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Adult Hercules

Hercules is the son of Zeus and an Olympian demigod. Throughout the years, he has clashed with the evil Hades countless times, with the Lord of the Dead seeing him as an annoyance and the key to deposing Zeus and ruling Mount Olympus. Mightier than any other mortal, he is the field commander of the hero forces in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Pete

Seeing the initial successes the villains were having against the heroes, Hades decided it was time to test one of his new allies against his own arch-nemesis, the demigod Hercules. Choosing the thug Pete and his army of weasels, Hades sent them to Greece, where Hercules was training with his teacher Philoctetes. Phil tried to remove Pete, but the brutish cat threatened him, and Hercules stepped into the fray, taking out some of the weasels before Pete got a sucker punch in. Holding Hercules at sword point, Pete prepared to strike Hercules down with his sword when Aladdin and his friends saw the situation, swooping in and knocking the weasels aside. As Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu prepared to fight, Pete sent more weasels after them, chucking their spears at the heroes. Evading the spears, Aladdin pulled Pete's belt off, dropping his pants. As the Genie and Abu mocked him, Pete charged Aladdin with his sword, but Aladdin tricked him into cutting the rope holding up a chandelier. The chandelier crashed down on Pete's weasels and sent them and Pete rolling out a window. Impressed by Aladdin's performance, Hercules decided to help him against their mutual enemies.

Teaming with Donald and Goofy

In Greece, Donald and Goofy arrived in the city of Thebes, where they were welcomed by Hercules. Knowing of the demigod hero's reputation, they decided to join Hercules' team to rescue Mickey and strike back against Maleficent.

Vs Yzma and her animals

Tasked by Maleficent with killing Hercules, Yzma used a potion to transform her Inca guardsmen into an assortment of vicious animals, including a large black bear, a leopard resembling the late Sabor, a hammerhead shark, a bloodthirsty wolf, and a savage buck. Tracking down Hercules, Phil, and Hercules' winged horse Pegasus, Yzma and her henchman Kronk sent the animals after Hercules. At first, the combined attacks by Yzma's animals had Hercules on the ropes, and Pegasus was even knocked down by the buck. The deer moved in to finish off Pegasus, only for him to take to the air to escape. As Hercules recovered, the shark and wolf lunged at him, but Hercules pushed them aside. As the wolf charged again, Hercules smashed his fists into a nearby cliff, sending rocks raining down onto the shark, crushing it. When the bear tried to lunge at Hercules, the god of strength shot it with an arrow, badly wounding it. As Phil cheered Hercules on, the deer charged and rammed him, but Phil got up and rammed it back, knocking it off a cliff to its death. The wolf climbed into a tree while chasing after Pegasus, but he knocked the predator back to the ground. Hercules tossed his sword at Sabor, while Pegasus knocked an ice block down on the wolf, crushing its skull. Seeing this was going nowhere, Yzma and Kronk departed as the surviving animals retreated into the wilderness.

Talking with Aladdin

In Thebes, as Hercules told Aladdin about his encounter with Yzma, Aladdin decided that the time was right to avenge the losses of the Genie and Jasmine by striking at the heart of Maleficent's forces.

Vs Gaston

In Thebes, Hercules was searching for more heroes to add to their alliance, unaware that Gaston and his partner LeFou were also there, with Gaston looking to flirt with Megara, Hercules' girlfriend. However, Megara turned down Gaston's advances, only in town looking for Hercules. Angry at the rejection, Gaston confronted Hercules and challenged the confused demigod. Sucker-punching Hercules, Gaston managed to knock the hero down. Phil called to Hercules to use his head and, taking the advice literally, Hercules charged into Gaston head-first, knocking him into a puddle of mud. The citizens laughed at Gaston's misfortune, and Hercules departed with Meg, leaving Gaston humiliated.

New allies

Returning to Thebes, Aladdin presented Hercules with the French resistance movement led by Phoebus, giving Hercules hope that they would soon be able to strike back against Maleficent. However, the group was unaware that Lawrence, still disguised as Naveen, had successfully infiltrated their ranks...

Vs Queen Grimhilde's Forces

Traveling through a desolate mountain range shrouded in mist, Pooh and his friends saw Aladdin flying through the sky on the Flying Carpet. Curious, they followed him to the resistance's hidden lair where Aladdin and Hercules returned from scouting the area. As Hercules confronted Grimhilde, she summoned her secret weapon: a deadly T-Rex. The heroes began to fall back with Shan Yu, the Huns, and the T-Rex in pursuit.Hero and villain alike found themselves in the path of the avalanche and retreated, though Shan Yu and his Huns could not escape fast enough to avoid being buried. Though the heroes knew their hideout was lost, they took comfort in the fact that they had all survived the ambush and at least one of their enemies had seemingly been slain.

Vs Jafar

Catching wind of John's strike against Aladdin, Jafar decided to complete the destruction of the resistance's leadership by eliminating Hercules. Rather than relying entirely on brute force, Jafar captured Megara to use as an ace before transforming into a gigantic cobra to battle Hercules. Snapping at Herc with his massive jaws, Jafar managed to knock the demigod's sword from his hands, but Hercules retaliated by simply punching Jafar in the face. As Hercules ran for his sword, Jafar tried to devour him whole, but Herc caught Jafar's jaws with his bare hands and forced him back. Managing to retrieve his sword, Hercules then mounted Pegasus and delivered several devastating blows to Jafar. Realizing that he was losing the fight, Jafar decided to fall back on his secondary line of attack. Returning to human form, Jafar brought Megara to his side and threatened to kill her unless Hercules agreed to sacrifice his strength. With Meg's life at stake, Hercules reluctantly gave in to Jafar's terms. Using his magic, Jafar drained Herc's godly strength out of his body before departing. Although Hercules remained free, Jafar had succeeded in removing the threat he posed to the villain alliance.

Vs Grimhilde and Horned King Forces

Just then, Hercules finally arrived, but was helpless against the villains without his strength. One of the King's barbarians easily knocked him out with a single punch. With their leader and last hope bloodied and beaten, the heroes broke into an open retreat. The King let them go, confident that he could see off another assault with his new army.As the resistance forces headed back to Thebes after the failed assault on Castle Grimhilde, Pain and Panic found them and began mocking Hercules for his lost strength. The other heroes came to Hercules' defense and fended the imps off, but Hercules was still shaken by the experience. He swore to find a way to get his strength back so he could fight once more.

Vs Willie The Giant

As Pain and Panic returned to Forbidden Mountain, they told Maleficent and Jafar about the resistance's whereabouts and Hercules' current location. Determined to kill Hercules while he was at his weakest, Maleficent ordered Jafar to send Willie the Giant, still under Jafar's control, to dispose of him. As Willie attacked Thebes, sending the heroes scattering, Hercules moved in to stop him. Meg tried to stop Hercules, knowing that he would be killed without his strength, but Herc was unwilling to let his allies be harmed. As Hercules stepped in to confront Willie, the giant brutally beat him, knocking him into buildings and leaving him at the brink of death. During a lull in the assault, Phil came to Herc's side, giving him some much needed encouragement. Knowing he couldn't match Willie in strength, Hercules decided to outwit him instead. As Willie picked Hercules up to deliver the deathblow, Hercules seized a burning piece of timber and shoved it into Willie's hair, setting it alight. While Willie was distracted, Hercules took a length of rope and tied it around Willie's legs, causing him to trip and fall off a cliff, knocking him out. The impact knocked a large stone pillar off its foundations, and Meg ran in to push Herc out of the way, but was crushed under it herself. As Hercules ran in to help, his concern caused his divine strength to return, allowing him to lift the pillar off Meg, but it was already too late.

Vs Odin

On Mount Olympus, Hades returned to check on Odin and the imprisoned gods when Hercules arrived, hoping to force Hades to give up his claim on Meg's soul before she died. Odin prepared to fire on Hercules with his magic spear, but Herc knocked the weapon from Odin's grasp before he could get a shot off. Odin called forth the Chaos Lords to stop Hercules, but the hero dodged their attacks, causing them to unwittingly hit Hades instead. Taking advantage of the distraction, Hercules freed Zeus and the other gods from their prisons while Pegasus fended off Odin's wolf and ravens. Taking up his lightning bolts, Zeus fired on Ymir with them, blasting off the frost giant's leg. Before Ymir could regenerate it, Hercules tossed a colossal boulder at the Chaos Lords, crushing them underneath it. With Odin on his own, Zeus blasted him with another lightning bolt, sending him flying off the mountain. As Hercules and Zeus celebrated, Hades escaped. However, as Hercules gave chase, Hades told him Meg's life would soon be his. In Thebes, the Fates watched as Meg began to succumb to her injuries, preparing to cut her life thread...

Decide to save Meg

In Thebes, Hercules returned to Meg's side just as the Fates cut her thread, killing her. The heroes grieved another lost friend as Phil told Hercules "there are some things you just can't change". However, Hercules wasn't willing to give up the fight just yet...

Final Battle

The archdemon began his attack on the heroes, causing a great earthquake that ripped open the ground, causing Yzma and many heroes to fall into the fissures. The heroes managed to climb back to safety, but Yzma was lost. However, her fiery breath kept them at bay as she bore down on Hercules, determined to kill the demigod who had caused her so much trouble. The others tried to keep her distracted, but Maleficent easily knocked them aside. As most of the resistance battled Chernabog's demons, the cat attacked Basil, brutally beating him to the ground. Maleficent backed Hercules up against a cliff and, despite Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins' attempts to keep her occupied, she knocked the sword from his hands, pinning him to the ground and preparing to tear him apart. As she went in for the kill, Merlin leaped off a ledge above her and transformed himself into a walrus, crushing her beneath his weight. While Maleficent throttled Merlin, Hercules seized the opportunity to retrieve his sword. Before Maleficent could attack him again, Hercules hurled the blade into her chest. As another tremor shook the earth, Hercules, Merlin, and the other heroes got to safety as the cliff collapsed beneath Maleficent's weight. As he retreated, however, he warned the heroes that as long as darkness and evil remained in the world, he would endure. He vowed to return and take his vengeance.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains - Part Two

Vs Mozenrath

Arriving in Thebes, Mozenrath sent out one of his monsters to terrorize the villagers and draw out Hercules. Sure enough, as Mozenrath and his familiar Xerxes watched, Hercules arrived on the back of Pegasus and accompanied by Phil and Meg to fight the beast. The monster knocked Hercules down with a quick swipe then took to the skies. Hercules flew after it on Pegasus and jumped on its back, riding it through the air. Hercules then steered the winged creature into a wall, knocking it out. Mozenrath then emerged to face Hercules himself and used magic to trap Meg in a small orb. Hercules charged Mozenrath, only for him to be knocked down with a blast of magic. Mozenrath then blasted Hercules again, seemingly obliterating him. As Phil mourned, Mozenrath departed.

Back to his youths

In Thebes, as Phil and Pegasus mourned the loss of their friend, they were shocked when Hercules suddenly returned - though not as he once was. Mozenrath's magic had actually transformed Herc back into a youth.

Teenage Hercules, as shown in the second war, after Hercules' battle with Mozenrath.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Comics Vs Villains

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Sharptooth and Hydra

Little foot and cera were playing in the water until the two dinosaurs felt like the water shook and out came sharptooth and the hydra. Herc might have to fight the two beast but another hero enters the rumble.

Vs Frieza

While Meg was being saved by Hercules a space pirate by the name of Frieza challenges the strong man to a battle of strength, the heroic man accepts the challenge and they begin to fight it looks like the is Herc's biggest challenge yet.