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Hecate is a secondary villain in the Disney animated series, Hercules. She is one of Odin's Acolytes in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Jewel Hunting

Stalker comes to the Acolytes, demanding that they increase their search for power crystals. He refers Hecate and Devimon to Queen La's fortress, where Mojo Jojo has stored the powerful Anubis Jewels. While there, the two encounter Queen La and her partner, the Skeleton King. Hecate engages the Skeleton King, shattering his breastplate before he gets a chance to fire a spell. Hecate also sends one of her griffons at the warrior, but he knocks it out. Though neither La nor the Skeleton King perishes, Devimon and Hecate escape with the jewels.

A New Heist

Hecate, Odin, and the Dark Dragon set out to steal a crystal from the Book of Omens, a magical artifact owned by Mumm-Ra. Though Odin and the Dark Dragon fall before Mumm-Ra's second form, Hecate teleports away before the mummy destroys her. She rallies together her fellow Acolytes; striking as one, they strike Mumm-Ra, who flees rather than risk further injury. The Acolytes take the Book of Omens for themselves.

The Battle of Bald Mountain

The Acolytes plan to summon Chernabog from Hell using the combined powers of the crystals. As the group gathers together on Bald Mountain, a group of "Anti-Acolytes" attack. Hecate faces down two of their number, Nergal and Count Marzo. She brings forth a massive crystalline monster. Though the monster beats down Nergal, Marzo shatters it and absorbs its energy. Nergal then recovers and electrocutes Hecate with his tendrils.

A New Hope

With the crystal destroyed in the aftermath of the Battle of Bald Mountain, Hecate is only one of three Acolytes to survive. She witnesses Chernabog killing Odin for his failures. However, Hecate has some hope when Mok Swagger comes forth and presents the Lament Configuration. The puzzle box releases the Homunculi, special warriors capable of freeing Chernabog.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

A New Member

Hecate is summoned by Stalker, along with her partner Daolon Wong, as the demon introduces the faction's new member, Evil Lyn.


Sensing the Crystal's current location, Hecate travels to Moon Nordor, hoping to collect the Crystal of her master, Chernabog. Unfortunately, she learns that another enemy finds it first, as Skeletor, a former Anti-Acolyte of Oberon, absorbs the Crystal's powers, becoming an unstoppable warrior. Not wanting anyone to mess with her, Hecate takes on the overlord, only for Skeletor to kill one of her pet-griffin monsters. Hecate then blasts two powerful shots at Skeletor, eventually reverting him into his normal form. However, Hecate meets her end, when a berseked Skeletor fires a powerfull blast at the goddess, that kill the goddess instantly.

Disney Villains War

Badly Beaten

Shortly before the failed siege of Forbidden Mountain, Hades contacted his old enemy, the dark goddess Hecate, to ask for her aid in recovering the Underworld. Seeing an opportunity to make the Underworld her own, Hecate agreed and travelled to the land of the dead, only to be confronted by the undead sorcerer Ayam Aghoul. Hecate's godly powers soon got the better of Aghoul, but he surprised her with his explosives, destroying her.

Disney Villains War 2

An ally of Mirage

Deep in the Underworld, Mirage called together her allies, including Queen La, Chang, and the revived Hecate, revealing her plot to dominate the world of mortals using the power of the demonic Dark Dragon, though Hades was less than enthusiastic after his confrontation with Maleficent.

Vs Sorcerer Society

With the Sorcerers' Society assembled, Maleficent gave the group their first mission: an assault on the Underworld and the destruction of Mirage's forces. When Mirage asked how the Society managed to get into the realm of the dead, Yzma and Kronk confessed they had no idea, but that didn't deter them from their task. Hecate, Queen La, and Chang, taking the form of a dragon, moved in to defend Mirage, who summoned a gigantic crystal monster to aid them. The monster scored the first hit, knocking Yzma into the mud. Queen La managed to knock out Mozenrath with a blast from her staff, as Ayam Aghoul managed to keep Chang at bay with his bombs. As the crystal monster made to attack again, Madame Mim transformed herself into a rhino and shattered it with a charge, spraying flames all over the throne room. La made to finish off Mozenrath, but he seized some sand from the River Styx and blew it in her face, causing her to fall into dust once again. Mirage and Chang fled, but Hecate remained behind, unwilling to lose another battle. However, Aghoul brought out a massive skull bomb and blew the goddess to pieces, echoing his first victory over her.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Villains Battles 3

Joining Demon King

In Hell a new king rose since the death of Chernabog. In fact the Demon King started his plans to restore his brother Chernabog to his normal form since he was able to restore a fragment of him. In this project, however, he isn't alone as he is aided by a new army: the Neo Acolytes, led by Maxie Zeus.

Vs Black Goku

With the Duke of Vaults gone, Hecate seizes the Underworld for the Neo Acolytes until Black Goku appears to stop the Neo Acolytes from turning the world into chaos as he seeks to erase mortals from the entire universe. She may have many minions to her side, but are they more than a match for this "Saiyan"?