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Hera is a minor protagonist in the Disney animated movie, Hercules, and it's following TV series. The wife of Zeus and the mother of Hercules, Hera's version in the series depicts her more benevolent, rather than her counterpart in the original myth. She plays a minor role in both Disney Heroes vs. Villains War and Heroes vs. Villains War, usually being alerted of the villains proceed to Mount Olympus.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Hera makes a cameo appearance, when Hermes informs Zeus and her wife, about Erik Hellstorm's attack on Mt. Olympus. She does not make another appearance in this war, though it is assumed that, she lives happily with her husband, when it is over.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Hera makes a minor appearance in this tournament, this time being alerted by Hermes, about the Snow Queen's and the Emperor of the Night's assault on Mt. Olympus. She has yet to make another appearance, in the war, since she didn't appear in the frontal lines of the battlefield, making her currently unknown if she was captured or killed.