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The Hebrews are semitic people living in the Levant, known for being one of the earliest and religious civilizations to worship the monotheistic God. They are prominently featured in many film adaptations based on the biblical story of Exodus, including the Dreamworks animated film The Prince of Egypt.

Initially serving under Pharaoh Seti's rule, and later under Rameses, the Hebrews were released from slavery by Moses, who guided them to the "Promised Land" as a token of God's benevolence, compassion, and love to his chosen people. The Hebrews also appeared in the villain tournaments mainly behind the scenes, although they are heavily featured in the first Heroes vs. Villains. In the latter case, they aid Moses and his allies against the villains, though they are no match against their vast numbers. They are last seen departing with Moses to the unknown after the end of the first war.

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