Chief of Watership Down


Hazel is the main protagonist of the Richard Adams novel, and its film adaptation and television series, Watership Down. The chief of the Watership Down warren, Hazel is an intelligent and strategic buck, who has the traits of a true, passionate leader, organizing his home and protecting his loved ones. He is amongst the heroes who oppose the villains' designs in Heroes vs. Villains War, including those of his archnemesis, General Woundwort.

Heroes Vs Villains War

A New Danger

Hazel emerges from his warren along with with his brother, Fiver, to graze. In one of Fiver's catastrophic visions regarding about flaming forests and lives split in blood, Hazel comforts him, convicing him to consult the chief rabbit Threarah for knowledge along with his brethren. Once they find him, Hazel and the other rabbits gather, unluckuly, crucial information from the chief rabbit's wisdom. To that end, Hazel and the other rabbits, consisted of Fiver, Big Wig, Dandelion, Pipkin, Blackberry, and Silver, decided to investigate the mysterious actions behind the world's events, and find the answers on their own. They are also joined by the deer Bambi, who was also curious of the world's rapid scale.

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