Hercules is the son of Zeus and one of the famous demi-gods, amongst the Ancient Greek Mythology. A born hero and well builted warrior. He is one of the main bosses in God of War 3, and a minor player in Animated vs. Video Game Villains War.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Guardian of the Pandora's Box

During the events of the war, Zeus gave Hercules the responsibility of guarding the "Pandora's Box" from any intruders. Soon enough, his father recent enemy, Hades arrives with Ursula and the traitor Olympian God of War, Ares. In spite of Hades mockery towards the demi-god and the demanding of Hades, to leave them to their business, Hercules didn't leave his position as a guardian and challenges the trio to a deadly combat. At first, he summons the Phoenix to take care of Ares. Unfortunately the Phoenix dies at the hands of the god, leaving Hercules to deal with Hades and Ursula on his own. With his Nemean Cestus weapons on his hands, Hercules was ready to kill. He first attacks Hades, only to teleport, right before he was able to hit him. The demi-god then turns his intentions at Ursula, charging at full speed at her. However, Ursula stops easily the hero with her magic. Hercules recovers from the spell and attempts to fight once more. Hades then charge at him, knocking him down. Wanting to end this, Hades blasts the ground, below Hercules, sending the hero to his apparent demise.

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