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Hades is one of the secondary, yet significant, characters of the famous franchise, Percy Jackson. The God of the Underworld, Hades is emphasized as a modern looked personality, rather than looking as the old traditioned way of an Olympian God. The resulted film adaptation of the character plays a minor role in the final fight of the second part of Disney vs. Marvel Villains War.

Hades Demon Live Action

Hades' Demon Form

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

The Lightning Thief's adaptation of the character is used for the Live-Action counterpart of the Disney's version of Hades. After sensing the critical situation in the Live-Action universe, caused by Loki and Dr. Doom, Hades, alongside Maleficent, transport to the Live-Action universe to stop them for good. Initially, Loki gets the upper hand, as he knocks aside the god, with his powerfull magic, only for Hades to reveal his true self, as he transforms into a massive engulfed demon. Hades then tosses a fireball at Dr. Doom, though Doom delfects the attack. When he witness Maleficent's life on steak, Hades throws another fireball at Loki, that manages to knock him off, freeing Maleficent from his grip. After Maleficent transforms into a dragon, Hades and his partner focus on Dr. Doom's latest invention, the Bifrost weapon. The combined forces annihilate both Dr. Doom and his dangerous weapon. With the weapon destroyed, both villains revert into the original states.

Depending on the ending of the tournament, it is assumed, that in the original ending, both Maleficent and Hades transport to the CGI universe, while on the series finale, both characters remain in the Live-Action universe, sharing a romantic relationship, after their victory against Doom's forces.

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