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Heavy Anaconda is a snake-like creature appearing in the episode "Frog Wild" of "Kirby" animated series. He is one of the few predators of the elusive Demon FrogHeavy Anaconda makes a brief appearance in the Animated Vs Video Game Villains War. He is a large brown snake with a yellow underbelly and yellow marks and circles, and he has glaring yellow eyes.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Predator Vs Koopa

In this tournament, the wizard, Blackwolf, transforms into Heavy Anaconda to deal with the King of Koopas, Bowser, while at the same time the wizard keeps the form of Hista. In fact Blackwolf's transformation is a mix between those two beasts. At first, Bowser sends some koopas gadgets to deal with the presator, only that they were taken out by the snake. Blackwolf then charged at the Koopa King with full, temporary, knocking him down. Angered Bowser throws a giant rock to the snake and then throws a fireball to the snake's mouth, covering it with fire. Taking advantage of this, Bowser shoots another fireball to the body of the snake, burning it. Seeing that he was burned, Blackwolf returns to his original self.