse than what Moses anticipated, Aladdin and Moses's crew settled off to think for an alternative way to deal with the villain forces. At that moment, Hades and Zigzag revealed themselves to the hero party, with Eris secretly popping up undetected behind the heroes' hideout. As Hades didn't bothered to reveal their reasons of attacking, he approached Moses, the cause of most of the villains' irritated behavior in recent events, and attempted to destroy him, by siccing one of his deadly monsters, the Hydra, on him, as most of the heroes looked in horror. In spite of Moses' effot, he was knocked off by the Hydra's assault. However, Omar came to his aid, as the Hydra puzzled off by his indimidate behavior, and sliced it's head, with a swing of his unbreakable guitar weapon, defeating it, as Hades furiously looked on. Zigzag, on the other hand, faced of Mickey Mouse, Donald, and Goofy, as he used his illusionary skills to summon a massive and fierce dragon, frightening off Donald in the process. As Mickey attempted to make a stand, he was immediately devoured by the dragon, horrifying his friends. However, to everyone's surprise, large vines sprouted out of the dragon's mouth, allowing for Mickey to escape from his fate, as some of them watched on confused. While Zigzag was distracted, Pluto bit him up, providing good distraction, as the sorcerer lost control over his dragon, putting him out commision for the time being, while the heroes escape from his grip. When questioning about his escape, Mickey stated that he obtained several "magic beans" from an unknown sorcerer, prior to the events of the war, and told that he must use them at the moment he got threatened by a dangerous force. As Hades and Zigzag departed, Eris, who had watched battle, decided to pull off her deadly scheme, to pin two hero leaders against them, as she modeled her body into a twisted version of Sinbad, before confronting Aladdin personally. As the street thief bore his weapon, he immediatly clashed with the Arabian pirate, only to be knocked out by Sinbad's punch. Having succeed in her first part of her scheme, Eris reverted into her normal self, and teleported away from the fight, before Aladdin and Moses would regain their senses and question about the intruder's motives, not knowing that it was Eris' plot all along.

In a mysterious cavern filled with lava pits, located deep in the jungles of Africa, a dangerous species of lizardmen  spent their daily fighting games, as a form of entertainment, under the oversight of their leader. At that moment, Tyler and his posse of scientists enter the lair, still focused on their goal to gather an army. Infiltrating the lair were also Tarzan, Jane, King Louie and his primate sidekicks, who stumble on the territory by chance. Upon seeing Tarzan, Tyler provoked him into a deadly and brutal battle, before he would consume a liquid that would boost his immortality effect on him. Finding his position threatened, Tarzan reluctantly accepted his challenge, with the lizard leader delightly watching on the battle. As the fight commerced, Tyler gained the upper hand, as he bashed Tarzan away with his bare fists, as Tarzan's friends looked on. However, in a brief moment of distraction, in Tyler's delirium of supposed victory, Tarzan stood up, took a massive log, and knocked Tyler out. Seeing the aftermath, the lizard leader stepped forward to take action, wanting to find a worthy opponent in the form of the lord of the jungles, donning his axe weapon in the process. While he managed to overpower the hero, the lizard leader unnoticed Louie's monkeys, who charged forward with a ramm, whacking him off. Upon regaining his strenght, Tarzan charged forward at the lizard leader, knocking him into the lava pits, below the cavern, before he would escape from the lair, along with his friends. In spite of Tyler's chance of striking back at Tarzan, he settled for another scheme, as he took the lizard leader's skull, the only remains of the slain foe.

Returning to his palace in the Underworld, after his humiliating defeat at Moses and Aladdin's group, Hades received a visit from the Snow Queen, who had interest in joining the villain alliance, after having being familiar with Mok and Maleficent, before her encounter with the Atlantean mercenaries. In gratitude of her services, she proposed to dispose off Zeus, the King of the Gods, and brother of Hades, along with the help of the Emperor of the Night, an infenior demonic lord serving under a mysterious benefactor (who would soon be revealed and displayed), who temporary joined forces with the Queen to stop Zeus, who was considered one of the major threats that could rival him and his benefactor's legion. With his brother being a nuisance to his plans, Zeus grandly accept their offer, as they departed from the Underworld.

Advancing on Mount Olympus, the messenger god Hermes saw the Snow Queen and the Emperor of the Night's assault and alerted his lord and fellow gods to retaliate against the villainous forces. As Hephaestus forged new lightning bolts ready to be delivered at Zeus, the rest of the Olympian Gods charged forward at the Emperor, with the demon lord taking them out with ease. As Hephaestus tossed the lightning bolts to his lord, Zeus used one to blast the Emperor, severly wounding him. Sadly for him, Zeus was no match against the combined effort of the Emperor and the Snow Queen, who imprisoned the King of the Gods in a column of lava and ice rock. Thanking the Emperor and the Queen for their services, Hades delivered the defeated gods and the column to Maleficent's stronghold, as new captives.

Informed by his scout forces, that their friends are imprisoned at the Horned King's citadel, Avatar and his companions set off to Wales to infilitrate the King's stronghold, along with Taran, Eilonwy (who were briefly separated from Garrett's group, and were convinced to partake in the infiltration, on the condition to join the Medieval Warriors aftewards), and the new addition, Samwise Gamgee (Frodo's valet and companion, who reconciled with his master, after their seperation earlier in the war).

The scout heroes infiltrate the castle, right at the moment, the Bakshi Bunch's officials, along with Madam Mim, prepared to execute Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Elinore, sending an executioner guard to cut off their heads. Just then, Avatar's crew alerted their presence, with Weehawk, the Lost Boys, and Tinker Bell defeating the executioner guard and several of the Bakshi Bunch's minions, before they would rescue their imprisoned friends. Upon witnessing that the tables had turned against them, Blackwolf rallied his allies and minions to retaliate. Peter Pan managed to defeat Blackwolf's mutants, while Robin, Little John, and Lady Kluck fought their way with Nekron's sub-humans. Meanwhile, Madam Mim challenged Avatar in a duel of magic, as she took on the form of a tiger to hault his advance. To her dismay, Avatar evaded her assault, as he levitated to avoid her. She then took the form of a large snake, ready to devour Avatar. However, she was caught off guard, when Frodo made his move and stab her coils with her dagger, severly wounding her. Avatar then casted a powerful spell at Mim, dazzling her, before she would fled to safety. On the other hand, Taran found a mystic sword hiding in the King's chambers. Before he would unearth the sword's powers, he was ambushed by Nekron himself. As Taran drew the sword upon, having been confident on the One-Ring's powers, the ice lord decided to challenge him in a clash of swords. While gaining the upper hand, as he knocked Taran away, Nekron was caught off guard, when Taran managed to outfence him and slash across his chest, injuring him. As the fight continued, Arthur and Archimedes spotted the Genie's crystal ball, before they would broke him free, allowing for the rest of Avatar's crew to escape.

In the proceedings of the battle, a pair of mutant soldiers, serving under Blackwolf's unit, were seen outside of the King's stronghold. With the one of them seemingly perished, the other soldier began to spout threats to the person responsible for his partner's death, only to his astonishment that his partner was unhurt and alive the whole time, showing himself recovered to his partner. As the other one scolded about his partner's behavior, he unnoticed Tinker Bell's assault, who charged forward at the said safe soldier, this time killing him. In his rage, the mutant soldier began to open fire at Tink and Peter Pan, only to miss their shots. As Avatar and his crew managed to fled to safety, defeating several sub-humans, who blocked their path, the Bakshi Bunch's officials berated each other for the escape of the prisoners.

As Mowgli wandered alone in the African jungles, he was suddenly stalked by strange and ominous forces. However, it turned out to be the young Chamosaurus 26 and the charmed Corythosaurus Shanise, who revealed their formalities to the man-cub. While frightened at first, due to the fact that he had never seen a prehistoric creature before, Mowgli reluctantly accompanied them on his journey to meet with Tarzan and his allies, though he was still puzzled and concerned about 26's origins.

On Castle Grimhilde, Darla Dimple delivered Mr. Toad, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare, to Grimhilde's allies, not wanting to keep them for herself, as new prisoners for the castle's dungeons. In spite of Captain Hook's irritation on the young performer, the villains took the hostages in, under the supervision of Lord Maliss. Outside of the now controlled Native Lands, Pocahontas, John Smith met with Spirit, along with Little Creek and his horse ride Rain. Proposing to gather the majority of the wilderness heroes in order to retake their homeland, the heroes joined forces, though in low ranks, as they were still kept emotional at the loss of the previous battle.

Now outcast, Tod found shelter and consolation in the wild, joining forces with Kenai, Bambi, and the Watership Down rabbits, as he ventured deep in the wilds. Elsewhere, as Moses and Aladdin rallied their small army, they were greeted by Alice, Ratty, Moley, and Ichabod Crane, who after their previous run in with Dimple and Max, decided to contribute the war effort on the heroes side, providing them moral support. Aladdin and his allies gladly accepted them into their group.

In space, Emperor Zurg and his allies received a call from the small rodent and criminal scientist Dr. Hamsterviel, who proposed to joined forces with Zurg's alliance. While the rest of Zurg's allies were less than intimidated to have the rodent join Zurg's army, due to his minimun size and lack of battle experience, Dr. Hamesterviel promised to provide them with crucial information, starting by displaying an image of the Iron Giant, to Zurg's convergence, astonishing them. Finding this new threat challenging, Zurg and his forces agreed to have him captured and re-controlled for Zurg's designs, while welcoming Hamsterviel at Zurg's inner circle.

Escaping in the forests of Nottingham, Avatar's crew met with Garrett's group, with some of them reuniting with their beloved figures including Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Peter Pan, along with the addition of the Genie, officially joining the Medieval Warriors, as they would partake in the fight against Maleficent and the Horned King's forces. All of them showed mutual respect to each other, for the next battle that would have yet to pass, though Eilonwy showed concern about Taran's sudden and extreme violent behavior, as well as his possessions of magical items. 

Far away from the One Hundred Acre Wood, as they ventured deep into the forests of North America, Winnie and his friends happened upon Littlefoot and his friends, who now decided to find their family and joined with the other hero forces to aid the war effort against the villains. The two parties join in, as they partake on a difficult journey, though with leveled up spirits.

In the African cavern, Tyler donned the lizard leader's skull as his new outlook, in order to assert authority over the lizardmen race, becoming their new lord, having managed to obtain a worthy army to serve him on his next campaigns. While Tyler proclaimed leadership over the species, he unnoticed Jim Hawkins and Mulan's infiltration, who watch in horror, as Tyler's army grew in numbers and strenght.

And in eastern Europe, on the slopes of Bald Mountain, the real mastermind of the villain forces unveiled himself through the shadows, as the Black God Chernabog looked on delighted for the events of the war that would soon reach it's peak...

Retrospective from Heroes and Villains' Views

On Forbidden Mountain, Hades brought before Maleficent and Mok's alliance his new recruits. While the villains looked intigrued, as the Snow Queen casted her lot with the alliance, they were shocked to expect that the Emperor of the Night was her additional ally. As the Emperor of the Night gave further explanation to the Snow Queen about his true goal, the Queen elaborated the Emperor's true motive. He was revealed to be a demonic lord, serving under the Black God Chernabog, as the villains surprisingly hear out. He continued to explain that his benefactor's true goal was to gather the most know demonic deities to serve under him and release him from his imprisonment from the netherworld, to collaborate for the final annihilation of the heroes. In doing so, they must also release the ancient spirit of destruction, known as "Hexxus", from his own imprisonment, sealed within a tree on the Ferngully rainforest, prior to the events of the war. As stated by the Queen and the Emperor, Hexxus cannot be released by Chernabog's power nor by any supernatural power at all. However, Eris, knew a method to release the spirit, as she displayed the A.C.S.'s members to Maleficent's circle, being potential enough to free the demon, with the use of their machinery. Eris set in motion one of her devious schemes, settling for a different apporach for the villainous organization, as Maleficent delightfully heard her suggestion.

Abandonind his safehouse in the French countryside, Maurice set in finding his daughter Belle, being seperated from her since her encounter with Ruber, not knowing the dangers of the journey that would lead ahead. In space, after finding out about Tyler's new army, Zurg sent his forces to deal with the Galactic Federation's representatives on Planet Turo, so that they can't contact the R.L.S. Legacy for information. Meanwhile, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice found Ratigan and Cat R. Waul's trails that lead straight to the Patch of Heaven's ranch, thanks to Mrs. Brisby and Jeremy's instructions. Determined to apprehend the criminal masterminds, Basil and his associates set forward to the Wild West to stop the criminals.

Having been witnesses of Tyler's army recruitment, Mulan proposed Osmosis Jones, Drix, and Jim Hawkins, for an open assault on Tyler, having also known his current whereabouts. While the two inter-galactic officers show concern about Mulan's decision, Jim on the other hand told her to find a different way to confront him as it was a suicidal mission to find him on her own, leading to small tensions between the two youths. After a short argument, Mulan left to find Tyler on her own, leaving Jim frustrated.

After finding out about Rameses's partnership with Frollo, Moses found himself believing that he may have "lost" his brother to Frollo's "self-proclaimed" political system. Esmeralda then approached and comforted him, telling him that his brother needs his help, and that he shouldn't give up in trying to reconcile with him. Finding strenght and courage from his newfound friends, Moses headed off to meet his brother again, although he would approach him in person only.

Still on the cavern, deep in the wilds of Africa, Tyler spend a brief moment of relaxation, thinking of his next goal in mind. Just then, he became alerted to the sound of "someone" destroying his valuable possessions. As he rushed into the commotion, he noticed the case of immortality potions completely broken. Before he would correspond to his current situation, he was ambushed by Mulan, the person responsible for the destruction of the immortality fluids, who slit his throat clear. As Tyler was about to consume one of his potions, that would recover his wounds, Mulan broke it up, before she would catch the warrior in a clear position for her to kill him. At that moment, Osmosis Jones, Drix, and Jim Hawkins arrived and took Mulan away, despite Mulan's pleas to return and finish the job. The heroes didn't hesitate in listening to her pleas, and departed. Meanwhile, Tyler managed to recover with the use of one of his special potions, sprouting profanities against Mulan and the heroes who rescued her.

Gathering the remain representatives of the Galactic Federation on Planet Turo, including Commander Nebula of Star Command's space unit and Aviana of Bordogon, the Grand Councilwoman proposed to secure their forces on the Galactic Federation's hold, while also suggesting for a defensive call against the Zurg's empire. Before they could contact the R.L.S. Legacy for more crucial information about Zurg's plans, Zurg's forces stormed in, bringing forward chaos and disorder on the Federation's hold. While, the Grand Councilwoman gave command of her personal guard to oppose the Drej soldiers, Avianna ordered her bodyguard to strike at John Silver's space crew, taking several of them with ease, although Avianna was stunned by some of Silver's pirates' shots, becoming vulnerable for them to capture her. In the proceedings of the chaos, Leah Estrogen gave command over her own personal security to hold off Zurg's forces, only to be caught by Thrax, who took her in as hostage, while threatening her life to the public, before he would depart with her. While distracted, Korso, Preed, and several Air Drej soldiers made their move, dispatching many of Star Command's space rangers, while capturing many of them on large spacecrafts, ready to be installed to Zurg's headquarters on Planet Z. At the same time, Zygon, along with several Hornets, cornered the Grand Councilwoman, taking her as new prisoner. As several of them were captured, they noticed John Silver hauling off from Planet Turo, with the use of a special space pod, to find the remain crew of the R.L.S. Legacy to inform them about Zurg and Tyler's moves.

After the end of the Festival of Fools' ceremony, the attendant circus performers regrouped at the Red Lobster Inn to meet with the sinister Coachman, the real ringleader and secret backer of the circus performers, working behind the scenes, telling them about their profits they made at the carnival. At the same time, they were also joined by the con artists Scalawag and Igor, and the illusionary witch Mommy Fortuna, who supported the Coachman in his next shows. As the gathered performers elaborated about Quasimodo's capture by Frollo's forces, they were greeted by the arrival of Tyler's chief scientist Dr. Schechter, who made a proposal with the circus posse. He convinced them to attract young children from various parts of the world, and bring them to the eccentric circus of the Coachman for a nightime show. Normally, the Coachman and his allies refused to work with him, until Schechter brought foward a large bag, full of golden coins, promising them that their reward would be theirs if all went according to Schechter's plan. What Schechter didn't mentioned was the part of bringing the young children as captives to Tyler, whom would use the children for his horrible designs. As soon as the prize reward was presented, the Coachman and his allies agreed to Schechter's conditions, preparing to host their grand marvelous show ever seen.

At the A.C.S.'s hideout, Cruella, Figg, Medusa, and Dr. Greed, scolded their allies for letting the animals escape from Sector A and B. As Clayton questioned the A.C.S. about the reason behind most of the organization's activities, considering that he joined for hunting down the innocent animals in the first place, Cruella and Dr. Greed, later followed with Amos Slade, explained the motives, as the reason of driving the animals out of extinction was the fact that one of their friends, Dr. Pretorius, got perished by the claws of one savage creature. Being a known acuaintance to the A.C.S., appearing as an old collegue of Dr. Greed and a close friend of Cruella, Dr. Pretorius was known for his experimentations on bonding clue, testing them on animals as guinea pigs. In one of his latest mischiefs, Dr. Pretorius left unlocked one of the tested creatures' cell, allowing for the savage creature to leap and scratch at him, killing him with his bare pawns. Ever since they held a grudge for an unknown animal, they had never met. Feelling compassionate about Cruella and Dr. Greed's story, Amos Slade approached the group, sharing his own story of joining the squad. He explained that earlier in the war, he was accompanied with his hunting buddy, along with his hound dog, Snitter, to his hunting season on the American forests. One day, upon finish the hunting trip, Slade's buddy called Snitter to return at him. Snitter, however, accidentally triggered Slade's partner's rifle, standing near at him, shooting the hunter clear in the eyes, before he would drop dead, as Slade looked on horrified for the death of his companion. Shocked by the consequences of his action, Snitter ran away, giving reasons for Slade to reveal his hatred upon his own hound dog. Until that time, Slade focused on his vendetta to kill Snitter to avenge the death of his partner, though he promised to help his allies in their next fights, as the rest of the A.C.S.'s members cheered on his decision.

Returning to Paris, Moses approached his step-brother Rameses in person, in a desolated area at nightime, Moses elaborated Frollo's radical methods on the innocent people. In burst of rage, Rameses questioned Moses the reason of not helping him back in the days if that was the case. As Rameses was at the point to end his discussion with Moses, he was stopped by the arrival of his young son, who sought his father after being frightened by his new surrounding environment. With the concern of his son's well-being at stake, Rameses questioned even further Moses about the reasons of believing in him. However, Moses warned him that should he work with Frollo, terrible consequenses would lead to his life, even taking his son's life away. Not wanting to hear any statement further, Rameses ended officialy his discussion, ousting Moses out of the capital, though Moses warned Rameses that he would bear the weight of his crimes for the next attrocities he would create. Unbestknown to the three of them, Tyler, having returned to the capital after his successfull mission to gather an army, witnessed the entire scene. Wanting to disconnect their brotherhood relationship, and even pin them against them, Tyler devised a terrible scheme, focusing on the Pharaoh's son as part of his collaborate plan.

After escaping from Tyler, Osmosis Jones and Drix discovered that Lilo and Stitch have stolen away on their ship. Jim and Mulan then walked in arguing again about Mulan's near death experience with Tyler. Mulan tried to explain that she was on the verge of destroying her enemy. Jim then yelled at her and demanded to know the reasons of joining them in the first place if her motive was only Tyler's death. Now feeling hurt, Mulan ran outside of her safespot for consolation. The others attempted to convince Jim that he should try to not be mad at her and attempt to make a different approach for her current situation.

Having heard about the Unicorn's presence, a legendary being with immense power able to rival his beast: the Red Bull, King Haggard sought a way in eliminating her at all cost. Informed about her position hidden within the Medieval Warriors, Haggard called upon the false Norse god Odin (in reality the corrupt businessman Erik Hellstorm), to destroy the being, hoping to rely on magical assistance (having heard of Odin's possession of an Atlantean spear), instead of brawn and strategic efficiency, to take care of the Unicorn, welcoming him at the Horned King's inner circle at the same time. After being assigned to his mission, Odin set off to the forests of Nottingham, eventually meeting with the Medieval Warriors. As Avatar and his crew attempt to drive away the lunatic, Odin called forward the Chaos Lord of Ice to deal with the minor nuisances. In spite of the beast's immense size, Schmedrick managed to stun it by summoning a lightning bolt to hit the giant's arm, destroying it. To their surprise, the Chaos Lord managed to reform his hand, with Schmendrick collapsing from exhaustion from using most of his energy to magical attacks. As Odin turned to the Unicorn, ready to kill her, the Genie used his supernatural powers to teleport the Warriors away from Odin. No sooner had this happened, Odin zapped at the Unicorn, through the teleportation spell's effects, confident that he slew the being. As the effects of teleportation spell worn off, the Warriors found themselves safe and sound in the forests of Wales, with the exception of the Unicorn, whom the Warriors found her in a strange stasis and new change. To their horror, the combined magical effect of the Genie and Odin's powers turned the Unicorn into a human being, as her closest companions drew in to further investigate.

Venturing deep into the forests of Wales, Maurice was stalked for the time being by King Haggard's demonic guardian: the Red Bull. As Maurice noticed the creature he fled to safety, eventually happening at the citadel of the Horned King. He managed to breach through the gateways, eluding the demon away. To his mistake, however, he was found by the Red Bull's master, King Haggard, who took him in as a new prisoner.

Following the tracks of Cat R. Waul and Ratigan into the barn of Patch of the Heaven ranch, with the rest of the farm animals (excluding Napoleon) resting outside of the barn for the time being, the Leauge of Extraordinary Gentemice inflitrated the farm, hoping for a surprise attack against the enemy. However, one of Meowrice's associates busted them out, before they had the chance to stop them, alerting the villains to their presence. The fight started with Jaq stunning Meowrice, as he bit of his tail. As Basil was distracted, he was pinned down by Carface. As Jenner drew his sword and made his move, Jake KO the rodent with powerful kick. As more of the villains drew in, the League defended themselves, with Gus knocking out the Grand Duke of Owls' nephew, Hunch. The Mouse King then ordered his rodent army to repel the intruders, only to be intercepted by Jaq, who tossed them several buttons, stopping their advances. When the Mouse King used a minor mobile vehicle, as a riding steed, and a flammable candle to burn his rivals alive, Basil stopped his approach, by derailing the vehicle with a shot of his revolver, before the candle would burnt the King's tail, moaning in pain. Ratigan then revealed himself, as he began to threaten the League, only to be challenged by Fievel. His efforts were for naught, as Ratigan easily slapped him away. As Cat R. Waul and his henchmen made their approach, ready to devour the small rodents, the League believed that they were done for. However, a new figure made his presence in the ranch, as the rodent performer Jan Mouse began to perform her singing number, as part of the ranch's host of entertainment. Mesmerized by her singing voice, Cat R. Waul and Ratigan proposed Jan to gain more fame and popularity through her songs, providing the latest resources for her to gain general esteem, finding her singing talents quite the extraordinary for them to handle, with Jan intigrued on their offer. While Cat R. Waul's minions managed to capture most of the League's members, Fievel and Mrs. Brisby managed to escape from their grip, while the group temporary dropped their guard down.

Setting course for their next action, the A.C.S. Operations were greeted by the Colonel of the U.S. cavalrymen, who showed them his real benefactor, Governor Ratcliffe, before the group. As the A.C.S. demanded answers for the Colonel's true loyalty and Ratcliffe's goals, they were also joined by Eris, having assigned Ratcliffe and the Colonel to deliver her contigent plan: to cut a "marked tree" on the Ferngully rainforest and in return they would be awarded with sums of fee. As the group hesitated in her offer, giving second thoughts about the said operation, Eris gave her word as a goddess (a sign that she would not broke her promise by any means) to fullfill the plan. With the said promise guaranteed, the A.C.S. set off to Ferngully to find the tree.

Back in the forests of Wales, several of the Medieval Warriors shift the blame to the Genie, particularly Molly Grue, for not realising the Unicorn's danger as a human being, as the latter recovered and sensed the emotional pain of her new decayed body as a human being to the verge of sensing her own death. As the rest of the Medieval Warriors try to think of a solution, Taran suggested to strike once against at Odin and his allies, to undo his curse, relying on his own possessions to deal with the lunatic's powers, as they saved him from previous encounter with Nekron and the Horned King's minions. Finding the idea insecure, Taran burst into rage, offending Eilonwy in the process. Peter Pan then proposed to find more assistance more heroes, whom are expert in magical efficiency. Garrett accepted the alternative, sending Peter Pan to find more recruits, as they set off.

Back in Paris, as Rameses' son returned to the Palace of Justice to meet with his father, he was instead encountered by Tyler, who made his move, by silently killing the young heir, as part of his scheme to destroy Rameses and Moses' brotherhood relationship entirely.

As Mulan still sobbered about her previous actions, Jim approached and comfort her, calmly questioning in the process the reasons of her hatred towards Tyler. Mulan then explained that years before the war, Tyler began pillating and rampaging China (revealing to the be the warlord Shang mentioned, before his fight with Marcus Octavius) and it's surrounding villages, hoping to find more test samples for his experimentations. She revealed that he killed her family and friends, including her father Fa Zhou, and her mother Fa Li, before he would annihilate the entire village. Ever since, Mulan held a deep grudge against the warlord, wishing that she would not rest until she would kill him herself. Jim then apologized for his actions, telling her that he didn't understand her situation. He also pointed her that together would find a way in striking back at Tyler, when the opportunity was given. Having grown deep affection for each other, Jim and Mulan shared a kiss, before Jim would depart to see other matters. Mulan then turned to John Silver, thanking him for his services with the Legacy, while also being a practical mentor and teacher to both her and Jim, helping them in difficult situations, before she would also depart for her own matters as well. Now alone, Silver mused that the others would say he had "gone soft" if they found out, unaware that Scroop and Preed were watching the whole scene, intrigued by the strange twist of events.

Release of Hexxus

Back on the Palace of Justice, Rameses arranged for the funeral of his son, with Frollo, John Silver (who managed to enter the city under his statement as an acquaintance to Tyler), Tyler, and Moses also attending the ceremony. With Frollo expressing his condolences to the Pharaoh, Tyler on the other hand proclaimed that the death of his son was caused by the doing of Moses and his friends, stating that they want Rameses to abandon Frollo's alliance by any means, even if they would sentence the young Pharaoh to death for the greatest good for him, even though he wasn't presented in the events when Rameses' son was at the side of the Pharaoh. Without evidence to prove his innocence, Moses left Paris, taking the blame for the death of the young child, as Rameses angrily looked on. John Silver, on the other hand, saw Tyler as the culprit through his ruse, swearing to find a way to pardon Moses from the setup and accuse Tyler on the incident he caused.

As word of the escape of the heroes from various regions became known to the globe, Mok and Maleficent tasked the villain forces to secure their territories, while strengthening and bolstering their newly formed armies, to ensure the fact that no one would trespass and violate their territory, without their consent, starting by Queen Grimhilde, who ordered her allies to find more recruits, worthy enough to serve her will, while at the same time keeping the heroes away from their perimeters. As soon as the order was given, Grimhilde's allies departed, with Messina making her way to the African jungles in the form of a cobra to negotiate with an accomplice of one of the known villain alliances.

Making their way to the Patch of Heaven ranch, the young boy Edmond, accompanied by the kind hound dog Patou, the expert magpie Snipes, and his girlfriend Peepers, asked for shelter against the rising threat posed by the villain forces. When they were questioned by Maggie, Wilbur, and Charlotte about their stories, before happening at the Wild West, Edmond stated that he is a human being from a different world, before he was summoned to this land by the Grand Duke of Owls, and transformed into a fearful kitten by his magic. Sensing that more unfamiliar foes would seek after them, Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway left the farm, joined by Edmond and his friends, as they embarked on a journey to find more potential allies who would help them to oppose those who threaten them, although they promised that they would return if the situation of the farm would get worse.

Back on the African jungles, Messina met with Kaa, one of Scar's entrusted allies, persuading him and his master to join Queen Grimhilde's forces, in order to strengthen their power and secure their territories. Finding the idea suitable for Scar's forces to expand their boundaries, Kaa promised that he would see through it, though he would have to convince Scar about her offer.

While venturing deep into the forests of the Native Lands on purpose to find their family, Littlefoot's friends and the One Hundred Acre Wood inhabitants happened on the Grandmother Willow, as they got frightened by her sudden appearance. Nevertheless, the Willow convinced the two parties that their journey could be waited, as they need assistance against the threat posed by the villain forces. Particularly, she displayed visions of heroes who would need their help, including Simba, Tarzan, Bambi, and Ariel. Having been familiar with the latter, due to his latest adventure, Littlefoot and his friends set course in finding them at the African jungles, as told by the wise tree's directions.

In Australia, on the Ferngully rainforest, the A.C.S. Operations tracked down the "marked tree", that must be cut down. Using a giant lumberer and fueler machine, they managed to decompose the tree's structure, turning it to large stock of wooden pieces. While the group was distracted from their work, they unnoticed the presence of "a small oily smoky figure", emerging from the wooden pieces, expressing his passion of deforestation and forest pollution, with the assistance of the giant machine. The figure then sneaked into the machine's headquarters, on purpose to reveal himself to the organization later on.

At the jungles of the Pride Lands, Simba converged with his family and friends, discussing about his uncle's uprising in the war, and the position they must stand against them. Just then, Pterano appeared before Simba, warning him about Scar's ruthless behavior and selfish thought of judgement. While the Pteranod displayed concern for his family and close friends, he insisted that the reason of surviving in the wild, as well as the world's justice from his own perspective, was the fact that he should rely on the dominant side, at which he thought he had found within Scar's faction. Simba, on the other hand, stated that his family's safety was depended on the faith of his people and newfound friends to him, with Simba also entrusting them in return, helping them on different situations, an order passed by his late father Mufasa, who guided him on his childhood years. Furthermore, he told Pterano that he would preserve judgement for those who would wrong them, as part of his duty as the king of Pride Rock. Pterano left to other matters, with Simba and his friends returning to Pride Rock, on purpose to gather his pride for the upcoming battles that have yet to pass.

Back in Germany, Queen Grimhilde summoned Humbert the Huntsman in her throne room. As a sign of her gratitude towards Maliss for bringing Snow White (the Disney's version of the character), Grimhilde decided to help her brother in return, by sending Humbert to kill the other Snow White's (the Happily Ever After's counterpart of the character) princess. When Humbert protested to her order, Grimhilde and Maliss silenced him up, warning him that evident death awaited for him, should he fail on his mission. Reluctantly, Humbert left to find her.

Meanwhile in a forest meadow, outside of Castle Grimhilde, Snow White (ND), the Seven Dwarfs and Dwarfelles, Stanley, Gurgi, Sir Peter Dickison, and now Smrgol the Dragon (another champion and protege of Carolinus, who was sent to tutor Sir Peter, now in Gorbash's dragon body, in the teachings of survival, movements, and battle experience) set off to find a large resistance force to even the odds of the villain forces, a mission tasked by Carolinus and Mother Nature, although they had yet to choose a party to join in. While passing through, they were ambushed by Prince Froglip, the Goblin King, his goblin warriors, who was sent to Germany by the Horned King to negotiate with Grimhilde's forces, and Humbert (the assassin sent by Grimhilde to kill Snow White). Upon meeting the heroes on the field, Froglip ordered his goblins to seize them, only to be defeated by the Dwarfs' sheet numbers. When the Dwarfs reach up to Froglip and the Goblin King, the King used his sneeze as weapon, blowing up many of the Dwarfs, a trait also followed by one of the Dwarfs: Sneezy, who blew them up in return, scattering them away. While the Dwarfs were focused on the goblins, Snow White, persuaded by the Dwarfelles, fled to safety, only to run directly to Humbert, who revealed himself to the group. As Humbert raised up his dagger, Snow White believed she was done for. However, in a twist of events, Humbert couldn't bring himself to commit an attrocity, begging for forgiveness in the process. He also warned the group about Grimhilde's plans, telling them to run away, and not coming back. Snow White and her companions then departed, followed by Humbert, who left Germany to lands unknown for the time being, all the while Froglip watching the whole scene, waiting to make his report to the Horned King.

Prowling the seas, surrounding Castle Grimhilde's terrain, Captain Hook sensed some living presences, intruding Grimhilde's territory. Turned out it was the American child Richard Tyler, who was also a boy from a different world, sent by the Pagemaster on a quest to face his fears. Captain Hook and his crewmen then cornered the boy, hoping that they would turned him in. What Hook did not know was the fact that Richard was accompanied by magical talking books, who rushed to his aid, starting by Adventure, who charged at Hook and attempted to attack with his sword, only for Hook to parry his blow. Confident that he captured Richard, Hook was caught off guard, when Horror made his reveal, jumping from a tree and knocking out a pirate, saving Richard's life. When another pirate threatened Horror, Fantasy came to assist, charging directly at the pirate who threatened Horror, taking him out. In despair, Richard drew a sword from a fallen pirate, and used it to threaten Hook. However, Hook, having had enough with Richard and his companions, withdrew, although he promised that they would meet again, leaving Richard to continue his journey.

Told by his cronies about the presences of a llama and a peasant, interfering in Grimhilde's territory, Lord Maliss unleashed a pack of wolves after them, bestowed by Grimhilde herself, before he would take the form of dragon to track down the intruders himself, followed by Scowl and Batso, who went on purpose to provide once again their worth, since their encounter with the Seven Dwarfs.

It was revealed that the living presences were the transformed Emperor Kuzco and the Peruvian peasant Pacha, who reluctantly set off to find a form of resistance in order to survive in the wild and oppose the villain forces. Just then, the wolves arrived and pursuit Kuzco, as the emperor ran for his life, eventually being cornered at the edge of a high cliff by all sides, including Maliss, Scowl, and Batso. Though, Maliss attempted to drive Kuzco out of the cliff, his pattern was also shared by Scowl, who also charged at the transformed emperor. At that moment, Pacha came to assist, swining on a vine and grabbing the emperor's life, leaving Scowl to crash at Maliss. Maliss responded by shoving Scowl into a tree, so that he would not interfer again. Meanwhile, Kuzco and Pacha, while swung in the vine, ran into a log, unwittingly tying themselves around it. While the two were arguing, Maliss destroyed the log, toppling them into the waterfalls below. As Maliss reverted into his human form, he looked on as Kuzco and Pacha seemingly perished in the waters below.

Darkwolf's party, along with the remain members of the Royal Council, with the addition of the clown troublemaker Flip, who joined forces in order to survive the conflict, journeyed to find any kind of resistance form, that would oppose the villain forces. While venturing deep into the forests, Darkwolf's crew stumbled upon an old cottage, surrounded by moat. Curious of the small house, they entered inside, hoping that they would find something valuable and useful items to use against the villains. However, the owners of the cottage, the Witches of Morva, had other plans, transforming Professor Genius into a fearful frog creature, before they would toy with him. In the nick of time, before Genius would be devoured by the witches, Nemo rushed to his aid, threatening the sisters with the scepter of King Morpheus (acquiring it after his fall to Facilier). Finding the use of the scepter quite the extraordinary, as it would be a potential weapon to deal with powerful enemies, the witches made a compromise with Nemo. In exchange of turning Genius back to his human form, they would take the scepter's power for themselves. While he didn't want to give away Morpheus' power, as it would save him from the forces of evil, Nemo wouldn't want to risk the life of one of his closest companions for their benefit. Reluctantly, he traded the power of the scepter, cancelling all of it's magical effects, becoming an inactive weapon, while reverting Genius back to his human form. As the sisters departed, they goaded at the heroes, telling them that they always keep the end of the bargain. While Darkwolf's crew continued their journey to find more assistance, a new presence was revealed from afar, stalking and following the heroes from the shadows, ready to strike down a particular person, whom he considered one of his greatest enemies.

Meanwhile in western Europe, Tzekel Kan, El Supremo, and Messina (having returned to her husband's side, after her negotiations with Kaa) recruited the nefarious creatures, known as the Blue Meanies, proposing them to work for Queen Grimhilde, and in return they would bring misery upon the heroes, while expanding their territories. Intigrued by the offer, the Chief Blue Meanie prepared his army to make an offensive call, not before scolding his chief lackey Max for his misbehavior towards his own race, according to their own teachings. Wanting to display his brute methods, the Chief Blue Meanie sent his army on a desolate mountain pass to deal with several nuisances.

At the same time, on the mountain pass, several other heroes passed through, as Littlefoot and his friends, and the One Hundred Acre Wodd inhabitants, met with the Mexican rooster Panchito Pistoles, the Brazillian parrot José Carioca, the circus bear cub Bongo, Brer Rabbit from the American South, the tough cowboy Pecos Bill, and his horse ride Widowmaker, the Russian boy Peter (accompanied by Sasha, Ivan, and Sonia), a trio of Russian hunters, and several lesser mountain bears, who joined forces to find the possible largest resistance force, that would rival the villains. Seeing the heroes, the Chief ordered his minions to attack their foes, with the Apple Bonkers serving as front fighters. Terrified by their number and brute strenght, several, several heroes hided from the demonic creatures. However, Panchito, José, Bongo, Brer Rabbit, Pecos Bill, Peter, and the Russian hunters stood up against the threat, taking out the Jack-the-Nippers, the Hidden-Persuader Men, the Snapping-Turtle-Turks, and their four-headed hound dog with ease. When the Chief sent the Dreadful Flying Glove to deal with the majority of the heroes, Panchito toyed with him, before José would set it up, by blowing a large boulder, behind the glove, crushing it under it's debris. Angered by the loss of most of his minions, the Chief made his move, bashing Pecos Bill away in the process. The Common Blue Meanies then reached up the Countdown Clowns, as they pushed their nose buttons, blowing up most of the mountain's terrain, swipping the heroes. As Littlefoot's friends and the One Hundred Acre Wood residents fled to safety, the Blue Meanies followed them back, cornering them at a dead end. Just then, a new arrival made into the scene, as the Aracuan Bird shook the hills with his battle cry, striking fear into the hearts of the Blue Meanies. Their weapons had no effect on the bird, and their numbers were as nothing. The Blue Meanies retreated, with the heroes taking up a second wind, driving them out of the mountain, along with their leader. The heroes thanked the Aracuan Bird for saving their lives, before they would leave to join the other hero forces (excluding the Aracuan Bird, who left them, promising that he would reappeared later on).

Returning to Scar's lair in Africa, Kaa told Scar and his forces about his meeting with Messina and her proposal to join Queen Grimhilde's alliance, as an act to expand and secure their territories. Intigrued by her offer, Scar was on the point of acceptin it, until he was stopped by Claudandus, who rebuffed his relationships with the humans. When being questioned, Claudandus revealed his origins, as he was once the guinead pig of Dr. Pretorius' experimentations, revealing at the same time to be the "savage creature" Cruella mentioned in her own story to the A.C.S.' members). After toying with him, Dr. Pretorius and his fellow scientists put him up in cell, although they left unlocked his cage. The result was Claudandus awakening and leaping at the scientist, before brutally murdering him. As Scar and his forces attempted to be compassionate and tender with him, while stating that there must be a person with good intentions, Claudandus' terrible experience proved them otherwise, angrily shouting at them that all humans are "evil animals", worse than the animals themselves. With no way to compensating and dealing with the killer's demands, Scar left him be, as Claudandus left the faction, with no clue of his next goal in the war.

At the seas below Peru, where Yzma's potion still remained intact, a giant white shark, accompanied by his pilot fish Joe, swam through the way to find something scrumptious, only to become exposed by the potion's fluids, turning them into intelligent marine creatures, which have the ability to talk, although Joe seemed to be more cunning than the white shark, becoming the master of him while the shark remained as a tool to his collaborate plans. While they stole Yzma's potion, they failed to notice that Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula's pet-sidekicks, spied on them, heralding that Ursula watched them from afar, who had a plan in store for them later on.

Washing up to the shores of the waterfall, Kuzco and Pacha were found by Hercules and his companions, who suggested them to join forces, in order to survive the conflict. Reluctantly, the two of them agree, on the compromise that Kuzco must return to his human form, and reassume his position as Incan Emperor. At the Patch of Heaven ranch, an eldery St. Bernard dog, called by the name Red, approached Cat R. Waul, Carface, and Napoleon, explaining them that he would grant the chance to Napoleon to assume complete leadership over the farm, an idea Napoleon was intigrued with. What Napoleon didn't realised was Red's true intentions and motives for supporting him in his campaign take over the Patch of Heaven to his own end, all the while Red slowly displaying his real colours.

After delegating with their affairs on the mortal world, several demonic lords gathered in Chernabog's infernal realm to meet with the Black God's spirit, including the Emperor of the Night, the Nightmare King, B.L. Zebub, Belladonna, and Red, the latter revealing his true demonic appearance. With the rule to access to the mortal world applying only to the inferior demons, the demon lords promised that they would find a way to summon Chernabog back to the world of the living, as Chernabog delightfully heard on.

The demon lords were not the only ones who had plans, as Meowrice summoned several of his new recruits, including the corrupt mice trio: Mr. Grasping, Toplofty, and O' Bloat, the French poodle Madame Mousey, the rogue predators of the American South Brer Fox and Brer Bear, the insect performer Berkeley Beetle, and the cruel toad Grundel to Cat R. Waul's criminal empire, promising them a position in power and wealth, in exchange of helping them supporting Waul's empire.

Meanwhile on the forests of England, Peter Pan found the fairies Crysta and Prince Cornelius (having been sent by Magi Lune as a representatives of the Ferngully rainforest), accompanied by their human and animal friends, including the shrinked human beings Zak Young and Thumbelina, the Mega-Bat Batty Koda, and Cornelius' newfound friends: Li'l Bee, Gnatty and Baby Bug. Sensing that the threat posed by the villain forces rose up, the fairies joined forces with Peter Pan, who proposed them to meet with the rest of the Medieval Warriors.

Back in space, John Silver, Scroop, Preed, and Tyler returned to Zurg to report their activities on Earth. Silver berated Tyler for framing Moses as the culprit of Rameses' son's death, while Scroop and Preed scolded Silver for his close relationship with Jim Hawkins and Mulan, having been witnesses to the whole scene. Sicked of Zurg's schemes and Tyler's cruel methods, Silver declared his resignation from Zurg's employ, but Zurg and Tyler weren't willing to let him go that easily. They told Silver that if he left, there would be no one to keep him from killing Jim and Mulan. Reluctantly, Silver agreed to serve Zurg for the sake of the teenagers' lives.

In Paris, Frollo told Rameses that they must gather their armies and strike at Moses and Aladdin's group by the dawn of the following day, and seize them for the crimes of trespassing on the capital without consent, murder, and the act of revolt against the French authorities, a plan accepted by the Pharaoh, who officially decided to cut looses from his brotherhood relationship with his step-brother.

And back in the Ferngully rainforest, Hexxus revealed himself to the A.C.S., with the organization terrified looking on, as the spirit of destruction assumed a different form to intimidate the villains, all while Eris delightfully watched on, as Hexxus was finally released from his captivity...

The Eccentric "Freak" Show

Following Mok and Maleficent's new policy, the Horned King summoned his allies (with the exclusion of Madam Mim, the Queen of Hearts, Queen Gnorga, Yzma, Saruman, and Nekron), ordering them to secure the King's territory. In doing so, the King sent Facilier and Ruber to the deep forests of England to deal with a potential threat. In the proceedings of the meeting, the King was informed by Froglip about Humbert's betrayal to Grimhilde's forces, giving him a good reason to visit her.

Returning to his fortress on Icepeak for a short rest, after his previous encounter with Taran led him to exhaustion, Nekron was approached by his mother, Queen Juliana (an uncredited official of the Bakshi Bunch, whom appeared as a different character from the Quest for Camelot's counterpart), who persuaded to boost his ego as lord of Icepeak. While puzzled and confused about her motives, Juliana arranged a mission for the sub-humans, secretly sending them on the Native Lands, with the details elaborated by the sorceress.

On the other hand, Tyler returned to Earth, meeting with the Coachman and his associates, as they began to set up the circus tent for the upcoming "thrilled" show. As Tyler demanded the circus performers to rush their actions, the Coachman and his perfomers respond that he would have his reward in due time. He, along with Mommy Fortuna, Honest John, Gideon, Scalawag, and Igor, set off to lure more children into the circus by temptation and persuasion, while ordering the rest of his allies to prepare themselves for the main event of the show.

In the forests of Germany, Nemo was still bittered for the loss of King Morpheus' powers, bestowed upon him, claiming that he was powerless against them. In spite of his claims, Nemo found encouragement and comfort from Camille, Genius, and his newfound friends, stating that he was already a champion, as he valued the lives of his companions more than any magical power combined. After a small talking, Darkwolf suggested to split up the party, creating two of divide groups, on purpose to search for more assistance against the Horned King's alliance. With Curdie, Irene, Nemo, Camille, Genius, and Flip, settled on their own path, Darkwolf, Larn, Teegra, and Derek followed a different direction, all while the mysterious presence following them up on their trails.

Elsewhere in the forests of England, the Medieval Warriors were still trying to find a way to undo the Unicorn's new change. Giving her the name Lady Amalthea, in order to mislead Odin, Haggard, and other villain forces, from finding her real identity, Taran demanded for immediate action against Odin, with the rest of the Warriors insisting to wait for Peter Pan's return, until they would make their next move.

Outside of Paris in nightime, Moses returned heartbroken to Aladdin's crew, mourning the death of Rameses' son. When he revealed that the villains would sought after them, thinking that they were merely and indirectly responsible for the death of the young child (although in reality the incident was caused by Tyler), Aladdin decided to mobilize his small army to the east, to find a better shelter and cover from the villain forces. During the proceedings, Odette noticed the full moon rising, and given her transformation into a swan, the rule applied for her to turn back into a swan, as the heroes looked on. While everyone was focused on Odette, Pinocchio (the Disney's version of the character) noticed the Coachman's wagon passing by, filled with young children ready to be delivered to the Eccentric Circus' tent. Curious about the Coachman's route to the circus, Pinoccho decided to further investigate his actions, followed by his consciousness Jiminy Cricket, who made sure that Pinnochio would not fall into the schemes of the villains.

Wandering through the stress of the Italian countryside, Honest John and Gideon stumbled upon Pinnocchio (the Pinocchio and the Emperor of Night's version of the character) and Clara, who left Geppetto's house, in order to further investigate about the world's new change. Leaving the temptation to Honest John, the con man persuaded the children to attend a show, hosted by the Coachman's eccentric circus, with the ticket repaided by the circus itself. When Gee Willikers proved to be quite a problem, as he warned Pinocchio to avoid their offer and continue on their journey, Gideon shoved him under a coconut's husk. Eventually, the children gave in, as they settled off to the Coachman's circus, accosted by the conmen, while Gee Willikers was left to wonder about the boy's decision.

At the same time, Pinocchio (the Disney's version of the character) was found by Scalawag and Igor, who tempted the puppet-boy with the same motives as Honest John did. When Jiminy Cricket forced the conmen to back off, Igor knocked him away. Following the example of the previous children, Pinocchio gave in, traveling the Coachman's circus, along with the conmen, while Jiminy Cricket began to follow them back, curious about the free show, hosted by the performers.

In the forests of England, Peter Pan met with Avatar and his companions, who were sent by Garrett to escort the fairies back to their group. As he revealed their formalities to the sorcerer, Peter Pan and Avatar were greeted by the fairy king Sean and his loyal fairy companions, who revealed themselves as acquaintances to Cornelius and Crysta, as they voluntarily joined their cause. Before he could elaborate the situation of the world's political scale, the forest got under attacked by Facilier and Ruber, who killed Sean on the spot, on the behalf of the Horned King's orders. As they readied themselves to fend of the villains, Facilier summoned the fearsome Backson to deal with the minor nuisances. The beast was able to take out Weehawk, though it was no match against Avatar's magic, who hurled him from a cliff to his pressumed demise. On the other hand, Ruber took on Peter Pan, as he drew his mace ready to strike the youth down. Nevertheless, Peter Pan managed to dodge most of his attacks, due to levitation. As the fairies were on the verge of meeting their fate, they were saved by the sudden arrival of Merlin, who returned to battle, after his defeat by Mok. While distracting the villains, Peter Pan and Avatar's crew had the opportunity to escape. As Ruber foolishly charged at the wizard, Merlin shot him down with a blast of his magic, before escaping with the others. Distraught by their defeat, Facilier and Ruber departed from the forest to make their report to the King, leaving behind the corpse of the fallen fairy king Sean for his companions to mourn him.

Meanwhile, as Mommy Fortuna reached the summit of a mountain pass, she found the boy Cody, and the golden eagle Marahute, passing through. Finding the heroes as excellent targets for the Coachman, Fortuna stepped out of her cart to confront them. While Ruhk, her chief assistant, was hesitant in his mistress' abilities, Fortuna was able to capture them both, using her illusionary skills to distract Marahute, long enough for Ruhk to trap the two of them into a large net. She then put them up in a prison cell, before they would have the chance to escape.

Deciding to find other heroes to join forces and retake the Native Land, Pocahontas, John Smith, Little Creek, and Spirit were ambushed by Nekron's sub-humans, who spotted the Powhatan princess as the perfect target for Queen Juliana's scheme. When John Smith came to her defense, a sub-human warrior leaped at him, distracting him long enough for the other sub-humans to go after Pocahontas, as she began to climb a dense tree. Before the said sub-human would finish Smith, Spirit rushed to his aid, knocking out the warrior, freeing Smith from his grip. As John Smith attempted to climb and save Pocahontas, as the rest of the sub-humans eventually reached her, one sub-human warrior noticed Smith's approach, and knocked him ouf of the tree to the ground, severly injured. John Smith, Little Creek, Spirit, and Rain looked on, as Pocahontas was taken by the sub-humans, ready to be delivered to their mistress.

At the Chat 'n' Chew Diner, a gathering of parental figures, comprised by Lilo's sister Nani Pelekai, and her boyfriend David Kawena, Hogarth's mother Annie Hughes, and her acquaintaince and close friend Dean McCoppin, and Jim's mother Sarah Hawkins, converged to discuss about the sakes of their children's lives in the ongoing war. Particularly, Nani and David stated about Lilo and Stitch's current whereabouts, with the rest of the figures comforting them on their situation, telling them that they should be alright. As the meeting was in the proceedings, Tyler, escorted by his team of loyal scientists and a platoon of soldiers, assigned by Frollo to assist the warlord, barged into the diner, causing a scene, as they prepared to arrest the witnesses on the account for having close connections with the rebels, who opposed them. While Nani was able to fend off one scientist of Tyler, she was overwhelmed and helpless by Frollo's soldiers, who seized the parental figures, taking them in as Tyler's new hostages.

After their separation with Nemo's crew, the mysterious presence revealed himself to Darkwolf's party, as the Inuit warrior Denahi arrived to kill the barbarian hero. When Larn and Derek came to his defense, Denahi easily overpowered them, before confronting Darkwolf personally. Sadly for him, Darkwolf easily broke through his defenses, eventually pinning him to the ground. While Denahi expected Darkwolf to kill him, the barbarian hero settled for a different approach, as he began to question the warrior's origins and motives.

At the Coachman's eccentric circus, many children were brought into the circus' tent, including the Darling children John, Michael, and Wendy, Pinocchio (the Disney's version of the character), the arrogant boy Lampwick, the kind girl Robyn Starling, the New York children Gus and Rosie, Peter Pan's lost boys (having been seperate since the escape from the Horned King's citadel), Clara, and Pinocchio (the Pinocchio and the Emperor of Night's version of the character), all fascinated to watch the "thrilled" show. As the show began to roll, Stromboli and Puppetino introduced to them the night's main event: a magic show by Sarousch and Forte (the circus' newest addition and musician), with Professor Screweyes, Hotep, and Huy serving as adjuvant magicians, performing on stage. With great timing, Sarousch and Forte managed to summon several mischievious monsters, including the Pink Elephants, the Heffalumps, and Woozles, on stage, captivating the children's eagerness and curiosity. However, as the show continued, the true nature of the circus began to unfold, as Lampwick was slowly transformed into a donkey by Screweyes' magical effects, while Pinocchio (ND) was slowly turned into a puppet by Sarousch and Puppetino's twisted effects, horrifying the audience. As Pinocchio and Lampwick realised their horror change, the performers displayed their colors, as Screweyes finished on Lampwick's transformation completely, all the while screaming for help, while Pinocchio (ND) was attached to strings. Meanwhile, Pinocchio (D) was also caught by Screweyes' effects, as he was also transformed into a donkey, by pulling of donkey ears. As he made an attempt to escape, he run into Jiminy Cricket, who convinced him to escape the circus, while the performers were distracted. The remain children were helpless, as Puppetino used specialized strings on the Lost Boys, and Michael and John Darling, tightening them up, while the rest of them were captured by the remain circus freaks. When Wendy made an attempt to escape and call for help, she was caught by Hotep and Huy, who seized her, before she had the chance to do it. Sarousch then made the finishing touch, as he turned Pinocchio (ND) into a lifeless puppet, while Clara looked on horrified. As she rushed to help her friend, she was cornered by the other performers, who turned her in, as their new hostage. Meanwhile, Pinocchio (D) and Jiminy Cricket managed to avoid the Coachman's forces, by leaping into the seas, below the circus' tent.

The Hero Rivarly

The Battle on the Red Sea

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen 

Part Fifteen