Hemera is a guardian angel and a general incarnation of light and good from a French-Japanese cartoon Clementine. She appears as a secondary player in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever as one of Three Gods.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Hemera was one of the daughters of the Head Angel of Heaven. She was originally given a task to be the Guardian Angel for Queen's Blade tournaments. During the time when the tournaments weren't happening however, she saw how people would often brutally sacrifice children to what Gods they believed in and was disgusted by it, so she became a protector of children instead.

Hemera later learned of Malmoth, the fiery demon mostly worshipped by trolls and other beasts living in the medieval world. She saw Malmoth as an entity of hate, jealous of other Gods in their universe. When Hemera learned that Malmoth's minion, Malcolm, was responsible for the conflict between Britannia Empire and Kyrandia, she wanted to do everything in her to protect the children of the kingdoms, as well as Brandon, the Prince of Kyrandia and Elizabeth, princess of Britannia.

Serving The Message

Hemera later learns about Malmoth's plans to start a Ragnarok from Athena and goes to alert her ally Raiden about it. She tells him to go back in time to inform an ancient Greek hero Arkantos about the Pillars of Time.

Later, she watches upon the progress of heroes and wishes them luck against the forces of evil.

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