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The Heart of Atlantis is a crystal-based comet fragment that is used to power the city of Atlantis. It is generally shown as a glowing teal, rotating, translucent sphere with a jagged surface emitting a flaring white aura, and is seen levitating with stone effigies of the past kings orbiting around it. Its powers provide the Atlanteans with extended longevity and technological advancement. However, it's mysterious power, when it fails to wrong hands, can be used as a catastrophic weapon, as such it is preserved to serve only the city of Atlantis, until the current holder can use it's power for good. The Heart of Atlantis also appears in the Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, initially as a collaborate tool of Lady Tremaine to capture the Atlantean princess, Kida, and then as a weapon by the latter to destroy the Horned King's citadel.

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